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    It was the first day of school. "That's one small step for man and a giant leap for America." The head of the Cloning Organization (who also happened to be the headmaster), Mr. K, murmured, a small smile on his lips. Except it wasn't much of a smile, it was more like a snooty smirk. The kind that you would display after tripping someone up and laughing at their distress. And in a way, Mr. K was laughing at someone else's distress. But it was a future distress. The distress of any country other than America, the land of the brave, the land of the free, and the land of the superiors.

    Picking a walkie talkie up from his desk, he clicked it on, "This is K. Open the gates. Over."

    - -

    Out in the front of the school, a large iron gate was the only thing keeping the crowd of students outside, from entering. Mr. K had ordered his team of scientists, who also served as the Academy staff, to make sure to keep an eye on all of the children and to make sure none of them disappeared or slipped into the school ahead of time.

    "...Open the gates. Over."

    Upon hearing the order, the scientists got into gear and began keying in the numerous codes that served as the gate locks. One click. Another click. Five more clicks were heard before the gates slowly slid open and the crowd of Imitantes' Academy students, entered.

    Despite the opening of the gates, the Academy double doors remained shut. Mr. K wanted everyone to mill around for awhile, so he and the scientists could observe their clones interacting with regular humans.
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  2. ...explosion! Then in the panic and confusion, perhaps I can take out my newest gadget.

    The whole time they were waiting, Rollo Leone was thinking up of a cool scheme where he can demonstrate his newest creation. But even without him saying anything, his best friend friend
    Abe said, "I can tell what you're thinking right now. That look."

    "What look." Rollo said indignantly.

    "That I-Want-To-Make-Something-Explode look. Come on, what's the point of saving their asses if you're the one who nearly kills them too?"

    Really. there's a fine line between wanting to be a hero and wanting to be a villain. Rollo knows he is destined for greatness-no- he is greatness! He is Galieo! He'd choose either side and still be great. These mundane originals have nothing on them, these normals are supposed to bow to them.

    Come off it." Rollo said simply. "These mundanes aren't even worth my invention."

    Abe chuckled. "Safety first. Wouldn't want to cause a havoc that would mess Princess Charles' hair."

    Rollo and Abe looked at each other then at Charlie. They discreetly laughed a bit at the thought. The moment of entertaining imaginations was pretty short for Rollo.

    This is so freaking boring!" He hissed, tugging his best friend Charlie's sleeve. "I want to start looking around already. Find a floor plan and figure out what I can do to this damn school. Hey. Hey Charlie. Let's just not go to class and hang at the library. It'll be fun, right, Abe?"

    "Hella fun compared to standing by here, I s'pose." Abe said with a shrug.
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  3. Charles Lewis was trying so hard not to fidget surrounded by millions of useless mundane, pathetic monkeys as he waited for the gates to open. He betrayed his agitation with his eyes shifting from one place to the next. He had the urge to just say fuck it! and leave the grounds and hole up in the dormitories. This was clearly some sort of new experiment to the bastard monkey's in white coats. Well, wasn't that absolutely beautiful. Note: Sarcasm.

    And then finally, the doors opened and everyone quickly shuffled inside. He stifled a growl as a few students pushed him trying to enter the school gates. Monkeys. he sneered in his head.

    He turned to his current companions with a default frown and a glare--squint really, his glasses were missing again. He had heard them laugh. That was usually a bad sign. "Rollo, wha--" he started and paused, listening to his abnormal red head friend complain. He gave a long glance at the surrounding areas as he thought it through.

    His suggestion actually sounded like heaven, but Charles knew he couldn't allow Rollo to do so. They were already walking on egg shells with the scientists after last weeks incident where they (read: Rollo and Abe minus him) blew up the lab with a Pudding Bomb.

    He needed to be firm right now. They didn't need the monkey scientists to black list them. He'd rather survive school alive. With a sigh, he relaxed his posture.

    "We need to..." he paused with a grimace, "...stay here and allow ourselves to be educated, Leo. Lord knows the monkey's will check our---your, his--...MY notes." Looking at the crowd surrounding them, he shivered and instantly changed his mind. "Screw it, let's go."

    He walked towards a general direction and stopped. He turned to Leo and Abe. "Where's the library again?"
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  4. Klaus Frederick Conrad stood in the middle of a growing crowd. Mundanes stood al around him, some giving Klaus strange looks, some murmuring things that just had to be about him. It was quite annoying. Sighing, he began pushing his way through the crowd. They had just opened the gates. But the kicker was that they didn't open the doors! They expect me to speak to these.. these.. weaklings? he thought. Weaklings seemed to be the only word Klaus could find for these people. They were weaker than him, he was the superior one.

    Klaus sighed once again, running a hand through his white hair. He wanted to get out of here, but the stupid weaklings still surrounded him. Klaus had enough experience with mundanes to know that if you askes them to do something, they wouldn't do it. If you wanted them to do something, you would have to make them. Blackmail worked best. The weaklings would freak out then hurry off to do what you ask.

    But Klaus really wanted to move somewhere else. He was beginning to get annoyed. "Move. Now." he demanded a girl with beach blonde hair. She gave him a look before silently moving to where he stood. He could almost hear her calling him a dickhead or worse. Klaus didn't care. He kept on moving his way through the crowd until he was behind a boy with red hair, and a very tall boy with brown hair. They seemed to be talking about ditching class.

    "That might be a bad idea. Though, bad idea's are my speciality." He said to the two, a grin forming on his face. "Wouldn't they," he nodded to the scientists who opened the gate, "find out about it?"

    Alexander Raus Wright stood near the front of the crowd. He was surrounded with humans. He wasn't quite grasping the fact that he would have to go to school with humans for the first time in his life. Alexander had always lived where the rats in white coats made him. And to show his respect, he destroyed or tried to destroy many of their precious gadgets. Of course he had gotten into trouble, but ir didn't last long. All that happened was that he got his iPhone taken away. Alexander could live without.

    Like a herd of sheep being moved into a pen, they all moved inside of the gates. He brushed his light brown hair our of his blue eyes. Some girls around him kept looking at him before looking away and start giggling. He smiled at them. They giggled even more.

    When the group got inside of the gates the rats in whitecoats didn't let them inside of the school. They wanted them to socialize. With humans? But what if Alexander didn't want to? The scientists wouldn't care. As long as they spoke to eachother.
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  5. Adelaide was pleasantly impressed. The school looked lovely, the student seemed lovely--Well most of them did. Adelaide narrowed her eyes when she saw them. The unruly and irritating trio. Rollo, Abe and Charles. She just knew that they were planning to screw something up. Like when they destroyed one of the labs with a pudding bomb.

    The scowl on the girl's face became even darker when a regular human approached them. Oh what? So now they're roping the regulars into this? She thought in her mind. Never mind the fact that the guy had approached them of his own accord. She just new that that--ONE OF THOSE IDIOTS HAD USED BRAIN POWERS OR SOMETHING!

    Stomping forward, Adelaide quickly reached them after gently nudging a few people out of her way. Finally she came to stand in front of the group. "What do you guys think you're going!" She demanded, crossing her arms and fixing them with a suspicious glare.

    - -

    Q stared impassively at the things wandering about before him. So the school staff wanted them to socialize, hm? Q rolled his eyes, and ran a hand through his hair. He didn't really want to but just standing around looking like a brain dead idiot was going to help anyone. He needed to find someone to have a quick chat about the weather with so he could move on with his life.

    Putting on a wide smile, he sauntered over to a boy with brown hair. A lot of girls seemed to be stealing glances at him and giggling.
    Disgusting things and their inane mating rituals. He thought, before wrapping his arm around the shoulders of the boy.
    "Looks like you're popular!" He said, stating the obvious. "I'm Monkh Qutugh Nergui, but you can and should just call me Q."
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  6. Charles hid his shock badly, he knew that. He wasn't sure what they had done to have attracted the attention of a strange looking monkey. White hair and piercings! Dear Lord, what did this kid do to himself?! Clenching his fists to prevent himself to mother someone he didn't even know, he huffed, as is his usual default settings when he isn't able to Mother someone. He still disapproved of that term. Mothering.

    He glared his eyes when the other seemed aware of the monkey's in lab coats looking at them. He was about to respond to the other when a female fellow above-monkey level (he's still thinking of a proper term for them, the superior being) came closer and proceeded to demand what they have done.

    He HATED being grouped with his two wards. He wasn't a troublemaker, even the monkey's knew that. He was always in trouble for another thing altogether. But that wasn't up for discussion. The way this girl approaches them, it's almost as if she had taken a liking to one of them.

    Charlie froze and shivered. Urgh. That's a rather disturbing thought.

    "Good day, Miss Meyer..." he drawled in his most uptight English accent, knowing full it made him sound so much more snooty, "If you must know, we're looking for the library."

    He turned to Leo who was...well, in the most Leo expression to date. This was face number#17. Hmmm. "Do you think we can find the library in the next 15 minutes?" he asked the red head, he glared at the girl. "I do believe Miss Meyer will be stalking us again."

    Charles sighed. If only Meyer was a monkey, he'd be much rude and watch them run away crying and calling him horrible unlady-like names. But she wasn't. She was just him and Leo and Abe. She was superior.

    They were Superior.
  7. "Well," Abe began with a smile for the white haired lad. "Trouble's not really my thing. Experience is, though."

    "Yeah, you wish." Rollo said, raising an eyebrow at Abe. "Anyway, I like how you think. If you can keep up with my train of thought then you're most welcome to come with. Just don't piss Charlie off. I like Charlie in his calm state." He said to the guy who approached.

    "Yeah, they would find out." Abe said, also looking at the researchers. "Them White Coats have eyes on their behind. But I know that they'd most likely place the library there, Charlie." Abe poited somewhere to the building. "It's a place that gets a lot of natural light. Perfect for books."

    To Adelaide, Rollo simply blinked. She seemed to be just everywhere. Was her original this pesky? "I think you mean 'where are you going' or 'what are you doing'." He said, matter-of-factly.

    Abe snorted but pulled himself together and stepped in front of Rollo. "Sorry, Adelaide. You know this one has no sense of directions." Abe patted Rollo's poofy and unnaturally red hair. He put his other hand on Charlie's shoulder. "Charlie knows where the men's room is. I thought I'd come with. And him." He casually patted White Hair once. He leaned to Adelaide to whisper. "Between you and me, I'm uh. Having some bowel problems. And if Rollo's in one place for too long...well, I'm sure you know him. You're always pretty quick."

    "You can totally make it in ten. You'd be there by now if it weren't for that meddling girl." Rollo muttered to Charlie.
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  8. A girl came over. She demanded what the two in front of him were doing. Klaus stared at her, she seemed.. shocked that he was here. So did the taller boy. Did.. they think that Klaus was a weakling? He snorted. If anything, they were the weaklings. Another boy came up, Klaus hadn't seen him before.

    He looked towards the red- headed boy. "I'm quite sure I can keep up with you. Don't worry. I'm sure I won't piss anybody off." he said. Klaus looked up at the boy who patted Klaus's white head of hair. He was almost tempted to hit the boy but didn't. That would be a bad thing to do. After all, he didn't need to be rude all the time, did he? Looking back to the red head, he began speaking once again, "My name is Klaus Conrad by the way. Thank you for letting me tag along."

    Alexander stiffened as he felt someone throw an arm around him. He glanced over to see it was an asian boy. Even though he was uncomfortable with the other's arm around his shoulder, he didn't say anything about it. Instead, he smiled. "Yeah. I seem to be popular," he paused. "Nice to meet you, Q. My name is Alexander." Were human's this friendly? He didn't like it. He really didn't like it.

    Alexander took Q's arm and moved it off of his shoulder. Almost immediately, his eyes found a white haired boy around Abe, Charlie, Rollo and Adelaide. Even seeing him made Alexander agitated. There was something about the white-haired boy that angered him. Shrugging the feeling off, he turned to Q. "If you would like, you can tag along with me. I can assure you that no one will bother you. I have.. influence over some students here." Being the natural born leader an all. People seemed to listen to his ideas.

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  9. Charles rolled his eyes in response and didn't bother replying to people around him. He nodded at the monkey calling himself Klaus. "I'm Charles Lewis" he introduced himself. With a wave towards the red head "This is Rollo Conway" he stated and turned to their resident blonde. "And that's Abramm Hunter."

    He grabbed Abe's collar and called out as he pushed Leo towards the direction of the library (which Abe pointed out). "We do apologize, Ms. Meyer--" he drawled just to annoy her, never liked how she allowed the monkey's in coats to do as they pleased with her. "--but girls aren't allowed in the men's room." he paused with a smirk her way. "Unless of course, you're that kind of girl."

    Turning to Klaus he nodded him towards a direction. "Move Leo" he ordered, seeing the red head mumbling to himself. "In ten to fifteen minutes, she'll starts looking in every men's room" he whispered to the others, "We need to hurry." Charles was used to girl's strange habit of checking in on them every now and then. He was so used to them that it's become second nature to learn her odd little habits and timing her.

    Charles sighed. He's gotten used to cleaning up after people.
  10. Adelaide glowered at Rollo and his stupid but perfect red hair. "You know what I mean Rollo Leone Conway!" She hissed, resisting the urge to stomp her foot in frustration. "Men's room my ass!" She said smirking, and then jabbed her finger in Charles' direction, "You just said you were looking for the library and no one is allowed in school right now!" Why could those three just follow the rules! They were always getting in trouble! If Rollo kept this up, he would destroy any chance that they had of getting together. She was doing her best to try and reform him now but if it went too far, she just couldn't date a delinquent. Trying for a pleading look. "Just wait, okay? They'll open the doors in a few minutes and then you can explore the school!"

    - -

    Q held in the urge to laugh. How pretentious. He thought, as he nodded and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Sure thing! And nice to meet you, Alexander." After a few minutes of silence, Q cocked his head to the side. "So you know some of these...People?" He inquired.
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  11. When they opened the gates, it onlt took Olivia a matter of moments to find her best friend. Adelaide. When Olivia finally found her, she was yelling at three boys. No wait- four boys? There was a boy with white hair there as well. The other three were the boys she knew all too well. Rollo, Abe, and Charlie. The three trouble makers. My type of guys. she thought as she approached Adelaide. "What'd they do this time?" She paused, looking at the white headed boy. "And who, is he?" she finished ppointing a finger at the stranger.

    Olivia Baskette had black hair and piercing green eyes that always seemed to hold determination in them. She wore a pair of jeans and a black shirt. Along with a pair of cowboy boots. This was what she normally wore.

    Olivia grinned at her best friend. "Why don't we all go to the library then? I mean. The school's not letting people in and I haven't done something stupid in a while. It seems fun." She crossed her arms, and stared at the four boys. Olivia couldn't quite understand why Charlie allowed a peasant to be here. A peasant! Out of all people, Charlie let him stay? Olivia sighed. "You in?" she asked Rollo, Abe, and Charlie. Not really asking the peasant.

    Klaus pursed his lips. So he was going to a bathroom now. With these three, not to mention whom seem to think he is a weakling. Another girl showed up, and she didn't seem to like Klaus here either. What the hell? Klaus isn't a weakling! His Original is King George the third! One of the most powerful Kings of England! It infuriated Klaus knowing these people thought he was a weakling.

    But Klaus didn't need to start anything just yet. So he stayed quiet that is, until the new girl proposed an idea. "I'm for it." He said, running another hand through his white hair. His light blue, almost white eyes were focused on the new girl.

    Alexander stared at Q. Something seened off about this human. But he did not dare say anything. "Yes, I know some of them. Not all." Most of that was a lie, and he immediately regretted saying it. Alexander rarely never lied. And when he did, he felt terrible afterwards. "But it wouldn't be long until I have people following me everywhere." he sighed. He never liked being a leader. It wasn't him.
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  12. Abe smiled at Olivia. Smooth and just in time. But he knew Charles and Rollo wouldn't want to be accompanied by this group. This one guy is okay, he seems pretty chill. But plus these two meddling girls? Definitely nope. He looked at the two. Charlie was in his poised and pissed state. Rollo was utterly confused.

    Why would they have to come to the library?

    "Oh come on, ladies. I asked them to come with me to the men's room near the library." Abe said quick to think. "I made it seem like we're going the library because I thought it's a given that there's a men's room nearby. It's kind of an building design thing-"

    "But we were going to hang out at the-"
    Rollo began but yelped aloud all of a sudden as Abe pinched him discreetly. He gave Charles a rather scolding look.

    "No one is going to the library." a nearby girl spoke. It took some willpower for Rollo to not roll his eyes.

    Namiko Yoshida stood with her arms folded, not so far from Charles. Abe smiled again, knowing that they were pretty much cornered at this point. Adelaide, Olivia and now this one? What next, Selene? Wait, Selene isn't really annoying.

    "The instruction was to spend the given time socializing. Everyone must stay here and do just that." Namiko's expression-or lack of it- annoyed Rollo.

    "Well said because you're so good at socializing." He deadpanned.

    "Don't challenge me, Conway. You know what happens when you do." she told him calmly.

    Abe spoke up again, cutting the tension. "Alright, Namiko, Adelaide, Olivia. We'll wait. In the meantime, we can socialize."
  13. Olivia crossed her arms. She wasn't going to lose this battle. "Well, your not goingto stop m-" she was interrupted by Namiko. The do-gooder. That's what Oliva liked to call her. Adelaide and Namiko seemed to be real good friends, bt Olivia didn't like Namiko. Everything Olivia did was criticized. She just HAD to follow the rules that the scientists gave her, but what if she didn't want to? Olivia had her own free will, which meant no one can control her.

    Olivia turned to Namiko and gave a small shrug, "I'm sorry but," she paused, "I'm going." she finished quite stubbornly. Olivia wasn't going to give her idea up. She found that it would be fun. Plus she wanted to annoy Namiko.

    Glancing back at Adelaide, she gave an apologetic look. She knew her friend disliked of her not following the rules. But what harm would come from going to the Library? Olivia wasn't scared to go. No one could stop her. She turned on her heel and began walking, leaving the others behind.

    "What interesting friends you have there." Klaus muttered. He too didn't want to socialize with the weaklings. This girl wasn't going to make him. Turning to Abe, he narrowed his dark eyebrows, "I'll stay here. You guy's go on ahead. I don't want to associate myself with them. Only earlier, a girl called me a dickhead. People here are so nice!" a sarcasm was hinted in his words.

    These people were losers, Klaus thought. Lower on the food chain. Klaus was supposed to be on top! It was Klaus and Klaus only.
  14. Charles muffled a groan and closed his eyes. He was getting utterly tired of all this ramble and jabberwocky. His eyes widened at his train of thought.

    He shivered in disgust at himself. To have returned to his original's nonsense word, he was must really...well, gone. Gone enough. He shivered yet again and watched them all bicker with a newly appearing Olivia and glanced at the other new comer and sighed. "Hello, Namiko." he greeted soberly. He liked the girl well enough. She had excellent command of the rules and had such a tidy...personality.

    But unfortunately, her appearance cut his escape to the library therefore, unable to get rid of all the words floating in his head. Hearing Abe's words, he was utterly frumoius. But stayed calm, as calm as he could. He really didn't want to be surrounded by monkeys. Though that white haired boy seemed better, but really, a monkey was a monkey.

    And Rollo was okay with him.

    But he was getting claustrophobic. "Can we please come up with a decision?" he drawled. "I really would prefer not to be here." He turned to Namiko with a smile. "We are socializing." Well, socializing to the best of their abilities.

    They weren't really a people person.


    Selene hummed to herself as she walked around. She was cataloging the men--well, boys really. She ignored how they stared at her. She smirked confidently to herself. But of course they were. She was gorgeous. And she was certain she was shining in the golden aura of the gods of the old before. She was after all, Cleopatra.

    She carefully danced away from a mundane who was trying to get her attention. He was simply not to her tastes. Selene saw Adelaide in the corner of her eye in a large group of people. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to recognize the people around her court. She saw the usual, Olivia, her rival queen's right hand. Then there was Abramm, Rollo and Charles, the hunks that her rival had claimed as her consorts. And for some reason, Namiko was around as well. Selene was certain Namiko didn't like to be with people. Maybe she was wrong?

    And she really didn't approve of that girl; Adelaide. How dare she try and over throw her place as queen. Selene huffed to herself. The boys were very attractive but she wouldn't take them now, even if they begged. She wouldn't be taking left overs.

    Well, she would if they would help her secure her place on the --- hello, cute guy. She completely forgot what she was thinking in favour of staring at that delicious sight. Instantly, Selene was on the move. That cute guy was with that rather strange Alexander. Then again, Alexander was a beautiful name. Her original adored Alexander the Great after all. Maybe he was just misunderstood. Selene promised to be closer to this boy, maybe he just needed a friend?

    "Alexander!" she cried. "Alexander!" She giggled as she came to a stop beside him, giving his companion a flirty smile. "Who's your friend?" she asked with a bright smile at him. Not waiting for a response, she thrust out a hand to the boy.

    "Selene Arsinoë Rosetta" she introduced herself with pride. Her name was always so beautiful to hear. "I hope we'd be close friends." She stated with a confident smile, turning that smile to Alexander as well. But her eyes simply wouldn't leave this gorgeous boy. Maybe he was to become her Mark Antony? ...or her Julius Caesar? Either was okay because they both loved her original deeply too.

    Maybe this was what the scientists told her to wait patiently for. She giggled. She looked at them brightly. Well, what were they waiting for?
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  15. Adelaide cast a sparking smile, Namiko's way. At least somebody seemed to be on her side. She thought giving her so called friend Olivia a glare. But her anger didn't last long, she knew Olivia meant well and was probably getting restless just sitting here. But Adelaide really didn't want her friend (and Rollo) getting into anymore trouble with the Scientists.

    "Well then," She said with a smile, as she tucked a few strands of hair back into her ponytail. "we all know each other, but he," She said pointing at the white haired boy. "doesn't. So why don't we introduce ourselves, socialize a bit and then well-ehm mhm" She trailed off as if she was having trouble spitting out the next few words, which she did really. What she was about to say went against her very core principles. But she didn't want to make Rollo sad, and she didn't want him to be angry at her for the rest of the school year or more. "th-then we can maybe go inside and check out the library." She finally said, her voicing coming out as a whisper. She gave Namiko an apologetic glance, hoping she'd understand, but doubting it.

    "I'll go first, I'm Adelaide Meyer, future Student Council President." She said, giving the white haired boy a smile. She waited for him to respond with his name or for someone else to introduce themselves.

    - -

    Q was resisting the urge to walk off and 'socialize' with something else when suddenly a female thing appeared, squawking loudly at Q's new 'friend'. He didn't really know how to respond. He had seen other people do this, in fact quite a few girls had acted this way towards Alexander. Q sighed inwardly, I suppose I should at least attempt to do the same. His face split into a friendly grin and he took the female's hand.
    "Nice to meet you, Selene. I'm Monkh Qutugh Nergui, but I prefer Q." He said, making sure to run a his thumb across the girl's hand as he pulled away.

    - -

    Valerie was hiding. She couldn't bring herself to come out and greet somebody. Sure she wanted to! She really really REALLY wanted to run out there and approach the first group she came across. She wanted to announce her presence and name in a strong, confident yet friendly voice.

    But she just couldn't.

    So she kept cowering, behind a potted plant and tried to ignore the frown that was most likely settling on some of the Scientists faces.

    She was such a disappointment.
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  16. Namiko narrowed her eyes at the suspicious group. She doesn't judge by appearances but this white haired boy has a look in his eyes which perhaps means he isn't really into following rules. She knew how Adelaide gets swayed by her interest in the Troublemaker Trio-duo, really since Charles was simply mothering the other two- and how Olivia was, well, Olivia.

    "We only have one minute left here at most." she conjectured, glancing at the White Coats. Abe nodded. "I suppose so. They wouldn't dare to keep us out here for too long. I'm Abe, you already know." He grinned at the group.

    "But we're done talking!" Rollo huffed. "And really Adelaide, what's the catch. Are you really just letting us go to the library? You're being too good to be true! And besides! Abe just said he needs to go to the men's room!"

    Abe wasn't able to stop himself from slapping a hand to his forehead. Rollo, inventing prodigy and clone of Galileo Galilei cannot take hints. It'll be dumb to lecture him now.

    "If you need the toilet by all means get out of here." Namiko demanded. Abe nearly slapped his forehead a second time. Another naive one.

    "Wait, wait." Abe said rather exasperatedly, holding up both hands. "Future Miss President, do you know how long we're to stand here? Or can we at least ask the White Coats about it?"

    "Ughhh. The time I'm wasting." Rollo groaned. "I could be making my hair dye-gun! Or continue designing my dreamcorder or even make my pudding cup-"

    "If you can make yourself behave, you could be a damn good inventor." Namiko put her hands on her waist and scowled.

    Abe rolled his eyes. Yes, this is socializing. He gave Charles a weary look; it was the Charlie, Please Shut Up This Kid face for when Rollo would get restless.
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  17. Charles saw the look Abe gave him and rolled his eyes maturely. He placed a heavy hand on the red head's well, head, and pushed down slightly. "Behave" he hissed softly, though perfectly aware the others heard him. He didn't bother hiding it, they were used to him and his "mothering" tendencies. He was a firm hand when things get ...over board.

    "I'll give an extra 30 minutes before your bed time if you do." he whispered darkly by the Leo's ear, careful of letting anyone but Abe and Leo hear him. He didn't want them knowing he was a softie. Which he wasn't really. He wasn't!

    He turned to Adelaide and narrowed his eyes. "We didn't have the elections yet, Meyer." He pointed out. "Besides, isn't Alexander going against you? Selene seems to have made friends with him." He said, noticing the flirty girl over a few feet away, calling out to someone.

    Though that wasn't really his problem, knowing Leo and Abe, they were going to ignore who ever is in charge anyway. He sighed and realized something.

    "Where on earth is Olivia going?" he asked. "The library isn't that direction."

    He sighed heavily. Really, if these were the Superior beings, then the monkeys below them are bound to be worse. He gave the white haired boy a cool look. He looked like trouble. One he knew his boys were going to jump in with.

    Queens above, that meant more mess to clean up. He groaned.

    Selene shivered excitedly when Q ran his thumb across her hand. But there was something off with that smile and his eyes didn't smile. Her smile dropped slightly before she pulled it up instantly, more brighter than before.

    That didn't matter. If he had such a slight darkness, that was fine. Who doesn't, really. She paused on that train of thought. Maybe...nope. No one was completely pure. Selene pushed those dark thoughts aside and focus on this beautiful boy in front of him.

    Looking at Alexander, well, this other one's not so bad either. Now that she think about it...anyway! Cute Hot Guy named something Asian-y but goes by Q.

    "Such a cool name!" she commented as she smiled at him. "I'm not quite sure where your name comes from. What language is that?" she asked him.

    "And Alex--..." she paused mid statement, as she narrowed her eyes on the shifting potted plant the corner. She rolled her eyes. Valerie. Again.

    She pouted. Really, that girl needed to be more...confident. She's so gorgeous, and she needed to flaunt it!

    "VALERIE!" she called out, latching on to Q and Alexander's arms with her in the middle, pulling them closer to her. She was sooo not letting these two go. Nuh-uh. If Adelaide gets her consort of hunks, she's taking hers. Yup. Her logic was sound.

    "VALERIE!" she called out again, rolling her eyes. "Get over here!"

    Her yelling may or may have not attracted the attention of the people around her. Well, they can't do anything about it. She was Cleopatra. A QUEEN. soon as she figures out a way to overthrow Adelaide. She gave Alexander a cursory glance. He would do. Her original did support Julius Caesar and assisted him from the background even when everyone else hated her. In return he helped her take back Egypt.

    Maybe she could get an agreement with him like that. With a sultry smirk, she hugged their arms tighter. Yup, she was getting smarter each day. Now she had both her Mark Antony AND Julius Caesar who was with her the entire time! Everything seems to be falling into place.

    Maybe the scientists really DID know what they were doing. Awesome.

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  18. Olivia whirled around when she heard the soft words come from her friends mouth. Her heart jumped with joy. But this was too good to be true. She walked back over to the group and pursed her lips. "I know it's not that way, Charlie. I purposely did that." she said. Of course she didn't know where it was, she just didn't want him to know that. He would mote than likely bug her about it.

    Glancing down at her friend, she grinned. "Is it too good to be true? Do you really want to come? I mean. We go to the library, while Abe takes care of his.. problems. It's a win-win situation!" Upon hearing Abe introduce himself to the white haired boy, she decided that she should as well. "I'm Olivia Baskette. Nice to meet you, white hair."

    Klaus watched as everything unfolded in front of him. "Nice to meet you Adelaide, and nice to meet you Olivia." he moved out from behind the three boys and stood next to Rollo. "Have I introduced myself yet? If not, I am Klaus Frederick Conrad." he gave a smile that wasn't all the way there. He didn't really care about them either. It wwasn't his place to care, he was King. It was his place to control these weaklings.
    The mundanes around them kept staring at Klaus, and more importantly, at his hair. He was tempted to snap at them. Say something rude, but he did his best not to. Not yet.

    Alexander stood up straight, good posture is what he needed. If he was going to win the spot as President, he needed to act like one. It was the only way. All of the sudden Alexander heard his own name being called, he turned to see who it was.. and was immediately let down. It was Selene. Alexander wasn't exactly fond of Selene for the fact she always bugged him, tried to force him to do better than sweet little Adelaide. His Rival. He was surely going to win the election. But sadly, he wasn't going to be elected that easily, as George Washington had been.

    Alexander smiled at Selene anyways, his smile was bright. "It is nice of you to come visit." he said. Before he knew it, Selene had thrown an arm around Alexander and Q both, pulling him closer to her. Selene was acting stanger and stranger, from actually talking to him, to this? Pulling himself away from Selene, he said. "Pardon me, mam. How about I go get Ms. Val?"

    In a matter of moments, he was already over to where Valerie hid. Extending a hand, he smiled down at her. "Ms. Valerie, as it seems, Selene may want to see you. If you don't want to see here, I completely understand. I will not force you to do so." His words were soft, Valerie was obviously nervous. He didn't want to make her any more nervous. "I promise I don't bite, Ms. Valerie."

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