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  1. Blinking slowly, Lorene wondered if she had gone blind. The world was dark around her, and she raised her bruised and scraped hands to her face to rub her eyes. Faint pinpricks of light blurred, and then slowly clarified above her. Stars? But it was afternoon a minute ago, the day of the Operation. Groaning, she pulled herself to a sitting position; the back of her head hurt like hell, and she quickly regretted rubbing it. She was on the road. Something was glowing faintly to her left.

    "Umbreon, um"

    The pokemon turned over its shoulder to regard her breifly, and then returned to watching the moon as though she were nothing but a passing ant.

    "Good to know you were concerned" muttered Lorene, dusting her knees off. As her eyes adjusted to the night, she noticed she was sitting on the road before the treeline; barely outside the borders of New Bark. Furthermore, if she held her breath a moment, she could hear the echoes of a clamour rising from the town. Uh-oh, the townspeople had probably started noticing their missing pokemon.


    Rising to her shaky feet, she snapped her fingers, pointing to the ground by her heel. Umbreon turned again, and seemed to sigh, walking over to heel like it was doing her a favour. It had a slight limp. Lorene sighed; useless thing, couldn't even survive a little tumble off of a large moving vehicle onto a rocky road, and she didn't have any potions handy, either.

    Steadying herself, she pulled her beret off and removed her slipshod hair-tie simultaneously, getting her lank brown hair out of her eyes before straightening the hat and bending her knees, cautiously. Ow. They must have fallen off the back of the truck, she decided, squinting to see the imprints of tire tracks from where the pokemon-laden vehicle had sped off.

    "But you'd think someone would have seen us fall" she commented, glancing down at Umbreon. No response. She decided it must have been because of the hurry, and that someone would definitely be close by to pick her up; probably in Cherrygrove or Violet. Shivering, she wished she had at least brought her jacket to warm up - and to cover her Team Rocket shirt as she started limping down the path, trying to ignore the rising uproar in the city behind her.
  2. As the moon rose higher in the dark sky and the air grew colder Alexis was on the verge of giving up, she’d been searching since this afternoon, ever since she returned from the woods with Growlithe in fact. She’d arrived home to a town caught in an uproar and all too soon did she learn off the theft. Team Rocket had apparently organized a massive coup and managed to take almost all pokemons in New Bark, including her own. Anger swelled in her once more when she thought of her pokemon in Team Rocket’s clutches, those thieves had to be dealt with but every effort to shut down the organization failed. It was too large and a few arrests here and there didn’t add up to much.

    Among her anger and sadness Alexis feared the moment her parents returned home, they’d left their precious Houndoom with her during their trip and now he was stolen. Shaking her head so her short hair flew across her eyes Alexis refocused on her task. “Kian,” she called out. “Have you found anything?” Her Growlithe came bounding back before long, tail wagging at her voice but he hadn’t caught any scent it seemed. Figures, she thought to herself. But he wasn’t a trained police dog and with all the pokemons around here and the fact that the thieves had used trucks judging by the tracks it wasn’t so strange that Kian couldn’t find a worthwhile scent.

    The stars barely lit up anything and only her determination to find her pokemon, or any clue to where they were taken, kept her going in the dark. Pulling the zipper on her jacket higher to stop the cold shivers still crawled down her back like cold fingers and she had a creeping feeling of being followed, Alexis hated that feeling and despite trying to convince herself it was just the cold night air it didn’t quite work. Forcing herself to not look behind her she decided to search some more before returning home, it would be easier and more effective to continue in the morning.

    That’s when Kian rose his head and sniffed gingerly, with a low bark he set off in a run along the road with Alexis on his tail, hope returning to her as she fervently wished he’d found something good. It was hard to see in the dark but soon Alexis saw a girl ahead of her on the road and as she got closer noted the small dark pokemon walking along side her.

    “Hey you!” She called out as she got close enough to talk, about to continue her words caught in her throat when she noticed the clothes the girl was wearing. Team Rocket. “What have you done to the pokemon you thief?” She exclaimed angrily, an uncharacteristical rage threatening to rise at the sight of a person responsible for her loss. Kian growled low in his throat, hiding his power beneath his cute puppy like exterior. “You are one of those Rockets right, so give me my pokemon back unless you want a fight.” Anger flared in her storm green eyes as she stood hands on hips ready to fight the member to get information from her.
  3. Lorene had tried to quicken her pace as she heard footsteps approaching from behind, but every joint and muscle in her body protested anything more strenuous than the shuffle she had started with. Umbreon wouldn't be able to keep up anyway. They weren't near enough to the trees to use them for cover yet, and even if they were, Umbreon's glow would give them away. Glaring at the nonchalant pokemon, Lorene winced as she tried to hobble faster, but it wasn't any good; she could hear her pursuer more clearly every moment.

    "Tch" she turned to look over her shoulder, regarding the girl with clenched teeth. She was injured and couldn't flee even if she had the strenght to carry her limping pokemon; the only way to get out of this would be a fight, and it would have to be a quick one if she didn't want to face the rest of New Bark as well. But could she even win with an injured Umbreon? The girl only one pokemon on her of course; they must have escaped the raid somehow, but it was only a Growlithe, not even evolved. Strange in this region; she must have got it out of town. Still, a chance of winning was better than certain defeat if she surrendered.

    "I don't have to do anything for you" she sneered, snapping her fingers for Umbreon's attention. The pokemon straightened, the yellow circles on its coat glowing faintly as it looked up at its owner for instruction. "Use your best move and get rid of them quickly, Umbreon."

    Slinking forward as sure-footed as a cat, the dark pokemon began to sidle up to the fire puppy, regarding it as if it were nothing more than a mildly interesting weed on the road. For a moment Lorene wasn't even sure if it was following her instructions, or intending to walk right past the Growlithe.
  4. The words did nothing to deter Alexis, they only served to make her more determined to win, the girl’s tone adding to her anger. Couldn’t those thieves catch their own pokemon, was that really so hard, everybody else caught their own so what was their problem. Although, she had to admit, this way was indeed efficient if it succeeded as catching this many trained pokemon saved a lot of time. But it was a repulsive tactic none the less.

    The rocket grunt’s Umbreon was a fully evolved pokemon, just that gave it an edge against Alexis own, but Growlithe was rested and in top shape while the Rocket’s pokemon looked injured shifting the odds again. Alexis didn’t really want to attack an already injured pokemon, one who couldn’t help if it’s owner was bad, but neither did she want to lose any chance of retrieving her own pokemon.

    “Kian, use agility to up your speed and throw it off.” From memory Alexis was relatively certain that Umbreon could be quite fast, faster than Kian at least, and even when injured Alexis didn’t want to take any risks with being out speeded plus it would be hard to predict where he would attack from. The small, sturdy dog leaped and shifted directions with a speed surprising for his looks, “turn up the heat with some flames.” Alexis called out not wanting to give the girl too much time to launch an elaborate plan of some kind. You could never know with Team Rocket, although Alexis had only read about them before now and never actually seen or interacted with them before.
  5. The Rocket Grunt bit her lip as she watched the flame pokemon start its Agility move; dashing about the field. Why couldn't this twerp have ordered a leer attack or a roar or something less time-consuming? That town had to be in a panic; she could hear the uproar growing in the distance, and knew she needed to get farther away from it. On the field, Umbreon stood still as the Growlithe began to move; so fast it nearly saw triple, and wobbled a bit as it tried to focus on just one.

    "Umbreon GET DOWN you useless pokemon!" Lorene shouted. Umbreon shook it's head to clear it, and then dove forward to hit the dirt - almost in time. Growlithe's flame attack lit up the trail in a red glow, highlighting the tree line briefly and blasting across Umbreon's back and long ears. Lorene swore under her breath; she had no potions, and no burn heals either. They had to end this quickly - and Umbreon hadn't even completed its attack yet!

    Staggering to its feet, Umbreon straightened, only to find Growlithe finally within striking distance. Its black eyes narrowed in a sinister expression as it faked a high swipe; and then drove an overdue faint attack home to the puppy pokemon's soft belly.
  6. Confidence filled Alexis as she barely could see Kian anymore, or rather she saw more than one of him and she had no idea which was which. Neither did the Umbreon judging by how it seemed confused and stunned but as the Rocket yelled at it and as Kian let his fire fly it hit the ground avoiding the attack. Slowly her stomach sank as the Umbreon gathered itself for an attack, aiming for Kians stomach and in just the moment where his balance was off Umbreon attacked.

    This was the biggest disadvantage of having an unevolved pokemon fighting an evolved one, they had an immediate advantage.”Come on Kian get up,” Alexis shouted at the Growlithe. Desperate for her pokemon to rise up and continue, she couldn’t let the Rocket member get away just like that. “Kian use reversal.” It was a last ditch attempt, a relatively unused move so far but despite it being used by a fire type the damage would still be greater as Kian was hurt.

    Her growlithe rose up on shaky legs and shook his body and regained his senses after the impact, turning his eyes on Umbreon. Alexis looked with worry on Kian, most off her potions were at home unfortunately, she only had one or two for safety in her bag, it wouldn’t be enough if this Umbreon didn’t loose soon. She could also hear the commotion in the city behind them, if it drew out on time too much then there would be too many people gather to speak rationally and nothing would be done in time.
  7. Umbreon jumped backward after it's punch hit home; licking it's paw to groom its ears, and whining in pain at the first swipe. "Umbreon pay some damn attention!" Lorene screamed at it - too late.

    The faint attack had done some significant damage, it was one of Umbreon's specialty moves after all, but that was going to be to the dark pokemon's detriment as Growlithe gathered itself for the limit break of pokemon moves - reversal.

    It didn't help that Umbreon was weak against fighting moves; the dark pokemons instincts were to cunning and shadows, not outright brawling. Umbreon winced as the all-out attack targeted it's burnt back, and yelped in pain as the puppy pokemon's clawing and swiping brought it to its knees. Stunned, Lorene stared at the fire pokemon standing triumphantly over her barely-conscious dark-type. This little bitch just beat her in a pokemon battle. If the angry mob gathering in town found her now...

    "Umbreon, return!" Lorene fished the pokeball out of her pocket to recall it.
  8. A sigh of relief followed Alexis reflexive chuckle at the victory, if this attack had missed she doubted Kian would have been able to win, she could see her poor Growlithe shake slightly as the injury brought on by Umbreon took its toll. “Kian return,” holding up her rarely used pokeball Alexis called him back. He would be safer inside the ball and he wouldn’t have to strain himself until she could heal him. “I’ll get you some potions later okay,” she murmured to the pokeball. Unsure if sounds actually could penetrate the sealed ball, which brought on the thought of how pokemons really had it inside.

    Putting away the ball Alexis turned her storm grey eyes to the Team Rocket member, “seems like you do have to listen to me.” A smirk crossed her face briefly as she cast a glance behind her to where the lights of New Bark lit up the sky.

    “I’m guessing you don’t want to get caught by the citizens right?” she said, more as a statement than a question since a whole town in an uproar would perhaps not listen to reason at once. “I could hide you from them if you do something for me.” She said, if further pushing was needed then her pokemon was at least stronger than the Rocket’s.
  9. Lorene's jaw clenched, as did her fists at her sides as she shook with rage. Not only had this twerp had the nerve to beat her in a pokemon battle, but now she had the gall to make demands? She'd never felt so insulted in all her days, but in the city behind her opponent, the lights were switching on, and the shadows of a crowd were gathering at the edge. Time was running out, and the pain in her limbs reminded her she couldn't get away on her own; especially not with an angry, able-bodied trainer just a stone's throw away.

    "Are you going to state your demands or are you going to run your brat mouth all night?" she snapped. Even if this girl just squeezed her for information and then ditched her to the angry mob; it was the only chance she had, her Umbreon was exhausted, and she couldn't feel any other pokeballs on her belt; they must have fallen into the truck when she was falling off... somehow.
  10. ((Is this still happening? I'm excited to continue: if you need me to change my post or something I can ))
  11. ((So sorry for being absent lately, I enjoy the rp so far too and I'll be able to be more active now:))

    Alexis had to admit to herself that she did enjoy the feeling of victory and the rush of adrenaline added to it, being in control of the situation was something she preferred compared to the helplessness like the one she’d already felt earlier this evening. Back to the matter at hand she raised a hand and pushed back her glasses, “I want my pokemon back and I need your help to do it.”

    It was a plan bred on the spot, but she had a person who could give her access and in truth she was also desperate enough to try it to get her pokemon back. “You are going to help me inside the Rocket headquarters where the pokemon are kept and also help me get them out.” She knew it was a slim chance to rescue every captured pokemon and she was old enough to not believe in miracles and happily ever afters but at the very least she wanted hers back and as many others she could grab.

    “As I said I can hide you overnight and then get you out of here as we head off for the headquarters. And if you refuse I’ll just hand you over to the police and let the angry people know you are partially responsible for their loss.” Raising an eyebrow Alexis looked at the Rocket girl with a slight smug grin visible on her face.
  12. Lorene's jaw dropped. This girl... she couldn't possibly be serious! But it seemed she was; and the voices of an angry mob were starting to sound a little louder as they advanced up the road. She shifted her weight, uncomfrotably, and the movement sent a shock up from her leg; no way could she run. Her jaw clenched, and a vein pounded under it at a frantic pace.

    "Fine, fine, whatever you want, just move it!" she caved. She'd think of something to get out of this later, right now, she needed protection from that mob; she couldn't do anything in jail, and the team wouldn't come rescue a lowly grunt. It left a bad taste in her mouth, but hiding with the twerp was her only option. Besides, she HAD won the battle; that didn't mean anything concrete, but it made Lorene feel slightly better about letting her have her way.
  13. Her grin widened slightly at her second victory, not that she trusted the rocket member at all, she would probably try to get away at some point although for now she could trust the girl to stay at least. “Follow me,” she said, turning serious again, motioning with her hand and waited till the girl followed her and then she led the way into the trees, the darkness among the vegetation was enough to give them cover until they’d come up behind the group of people. A long trek through the woods was probably not the best option right now seeing as the Rocket grunt wouldn’t be here unless she was hurt in some way.

    “We can move a bit through the forest and then it should be safe heading back into town and home.” She said as she made her way through the forest, keeping a watchful eye on her only chance inside a Rocket headquarter. “I suppose you don’t have any other clothes, or at least a shirt to hide your logo with?” Alexis asked after some silence, wondering briefly how so few people seemed to notice an entire group’s movements when they wore obvious logos on their clothing.
  14. "No." Lorene replied, biting back a sharp remark. "I've only got what you see". She followed the girl as she led them into the trees, flinching as the vegetation scratched at her knees and legs. She winced every other step as the pain grew hot and began to pound through her muscles. Probably a sprain, she thought as she hobbled along, kneeling in the undergrowth and trying to slow her breathing as the lights of the mob first rose up the hill from New Bark, growing brighter, and then in a stamping, muttering, frowning mob, marched past them down the route.
  15. 'Figures' Alexis sighed to herself, but it wasn't really anything to be done about it at the moment, the town was probably not full of people to spot them at the moment hopefully. Despite the Rocket member's tries to hide it Alexis noticed she was in pain and while she didn't want to she still coldn't help but feel a bit sorry for her, she hated seeing people or animals in pain regardless of who they were. Stopping as the other girl kneeled down Alexis kept close to a tree to hide as well when the mob charged past them, glad for the darkness that hid them quite well.

    "I think they're gone," she said and stepped out onto the road, looking in each direction to make sure. "Come, my home is not too far away from the outskirts of the city." Continueing towards New Bark Alexis showed the way to the apartment building and took the elevator to the fourth floor unlocking her door, letting the Rocket grunt inside. "I don't have too much but there is a First-Aid kit in the bathroom over there if you'd like to care for yor injuries." Alexis said after locking the front door.
  16. Lorene nodded, too busy clenching her jaw to say anything. She hobbled into the washroom without bothering to close the door, and sat down on the edge of the tub. She looked up at the mirror and cringed. Her normally poker-straight hair was tangled, and there was a leaf stuck in it. Her skin was streaked with dirt and scratched; there was a tear in her Team Rocket uniform shirt. Her knees were scratched to hell, and her high socks and shoes were filthy, not to mention the hot, throbbing pain from her ankle.

    She sighed, and began the weary, bitter process of repairing herself. She pulled her fingers through her hair to straighten it, and made use of the soap and water to wash her injuries. As she tried dusting off her shirt, her hand hit her pokeball, and she paused.

    "Come on out, Umbreon" she said, releasing the dark pokemon. Umbreon sat down on the tiled floor and immediately began grooming its injured head as she opened the first aid kit and, wincing at her own injury, looked for a potion, or at least some bandages.
  17. Alexis left the girl to care for her injuries and went to take out a potion for Kian, bringing out the pokeball she let him out, he shook his fur straight and he wagged his tail at her. Using the potion she scratched him behind an ear, something he'd always been fond of ever since she had caught him. "Sorry boy, I guess I should have used that firestone on you earlier, then you would perhaps not have had as much trouble earlier." Truth is that ever since her grandparets in Goldenrod had sent her that stone she had been dreading to use it, although Kian didn't share the same worries it seemed, a part of her worried he would change a lot when he evolved. But she also believed that to the pokemon evolving where similar to growing up and it was something they needed to go through when they were ready, contrary to humans though pokemon could choose when to change.

    Feeling better with Kian on the recovery Alexis rose up and let the Growlithe do what he wanted and glanced to the bathroom, never once having forgotten there was another injured pokemon nearby. Hiding a slight sigh she walked over to the bathroom and knocked slightly on the door frame, "if you want to use it instead of badages on your Umbreon." Alexis said and held out a potion towards her, no matter what her thoughts on the girl were the pokemon deserved to be healed. With her other hand she brought out her glasses from their cover in one of her pockets, when running around earlier they had constantly misted over as the cold of the night spread so she'd put them away but now she could feel the beginnings of a headache that would fully blossom unless she put them on again.
  18. "Thanks" Lorene muttered, taking the potion and starting to spray Umbreon with it. "Do you live here alone?" she asked, keeping her eyes on the pokemon as she took care of its head, leg, and paws. "Your parents are gonna turn me in if they come home. And you did say you'd keep that from happening."

    She finished spraying down Umbreon and sat back on her heels; not a scratch left; the potion was completely used up, so she dropped it in the trash bin nearby. Umbreon took a few steps forward to rest it's chin on her knee, and she laid a hand on the back of it's neck absently as she waited for a reply. She wondered where she would sleep - if she would sleep - how long her ankle would take to heal, why she had been left behind, and briefly if there was any chance of sneaking away while the trainer girl slept.
  19. "You don't need to worry about that, my parents are out of town at the moment, thankfully, as their pokemon got stolen," she said as an obvious jab at the girl. She had had her own place but recently she'd been evicted as her apartment building was to be renovated and turned into a more luxorious place than she could ever afford on her pay. "They won't be back for a few weeks actually, they are on some sort of second honey moon vacation trip." Not really something the Rocket member needed to know but it came easily as Alexis was never a supicious.

    Kian came up beside her, seating himself by her leg and examined the pair with his red eyes, wary but not on edge. "Wouldn't it be better to bind you're ankle so it won't swell and become worse?" She asked, having no experience with how to treat injuries really but somethings she'd read or heard about. "Besides just so you know, Kian may not be a police dog but he is a very good guard dog anyhow." The Growlithe would not let anyone in or out without Alexis knowing about it. "My name's Alexis by the way."
  20. She studied the other girl a moment, while Umbreon wached her face, as if waiting for permission to like or dislike the other trainer.

    "Lorene" she responded resignedly, extending a hand to shake. She considered commenting on the 'guard dog' but decided it didn't matter; Alexis had made it clear that she was spared the wrath of the villagers only because she was of use. Setting a guard upon her didn't change that if she tried something funny, she'd have the whistle blown on her. Even after she had guided the girl out of town, Lorene realised grimly, she coudl just turn her in to any police officer she wanted for Pokemon theft. She wasn't notorious enough to be recognized on sight, but if someone bothered to look, there'd be records.

    "Where can I sleep?" she asked, tiredly as she reached for the bandages to obey the suggestion for her ankle.
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