Rebel (Explore, Mystery, Slay the Beast)

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  1. REBEL ---> (OOC Forum)

    The Swamps, the Lies, the Dead
    Here is where the beast bed

    The Hunger, the Sin, the Killing
    None to oppose, and none willing

    Below through the hellish lair
    You will find the beast so beware

    His claws be swords his hide thicker than iron
    Can call to you more appealing than any siren

    His art of deception; his hunger for blood
    He will take your heart and leave your body in mud

    For if you go to bid a hello
    Expect no mercy from the beast below

    The town of Helmsworth was once the vision of the secret village of paradise. The lands were lush and fertile. The soil so rich that every crop grown was revered as a prize possession. The town is enclosed by a half bowl of beautiful, snowy mountains. The mountains so vast and great that no man could climb. It provided perfect protection.
    The rest of the land was green until it drifted into the endless blue waters. But like all good things in life.. It never lasts. The soil turned from rich dirt to crumbling rock and mud. The lush lands now barren. The water merged with the lands turning the entire area into swamp lands.

    Then it came.
    That Beast..

    The town of Helmsworth now haunted by the cursed beast of the swamps. It comes once a month on the blackest of nights, leaving death and chaos among its footsteps. It soon became a dark tradition that the hopeless town must embrace. Years and years passed and the lives sacrificed became countless.
    But the town had a plan.. Since the beast came no soul could venture into the lair of the beast to slay it. Many brave lives set out for this glorious task but never returned. So the committee deemed that the newborn were to be raised to slay this beast. They called this future band of saviors the, "Redeemers". Specially trained warriors to defeat the beast and restore peace to the town of Helmsworth.
    So nearly thirty years pass and the children of the future our now ready. The hope of the people is ignited once again. But will it be as simple as beheading the creature of nightmares in its own home? Perhaps the game is bigger than they could have ever prepared for..

    *150 word post minimum*
    *Medieval Times/No Magic*
    *No God Mode*
    *Commit. If you must leave please find a replacement for your character*
    *3 Day Posting Limit Without Notification. Can Be 5 If Notified*

    Character Skele
    Age: 18-32

    Appearance: Words or Picture. Include height/weight/build

    Tools: Ex: Torch, rope, material..etc
    Weapons: Medieval weapons - Ex: Bow, Dagger, Sword, Shield . . .etc
    Skill Kit: Attributes - Duelist? Marksman? Climber? Tracker? Brawler? etc...

    Occupation: Redeemer

    Also accepting 1 CO-GM.
    This is a fast paced, thriller story that comes with an overload of mystery and riddles. There will be a group of no more than ten of you "redeemers" that will explore the lair of the beast. I will not reveal much but I will say there is a lot of great twists and mysteries to solve within the lair. So if you like solving mysteries and conclude with a great boss fight sign up!
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  2. its interesting, kinda reminds me of the story of beowulf slaying gryndel
  3. Yes I put quite a lot of thought into it. I just wanted to play it out with others to see the responses.
  4. well im interested at least
  5. Perhaps you can be of help! I am brand new to this website. I use to roleplay a lot on roleplaygateway but that was back when the site was consistent. Am I posting this open RP in the right thread area? Or is it just that this type of plot does not attract this site's flock?
  6. are you want for people to just jump in and start rping?
  7. interested! I love medieval roleplays and this sounds like fun!
  8. Well it is a limited amount of spots so no. I would like to approve the writers that wish to join the rp and create a functional system that will correspond with the progression of the rp.
  9. well your in the right section for interest checking, and for accepting or denying character sheets
  10. Well if you would to join the plot then feel free to submit a character! xD
  11. Name: Shandra Wisteria

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    height: 5' 8'

    weight: 158 lbs

    build: muscular

    Tools: Waterskin and a satchel of dried and salted meats

    Weapons: A large double sided ax

    Personality: Thick-headed and built like a horse Shandra is well known for being one of the strongest girls in the village. However shes not one to be soft spoken. Often shes quite the loud mouth with flighty thoughts fueling what comes out, and as for how she feels. One look could make all the difference considering she wears her emotions on her sleeve. If her brows are knitted together and her mouth puckered in a bitter expression then you better steer clear because shes out for blood and looking for a good brawl.

    Skill Kit: Attributes - Brawler/Berserker

    Occupation: Redeemer
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  12. im a bit out of practice, but if you want me to add more to it then i will
  13. Anything specific you're looking for in a CS? Or just a generic one will do?
  14. its in the first post
  15. the character sheet is in my original post under "Character Skele".
  16. MischieviousCheshireX. Approved and welcome! When requirements are met I will open the initial post and the roleplay will begin.
  17. Feels super blond right now

    Name: Taliyah Sorn
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Tools: Cotton twine, matchsticks, sharpening stone, strengthened rope.

    Weapons: [​IMG]
    - Dual wielded small swords.
    - As well as a small dagger hidden in her bootcuff.


    Tali very often interjects people with her large knowledge of facts. She's rather informative, especially about survival tactics and a very good strategist in battle. Her know-it-all attitude tends to become annoying and because of this she's normally shy in social situations unless she can prove someone wrong. She's rather opinionated and tends to be the devils advocate so as to make sure both sides of the situation are analyzed. Other than that, she's kind, adventurous, and often found daydreaming. She's not very emotional, and tends to misread situations because of this.

    Skill Kit: Attributes - Duelist/ Tracker
    Occupation: Redeemer
  18. how many are you looking for in a starting group
  19. BlyTheChi. Approved and Welcome.

    I would like a minimum of six. A CO-GM isn't necessary.
  20. I've had my eye oh this for a while...

    Name: Isaiah Johansen

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Build: Toned (but he's fast. ;u;)

    Tools: (not sure what to put here) Small Herbalists' Book, Empty jugs (for water), Lantern, Oil

    Weapons: Bow/Dagger
    [​IMG] (bow)
    [​IMG] (dagger)

    Personality: Isaiah is an entirely self-serving, self-absorbed, and selfish; he does whatever he likes as long as it pleases him in some way. He loves taking risks and the fun that goes with it, as well as new and exciting challenges. Isaiah loves the thrill of battle and war, watching his opponents cower before him is truely exciting to him. Isaiah is merciless and will not hesitate to get rid of anyone in his way or do not meet his standards. He will spare those who he thinks will ripen in the future. Though, those that ripen will soon rot, and he will throw them away immediately to find other to play with.
    Isaiah has a nasty habit of lying, manipulation, and deciete, and it's mostly on the whim for no reason. He is sadistic to his victims - seeing their twisting faces pleases him.
    Due to his lying tendencies, he is able to mask his chaotic nature and bloodlust in public.

    Skill Kit: Attributes - Marksman/Spy, Hunter, Cooking(somewhat)

    Occupation: Redeemer
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