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    Rebuilding Humanity

    It's hard to imagine that 25 years ago, civilizations stood proud and tall. It's hard to believe that once, many years ago, people didn't have to worry about being attacked by mutants that roamed the landscape. They didn't have to worry about supplies running low. They didn't have to worry about surviving the night. All of these things were now the daily worries of what remained of humanity.

    Once the Earth was greatly overpopulated. There weren't enough resources to supply all the nations that dotted the Earth. Tensions rose, fights broke out, followed by wars. Each nation wanted something that another nation wanted, whether it be oil or increasingly scarce mineral deposits. Time passed, the fighting continued on. Relationships between countries severed and millions of lives were lost. Little did they know this was only the beginning. Hell on Earth was unleashed when the big guns- nukes, weapons of mass destruction, were brought out to be used against each other. One thing led to another and nuclear fallout ravaged vast landscapes. Countless countries collapsed, leaving very few left standing in the aftermath of the destruction. With time, they too fell and with it led to their little remaining populations dispersing out into the land with no where else to go.

    Parties from all countries banded together, their bitter past set aside for one common goal: survival.

    That's when the cracks in the very ground they stood on appeared.

    Earthquakes shook through the land, opening up great tears in the Earth. Varying in size, all the tears - becoming later known as "Breaches" - had one thing in common: from all of them escaped forth a foul, irradiated species that seeked to occupy the topside. These creatures would later come to be known as "Radiated Ones". Many more lives were lost after the appearance of these creatures, and it was looking as if all hope was lost - as if humanity was truly doomed for extinction that they very well might have brought on themselves.

    Until one day, an organization rose up under the name of "Last Eden" (L.E for short). They set up one large safe haven in the place of where part of Seattle once stood, attracting people from all over at the promise of safety, shelter and supplies. Somehow, the LE upheld that promise and kept their walls up strong against all that threatened them. Years passed. People aged, a new generation was born. As the years went on, the LE safe haven grew steadily in size - and so did the 'government' that governed it and it's denizens. Over time, the governing ruler of the LE safe haven grew more and more strict upon their 'people', even allowing blatant abuse of power. This angered many and the abuse got up to the point where many - often in caravans or "parties" - left the safe haven in search of their own place to call home that wasn't ruled in a corrupt manner.

    You are apart of one of these caravan parties. Whether you've been hired by someone in the caravan to come along or you went along on your own will, it doesn't matter. You were about to start anew, that attempt was crushed when a group of Last Eden's Retrieve Unit attacked the newly founded settlement. The few of you whom survived choose to move on, on to a new place, a safer one.

    -Follow basic RP sense! No godmodding, no meta gaming, etc!

    -Events can happen at any time and their onset might be subtle! If you have any ideas for an event, feel free to PM me.
    -For now, there will be a 2 character limit per person.

    There is a limit of 10 character max for the RP

    I am the GM, do not argue with me.

    It is fine to be somewhat aggressive in the RP

    If you have ideas, please PM me about them.

    Please write from a third person. It is easier in regards of readability

    NPC's will fill roles as needed.

    Plots are added per character.

    Respect the dice

    If you read the rules, please add a #Name in your cs

    Character Skeleton
    Primary Weapon:
    Secondary Weapon (If any):
    Essential Equipment:
    (Everyone is allowed to bring 3 personal essential equipment items such as ammo for weapons, personal medical kit if your a doctor, etc.)
    Non-Essential Equipment: (Everyone is allowed to bring 2 personal non-essential equipment items. This can range from personal keepsakes and the likes. Something that wouldn't hinder survival if they were to lose them.)
    What does this character contribute to the Group?
    Group Section:
    Personality Concept:
    Anything else?:

    IMPORTANT NOTES: Regarding equipment such as ammo, please note how many clips of ammo you have for each weapon and how many rounds are in each clip. Please keep it in moderation. Two clips of ammo for one type of weapon (not including what's already loaded into the weapon) counts as one essential item.

    Group Concept:
    -The Leadership-
    The Leadership is at the start up to the GM's character. Over time this may change dependent on the People participating in the RP.

    -Military Personal-
    Every person performing military actions primarely fall into this section, this includes scouting missions, Guarding, patroling, escorting, sniping, scavenging, etc

    -Technician Department-
    Every mechanist, technician, even researcher fall into this section. This means everybody performing technological, chemical or biological belongs here.

    -Civil Personal-
    Every merchant, farmer, citizen, regular worker falls into this section.​
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  2. [fieldset=Elijah "Miles" Matthews, #3366FF][/fieldset]


    Elijah Matthews




    Personality Concept: Matthews is a calm, collected person but can show concern for others and apprehension when dealing with the issue of his missing brother. He's quiet mostly, speaking only when he needs to or is spoken to. Though skilled in technological endeavors, he carries himself as a soldier. The tutelage he received growing up, had been passed down. So doing things under pressure is fairly standard to him. He is very good under pressure, he doesn't lose his cool easily.

    Matthews is also exceptionally bright having an IQ of about 170 so his need to know and understand the world he is in, is perhaps much greater than most. Most try to survive. He's an optimist even in darker times, but its not to say he never has second thoughts. Matthews is a very reliable and trustworthy man.

    Quote: "If you don't understand my silence, you will never understand my words."

    Backstory: Matthews came from a stringent but loving home. His father like his father, were both combat engineers. They'd seen live combat several times, and had worked under constant threat of being fired upon. Matthews had this instilled in him, by his father who shot rock salt at or near him to simulate battle field conditions. In the past this was considered abuse at the least, but given the state of the world his father did it to prepare him for the stress of being shot at while completing a task that was timed.

    Matthews mother taught him academics. A kind but stern woman, she wanted the best out come for her eldest son, the youngest being too young to know better. She relied on Matthews to bright and intelligent in a world that was mostly dark and ignorant. She taught him many things; how to read and write. Mathematics, advanced algebra, Trigonometry, geometry. Even her own profession: String theory and theory of relativity.

    For Matthews, more than anyone he loved his younger brother who looked up to him. Even though the task of learning all he could from his parents fell to him, he looked forward to the day he could pass it to his younger brother. That all changed when the caravan was attacked leaving them open for not just the men sent after them but mutants as well. Matthews along with his father and grandfather.

    It wasn't a raid, it was a massacre. Good people lost their lives. His father, grandfather and mother being some of those good people. By the time the fighting ended, Matthews looked like someone more fit for the medieval ages; hair tangled and matted from the blood which covered his face. He was drenched from head to toe and the tomahawk gripped tightly in his hand, dripping with blood. His face swollen from bruising but also the look of rage.

    It was never easy to get him mad, but when he did get to that point; it was like watching a once peaceful mountain become like a volcano he was slow to build but then he erupts and all hell breaks loose. He felt a great loss that night, his family had been butchered, his brother taken god knows where, maybe he was dead too. But Matthews, after helping bury the dead, saw the stragglers as sort of a new kind of family. And he wanted nothing but to safeguard that family.

    Skip forwards a bit, and Matthews has taught several others the basics to building and planning. How to make cement, concrete, plaster and mortar. He also went with groups on scavenging missions to determine if some materials were better than others. With this schedule he was able to quickly and efficiently build a small community.

    Skip forwards a little bit more, and that community is in demand for a power source, to light the buildings, to heat the homes, to watch the live stock at night. It was crucial. Many tried batteries, but with out alternators died because more energy was being drawn than replaced. Some suggested they stick with fire, but fire was easy to put out, but when it wasn't it usually lead to devastated homesteads.

    So taking an old generator apart, he wondered what he could do. The generator itself ran on gas and that was like most things in the world--depleted. In fighting each other, they used more gas for little gain making it that much more scarce. Then he remembered, that by moving a magnet through a coil of copper wiring, produced an electric current. And that gave him an idea, he would build a generator that functioned solely on "Faraday's Law". Once it was done, He'd built a device that could produce electricity. Made of wooden cogs that turned in repeated cycles, that brought the magnet through a series of copper cables in rapid sucession.

    Soon, he had it routed to everyone's home.

    He'd spent many sleepless nights hammering away in his garage, the sound of a hammer striking steel as it glowed from a forge's flame. In the end, he came through. The information that he had crammed in, he'd remembered and like his parents said, it was there when he needed it. Now he's working on a water filtration, to produce cleaner water but whenever he gets the chance he goes scouting or goes on watch, hoping that some day...someday he will find his brother.

    Never finding his brother

    Anything else?:
    Is ambidextrous can use both hands equally well but prefers his left hand.

    Smokes and drinks, though is hard to get drunk and only smokes where there is ample space or is by himself.

    Will use his head more times than not, that being said he is a very good hand to hand fighter and marksman due to his training.

    Combat Engineer/ Physicist/ Blacksmith

    Group Section:

    What does he contribute?
    Being a trained combat engineer, he knows how to build most anything. From ladders to bridges to buildings and every nook and cranny in between. To say that he's built or at least worked most of the established housings is to say the least. Though building is an element of his contribution, keeping the power running is a crucial task of his. His ingenius incarnation of Faraday's Law wherein a metal wire placed in a magnetic field pushes the electrons and creates an electric current. The same idea having had revolutionized the world generations ago.

    In his spare time, he makes water filters to make the water around drinkable, and when not doing that he volunteers for guard duty.

    "Now I Take Everything From You"


    Primary Weapon: H&K 416 w/reflex sight and forehand-grip
    Photo 2

    Secondary Weapon: (If any):Customized sidearm (Unknown type), Utility Axe

    Essential Equipment:

    Multitool 1

    Show Spoiler
    [*]Small blade
    [*]Large blade
    [*]Bit case
    [*]Pin stainless
    [*]Multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier)
    [*]Key ring
    [*]Bit wrench with
    [*]Bit Hex 5 mm female for D-SUB connectors
    [*]4 mm female Hex drive for the bits
    [*]Bit Philips 0
    [*]Bit Philips 1
    [*]Bit slotted 4 mm
    [*]Bit Philips 2
    [*]Bit Hex 4 mm
    [*] Bit Torx 8
    [*]Bit Torx 10
    [*]Bit Torx 15
    [*]Wire cutters
    [*]Sewing eye
    [*]Wire Crimping Tool
    [*]Ballpoint Pen

    Multitool 2

    Show Spoiler
    [*]Wire Crimping Tool
    [*]Wire Bender
    [*]Screwdriver 7.5 mm
    [*]Bit Hex #3
    [*]Bit case
    [*]Ruler (9 inches)
    [*]Wire Scraper
    [*]Screwdriver 2mm
    [*]Lock Release
    [*]Bit Phillips #0
    [*]Bit Hex #4
    [*]Metal File
    [*]Crate Opener
    [*]Hard Wire C
    [*]Bit Phillips #10
    [*]metal saw
    [*]large blade
    [*]screwdriver 5 mm
    [*]can opener
    [*]wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRc
    [*]Wood Saw
    [*]Bit Phillips #3
    [*]Cap Lifter
    [*]Easy Kickback Springs
    [*]Leather pouch
    [*]Ruler (230 mm)
    [*]Screwdriver 3mm
    [*]Bit Phillips #15

    Canteen with water filter

    Non-Essential Equipment:
    Utility Axe,
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  3. Group Section: Technician Department
  4. Name: Jason
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Primary Weapon: SCAR H
    Secondary Weapon (If any): Glock 18
    Essential Equipment: 2 7.62x51mm NATO magazines, 2 9mm magazine
    Non-Essential Equipment:
    What does this character contribute to the Group?: He's good at scavenging, and isn't afraid to shoot first and asks questions later.
    Group Section: Military Section
    Appearance: 6'5, brown hair, blue eyes, pale
    Personality Concept: Jason is a calm and collected person. Not easily angered, when he is, he goes into a rage. Not one too speak much, he gets to the point and is all business.
    Backstory: Jason was trained by his father, a former marine. After he was killed by scavengers, Jason left for the city that L.E. had set up. Finding it corrupted, Jason left with one of the caravans.
    Fears: Zombies, dying
    Anything Else?:
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  5. @Manhattan Project You forgot something to add that is noted in the rules... read them quickly please ;D

    @Soluna Don't want to fill out what it is that your character brings to the group? This basically asks "what is your character doing".
    Asking like that simply allows a deeper character concept.
  6. Oh, sorry about that.
  7. @Desire

    Was it the #name I just added that. <,< *Not good at guessing games.*

    Will you read my bio over? I added somethings, and elaborated on others. Just tell me what you think.

    Also, will we only be able to carry five the at all times or just for starters? For example say I found a flash light, but I still have all my gear.
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  8. !! R E P O S T !!

    Primary Weapon:
    SR-3 Vikhr Assault Rifle
    Secondary Weapon:
    Half of a broom handle, to be used like a baton.
    Essential Equipment:
    Two magazines of 9x39mm subsonic rounds; periscope flashlight; day-pack (small hiking backpack).
    Non-Essential Equipment:
    Italian Neighbours by Tim Parks (pocket edition), a box of white chalk.
    Scout or Scavenger as needed.
    Anatoly was a young boy when the world was alive, and in school when it ended. Frightened by the panic and noise as children were herded outside and alarms blared, Anatoly ran and hid in a broom closet. He stayed there as the children loaded up onto buses and departed. Stayed there, in the dark, while the town was evacuated. Stayed there until he fell asleep from exhaustion.
    When he awoke he was thirsty, and a strange smell filled the air. He exited the closet to see strange orange lights flickering in the pre-dawn dark, and ran outside into the cold to see much of the town on fire. Ash and snow fell from the sky. He grew up alone, having to learn to fend for himself, and constantly in search of others. Eventually, those he did find banded together to form a community, taking in what other survivors came across them. It was there that he stayed, doing his best to prolong their survival and benefit the community, with hopes that some day they would find some city, some nation, who had survived the apocalypse and lay out there waiting for them to return home.
    Headstrong, utilitarian, efficient, impatient.
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  9. Nyctohylophobia? So he's afraid of the woods at night?

    Also, you realize the gun that guys holding isn't the same gun as a SR-3 Vikhr Assault Rifle. Its actually an AK47 with an under mounted GP-25 Kostyor 37mm grenade launcher. >.>
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  10. Also, in the description. Instead of clips, use magazines.
  11. Character Skeleton
    Hoo (open)

    (Image Credit to Apostolon-IAM)

    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Primary Weapon: Chaos Double Edge Knife (Scavenged)

    Secondary Weapon (If any): Trappings

    Essential Equipment: Several snares, shears, saw

    Non-Essential Equipment: A tattered pink blanket she was wrapped in as a baby, the only thing left from her mother. She uses it as a scarf. She also has a bear tooth, taken from the first bear she killed.

    What does this character contribute to the Group?: Hoo is the best scout around, as well as a competent hunter. She can also gather plants and vegetables and set broken bones.

    Group Section: Military

    Personality Concept: Hoo is usually quiet, reserved, and untrusting of those around her. She spent most of her life alone, raising herself, so she is very independent, however at the same time she has a longing for human interaction. She is quick to anger is her shyness or unfamiliarity with normal culture is mistaken with stupidity.

    Backstory: A girl of unknown heritage was born in a remote backwater somewhere in the United States. Her father was never around, and her mother died in childbirth. Luckily, her cried attracted a group of refugees and they took her in. She spent some of her early childhood with them, but they proved to be very abusive. They would only call her "It", and use her for their own enjoyment and pleasure. When she was six, she escaped this group by stabbing her caretaker in the eye with a sharp rock and running into the wilderness. There, the girl would survive for many more years, learning at first to eat plants, but later learning to hunt from a few passerby. She would occasionally spend a few weeks with different travelers. The first thing anyone did when they saw a young girl out by herself in the forest was exclaim "Who is that?!". The girl liked this title better than "It", so she eventually simply said "Yes, I am Hoo."

    She stumbled upon a good settlement when she was eleven, and she ended up staying there for another three years. It was a good life, until one of the leaders began to take her and abuse her the same way the men did when she was a girl. Hoo again reacted violently to this abuse and left, never returning to stay with other people again. For the past five years, she has spent her life living off of the land, avoiding or stealthily killing the Monsters, as she calls them. She lived a simple yet happy existence, but she always felt something was lacking in her life. She tried to suppress her desire for human contact. Eventually, it overcame her, and she sought out more people to travel with. She found the caravan.

    Fear: Men, guns, snow

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  12. Yeah, I know. That's why its appearance reference, and the gun is listed separately.
  13. Okay, Just checking. Not trying to a prick about it. Some just don't know their firearms that well.
  14. Yay I'm accepted!

    But I still remain unanswered. :P
  15. Yeah i am aware. I am going to answer it when I have more time.
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  16. I have a friend at home atm and we both love the fear that your charater has xD
  17. It's a fear I wasn't aware I had until I moved from the city to the country for six months. I remember sprinting through the paths in the wood when I lost track of time while walking the dog; and looking around in panic as I dragged along a trashcan for a quarter-mile in the early nightfall of winter. The forest is a terrifying place once the sun sets. Running along a narrow path, barely able to see, strange cries and snapping branches behind you, getting closer and closer, until finally you burst out into an open field, the house and its safety in sight. You keep running. You get as far away from the dark trees as you can.

    Now I live back in the city.
  18. We love it because your character will most likely find himself in forests at nights xD
    It is also the first time we heard of it.
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