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  1. Daemons and Faeries, witches and elves, vampires and werewolves. For the longest of times, further back than any of the races could remember, the Law has stood. It has protected them all from human awareness, turning facts into folklore, warnings into bedtime stories.
    A Rebellion has been forming against this Law that the creatures must remain hidden, for quite some time. The leaders of each race were ignorant of such tales, each time writing it off as a misunderstanding or a coincidence. But no longer. Four of the leaders are dead. A slave trade of humans has been forming, illegal selling of them in the land from where each race originates, and the humans are becoming more so aware of the presence of these 'mythological' beings.

    Essentially there are six main classes: Daemon, faerie, witches, elves, vampires and werewolves. Not including humans. However, ANY kind is allowed. Ghost, angels, hybrids, whatever, just please give sufficient info on how they got caught up in the event.
    In this RP I would like to suggest that there are three main precincts from where two of each race, under normal circumstances, resides. The Daemons with the witches, near the ocean and rocky slopes that guard the surrounding perimeter of the island; the werewolves and vampires whose borders are often under dispute, rule the plains and deserts, the toughest of domains in exchange for blood and prey by the other groups; and finally the elves alongside the Faeries, known for their better judgement, rule the center of the island's forests.

    So, what do you guys think? Any suggestions?
  2. Hi there. I think its an interesting idea just needs to be developed a bit more. how will this play out? what is the final goal?
  3. Perhaps the Rebellion could also be a form of an uprising that is being conducted by an old King who had once thought to be long dead. He could also be the reason for why the Law was put in place. Of course, no one would remember that. Instead of being vanquished though, his younger sisters imprisoned him for hundreds of thousands of years. An ancient Darkness has awoke him due to the destruction and pollution that humans have tainted the Earth with. Their greed overpowered them, causing them to dig deeper into the grounds resources. Instead of finding jewels and oil, they found the ancient spirit.

    Essentially, it was an accidental chain reaction that the humans started and is now spinning out of control. I would assume that the main goal would then be to go against the old King and his forming armies, keep the humans that aren't dead yet in the unawares and form a Rebellion of our own.
  4. I like that. Old power. Like ... uh.....Old powerful things..... haha so two rebellions rebelling against each others rebellions. Kinda like.... A fire trying to swallow the other and eventually there can be only one winner.
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  5. Exactly XD I'm glad that you understood and were able to sum it up so well. Oh, and for asking questions. That helps me a lot, you know, to see it more clearly instead of random running around until something happens, lol ^^'
  6. I might be interested in joining this. ^^ Would the king who was imprisoned be a character slot I might take? I think I have a few ideas for him which would explain his policies, banishment, and return quite neatly.
  7. Haha i'm glad i could help. Id like to join when it starts too. so is only one rebellion Pc's? or can you join either?
  8. Sorry. I don't think I understand what you're asking >_<
  9. Um...can the characters you play join either rebellion?
  10. Oh. Yeah, of course! Haha. I just didn't really know what Pc meant.
    Hey, if you're interested, we could turn this into a OneXOne RP, seeing as how no one else has shown much interest aside from you.
  11. Well that's lovely. I guess I'm out then.
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    What about a private three player RP then?