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  1. So, I haven't really written much of anything since 2015 tired to kill me, so if this idea is painfully bland please forgive me. (・▽・

    So to start off, this can either be a group or one on one thing, the setting is in a complete disregard to things we have now, like cars, phones, we've reverted back to the good old days where throwing a rock through your girls window was a romantic love letter (I kid, it's just pen and paper, boats are there, but nothing like planes), as an added bonus, there are things like dragons, mermaids, fairies, ect. And then there's us, humans.

    Every 21 years a human called a 'teller' is born in one of the four kingdoms, this time around the teller goes by the name Aika (Ai), and was born in the Southern Kingdom, and rather than dying (Killed) at the age of 21 she manages to escape. We can discuss your character, to either be a rebel, or someone all together, but keep in mind that because this world is so bendable your character doesn't have to be outright human, it can't be someone who breaths fire but it can be someone who has a better connection with the inhuman, being able to tame beasts like Dragons.

    Please don't hesitate to ask any questions! I understand my ability to explain is relatively poor.
  2. So basically, a bunch of people go all Amish? I'm guessing we wouldn't get the powers of the races, so it's mainly a backstory thing?
  3. The mention of kingdoms sort of implies a medieval setting, so I don't think "Amish" is a good term to describe the setting.

    And I think there's meant to be lots of action. After all, she stated that Tellers are usually killed, but Aika escaped? I'm guessing the story will focus on her interactions with other characters and their escapades from the kingdoms? Something like that, I'm not sure.
  4. Oh whoops lol, I read the 'disregard of cars' part as being 'leaving cars etc behind' :D
  5. Oh! Haha-, sorry. I guess that could be a misunderstanding. Could you explain your other question a little please? Do you mean like having the powers of the Dragons and such?
  6. Well, I was thinking they'd be more small-scale and reduced. For example, a normal Faerie would be able to command swarms of animals, drive people to insanity and induce magic within others and barely lift a finger. I'm asking whether, in this RP, that Faerie would be able to manipulate vines or something else minor, or if they'd have no powers at all.
  7. Yes, abilities will be on a smaller scale. For example if you were playing a character that is of some decent of a mermaid they would be able to breath underwater for long periods of time, but not have the sirens voice.
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