Reborn Elemental; Origin story (relaxed and player driven)

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  1. Coalesce; Reborn Elemental

    June 20th, 2012

    "Good grief! Where is all of this heat coming from?" Cicadas screeched loudly permeating the Texas beach with the feeling of uncontrollable heat, while the young blonde fanned herself with a tanning voucher.
    "Celina, everyone else on the beach seems to be just fine except you." Her boyfriend commented from a stretch of sand beside her. Celina scanned the other picnicking groups on the beach, who, as he said, were having a splendid time. "Well that's just not fair." She pouted fanning herself harder.
    " Well, then take off your swim suit." He commented propping himself onto his elbows with a mischievous grin. She smiled, sarcastically scrunching her nose. " In your dreams, Michael." Celina sighed fanning herself violently "I really, don't feel so good." she moaned. Her boyfriend sighed "oh don't play that with me," Celina stopped fanning herself abruptly, frozen in place " your mom told me all about your- " Blondie literally melted into a puddle of water in front of him. After a moment of mouth gaping silence he scrambled to his feet and over to her puddle. "CELINA?!" Celina was obviously not there anymore.

    "BREAKING NEWS, a young woman, this morning reportedly melted on a Texas beach, and later an elderly man burst into flames in a shopping mall, stay tuned for World news ALERTs in a moment."

    The lovely brunette's smile was deceivingly hopeful of the events now taking place. That day more than 113 reports of melting, bursting into flame, whisking away on the wind and turning into stone rocked the nation's news. By the end of the week the numbers had reached just over 2,000 occurrences and 746 bystander deaths worldwide. The world was confounded by a rapidly spreading epidemic that seemed to be linked to bursts of elemental fury.

    The US, France, Germany, South Korea, the UK, Canada and Australia formed a coalition, putting in place advanced quarantine regulations requiring weekly examinations for each of the victim's family members and those exposed to it; together they dropped petty squabbles and pooled their medical resources, scientists and previously hidden tech in order to discover the cause. Soon after a genetic marker was discovered to have emerged in the recent medical history of every victim of the disease. Thankfully, the marker was not present in every citizen examined but what terrified most was that it could not be predicted either. One never knew if it would be a neighbor, family member, or even co-worker that would result in death/s. Citizens of the world lived in fear of developing the marker and instead of seeking to help others through their loss were reclusive or visited the specialists excessively and in vain.

    Less than a month later any occurrences of the disease appeared to have ceased, leaving as abruptly as it had come. The disappearance of the epidemic left a wave relief and confusion among the citizens as well as Coalition specialists analyzing it. The families of the dead barely had time to grieve before, exactly one week later, the discovery of a frozen Lake Mead left many questions as to how it had occurred in late July.

    A swift, secretive investigation revealed it to be the cause of one person. A person with the epidemic's marker who had NOT died. Once the US shared this information with the other governing countries, they were informed of others across the world; each affected, by a different element, that had not died of it. Collectively identifying six elements: water, earth, fire, air, light and electricity. Several were taken into forced custody for "safety" reasons, others were unable to be located and some still refused to leave the safety of their home.

    The press did eventually find out about them, actively hounding government officials with the excuse that the victims had done nothing wrong and had the right to freedom over their own lives in an attempt to get at the "truth" of the matter. Others, mainly families of previously lost victims, took the view that the people who had survived caused it or, in an extreme case, because they now controlled the element that they were possessed with the spirits of their dead loved ones. The Government agreed to freedom but did not concede the right to protect the public from the potential danger.

    The solution? The six Elementals are to be offered special housing by the coalition, outside Seattle, where their lives will be monitored by a newly formed protective detail (EPMD). In condition to that, they were required to sign an agreement of study of their elemental powers. How will they deal with losing their previous lives? What can they do with their elements? What will they do next? how will their lives go on?


    This is a story I had started about 6 months ago and was unable to continue due to a life struggle. I'd like to give it a second try if there are enough people interested
    This is a realistic, futuristic, and fantasy theme.
    While I do have a few plots this will be character/player driven and exploratory.

    The story will be focused on the six, potentially eight, young men and women discovered to have the permanent marker and their Detail's life and struggle as the world around them goes through major changes.

    Elements; Water, Earth, Fire, Air, light and Electricity

    Questions, thoughts, Ideas?

  2. I'm interested in this, if you manage to gather enough people, I'd like to call dibs on Air.
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  3. I love this! I'm interested and would like to call Earth if you're cool with it c:
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  4. Hm, nice. An unusual way to do elements. Could I reserve Light? Also, do they actually control the elements or do things just kinda... happen?
  5. I like the idea Calling Darkness (as every element has to have a counterpart so light needs shadow!) but failing that I want Electricity.
  6. In the beginning it's set up for random happenings because it's the raw elements but later, when the elemental are introduced it's a lot more controlled but since this is a first generation race I really think there should be some raw power and not instant control. After all that's the coalition's reason of reign. What do ya'll think?
    The counter part of light isn't darkness, darkness is the absence of light; but if you hadn't noticed, I don't follow all the science-y stuffs.
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  7. I like the idea of the random happenings, it makes sense. As first generation, it would stand to reason that they're walking disasters waiting to happen. It should be expected that even while they attempt to get a grasp of their new powers that things go horribly wrong on a large scale
  8. I'm not gonna start with absence and oposite because otherwise it becomes really silly but the idea that you have earth-air fire-water but not light-dark bugs me. but yeah Electricity it is then.
  9. I like the idea of random happenings, since it'll make the RP more about the responses to the gaining of elements, rather than about who can be the most powerful fighter, as elemental RPs often become.
    The problem with Dark as an actual element is that it can be completely obliterated by the Light character, so in the eyes of fairness it's best to leave it out completely. In my RPs that require something similar to Darkness, I usually make that element "Disorder" or "Chaos", so that the aspects it can take are broader and not so prone to utter destruction upon meeting an unfavourable foe.
  10. That depends. In the roleplays I make I tend to create a matter-antimatter style reaction between challenged Elements, So if Fire and Water meet with equal power nothing happens, if the water is stronger the water overrules, if the fire is stronger ect. therefor it'd be the same with light and dark.
    I'm not going to get in to science of matter and the oposite thereof, as the oposite of fire isn't water and all sorts of bullshit. as for Disorder and Chaos I'd take that up in a heartbeat but that is because my knowledge of Entropy in a biological system could make some REALLY destructive abilities.
  11. I feel if you're going to use science in your magic, it's an all or nothing thing. You can't have Entropy in your Disorder magic at the same time as using an Opposites system, for example.

    Also, opposites doesn't really make much sense. Water doesn't burn. I usually do a Rock Paper Scissors thing and have Fire > Earth > Air > Water > Fire. The Earth > Air > Water part is a bit iffy though... but it can't be helped. This way, it encourages teaming up of characters; a fire doesn't stand a chance against a water unless they're overwhelmingly stronger, so they have to team up with someone other than a Fire. I switch between Light > Chaos > Elemental > Light and having Light / Chaos not have advantages or weaknesses.
  12. I like using the oposites because it encourages players to be createive, you can't blunt force your way past situations involving your opposite element.
    I never involve entropy and disorder for that very reason. but if someone was to GIVE me entropy in their roleplay then yes, I will use science as the opposites system dosn't exist. I was making two seperate examples. sorry if I confused ya.
  13. Well, I think you have to be careful with sciency abilities anyway - it's all great having super-interesting science based abilities, but it's pointless if the logic required to understand it is far beyond the average non-sciency-oriented mind. You need to make sure that everyone playing understands the functionality and limits of the ability, otherwise people will avoid allowing your character to act because it'll make things confusing. Entropy is particularly bad for that, because contrary to common sense, "high entropy" actually means "low efficiency".
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  14. Yeah, I tend to just describe Entropy as decay and loss of energy, so a character with control over entropy can decay his foes ect.
  15. That's kinda cheating though since Entropy only applies to reactions, so you couldn't cause someone to decay, you could only reduce the amount of useful energy created by their mitochondria, for example - and that'd be pretty useless since for it to be useful it instantly becomes OP and it may as well just be telepathic cyanide injections.
  16. I was presuming the thermodynamic application of Entropy, the decay of a system towards chaos. a body is ordered, the body becomeing chaotic is decay. thus application of macro entropy to a body would cause decay. but this all theoretical and we are flooding the thread.
  17. But the tendency for things to become disorderly is only true when a change occurs in the system (it also only applies to closed systems). You still need a way to actually trigger that change before you can affect the entropy of it. Plus, cells have a whole bunch of stuff in them that prevents disorder, so until you find a way to break those up, even if you do increase entropy, it'll just go back again. That being said, melting people by bursting their cell membranes could be hilarious.
  18. I have no idea how science dense I can go on you BUT I'm going to go super dense here.
    assuming that the human body has somewhere between 40 billion and 700 trillion cells (welcome to biology, we can't be acruate)
    now we assume that 50% of those are going through mitosis at any given time. thats a prossess, we don't need to do much, just ramp up the entropy of the DNA replication stage and bam, 50% of the body is dead cells or cancerous or worse.
    Or lets say we Reduce the entropy of the engery production in a cell to 0, the human body detonates with the excess energy. or we put the entropy of the brain to maximum and it loses all energy, brain death.
    but as I said, this is theoretical and we are flooding the thread.
  19. oh, I forgot about mitosis. Oops. Still though, that's just OP and not fun, so we've narrowed the potential uses of Entropy down to: "Essentially Nothing" and "Boringly powerful"
  20. Untill you start looking on other scales. someone shoots you, you increase the entropy of the bullet so it loses energy faster less likely to kill you, increase entropy of things around the target to make them fall on people. Decrease entropy in your own body to increase healing. you can use entropy on all sorts of methods. but you can have it be insanely powerful. my point was entropy and chaos are OP.
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