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  1. Areiz pulled her mask up over her head, taking in deep breaths of the fresh air. "Mission a success on my side. How's your side?" She asked into her mic, leaning against the wall of their base, hidden in the shadows as footsteps passed overhead.
  2. Leraje scanned for movement to either side, his grey eyes unperturbed by the sounds of guards moving above. "So far so good," he spoke into the microphone, being careful to keep his voice quiet and tamping the earphone down with his left hand, as it showed signs of falling out. "Anything suspicious going on over there?" His right hand held a knife, and he carefully chipped away small pieces of stone, revealing the outline of an ace of spades, the one small foolishness that he permitted himself. Although a calling card could be useful in psy-ops, something like that.
  3. "Yeah, everything's in check." She slid down the wall, listening to her surroundings carefully as she put her mask back on, her voice echoing quietly.
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    Leraje nodded, then reminded himself crossly that nods did not communicate across a commlink. "All right, go ahead and continue on your way then. I want to leave a little present here." He pulled a tiny transmitter out of his coat pocket, lodging it squarely in between two bricks, just to the left of the ace of spades. It wasn't untraceable or particularly high-tech, just a device that would rebroadcast all transmissions onto his particular receiver frequency for the next twenty-four hours, then proceed to jam other communications in the area until it was found.
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    "Copy that. I'll meet you at base Alpha. Areiz out." She waited until a second set of footsteps faded away before she slipped across the stone road, rolling into the shadowed bushed onto the other side and sliding down the hill. About 20 meters ahead was an entrance tunnel hidden beside a small pond. Areiz sprinted the distance, hating the fact she was wide open. As she reached the edge of the pond, she waded in, the water coming up to her waist as she reached the tunnel. She moved the cattails away and climbed in, letting the cattails wave behind her as she crouched down, slowly traversing the tunnel. She reached the lit room and the end and was met by a relieved voice and a towel. "Glad to be back too, Acer." she replied, sitting down in the nearest chair, the towel under her to keep the seat dry. "Leraje is on his way.
  6. Leraje tapped a few buttons on his headset, closing his eyes to listen. A bit of static, then the expected squeals and pops from the encryption. I'll have fun breaking this code, he mused. They seemed to change it regularly, so it could turn out to be a challenge this time. After covering the transmitter with a bit of rock dust from his carving, he waited, allowing the guard above to pass, before moving catlike down the hill, slipping through the bushes as quietly as he could manage. He'd found that a fortunate side effect of owning a tattered and old trench coat was owning a convenient night camouflage suit.

    He did hate water, though. He dropped into the pond, moving quickly to get it over with as soon as possible, and fully emerged into the room, inclining his head a little reluctantly to those seated. "No signs of disturbance at the entrance; I left a little calling card on the wall, so I should have transmissions to work with."
  7. Areiz nodded. "Nice. Good choice." she said smiling. She stood up and left towards the back rooms, relaxed now that the whole team was back. When she came back in, she was wearing a pair of black jeans, a navy blue t-shirt, and a black sports jacket, and a dark grey. Her mask was clipped to her belt. "We should be receiving the new recruits tomorrow, they're supposed to come early in the morning.." she glanced at one of the members, who held up a 12 on his hand. "In about 6 hours."
  8. Leraje nodded, his eyes moving skyward, or at least towards the ceiling, and a slight scowl developing on his face. "Newbies, huh?" He didn't exactly like dealing with the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed new recruits. Well, I'll have to make the best of it. The war against the rising tide of enthusiastic children would begin soon. He smiled slightly, looking up at Areiz. "I'd better get cracking in that case. They're sure to mess up my equipment if they can."
  9. Areiz chuckled. "I don't know. They seemed a little..more controlled." As she said this, two kids came through the opposite entrance. The girl's eyes widened as she saw Leraje, the boy was almost like a wall behind her, as if protecting her. "And here they are, Falco and Shadow." The girl stepped forwards.
    "I'm shadow, I am good with technology and spying." The boy reluctantly stepped into the light.
    "Falco. Combat."
    Areiz glanced at Leraje, smiling. "Told you."
  10. Leraje leaned forwards, intrigued despite himself. Combat was Areiz's field, but the other kid might be promising, despite her seeming apprehension. "Well, Shadow. Entrance exam. Give me an approximate range on this transmitter." He selected one at random out of his pouch, examining it for a second-- five hundred fifty meters-- before throwing it to her. He'd built them all, and if this kid was familiar with the components, the estimate might even be accurate.
  11. Shadow rolled the transmitter around in her hands for a few minutes and smiled. "Five hundred and thirty meters to five hundred and sixty meters, all depending on the weather." she said, smiling. Areiz nodded at her before motioning Falco into the training room.
  12. Leraje's mouth curved upwards. "Excellent." He straightened, his legs complaining, and moved towards a locked room, inputting a six-digit number code. 971441. "This is my little cave," he explained, tossing the explanation over his shoulder as he held the door open, revealing a narrow and long room, not unlike a pair of library shelves, with wires exposed on the ceiling and walls. Alcoves to every side contained categorized pieces of electrical equipment; several workbenches contained partially-built devices. "I trust you're familiar enough with parts to not overvolt something and kill yourself, but the more military members--" a jerk of his head indicated Areiz and Falco-- "should not be left alone here. There are many dangerous materials." He moved into the room, and added, "Any questions so far?"
  13. Shadow shook her head, admiring anything in sight. "Wait, one." She turned her focus to Leraje. "Do you make these yourself?"
  14. Leraje smiled proudly. "Yes-- I've spent years of my life in this little alcove." He indicated a series of shelves. "Those are all things I've found--" stolen-- "but I've made the rest from recovered or bought parts. I can also make simple transistors and circuits, things like that, but nothing too novel."
  15. Shadow nodded. "Cool." She started looking around again, scanning every single thing to memory, well, at least trying to memorize anything.
    Areiz handed Falco a wooden sword. "Hit me." She said simply. She had nothing but a dagger, but she knew it would do her good. Falco swung towards her left arm, but she dodged right and lined her wooden blade with his neck. "Don't be so straightforward and open with your moves." She said, stepping back again. This process went on with Areiz giving him little tips. Halfway through the session he hit her dagger and she dropped it. "Great job." Falco nodded.
    "Now will you use a sword?"
    Areiz nodded, picking up a wooden sword herself. "3-2-1." They started. Falco was backing Areiz out the door, but she kept his swings blocked and tight so nothing was hit.
  16. Leraje paused, then beckoned her towards the workbenches in the back with a smile. "You'll have plenty of time to check out the specs later. I should have transmissions being copied in right now, so let's try to break the code." He twiddled a pair of knobs on a receiver, eyes drifting as he focused on the frequency. After about ten seconds, a series of pops and squeals began to come out. "Usually they shuffle different pitches, but they keep changing the algorithm." He plugged in a monitor, and rows of transforms appeared. "See anything that looks linear? Last time they did a logistic transform, but the time before that was sinusoidal, so I'm not sure which it would be."
  17. Shadow nodded and followed after him. She watched the transforms, but nothing looked linear to her. "I-I don't see anything linear.." she said, still watching.
    Falco managed to land a hit on Areiz's shoulder when she pulled tight to keep from knocking over a computer. "Nice hit." she said, rolling her shoulder a little. Falco smiled, but pulled back into a defensive position. They started again, and a loud -crack- told everyone that they'd knocked over a chair.
  18. Leraje jumped at the noise, turning around as his mind worked slowly over the code. "What the hell?" He stood, moving forwards with a scowl on his face. "You're going to break all kinds of things!" He pushed his hands forward firmly. "No fighting in the tech room! You can fight in the hallway!"
  19. Areiz stopped, no realizing they'd entered the tech room. Falco took her distraction to his advantage and hit her square in the neck, the wood splintering and cutting into her skin. "Falco!" Shadow said, having turned around just as he did this, and covered her mouth with her hands.
    "I was just using her distraction as an advantage." He mumbled as Areiz dropped her blade and covered the bleeding cut with her hand.
    "That's enough. Put the blades back." She started out of the room, emotionless, and headed towards the small medic room.
    Falco picked up his split sword and the one Areiz dropped, then turned towards the door.
    Shadow turned back to the code, her hand still over her mouth, but her horror disappeared in an instant. "Leraje! I saw something!"
  20. Leraje started as Falco hit her, then ducked down slightly. Ariez didn't take too well to that kind of thing. When she walked out, he winced. Good luck with that. It was the whole reason that he didn't do the fighting thing. The people were often damaged and cranky-- and he was much better at tech, anyway.

    He turned to the code, squinting. "Ah-- is there a trend?" He narrowed his eyes, sorting through the patterns. "I think I see it now. Let's run a filter..." His fingers flashed over the keyboard as he considered the options. "Is that sinusoidal and logarithmic, stacked on top of each other? And it looks like there's something else there, too, but the variation is pretty small..."
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