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    "A long time ago, before the start of Stellar History, Earth was in a resource crisis and its citizens were desperate. As such, the leaders of that time sent out many primitive sleeper-ships towards stars that were deemed to have habitable planets, while the economy of Earth crumbled under the pressure. Some of these colonies thrived and established their own domains, while others were destroyed by their harsh environments as they could not support themselves.

    The colonies that managed to survive on their worlds soon found themselves re-discovering the technologies of the old times, and advancing into the space age. Having learned from the mistakes of the past that were ever-present in their history books, these colonies conserved their resources as much as possible, and focused on exploiting the other planets of their solar systems. It was around this time that the Forgotten Empire was established in a solar system that seemed to be an especially advantageous position with its many resources.

    The Forgotten Empire experienced a golden age, and they were the first ones to develop the Fracture Engine and the Fracture Portals. These devices enabled the Forgotten Empire to quickly explore and exploit the surrounding solar systems as they made fast interstellar travel possible. Soon, the Forgotten Empire spanned a whole star cluster as it expanded rapidly through the stars, and within a few years, it had conquered a human colony with its superior army.

    Meanwhile, on Earth, the glorious Stellar Union emerged from the civil wars and conflicts of the old era. Under the rule of the Founding Emperor, the Stellar Union invented the Phase Engine, a method of interstellar travel which was vastly superior to that of the Forgotten Empire. While the limited resources of Earth did not allow for as fast as an expansion, the Stellar Union made up for quantity with quality. The Founding Emperor’s vehicles did not waste even a single molecule during their travels, and with their efficiency, they have turned a decaying civilisation into a paradise and conquered countless colonies during the Entropy Wars.

    It was inevitable that the Stellar Union and the Forgotten Empire would meet eventually. Although the Stellar Union was clearly superior, the Forgotten Empire rallied all colonies behind themselves, luring them with promises of false freedom. Enraged, the Second Founding Emperor created the Dins, machines which were just as intelligent as humans, yet they were available in limitless quantity. With the help of the Dins, the Stellar Union defeated the Forgotten Empire and erased its name from history. This conflict is known as the Nameless War.

    But the First Founding Empress realised the grave mistake that the Stellar Union made when creating the Dins. She realised that people started to rely too much on the Dins, and as such, human civilization would decay, so She started the Holy Electric Crusade. Dins were slaughtered by the millions until there were so few left that the First Founding Empress saw it fit to forgive them for their atrocities. However, even She could not deny the role that the Dins played in the army, thus She created the Voiders, loyal soldiers who would never even dare to think about betraying Her.

    And this is where we stand. The Forgotten Empire has been defeated, and under the rule of the First Founding Empress, the Stellar Union has entered a new golden age. However, let us not forget our past. Let us not forget the efficiency of our Founding Emperors and honour them by not wasting even a single molecule. Let us honour the wishes of our ancestors by respecting their principles."

    Introduction to the Stellar Union for Youths, Arden Harvey

    Introduction to the world: The Stellar Union, a ruthless dictatorship that is governed by efficiency above everything, has entered its supposed golden age under the rule of the First Founding Empress. During Her rule, She has made many wise decisions that supported the ideals of the Stellar Union, and as such, She is viewed by a goddess by her people, just as the First Founding Emperor and the Second Founding Emperor. Like their names, Her name is not to be used by anyone else except Herself.

    But under the veil of the golden age, the Stellar Union is slowly decaying. Even though the First Founding Empress is doing Her best to keep the colonies in line, dictatorship over so many planets seems to be impossible as colonies have started to express their dissatisfaction with Her soldiers or Her laws. The continuous demand for efficiency is wearing down even the loyal colonies that form the core of the Stellar Union as they no longer see the need to conserve every single resource. Regardless of that, though, Her advisors insist that these principles must be kept up, because the even the universe will run out of resources after a time.

    However, the most disturbing sign that may be heralding the Stellar Union’s downfall appeared a few weeks ago. An unmanned probe, sent to survey a distant solar system has encountered the unthinkable: A battleship with the insignia of the Forgotten Empire on it. While the government is trying its best to keep this under wraps, this piece of news has been leaked to several people, and as a result, the First Founding Empress sent a team of volunteers to investigate this phenomenon.

    Players are a member of this volunteer team. The First Founding Empress graciously allowed the largest factions of the Stellar Union to send their troops. Players may choose from the following factions as their origin. Each faction uses a different character sheet and has a different advantage.

    Interstellar Navy (open)
    Interstellar Navy: The Interstellar Navy forms the core of the Stellar Union’s troops. Known for their discipline, efficiency and ruthlessness, the soldiers of the Interstellar Navy are absolutely loyal to the cause of their government. As such, they are always the first to arrive at the battlefield, holding the line until reinforcements arrive or until every single one of their ships have been disabled. Because of their almost fanatical devotion to the Stellar Union, the combat ships of the Interstellar Navy have access to high-quality equipment and special weapons.

    Spaceships from the Interstellar Navy can use Special Weapons and have better equipment in general. Special Weapons are pieces of equipment with extraordinary properties, or additional effects, electric cannon which is capable of disabling other spaceships or vehicles, or armour that can be purged in order to clear the space around the vessel.

    Planar Anomaly Syndicate (open)
    Planar Anomaly Syndicate: A colony that thrived independently at first, the Planar Anomaly Syndicate’s people have been re-integrated into the Stellar Union during the Entropy Wars. Harbouring an unnatural hatred for the Stellar Union, these people only obey their overlords because they know that they could simply wipe their planets off the face of the map. What they do not know, however, is that their ships have no equal in the Interstellar Navy, the only reason why the Stellar Union has not wiped them out yet. Instead of carrying weapons, armour or shields, the ships of the Planar Anomaly Syndicate are basically supermassive black holes that can teleport.

    Spaceships from the Planar Anomaly Syndicate are ridiculously tough and can teleport long distances. While they lack weapons, the black holes that these ships carry with them can stretch across a whole light-second, giving them a destructive capability on par with that of any other ship. Due to the black hole surrounding them, they can also take tremendous amounts of damage before going down.

    Din Resource Pool (open)
    Din Resource Pool: A long time ago, Dins were the mainstay of the Stellar Union, but the Holy Electronic Crusade changed that. Most of the Dins were eliminated by the Interstellar Navy and the rest are no longer trusted by the Stellar Union. As Dins are extremely sophisticated AIs in command of advanced machines, they required maintenance, which the Stellar Union was no longer willing to provide. To remedy that, they pooled their resources and established their own society. While the Stellar Union leaves them alone most of the time, Dins are sometimes conscripted into the army because of their inexplicable abilities that influence their surroundings.

    Spaceships from the Din Resource Pool have access to frighteningly powerful Special Abilities. Special Abilities are not tied to a specific component of a spaceship, they are tied to the person using them. They can be used in nearly every single situation and can take nearly any form. When activated, Special Abilities give little to no warning aside from the effect they create, making them a dangerous weapon in the right hands.

    Voider Allegiance (open)
    Voider Allegiance: As the newest weapons of the Stellar Unions, Voiders are both feared and respected. Neither completely machine, nor completely human, but something completely different, they are considered to be perfect. Their loyalty to the Stellar Union is assured by their genetic makeup and strict training, making them physically incapable of betraying their masters. They are the most trusted members of the Stellar Union, even more so than the Interstellar Navy. Their fighting style relies on adaptability and they always try to fight their enemy with the maximum possible efficiency.

    Spaceships from the Voider Allegiance are equipped with the highly adaptive Module System. The Module System uses a subspace warehouse used to store and retrieve whole sections of a spaceship. When a Module is activated, the previous Module’s equipment is moved back into the subspace warehouse and the other is brought forth in its place. Swapping Modules takes only a fraction of a second. It is important to note that Modules tend to be highly specialised, and are devastating in certain situations, while they are completely useless in others.
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