Rebuilding What Was Lost

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  1. The first report of the virus was in 2016. By 2017, nearly three quarters of the world's population was infected. Informally referred to as "Strain Z", the virus causes its victims to become increasingly aggressive over the course of three days. The victim eventually succumbs to madness and ultimately death, before re-animating within 24 hours. Transferred by any and all fluid, Strain Z was prolific and successfully destroyed civilization as it was within a few short years.

    Thirty years later, society has only begun to put itself back together. Rural areas have begun to see small towns and trading posts crop up, though cities still largely remain abandoned due to high levels of Infected. Most survivors live in isolation or in small groups, doing whatever is necessary to survive.


    Luke had been walking for two days before he saw the Hope General Store. Well, it was called a store. It was more accurately a shack, thrown together with some wood and rusted metal. Surrounding the store were a variety of equally dilapidated shacks with haggard folks standing outside. There was soft chatter in the background as bargains and deals were being struck, but each Hope inhabitant regarded the other with tired eyes and a wariness formed by years of practiced distrust – an irony, given the town's name.

    A soft whine grabbed Luke’s attention and he looked down at the brown and black mutt beside him. "Shhh, Fox. You’ll be okay." The words felt hollow though. Fox’s ragged breathing and limp were getting worse. The piece of glass embedded in the dog’s leg was now covered in white and green pus. Luke knew his time was running short. With any luck, the General Store would be his answer. If not, things were not looking good for Fox.

    Luke approached the shack, intentionally avoiding the guarded gazes of onlookers. Luke didn't imagine he looked much better than Fox. His dark brown hair, usually a pleasant chestnut color, was matted with dirt. His skin and clothes fared no better, both covered in dust. Only his bright blue eyes were clean, and they seemed to pop with color compared to the rest of Luke’s unexciting outfit of grays and browns.

    With a sharp inhale, Luke grabbed the door knob to the General Store and walked inside.
  2. A young, cute woman was behind the counter. She had fascinating blue eyes, dark brown hair that was in a high ponytail (medium length) pink shirt--of course worn as well as her jeans and combat boots.
    She was helping a cranky elderly man, but even though he constantly sassed at her she was still decently polite to him.
    The man took his order and left, giving her something in return, a box...and before you could walk up and ask her anything, the girl looked around the room...she was obviously disgusted by the place but there was nothing you could do...not when there are men out there risking their lives to fight back the infected and bring them supplies.

    "Hello, sir is there anything I can help you with?" She asked, putting a small brown box below the cash register, she was asking him this without looking at him...but then suddenly she was distracted by the injured animal, the creature was whimpering in some strange way...seemed to call out to her. This woman hated seeing animals when they are hurt and helpless like this, with not a clue in the world why they are hurt only that they want it to stop.

    " poor thing..." she said taking a look at the wound without touching the animals paw, she knew if she touched him then he would try to bite her...after all if something was hurting an animal it is in their nature to bite to protect themselves.

    "You won't be able to find anything at the store for this little guy, but luckily I know a thing or two about patching animals up...I'm kind of a part time nurse and doctor...wanted to take after my parents.."
    The woman suddenly realized that she was on all fours talking instead of managing the register and talking, she stood up quickly "I'm sorry Mr...." she then looks up at a wonderful sight. A handsome young man...she didn't even know his name and yet she felt her heart flutter; with that in mind she avoided his gaze, smiling..."you know...I have the supplies to help this animal...I uhh, I can help you after my shift...which is in about 5 minutes..."

  3. As soon as he walked in, Luke's breath hitched when he saw the girl behind the counter. He was grateful for the few seconds she spent helping the elderly man; he would have been incredibly embarrassed if she had seen him gawking as he did. For as long as he could remember, beautiful females were just not a part of Luke's world. If a girl was fortunte - or unfortunate enough - to have good looks, they were nearly aways hot commodities for kidnappings and misfortunes. Luke had even stumbled across a few in his time who disguised themselves as men, in an attempt to maximize their own safety. It was dangerous to be something so lovely in a world so bleak.

    Immediately, Luke was intrigued. He felt his blood quicken before he forced himself to look away. The girl was probably used to people awkwardly staring at her; Luke didn't want to add to those numbers. It wasn't until the girl started examining Fox did Luke look up again. The mutt seemed uncertain, though not hostile, towards the girl and when it became apparent that she wasn't going to touch him, Fox seemed to relax. A low whine emitted from his throat and he gazed at her with pitiful brown eyes.

    It wasn't until the girl spoke next did Luke really look at her again. She can actually help him? A wave of relief washed over Luke and he broke out into a smile. "Really? Wow, um... thank you so much." A few seconds passed. He was staring again. Shit. "Oh, uh, I'm Luke. What your name?" Luke reached out to shake her hand.
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