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  1. Hello there! Rebutal here. I've been looking to sharpen my writing skills, so I need some skilled rp partners. ^-^

    I'm looking mostly for a male partner, or someone who can play male characters.I can play both male and female characters, although I prefer to play female overall. Romance is a big thing for me in role plays, but it's not always necessary. I only do MxF when it comes to romance, though. I can post 2+ paragraphs so I ask the same for any of my partners, although I don't mind shorter posts if there is dialogue and such going on. When it comes to adult content, I prefer to fade to black before things get too far. I also prefer to use anime pictures for appearance.

    Pairings (Bold is what I would prefer to play.)

    Pirate x Captive
    Mercenary x Target
    Mercenary x Thief
    Kidnapper x Victim
    Adventurer x Mysterious girl
    Hunter x Dragon Girl
    Demon x Human
    Human x Elf
    Vampire x Human
    Assassin x Target
    Adventurer x Neko


    Fairy Tail
    Pirates Of The Caribbean
    Avatar: The Last Air Bender
    Blue Exrocist
    Final Fantasy
    Kingdom Hearts
    Star Ocean
    Rogue Galaxy

    I might update eventually. I will also take suggestions and stuff. ^-^
  2. regards to the Mysterious Girl thing, do you have any sort of plot already in mind? Or is this going to be made up on the fly?
  3. I do not have a plot in mind, although I could come up with one if you would like.
  4. Mmm, we can brainstorm it up, if you want. I just prefer 1x1s with a concrete plot instead of just having it be the banterings of two eccentric characters. And another question...

    Seeing as you enjoy Ib, you're fine with plots of the more twisted variety, right?
  5. Yes, that definitely sounds good. Should I message you so we can work out the details?
  6. Sure, go for it, though I would prefer Skype, if that's alright with you.
  7. My computer is actually out of commission right now and my phone is too crappy to support Skype. I'm sorry. u.u
  8. No problemo. PMs it is then. XD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.