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  1. [Time: 9:30 AM. Location: Rosedale.]


    Rosedale had changed a lot in the past three years. Both in culture, and technology.

    And like many other cities, each "section" of the city was classified under some slang term for the conditions and the people who lived there.



    Literally what the name means, Hub is the "Crown" of Rosedale, as it holds 80% of the stores, offices and so on. But, it is also were two powerful gangs make their home.

    [Sorry, couldn't find a pic for the second section.]


    Basically, this is where the either extremely rich people or reality TV stars live in luxury, looking down upon anyone that didn't equal them in wealth, power or something else along those lines.

    Finally, but not least.


    "Slums" or as the city council calls it. "The Memorial District."

    Whatever crime you can think of, it most likely occurs in the Slums. From drug trafficking, to petty gangs battling over what little turf or leftovers from the bigger gangs.

    It also houses the old base of the gang that was once dominated Rosedale back in the day. Albeit rundown.

    Now that the sightseeing is over, time to go over what gangs have taken over during the three years.
    Starting off with the glue that holds the bigger gangs together.

    "The Organization."

    Not the most creative name, but that doesn't mean that they are lacking in creativity. They just apply it in different fields. Such as torture, blackmail, spying. Basically, behind the scenes crime. Practically holding the city in their hands. All the while, manipulating the gangs under their control to follow their command to the letter.

    "The White Mask Gang."

    As their name suggests, almost every member is wearing a white mask of sorts. With lines on them that help signify rank. This gang is mainly responsible for the illegal transport of "goods" and the sort. Their calling card is graffiti art of their masks.

    "The Inferno Gang."

    What happens when you put a bunch of pyromaniacs into a gang? You get this. A gang that mainly consists of low-rate thugs and psychopaths that love to burn things to the ground. Their main job is to be the enforcers, and "collectors" of payments. And their calling card, is to leave a burning item in their wake. Be it a building, car....Or a person.

    Finally, but not least.

    "Lucky Four Left Clover Gang."

    A gang centered around Irish traditions, and the lucky item that they are named after, but don't let the name and whatnot fool you. These guys are the information brokers. Whatever happens in the city, they will most likely know about it. And once they do, they report it to the higher ups.

    Of coarse, their calling card is leaving a four left clover behind.

    Beyond that, there are minor gangs in the slum areas.
    Ryder slowly rode up to the gate that lead to the Tanaka mansion.

    Although, he didn't know this, as he was merely following the instructions left for him at the old Tanaka Gang hideout.

    The place was in shambles. The carpet stained with unknown things, the paint flaking and the wood walls were rotting.

    Yet, in the middle of it was a fresh table with a note and cassette tape labeled. "Play me."

    Putting it into his slightly aged tape recorder, a heavily modified voice spoke. "Long time no see, Ryder. You may not know me, due to the voice changer. But I know you. And although the former plan was to cut all ties, I plan to disobey that plan. Meet me at this address written on the note on the table." The tape ended, and left Ryder confused as ever, who was this individual? First, they call him, asking him to return to the old hideout, and now asking him to meet them at a random address? All of this was too odd. Yet, Ryder has this feeling that he couldn't simply ignore this.

    So, he followed the directions on the note, all the way to the mansion that stood before him. Parking his motorcycle. He slowly walked up the steps, taking off his motorcycle helmet. He rung the doorbell, and as he waited for whoever to answer, he looked at his reflection in a nearby window.

    He had changed over the years, the buzz cut he once adorned, had now grown into a slightly short hair. And he was growing a goatee. The burn scars on the entire right side of his face were still there, but they were faded to a degree. Almost to the point, that if he wore makeup, it look as if he didn't even have scars to begin with.

    Eventually, he turned his attention back to the door.

  2. [​IMG]

    The Tanaka Mansion.

    While Rosedale has grown over the years, the Tanaka mansion rests as a classic Japanese home. It consists of different, external sections though the largest is the main house where Natsume Tanaka lives in regularly. It is surrounded by trees to hide itself from the hustle and bustle of the growing technology of Rosedale, and protected by large walls.

    The main gate was left open for Ryder to arrive.

    He was left at the door for a few moments after he rang. Silence filled the air.

    Until the door began to slowly open to reveal a young woman in a kimono. Natsume Tanaka. She looked mostly the same as three years ago, yet there was still something older about her look now and even more stronger if that was even possible.

    "Welcome," she spoke. A faint smile came over her first straight face. "Ryder. It's been a long time hasn't it. Three years. Come on in and have a seat with me."

    She started to walk, heading for a main room.

    The place was large with many different rooms. Most of the style looked like a traditional Japanese home, yet there were modern mixes in between such as furniture so that way they wouldn't always have to sit on the floor. But, there were rooms styled as that as well. Many sitting rooms, a large kitchen, a dinning room, a library, a few recreational rooms and specialty rooms for a bit more private things. There were a few rooms for offices and bedrooms as well. In the past, at the old HQ the gang members were able to stay there and it seemed this mansion was well equipped for that.

    "In case you don't remember. It's me. Natsume," she began to say. "I'm the head of this mansion now, given to me by my deceased uncle."

    The place also had a dojo in a separate building. It was a school where she taught martial arts as well as train herself. The had been given a very important position in society thanks to her uncle.

    The dojo too had different rooms and sections. There was a large open room as well as smaller rooms that had different types of training supplies such as punching bags. There were also other storage rooms for other equipment that the students could use.

    They continued to walk through the mansion to make it to the main room where couches and table were. It was the best place to have multiple people talk to each other.

    "You should already know what is going on now. Why you were told to come here after visiting the old headquarters. It's time Ryder. To bring the Tanaka Gang together again and take back what is rightfully ours."
  3. Lindow Tadayoshi was already present within the Tanaka Mansion for when he got word he was already about to start his daily run as he received notice from the vocal words of a man wearing a black attire suit, the same man that had recruited Lindow prior. Once their Lindow was informed that other people were to arrive so he was to stay within the main room and wait for everyone to arrive. He certainly didn't waste time getting comfortable as he would lay down on one of the two seated couches with his head against one arm rest along with his arms perched beneath the back of his head and his ankles and resting on the opposite end with his dark brown work boots hanging over the rest. His eyes would be closed as he relaxed.

    He had to admit that he didn't know that a place like this still existed in Rosedale but it was certainly a pleasant site compared to the back water slums in the memorial district; for once everything didn't smell of gasoline and burning rubber. The peace and quite was also amazing to Lindow as he had never experienced such silence before. He knew of the slums which is a constant miasma of noises from cars and people alike and the constant roar that would ring through his ears whenever he was in the cage, fighting.

    He wasn't thinking much about why he was asked to come here, he knew he was hired muscle but it still felt strange to him about why he of all people in this Tanaka gang was here. Lindow knew he was a brawler and had an intimidating presence but so did most bruisers and ruffians that he'd been around, well, not intimidating to himself anyways he would joke to himself in his own head. Thinking to himself..."Not much of a reason to think too hard about it." "I'm sure some big boss looking guy will probably storm in here and explain what shit he needs doing."

    (If he only knew. XP)
  4. Ryder looked around the mansion with wide eyes, it was simply beautiful. Not to mention, a lot bigger than the old hideout. Although, he did feel out of place, due to him wearing a brown leather jacket, jeans and black boots with gloves. Carrying a motorcycle helmet, where the visor reflected everything so you couldn't see the wearer's face.

    Eventually, as they entered the main room, Ryder noticed that there was another person laying down on one of the couches.

    Ryder gave him a nod, before turning to Natsume as she explained what was going on.​

    Ryder listened to Natsume's words.​

    Running the idea through his head, before he brought up his tape recorder. Pressing the play button.

    "Let's show these pansies who really owns this town." The quote seemed to be from a video game.

    In his mind, he was glad to be back in Rosedale, reestablishing the Tanaka Gang as the main force in the city.

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  5. Snuggled into a dusty old chair in the Tanaka Mansion's library, Kiri was flipping through an automobile calendar, trying to figure out which month's vehicle she liked best. Well, May's Lambo isn't awful, she thought to herself. And it's definitely better than February's Mustang! Ugh! What an awful color! Who does green and pink stripes anyways?!

    As the young racer rocked back in forth in the chair, she realized she heard a voice and footsteps. She had arrived only fifteen minutes ago, but the mansion was so big she hadn't run into anyone the entire time she had been inside, so she had decided to wait around a bit. Now, at last, it seemed people were here. Rolling up the calendar, Kiri stuffed it into her leather jacket pocket and hopped out of her seat. She would decide on her favorite vehicle later. Dusting off her clothes, she turned off the light and headed towards the main room, where she figured the voices were coming from.

    Reaching one of the entrances to the main room, Kiri slid it open and stepped inside, an excited smile spreading across her face as she recognized two out of three of the room's occupants. A small tear formed in the corner of her eye, but she quickly wiped it away, calming herself down so as not to freak out the stranger on the couch.

    "Hey guys." KT spoke finally, her face beaming with happiness on being reunited with her old friends. She couldn't quite read Natsume or Ryder's facial expressions, but she hoped they were just as happy to see her as she was to see them.
  6. Isaiah stood outside the house. Large, beautifully constructed oriental-style home. Looked liked a nice place to get shot. If this was a trap, it sure was an expensive one.

    He decided it was worth the risk. He wasn't about to miss out on a free plane ride out of the country. He went around to the other end of the house and saw a back door that appeared untouched. He walked up and listened for a moment. Voices. He twisted the knob slowly and took a peek inside. Two men, two women. He fingered the revolver in his waistband and stepped into the room.

    "Excuse me if I came in the back way. It seemed less suicidal."

    Well, they hadn't tried to perforate him. Yet.

    "Someone on the other end of my hotel phone told me if I came here that they would get me out of a little fix i'm in. You wouldn't happen to be the rescue party, would you?"
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  7. A light blonde was enjoying her day. In fact, she was walking leisurely to the place where she had made more friends compared to that in her university. Misheru Tachibana was done with the day's classes, and she was on her way to the Tanaka mansion. It seemed like something was going on, from the way Natsume had mentioned prior to that day.

    "Oh well, maybe a mission of a sort?", she mumbled to herself as she got off the train and made her way to the road leading to the huge estate. She had to admit to herself, the day did not seem as usual as it was normally. Maybe it was just her. She was about to check for some files in her bag when she looked at the time on her wristwatch.
    "Oh no.", was all she said before sprinting towards the gang's hangout, not wanting to be late, even if something not so important was to occur.

    When Misheru made her way to the entrance of the mansion, she realized a male figure stood there, alongside Natsume Tanaka. Yeap, I am late. Figuring out what she should do, she remembered that many of the gang members would sometimes use the backdoor of the place. As stealthily as possible, she crept her way to the back alley that led to the door before entering it slowly, careful not to make a sound. The last thing she needed was someone thinking there was an intruder, or even worse, interrupt an important deal of a sort.

    Once inside the mansion, she maneuvered her way into the main room, nodding at the other members she had become close to, or at least acquainted with. "Sorry I'm late.", the light blonde apologized as sincerely as possible with a gentle smile, while trying to keep her voice down as to not disturb the flow of conversation between the man and the leader of the gang. Misheru Tachibana took a seat on a one-sitter, whilst using her hand to straighten up her messy hair.

  8. Luke had put on his hand on the door knob, but didn't twist. Instead, he looked at his arm. The black dragon tattoo that spanned from his chest to his right arm. The tail of the dragon wrapped around a few Japanese characters that read Tanaka. It was a stamp, a reminder of a commitment made long ago. Luke had the urge to drive away to somewhere like San Fransisco and never come back. It would be calm, he could peddle drugs to horny locals, and get a nice house with a pretty girl to live inside it. No more late nights delivering cargo, and no more broken noses and bruised knuckles from fighting stupid drunk teenagers.

    It would have not been the full truth if Luke said he was here just to ask Natsume if she knew where his best friend Sam had run off too. No, Luke knew that moving to some hippie town with no skills and no friends could only lead him to living out of his car. Luke needed money if he wanted to escape to somewhere different, and the only person in Rosedale that could give him this money had sent him a text telling him to show up.

    So he showed up, and opened the door.

    Luke walked into the room, shut the door behind him, and sat in a chair. No turning back now. Luke had realized he was late when he saw the room was almost full. Luke wasn't sure if it was his place to interrupt the conversation, so he stayed silent waiting for someone to address him or the room.
  9. Natsume arrived with Ryder to the room. One man was already sitting there, waiting around for someone to show up. Natsume heard his last comment. "Well, I'm not a big boss guy but I will need some things done," Natsume's voice spoke to Lindow who was sitting in the chair, expecting some large man to come into the room.

    A smirk appeared on Natsume's face when she heard Ryder's response. "Good," she commented.

    It was then that KT entered the room. Natsume looked over at her second cousin, seeing the joy in her face to finally see some old friends. Natsume brought up her hand, placed it on the girl's head and ruffled her hair as she pet the top of her head.

    "I'm glad you were able to come KT."

    Then another male arrived, asking about a rescue party. "In a way, yes."

    Then, Misheru Tachibana.

    "No need to be sorry, you are just in time. We are about to talk."

    Then, Luke came in, though without saying anything. Good, they were there now. She could get start--

    "NATSUME!!" A high pitch shout rang through the room as one of the sliding doors was suddenly opened widely by a blonde-girl in an interesting, and strange looking costume. The girl left the door open, ran towards Natsume and suddenly wrapped her arms around the young woman. She rubbed her cheek on the girls chest, considering their height different. "Oh how I missed you so!"

    "Remi...please stop rubbing your cheek on me and have a seat. We're about to begin." Natsume seemed straight forward and to the point which could come across as a bit mean, but the leader really did care for the people that she led.

    Remi giggled as she looked up at Natsume, then let go, stumbled back towards a couch and plopped down in it.

    Natsume let out a sigh now that the interruption was finished. She looked at each of the people in the room, a serious look coming over her face.

    "For those of you that don't know, I am Natsume Tanaka, leader of the Tanaka Gang. Three years ago we ran these streets. Now, all of you will help me bring back that reign. And, yes, whatever you need done with be done in return."
  10. Isaiah motioned to speak. "Excuse me if I seem a bit tense. I've had a lot to deal with recently." He had a lot of questions on his mind, but introductions would have to come first. "Also, you all look more familiar with each other than with me, so allow me to introduce myself. My name's Isaiah." He glanced toward the woman in the kimono. The call at the hotel. He thought he had heard that voice before. "And if you can get me out of a bad place, I might be able to make myself useful to you."
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  11. Lindow turning his head to the side to see the young woman who responded to what he said, after a moment raising an eyebrow with a confused look as this was defiantly not what he imagined to be to boss of a gang, never mind one that was declaring to take back an entire city; the guy with the biker helmet and messed up scarring was much closer. Now that "Rocky" was fully awake and aware he could get a quick glace of everyone as he slowly stood up from the couch he was sitting in, putting his hands in his jacket pockets with a stoic face as he scans the room right to left of everyone present. As soon as took a single step to one side towards Natsume and Ryder seeming like he was going to approach them he suddenly stops as his head almost seems to creak to the right and stopping so that he was starring directly at the one singular person in the room that he was already familiar with; a certain light blonde haired medical student. Lindow would simply stare at Misheru as if he was making sure that he was processing information correctly, vocally giving out a..."Huh...?" Tilting his head for a moment as he becomes completely oblivious to everyone else and simply walks around the center of the room and stops dead in front of where Misheru is sitting, casting his large shadow over Mish as he just continues to stare as he finishes processing information as he realizes that this is indeed the Misheru that he knows. He looms down towards Misheru, leaning down so that his stoic yet vaguely annoyed face hovers only inches from Mish's face, his eyes squinted slightly as he speaks in a low and slightly annoyed tone..."You frickn stalker..." After saying this he simply straitens himself to full height once again, places his right hand over his face and sighs heavily. "This has gotta be a frickn joke. A gang run by a woman in a kimono, has a mini girl, a guy coming in the back holding his pants up like he just took a shit and Mish is somehow randomly here to top it all off? Really Mish, it ain't even April Fools Day..." After saying this Lindow shuts his eyes, puts his hands in his jacket pockets and goes to walk past Natsume & Ryder with the intent on heading out the door. "I even bet the tough biker dude only looks tough."

  12. "He's probably tougher than you.".

    The light blonde replied nonchalantly before blinking a few times. Yes, she understood why Lindow would have heavy suspicion on this gang not being a real one, especially with her presence, but it was not as though she was so desperate to follow him everywhere, in fact, she was much contented with seeing him fighting in the club. But most importantly, Misheru Tachibana doubt that any one of them in the room was childish enough to pose as the notorious gang of Rosedale. "You really are a brickhead.", she commented before turning her attention back to Natsume Tanaka.

    "How do you propose we go about doing that?", she asked, curious to find out what the first task at hand would be. Hopefully it was not getting rid of someone just yet. It was early for her to do that now, considering what had happened a few weeks ago. But if she had to undergo something similar again, she would comply. It was not as though she had anything to lose.

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  13. Ryder raised an eyebrow at Lindow's words, not judging his impression on the gang. Afterall, if Ryder was in his shoes, he would be doing the same thing. Doubting the authenticity of the claims.

    And while he was willing to let him leave, Ryder stepped infront of him. But, only after putting his helmet on a nearby table. The possibility of Lindow leaving, then blurting news of the Tanaka Gang's return, and where their base of operations were, was too high to just let slide.

    He did make a motion for Natsume to assist in 'convincing' Lindow to stay and join.

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  14. Isaiah seemed to be alright with the situation and Natsume nodded towards him when he offered his help if they would help him. That was something she expected. But, the one named Lindow didn't seem to be too into the idea or mostly the fact that Natsume was a young woman in a kimono claiming to wait to become the strongest gang.

    First Misheru spoke up, then Ryder stepped in front of him to prevent him from leaving. No doubt because he didn't want one to leave after hearing the idea.

    "Do you have something against women in kimonos?" Natsume spoke. "Just because I am a woman and wear this outfit right now does not mean I cannot take over Rosedale. I have done it before."

    "Yeah! Natsume's the strongest of the strong!" Remi commented as she raised up her hand in protest. "She'll beat your butt! Then beat it again!"

    "The first step, Micheru, is gain power through corruption. Take back the police. We cannot do anything if we will have police in our way. We need to make sure we will be able to do whatever we want, when we want. Then, we work are way up using the other gangs of this area."

    As she spoke she walked over towards Lindow calmly. She stopped beside him, then suddenly moved her leg, kicking Lindow in the back of his leg to make him lose his balance. She wasn't one for random fighting, so she would wait to see what this would do at first.

    "I'd appreciate it if you waited to see what happened before you rule me out. And, the touch biker dude, his name is Ryder and is just as tough as he looks."

    "You go Natsume!" Remi shouted with a smile.
  15. As Lindow was making his way towards the door he heard Misheru speak out to him about what he said about the biker individual. "He's probably tougher than you.". followed by the usual "You really are a brickhead" from her. Lindow merely huffed at this though in the middle of his huff he lightly bumps into something only to open his eyes to see the same tough biker dude had stepped over to block him from leaving. Lindow would give an angry expression to the man standing before him as he pulls his right fist from his jacket pocket, clenching it tightly into a fist and holding it up to the height of they're heads to one side in a threatening manner as he spoke angrily..." gonna start someth..." Lindow stopping his sentence as the woman in the kimono spoke, he himself turning his his head to the left to look at her as she spoke, his face giving off an expression of irritation and confusion as he couldn't imagine that this woman had at anytime controlled Rosedale in much of any way. "I ain't got nothin against that...there is no way..." Lindow stopping once again as Remi spoke up and commented that Natsume would beat his but again and again and that she was the strongest.

    Now Lindow was really reaching the end of his fuse as Lindow barely payed attention to Natsume as she approached him and talked about the first part of the plan. Just as Natsume would reach Lindow he would take a step back and reared back his right fist as he glared toward Ryder but just before he could force himself forwards he felt his left leg come out from underneath him as the next thing he knew he was looking at the ceiling and the next thing was the back of his head and back hitting the floor with a "clack" of bone against wood as he would let out a low groan of pain as he lays on the floor with his arms and legs stretched out with a deeply confused look as he tried to process what happened. Lindow had never been knocked onto his back so easily in any way, shape or form other than perhaps drinking way to much after a fight but that was beside the point. His head turned to one side to look at Natsume as she spoke once more directly to him again. He listened to her words along with a few names that he would now take more care to remember. Lindow now sitting himself up with a slight sigh as he rubs the back of his head and speaks with a low voice as he fully stands to his feet once more, first looking to the biker..."Ryder..." Then fulling turning his body to face Natsume, speaking in the same tone..."and...Natsume huh...? He'd pause for a moment before giving a quick chuckle, putting his fists back within the confines of his pockets before speaking in an almost joyful and curious tone. "I guess I will wait and see then...yeah...I'll stick around to see where this goes. "If anything..." Lindow turning his head to the one named Ryder giving him a smirk..."...this could kill some time." Lindow would turn his back to the trio and make his way back to his couch seat with a smile, giving a glance to Misheru before plopping himself down on the left side, making it clear that he was no longer laying down and was awake and listening; turning his gaze back toward Natsume, crossing one leg horizontally over the other as he laid back in his seat so that the "conference" could continue.

  16. The light blonde listened tentatively to the female in the kimono as she began to 'visualize' the plan of the soon-to-be revived gang.

    "The first step, Micheru, is gain power through corruption. Take back the police....."

    "I might be able to be of service in that area," Misheru Tachibana gave a sideway smile and a wink. "As you all know, or maybe just a one or two of you, I have some connections with several important individual.", she continued before continuing to witness the small spectacle between Lindow, Natsume, and Ryder. She wanted to scold him as usual for using his mouth and fist, in this case, instead of his brains as usual, but seeing him making his way to the couch made her laugh softly at him. From her experience, she doubt he meant any permanent or malicious harm to any of them there. She noticed a slightly smaller female standing alongside the leader of the Tanaka gang. Undoubtedly, she had a bond with Natsume Tanaka. "So cute....", Misheru mumbled to herself before making her way to the male laying down on the couch. "Doesn't seem like you broke anything.", she said with her arms on her hips to Lindow. "Except your pride maybe.", she teased before flicking his forehead.

    "Also, nice to meet you, Ryder, and everyone else, of course.", she gave her warmest smile.

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  17. Ryder smiled after retrieving his helmet, holding it in one hand. The other hand held up the tape recorder, he pressed the rewind button, before pressing play. "Nice to see you! Nizzan nähdään!" The voice on the tape recorder said, obviously one of those language learning tech, as it read the English part and the Finnish part with a sickly cheery voice that somewhat got on his nerves.

    He turned to Natsume. Corrupting the police to their favor? Sounded like a nice idea, since the cops would be doing their job, except giving them a free pass.

    But, another question formed in his mind. Recruitment. Since, he didn't doubt their skills, but it'd be difficult to takeover a city, and maintain said control with a small group of people.

    Though, the police could handle that. He would have to ask when Natsume was done.
  18. KT smiled to herself as she listened to Natsume speak about her plans to take back the city. As the group went back and forth in conversation, Kiri scanned the room, her eyes focusing on the new people she hadn't recognized. Fresh blood. At least, for the Tanaka Gang. She couldn't blame the one called Lindow for his doubts, as none of the members save Ryder and Natsume looked like gang members at all. The only thing Lindow and the other newbies didn't know was the history the Tanaka Gang had; the power, the respect. It had opened a lot of doors back then...

    They had truly been at the pinnacle of power all those years ago. Now it was time to take it back.

    Taking a couple steps, KT leaned against the wall and slid down into a seated position. Hearing that Misheru had friends in high places was comforting, and the street connections racing provided Kiri with would definitely be useful. She knew that the main goal was to bring back the Tanaka Gang to its former glory, but she also had her own personal plans to run the entire underground racing world. Bringing the crew back just so happened to line up with that goal.

    " are we gonna do this?"
  19. Sean had been sat in the same exact spot going on three hours now. He'd parked his car quite a distance away from the mansion Kiri had told him about. This was a strange spot for a meeting, but a pretty decent one. It was out of the way for one and in such a rich neighborhood the police sure as hell wouldn't bother them unless they were called. Whoever had set up the meeting had at least somewhat of a clue of what they were doing. In the last half an hour he'd watched as a diverse group of people had turned up and headed into the property, including Kiri. He would have preferred to just wait it out and see what went down before ever going in himself, but since his friend was in there he had little choice left. He couldn't just sit outside given the possibility of this being anything but a meeting.

    Reaching into his suit jacket he pulled a shiny, new looking H&K USP from it's holster, quickly checking the magazine and chamber to make sure it was ready to be used. He knew it was, but checking it was a matter of routine. It also calmed him and helped make him ready for any upcoming violence in a way. Opening the cars glove compartment he withdraw a suppressor, quickly but carefully screwing it onto the front of the handgun. With that he was ready, opening the car door, stepping out and walking briskly towards the mansion.

    He didn't want to simply head through the front door of the place, that would certainly be anticipated. If it were some sort of ambush then anticipated was one of the last things he wanted to be. Quietly heading through the front gate and walking around the mansion he eventually spotted what he was looking for; a drainpipe that lead up to an open window. Temporarily holstering his gun he climbed up with ease, creeping through the window as silently as he could and pulling his weapon as soon as he was back on solid ground.

    It was quiet, very quiet. Wherever the meeting or whatever else was taking place it must have been happening in a different section of the large property. He walked through the mansion, his finger gently tapping the trigger guard of the weapon. He would occasional stop dead still just before turning a corner and listen, eventually he heard what he wanted; voices in the distance. Walking towards them he crouched as he got near, actually being able to hear what they were saying now. From what he could tell it was indeed a genuine meeting. Turning a corner and creeping closer he had eyes on the group now and even spotted Kiri. She looked to be relaxed and in no noticeable danger. This was by all signs what was promised. Standing up he casually walked into the room, nodding at his friend and giving her a half smile.

    "Hello again Kiri... So, what's going on here then? This is a rather unusual shindig."
  20. "Hmm? Oh! Hey! I'm glad you made it!" Kiri jumped from her seat and hugged Sean's arm tightly. "Natsume, Ryder, this is... a friend of mine. We met during my time in Europe. He's...a bit different, but let's just say we want him in our corner. Plus, he totally has awesome cars!" Kiri snickered to herself.

    "Anyways, now that we're taking the city back, he'll be a great addition to our team, don't ya think?"
    KT hoped the group approved of Sean. She didn't have a lot of friends outside of the old gang, and something about Sean made her feel..confident; and sure of herself.
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