(Reboot) Star Trek & Doctor Who Crossover

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  1. Here a Video to help you get excited:

    Hello! I'm Animent, let's get know each other. In real life, I'm a transgender(FtM) so I prefer male pronouns and I'm only in high school which means I'm sometimes really busy. However, I have no life, therefore, I will always find a way to reply to my partners. I love drawing/painting and writing short stories, novels (still have not finished them) and fanfiction for almost any genre. I love talking to my RP partners because it helps me become very comfortable with my partners. I would also love to get to know you better so let's start talking and RPing.

    What to except me in RP (open)

    • I do find that I like Romance in the Roleplay, however, it should not take over the Plot. So please respect that.
    • I don't mind for LBGT+ in Roleplay.
    • Character Sheets aren't a must because I enjoy learning about my Partner's character in the Roleplay. However, if my Partner wants to read about my character then I will send them the link to my Character.
    • I do preference RP over PM because I'm able to keep track of the RP but I'm fine with RP over Thread. (You will have to keep reminding me if we decide over Thread.)
    • I sometimes write 4 or more Paragraphs overall in my RP. It really depends on how many characters I am for my overall Paragraph. (I tend to write 2 paragraphs per character) I also describe myself literate, however, I do mistake but I proof-read and try to use a spell and grammar checker.
    • If I'm Busy, I will end up telling my partner so they know why I'm not online.
    • I use third person.

    What I expect from my Partner (open)

    • If you decide that you are bored of the RP, then please tell me.
    • No Mary-Sue OCs Please.
    • No One Liners. I feel as if my partner careless about the RP if they give me One-liners.
    • I would like that you research your information or even ask me.
    • Please let me know if you are busy.
    • I would like to be given the same or so amount of paragraph I give.
    • Please be Literate. I know that we are humans that make mistakes but it's not an excuse to use if you never proof-read before posting or use a spell or grammar checkers.
    • Please use third person, it gets confusing to use first person if you are RPing as multiple characters.

    Now to the RP! (open)

    I recently got obsessed with the reboot Star Trek...Again. I also love the show Doctor Who, so I thought of a great idea of a Doctor Who and Star Trek Crossover. However, instead, of The Doctor and his Companion from the show, my future RP partner and I can create our own Timelady/Timelord and their Companion. (XD I also fell in love with Scotty...Again.)

  2. Well, I gotta admit I was pretty skeptical that this would be a good idea, but that video is masterfully made at least. The only concern I have is that I can't actually see where the Star Trek part comes into it... Would it be the timepeoplez solving problems in the Star Trek universe, basically?

    Also, just a little observation, not a criticism or anything, but post length tends to be a relatively poor measure of posting skill (although ridiculously short responses do seem a bit rude). A lot of people I know are fantastic RPers but make quite short posts - honestly, I sometimes find the ones who make longer posts to be worse because they'll write about all their character's inner thoughts, which would be better left revealed through emotions and dialogue so the other players can participate in those thoughts too. People who write like that tend to be a lot better at novel writing though, curiously. I usually post by the mottos "If the other player's can't use the information, don't write it. If it's important, find a way to put it in a way other characters can access." and "Always involve a character in everything. Describing a setting? Say what your character is seeing, feeling etc, rather than what the environment is actually like" (if that makes any sense). Subtle differences, but they can stack up to make surprising improvements in writing ability.

    Anyway, rant over. I hadn't intended it to be a rant but I'm not very articulate so it does that a lot..
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