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    Shandra Wisteria - Played By: MischieviousCheshireX3 (open)

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    height: 5' 8'

    weight: 158 lbs

    build: muscular

    Tools: Waterskin and a satchel of dried and salted meats

    Weapons: A large double sided ax

    Personality: Thick-headed and built like a horse Shandra is well known for being one of the strongest girls in the village. However shes not one to be soft spoken. Often shes quite the loud mouth with flighty thoughts fueling what comes out, and as for how she feels. One look could make all the difference considering she wears her emotions on her sleeve. If her brows are knitted together and her mouth puckered in a bitter expression then you better steer clear because shes out for blood and looking for a good brawl.

    Skill Kit: Attributes - Brawler/Berserker

    Occupation: Redeemer

    Taliyah Sorn - Played By: BlyTheChi (open)

    Age: 28
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Tools: Cotton twine, matchsticks, sharpening stone, strengthened rope.

    - Dual wielded small swords.
    - As well as a small dagger hidden in her bootcuff.

    Tali very often interjects people with her large knowledge of facts. She's rather informative, especially about survival tactics and a very good strategist in battle. Her know-it-all attitude tends to become annoying and because of this she's normally shy in social situations unless she can prove someone wrong. She's rather opinionated and tends to be the devils advocate so as to make sure both sides of the situation are analyzed. Other than that, she's kind, adventurous, and often found daydreaming. She's not very emotional, and tends to misread situations because of this.

    Skill Kit: Attributes - Duelist/ Tracker
    Occupation: Redeemer

    Karick Reider- Played By: Spectre (open)

    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A little rough around the edges. He has unkempt brown hair that he tries to keep from his face. Thick brown eyebrows and brown eyes. His nose is straight, and he has small lips. He prefers to keep clean shaven, but usually has a short beard just longer than 5 o'clock shadow. He's about 5' 11", and has an athletic build.

    Generally wears a faded grey green hooded cloak\poncho over a brown short sleeve gambeson and a light natural shirt. He wears leather bracers and gloves. He wears dark brown pants and knee length leather riding boots.

    He has thick leather belts that hold his sword and knife, as well as leather pouch for his small belongings. He also carries a leather quiver on his rear right hip stocked with arrows.

    Tools: Small oil lantern. Flint and steel. Whetstone. Knife. Rope.
    Weapons: Recurve bow. Sword.
    Personality: He is a bit of a loner, but doesn't discount friendships. Prefers to be in the wilderness, and knows a lot about survival and basic herbology. He's generally a flexible and open minded person. However if he cannot be swayed, he can be terribly stubborn. Very intuitive, and never afraid of doing any hard work. Tends to be irritable more than friendly. But the friends he does make, he stays quite loyal to.

    Skill sets: Marksman, tracker (Hunter)

    Occupation: Redeemer

    Isaiah Johansen - Played By: kaome (open)

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Build: Toned (but he's fast. ;u;)

    Tools: Small Herbalists' Book, Empty jugs (for water), Lantern, Oil

    Weapons: Bow/Dagger
    [​IMG] (bow)
    [​IMG] (dagger)

    Personality: Isaiah is an entirely self-serving, self-absorbed, and selfish; he does whatever he likes as long as it pleases him in some way. He loves taking risks and the fun that goes with it, as well as new and exciting challenges. Isaiah loves the thrill of battle and war, watching his opponents cower before him is truly exciting to him. Isaiah is merciless and will not hesitate to get rid of anyone in his way or do not meet his standards. He will spare those who he thinks will ripen in the future. Though, those that ripen will soon rot, and he will throw them away immediately to find other to play with.
    Isaiah has a nasty habit of lying, manipulation, and deceit, and it's mostly on the whim for no reason. He is sadistic to his victims - seeing their twisting faces pleases him.
    Due to his lying tendencies, he is able to mask his chaotic nature and blood lust in public.

    Skill Kit: Attributes - Marksman/Spy, Hunter, Cooking(somewhat)

    Occupation: Redeemer

    Alacarth The Savior (open)

    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 6'6/260lbs/Built[​IMG]
    Tools: Sharpening Stone. Water Jug.

    Weapons: Two-Handed Great-sword
    Personality: Talk about boring. Alacarth was born as 14 pounds as a baby. Every resident of Helmsworth thinks of Alacarth "The Savior" as the destined prodigy to slay the beast. He proved to be more than just a big too. No one could match the mighty strength and brute force Alacarth could produce. However what he has in brawn he lacks in... everything else. The town gave him so much glory that his ego is almost bigger than his sword. He finds humor in the simplest things but that's only because everything else goes right over his head. His intellect may be at bare minimum but he does listen to command. Prideful but somehow not so stubborn. He expects orders and nothing less.
    Skill Kit: Barbarian

    Occupation: Redeemer

    Jasper O'Conner (open)

    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Tools: Lantern Oil. Bread. Water flask. Handkerchief. Six feet curled wool string and needle.
    Weapons: Jasper Wields his reliable wooden iron cased shield on his left arm and a lantern with his right hand. Jasper also has a 4 foot long viking styled axe strapped on his back.


    Personality: Jasper is a charismatic leader. Through the training he always focused more on problem solving rather than just fight or flight. Jasper has a great eye for seeing the situation and what objectives to focus. He is generally well to get along with and a good friend to discuss problems with. Jasper is more than just a clever leader. He is also a modest man who displays no signs of arrogance. He believes in the code of honor but will use any advantage he can get to succeed for his people. Jasper has an obligated feeling and care for his team, putting them before himself.
    Skill Kit: Strategist/Defensive Warrior/
    Occupation: Redeemer

    Cyrus Gorden (open)

    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 6'0/177lbs/Slim
    Tools: Climbing Spikes(2)/Chalk/Rope/Hook/
    Weapons: Cyrus has a bizarre weapon. Created himself, Cyrus wield two iron cased sleeves. Originally the sleeves coated his entire arm and fists but were much to heavy to wield. As a solution, Cyrus opened multiple stretching gaps throughout the iron to remove excessive weight but still provide excellent purpose. Cyrus specifically trains hand to hand combat with his iron sleeves. The weapons are a great design but they did cost a toll. Cyrus has broken practically every bone in his arm and hand and must permanently wear the iron casings as a support mechanism instead of just a weapon.
    Personality: Cyrus was a boy of wonder. He and his twin, Nathan. When Nathan was the next unfortunate victim the beast, Cyrus lost all happiness. He became enclosed. Ever since he displayed no emotion. Calm and collected, Cyrus kept to himself. No one could get through to him. He wore a massive emotional barrier. Cyrus is absolute all work and no play. The day his brother was taken.. so was a vast part of him.
    Skill Kit: Survivor/Fighter/Brawler/
    Occupation: Redeemer

    Orin Van Hauser (open)

    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 6'2/195lbs/toned
    Tools: Tarot Cards/Flask of Ale/
    Weapons: Primarily carries a crossbow but also has a sheathed shortsword on his left hip.
    Personality: Orin displays charm and great kindness but don't be fooled. Orin would trade your life for the smallest favor. Too small of a baby to be a redeemer, Orin was raised as a pity child. His parents both marked by the beast, leaving Orin as a stray. The town helped him but no one truly took Orin under their wing. In result, Orin became an untrustworthy individual and a town pest. So much of a trouble that they locked him and begged the beast to take him as an offering. Orin is now part of the redeemers once again but only as an exile sentence. Orin sees human nature and life in a very narrow path. That the world is filled with greed. Orin developed such a numbness to emotions that he treats everything in his life, as well as others, as a joke. He does not fear death and only takes pleasure in the simple things that he enjoys.
    Skill Kit: Con Artist/Negotiator/Duelist
    Occupation: Prisoner/Outcast

    Entrance (open)

    From descending the spiral staircase you know note one apparent thing. The structural components in this gave are ancient. It seems impractical that a beast can build all of this. Not even one foot into the lair and you already discover more than you ever thought. The floor of the cave is paved in ruined stone. You note two large boulders in the gave, wearing blankets of vines and cobweb. The ceiling and walls are natural cavern rock and dirt. The cave shows nothing but empty darkness and three points of interests. Point A, too dark to see what could be beyond. Point B, also too dark. Point C, the ruined stone seems to fade as you get closer to this point. Rather the ground shows signs of life. There is a dark green grass growing and seems to become more thicker the closer you get to Point C.

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  2. Sweet, now things are starting to be on their way
  3. Well it seems we might of come to a dead end for applicants. All is well. You guys can definitely make this work it just comes down to how much you want to. Commit and be into the story and I promise I will return the favor. If I can get a confirmation from each of you that you are ready to begin the RP then I will go ahead and post the IC thread. Let me know if you have any questions!

  4. Actually, can I volunteer to make another character?
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  11. Kaome hasn't submitted his other character and the others haven't even responded yet. I'm afraid the lack of interest in this plot is going to halt this RP from even starting. I will give them a couple more days and if they still haven't responded then I will dismiss the RP and recreate it in the future.
  12. Sorry all, i know that the initial posting call was for a high frequency, though i may not be able to provide this. I was out of town half the week last week, and will be spotty at best for a few more days.
  13. I haven't watched the OOC yet, sorry! Here's my other character, I decided to try playing a childish character.


    Name: Noah Irving

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5' 8"

    Weight: 146.6 lbs

    Build: Lean

    Tools: Herbs, Medicine, Chemicals

    Weapons: Mace, Shield

    Personality: Noah is not an outspoken boy. He is mostly an introvert and tries to help when he needs to. Otherwise, he stays out of people's business. He is completely reliant on Isaiah as he is the one who was there for him. (He also taught Isaiah some herbalist stuff)
    Noah, despite his delicate looks, is quite brave and courageous. He knew he was weak and could only aid the group so much with his little power, yet he agreed to go with them without any hesitation. He also got a bit of sass from Isaiah, making sarcastic and rude remarks here and there.

    Skill Kit: Attributes - Cleric of some sort

    - Noah is a great plant expert and knows what will remedy pain or illness.
    - He also knows a bit of cooking.
    - His eyes are an unusual shade of purple, so he keeps his head down to avoid eye contact. If that doesn't work, he'll find a way.

    Occupation: Redeemer
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  15. Yes this RP is dead. Not enough interest. I'll notify when I post the remake
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