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    Mainframe is a city existing inside a computer, connected via pathway to the Net by heavily guarded portals. The city itself is divided into six districts; Baudway Sector, Kits Sector, Floating Point Park, Beverly Hills, Wall Street, and Giedi Prime, also known as G-Prime. Each district contains subsectors averaging the size of a Game Cube. Central in the city is the Principal Office, the city's operating and command center.

    Many cycles ago, Mainframe was connected to it's sister city via the Gilded Gate Bridge. The Twin City, roughly the size of Mainframe, was destroyed by an explosion caused by the virus Gigabyte after he damaged Welman Matrix's Gateway command generator. All that is left of the twin city is a small island called Lost Angles, connected to Mainframe by a twisted bridge and formerly ruled by the virus Hexadecimal. After Hexadecimal aligned with Guardian 452 and sacrificed herself to bring about an end to the Great New War, the bridge to Lost Angles was destroyed, the city becoming a safe refuge for Nullified Sprites.

    Following the disastrous turn of events known as the Gnosis Incident, Mainframe has had its share of upgrades, the biggest being a new leader that has shaped the sprawling city into an efficient hub. Known as The Oracle Wizard, this setup assistant has taken the seat of leadership and created a team of efficient sprites to take on incoming games and insure the safety of the citizens and the city. Beneath The Wizard is Blinn, the system administrator and D.B. Schema.


    • Baudway District in Mainframe is the main source for business, shopping and entertaining within the system, located between Kits and Giedi Prime. Within Baudway are many businesses, some of which have existed for several cycles, including the Algorithm Theatre and Dot's Diner, a retro eatery maintained in honor of Dot Matrix - a hero of Mainframe.

    • .
      Beverly Hills is home to Mainframe's wealthy and elite. Formerly nullified by Game-Loss, Beverly Hills has since been rebuilt and fortified. This sector provides docking for yachts, a full service Energy Park and a Museum dedicated to the History of Mainframe with an entire wing devoted to Mainframe's Saviors.

    • [​IMG]
      Floating Point Park, also known by locals as Floating Point or Float Park, is a large multi-leveled park and recreation center used for golfing, running and general 'outdoor' recreation. The section houses no buildings, though views of Beverly Hills sprawling skyscrapers can be seen from certain locations within the park. The park is located between Beverly Hills and Kits, and before it was destroyed, provided access to the Gilded Gate Bridge.

    • Giedi Prime, also called G-Prime, is Mainframe's main industrial section and has been the epicenter to many of Mainframe's less reputable citizens for many cycles. Though the fearsome virus Megabyte has been gone for some time now, there is a large sect of 'followers' still lingering within G-Prime, where he once ruled. While it isn't entirely flooded with visitors these days, it is still home to some popular locations, including Al's Wait & Eat cafe, found on the once infamous Level 31.

      Giedi Prime is located between Baudway Sector and Wall Street.

    • Kits Sector is the main residential area of Mainframe, the largest apartment complex the 8 Ball, which is rumored to have once been the home of the guardian Bob. The sector is located between Floating Point Park and Baudway. On the outer rim of Kits exists a pier, where boats can dock and fishing takes place regularly.

    • Located between Giedi Prime and Beverly Hills, Wall Street is the downtown business sector of Mainframe. Most of the buildings there are large skyscrapers and it is here that the majority of Mainframe's data is processed before being sent onto the data highways.

    Principal's Office


    Mainframes central operating center is called the Principal's Office. The building houses the System Operating Core, the Core Control Chamber, the cities Central Archives, the Clock Speed Room, a Deletion Chamber, Mainframe's Armory, the Read Only Room and War Room. The city is run from within Principal Office, the only resident Blinn - the successor of Mainframe's former System Operator. The Principal Office also manages all system upgrades. Like all systems, Mainframe cannot survive without it's Principal Office.

    Other Locations
    The Web
    The Web is a level of Cyber Space within all computers containing no valid separate systems - a continuous flow of energy and data - inhabited by Code Masters, Web Slugs, the Web Riders, and several forms of Web Creatures. The data within the Web is so dense, it often forms into data clumps called "Data Storms" which are extremely dangerous and spell deletion for anyone caught within them.

    The chaotic antithesis of the Net, the Web is intensely feared and many attempts have been made, unsuccessfully to bar access to it, entirely, due largely to the fact that all systems within the Net have a corresponding Web location (know as a Web Address) and the Web can essentially open at any moment, via a Tear.

    Any Data-Being exposed to the Web (with the exception of Search Engines and Guardians) will slowly begin degrading. The longer they are within the Web, the worse their condition becomes. The process is irreversable, and the only way to avoid it is to create shields from dead web creatures to protect oneself with.

    The Net
    The Net is effectively the inhabitable portion of Cyber Space - a complex system of pathways, connecting all the systems within it. An orderly place, the Net relies on strict methods and guidelines to maintain itself and the millions of systems connected inside. The Net is inhabited by all manner of beings - Sprites, Binomes, Viruses, Nulls, Code Masters, Virals and Spectrals.

    If a system on the Net is destroyed it will leave behind a massive tear and a great deal of debris, which can open access to the Web.

    The largest and most powerful system on the Net is the Super Computer, home to the Guardian Collective. Mainframe is also connected via the Net, through a portal protected within the Principal Office.

    • A.I.
      A.I. or artificial intelligence is a format existing in the system without an icon - for instance, Game Sprites, Robots, Appliances or Drones. While it is rare, because Game Sprite A.I. possess a small triangular symbol similar to an icon (called a Back-Up), they can be reformatted when this Back-Up is downloaded into a Sprite icon during a game, allowing a copy to be made outside of the Game Cube when the Game Cube retracts.

      Conversely, System Sprites can also alter their icon mid-game to fool the Game Cube into thinking they are Game Sprites, allowing the Sprite to escape nullification by Game Hopping (transitioning into another game/system). Provided they change their icon back to Sprite-Mode when they are loaded into a new Game, once the Game leaves, they will be left in the system the Cube was in.

    • Code Master
      Code Masters exist largely with the Net, though they will occasionally travel within the Web or other systems when necessary. They exist as a sort of mercenary organization, hired deleters, with little. While they seem to act within the confines of some guidelines, there is little that the Code Masters won't do to accomplish their mission, including the deletion of innocent Sprites, or even entire systems. Their methods are antiquated, but they so rarely venture into populated systems that they pose little actual threat. Despite having very little of it themselves, most Code Masters are extremely moved by acts of honor.

      Code Masters do not have icons and because of this, they do not often enter into Games. If they do wind up within a game, the only way they can escape is for another Sprite to defeat the User.

      A Copy is exactly what it sounds - a back up of a Sprite, using the PID code. Copy retain all memories, thoughts and dreams as the original, as they exist as a real, living duplicate (not an imitation) of the original being. That being said, the Copy cannot be restored beyond the point when their code was last saved. If a system is destroyed, the PID database is also deleted and no copies can be made. Nulls also cannot be copied, as they maintain their code when nullified. If a Sprite neglects to properly engage their icon, a copy can be made of them, as they won't register as a Sprite during a system reboot.

      A Cron is a powerful virus, able to infect the entire net. Only one has been witnessed in the history of Mainframe, called Daemon (the Word). Daemon decompiled herself, in order to delete the entirety of the net, but the program was interrupted by the Benign Virus Hexidecimal before it could be completed and order was restored.

    • Guardian
      Guardians are from the Net and act as a Police force within the Systems. While most Guardians originally came from and were trained within the Central Computer, a law was passed following the Gnosis Incident that any eligible Sprite could apply for Guardianship.

      Formerly, sprites involved in the initiative were selected by former Guardian's after their first compiling, then required to undergo intense training at the Guardian Academy, but since the uprising and subsequent fall of the Gnosis Codemaster, the structure has been altered to allow any sprite who fits protocol to be permitted into the program at any age and trained in their home system. Keytools are now created on a sprite-by-sprite basis, calibrated to the sprite's code specifically. Guardian's code is extremely complex, and because of this, cannot be easily copied.

    • Hacker
      Hackers are programs designed to infiltrate other systems. They are skilled at both breaking down and creating security codes and because of their nature, are less than popular among most Sprites. Hackers gain work through the systems, and while some are known to follow a personal code of honor, most Hackers are not opposed to taking contracts from Viruses.

      Because they do not belong to one system, Hackers do not bear icons and do to this, avoid games at all costs. If a Hacker accidentally enters a game, they will not be able to leave, as the game will automatically assimilate them into it's code upon ending.

    • Null
      Simply put, Nulls are former Sprites created by a Game Cube in the event of a User victory. In their nullified state, they become energy leeches, harvesting energy from the world (and Sprites around them) - Despite this, they are largely benign, and will not singularly endanger a Sprite or System. Grouped together, however, Nulls have proven to be quite dangerous.

      There is a theory, though it has never been tested, that a Null can be restored to their Sprite state if the game in which they were Nullified returns and there were any 'save points' utilized.

    • Search Engine
      A Search Engine acts as an information retrieval specialist. Because of their design, they are able to work within the Net, and within most systems, minimizing the time required to locate information. Most Search Engines utilize a mode of transportation to which they are bonded - physically.

      A second generation Search Engine is capable of accessing the Web. These search engines are sometimes referred to as Web Surfers.

      Sprites are a humanoid being inhabiting the systems within the net. Generally organic in appearance, though they vary in color, shape and size, they were a minority within Mainframe until recent years, when an update to the system forcibly upgraded all Binomes into Sprites. While the majority of sprites exist as ordinary members of society, some sprites possessing the fortitude and adaptability have been programmed into the newly reformed Guardian's Initiative. The initiative provides protection for the systems against the threat of viral infection and Game Cubes.

    • User
      The User is the name given by the inhabitants of Cyber Space for to the beings running the computers they live in. Very little is known about the mysterious, powerful User, and for this reason, they are highly esteemed by Data-Beings.

    • Viral
      Virals are beings which are infected by a virus and thereby serve the virus. While most virals are programed against their will, there are an odd assortment of Sprites who enjoy the idea of working under a virus. Most of these beings are referred to as Neo-Virals, and they have been known to cause difficulties within their systems, even while uninfected.

      A Virus is an infectious computer program, designed by unknown users for malicious intent. They are generally destructive and extremely self-serving. While there are some who believe that Viruses are capable of reprogramming, most are viewed as a threat. When captured, Viruses are generally imprisoned, though depending on their capabilities, some are deleted, deemed too dangerous to exist within a System.

      Known Virus types include Trojans, Cron, Polymorphic, and Worm. There are also smaller Virus subclasses such as Spyware, Adware and Malware, as well as Spambots. While they aren't considered Full-Fledged Viruses, some Sprites have been categorized as Viral when they're caught Hacking or Phishing within other systems.

    • Web Creature
      Monsters existing within the Web - insecticidal, they are extremely dangerous and have been known to harvest energy and sometimes even code from Sprites and systems that they are able to infiltrate. While in their native environment, Web Creatures tend to move in packs - usually referred to as Pods. Web Creatures can also prey on Viruses, infecting the being and creating a Super Virus.

      Web Creatures also exist in a small form, know as a Wed Probe, which are used to gain and drain information from systems.

      Web Rider
      These are degenerated Sprites, living within the Web. Web Riders are primitive beings, existing by a code - generally traveling together in groups. Though they are dangerous, they have been known to aid Sprites lost in the Web, if they are able.

    Tech & Terms
    All transactions with in Mainframe and the surrounding systems are finalized by either the exchange of units or cache, or trade of goods or services. In some systems, though it is considered highly illegal within Mainframe, Sprites have been known to trade Bandwidth - this is most common, however, among Viruses and Hackers.

    A Firewall is a hardware or software device which is configured to permit, deny, or proxy data through a computer network which has different levels of trust. A firewall is a literal wall of fire, a barrier used to inhibit movement of enemy forces.

    Key Tools
    A small, animate device worn by Guardians, providing assistance to the wearer via replication functions and data gathering. The tool is alive and intelligent, and often chooses their Guardian, though not always. Key Tools are run on stored energy and much be recharged every so often. They can also be destroyed/crushed, though only by great strength. Key Tools are the most efficient method for creating a Portal.

    PID stands for Personal Identification. Every individual in the Net is issued a PID upon Upload, which is stored in their icon. If a Data-Being is able to get ahold of another's PID, they possess the ability to control that being. Viruses must extract a person's PID in order to infect them. Superviruses are capable of infecting a person without direct access to their PID. Because of this, and the danger of deletion, most PIDs are stored within the system's Principle Office and backed up regularly.

    Spheres within systems, linking one location to another for a short period oftime. These are not reliable links (unlike Net Ports), and generally do not last long and are extremely difficult to create. To a User, these would be considered 'back door commands', or a command that creates easy, unauthorized access to a system or program. Because of the great deal of energy needed to create a portal, the easiest method beyond a Guardian's Key Tool is a Tear, but these portals are extremely unstable and have been known to open into the Web at random.

    The Gateway Command is a circular device that can link to other systems, similar to how a portal works, the difference being a portal is only made of energy, while the Gateway is a mechanical device.

    A ball of unstable energy representative of a system instability, usually caused by explosions, though occasionally formed independently. Extremely dangerous and harmful to touch, Tears require immediately attention and are often contained within Energy Fields until they can be repaired. Because of their extreme energy output, Tears can be used to create portals, though this is a dangerous and unpredictable method.

    A replacement or enhancement of an existing program or device, loaded into a system by the User. Some can be very large, others are smaller, they can contain weapons, advanced technology, or personal enhancements.

    Flat screens projects, used for communication purposes. The screens, some of which also contain controllable equipment and software (via touch panels) function almost anywhere, and every system within the Net utilizes them.

    Glossary of Terms

    Game Cubes or Games as they're also called and large cubes (roughly the side of a sector district), generally purple in color, loaded into the system by the User. Where the Cube lands, a game begins, trapping anything inside until the game is won or lost. When the game is completed, the cube rises and disappears, the System Voice announcing whether the User was successful or not.

    Losing a Game results in the nulification of the area the cube landed - including any Sprites trapped within during the duration of the game. Nullification is a process that cannot be reversed and the sector remains offline until repairs can be made.

    Because of the extreme danger involved, the Guardians have established a rules system to prevent nullification -

    Rule 1 | Do not enter Games. A Game cannot hurt you, if you are not in it. Do anything you can to get out of the Cube's path.

    Rule 2 | In the event a cube cannot be avoided, wait for instruction from the Guardian. Fight or Hide, if you do get trapped in a Game, help or stay out of the way. Leave it to the professionals. NEVER reboot before a Guardian does.

    Rule 3 | If trapped within the game, at all costs, Defeat the User, either by destroying it or winning the Game.

    Failure to abide by these rules can result in disciplinary action.
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