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    Warriors of the Red Moon

    A warm fire crackled gently, filling the small study with warmth, casting a shifting, flickering light over row upon row of old tomes, blank screens and contraptions you couldn't even begin to understand. Your eyes flicked with no small amount of apprehension at the tall figure standing nearby, staring thoughfully into the flames, clasping a small glass of brown liquid in his long fingers. You could not help but notice the gold ring upon his middle finger, stamped with the visage of a growling wolf beside a cresent moon shape carved from a red crystal.

    "Do you know why we refer to the universe..or reality in general as a fabric ?" asked the white haired man. His eyes met yours , twin orbs that glowed like the moon itself which rose through the tall glass window to his right. You got the feeling that this man and the moon were linked, they were nearly one andthe same.

    " If you were to view reality, every universe, every paraverse, every plane of existence." he began " You would see a grid, a grid with trillions upon trillions of intersections. At each of these intersections is a universe,a reality all it's own." he said " Generally, not a single one of the inumerable realities will become aware of the other. They will exist and end within their own time and another will appear. It is how it has always been." he said, moving a bit closer "However..every once in a while..something happens and the lines between these realities shorten...the space between spaces disappears and when this happens, anything that wants to come over from one side to another only has to be in the right spot at the right time and that, young man, is where we come in." said the man with a smirk, drinking what was in his glass.

    "This shortening of lines does not happen naturally. They have to be manipulated and I've never seen anything good come from it . Have you ever heard stories of Ghosts ? Demons ? Undead ? These creatures exist, my friend, just not in this world..not in this do we know about them ?" he asked " Because at one point or another, they existed this plane..because someone in another reality decided they wanted to play with something they shouldn't and sent a whole lot of trouble our way."

    "We are the cleanup crew, the reavers, the scythe to the weeds. When something is displaced, it's our job to make sure it's eradicated. It's not a pretty job, but i'd lie to you if I didn't say it was fun sometimes..though it has it's moments. You should also know that we are hypocrites by nature. None of that fight here belong here..we are just wayfarers, moving from one reality to the up the messes that other people have made." he said, leaning in closer to you, his moon colored eyes turning white as the moon reached it's height over his shoulder

    " It doesn't make any sense, it's crazy, it's fucked up, ain't it ? It is..but it's how things are most of the let me ask you, kid, you wanna go on a wild trip and see how crazy this shit can really get ?"

    The following roleplay idea is one that I've been toying on and off with for about a year now. Basically, it's about a group of very odd characters who have taken it upon themselves to form a interdimensional cleanup crew called the Reavers. Their job is to locate interdimensional disturbances created when one dimension intersects with another . Generally, this is done by the designs of another, generally with the desire to take over, absorb or simply destroy another.

    The Reavers themselves are what might commonly be called Monsters, they have , for whatever reasons, decided to leave their native realities to support the balance of the Fabric as a whole. They can be anything from anywhere, but the Reavers don't just accept anyone. If you want to be one of them, you have to be willing to shed blood..lots of it..There's a reason that they're called Reavers.

    Despite this " do or be anything" context, I will be somewhat selective as to whom I allow into the roleplay. You can be very powerful, but you also have to be creative. Both science and magic abound here, but this is no place for your standard wizard or mage or scientist. Application does not insure approval.

    Likewise, this roleplay may be lethal. You're character may die, but you are free to fashion a new character and try again.

    I would request that people attempt to shy away form human characters. Human in appearance is just fine, but plain old human is boring. We're going for a metal, crazy splatterhouse feel here, so don't be afraid to do something daring, weird or out there.


    Character Name:


    General Appearance:


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:[/
  2. Oooh, I'm definitely interested. Been looking for an RP to work out my gore-writing urges. o3o I'll have a bio up when I can, I want to put a lot of thought into this one.
  3. Wonderful ! I look forward to seeing your entry.
  4. How's this?


    Character Name: Shiro

    Gender: Male

    Species/Race: In his home reality, a small universe known as Zeta, Shiro is known as a "spirit." He's a different sort of being than your traditional ghost or other lost-soul type: Zetan spirits are born from the raw energy released from the soul when someone dies. The birth of a spirit generally requires about a dozen beings (all sentient enough to, for example, use tools) to die near-simultaneously within a reasonable distance of each other, and as such, spirits are relatively rare. They are biologically immortal, but they can be killed.

    A spirit's physical appearance is determined by the souls that combined to form it. Most have a humanoid appearance, solely because the majority of Zetan beings are humanoid in proportion, but distinctly animalistic traits and behaviors are not unheard of. They cannot bleed, dream, age, taste food or drink, or feel romantic attraction. They do need to eat, drink, and sleep to keep their bodies running properly, but they derive no enjoyment from these things. Because their bodies are made entirely of energy, they can all easily pass through solid matter, and many can possess other beings, levitate slightly, or move objects with telekinesis. However, specific elemental powers rarely show themselves.

    Though spirits do not feel love, they are deeply inclined to select one person and one person only (of any race) to trust without question, and then push everyone else away. This person is typically referred to simply as the spirit's "trusted." It is said that spirits who meet their end are claimed by the bleak, empty world of Danketsu, where they will only find true happiness if they manage to synchronize their death with that of their trusted.

    Age: Depends on which definition you use. Spirits are "born" at a specific age, theorized to be the average between the source souls, and remain trapped there for the rest of their existence. Shiro is physically in his late 30s, and has existed in this state for 51 years.

    Birthplace/World: Shiro's birth can be traced to a planet called Mundus, a place of adventure mainly populated by humans. He has always lived in isolation, aside from his trusted, a human boy named Arrow.

    Occupation/School/Grade: Shiro does not work, though his trusted does. Arrow works on a system of shuttles that take Zetans between worlds; he helps power the defensive spells that keep everyone safe during transit.


    General Appearance: Though Mundus is now host to a wide variety of the species that Zeta has to offer, when Shiro was born, it was almost exclusively the domain of humans. As such, Shiro's general form is very similar. What gives his race away is his body's slight translucence; a small amount of light can pass through his form, often giving him a rather ethereal, glowing appearance. He is tall, with decent muscles; they never atrophy or grow, no matter how much or how little exercising he does.

    His hair is pristine white and perfectly straight, reaching halfway down his back. His eyes, another dead giveaway for his true nature, are glowing red and lack pupils. Incredibly pale skin, thin, jagged eyebrows, highly visible cheekbones, blue-tinged lips, and a seemingly permanent deep, tired frown all serve to make him look haggard and weary. He wears plain, monochrome clothes, usually a thin sweater and slacks, with the exception of his slip-on shoes, which are always bright red. His clothes become translucent as well as soon as he dons them.

    Strengths: Shiro's magical powers are levitation (no more than about a foot off the ground, though he can use this to "glide" at high speeds), temporary bouts of intangibility, and forcible possession of others through physical contact. Because Shiro possesses little in the way of offensive magic, he has honed his skills in physical combat. He specializes in spinning kicks, using his levitation to make balancing during complex, flexible movements incredibly easy.

    Weaknesses: To possess someone, Shiro must physically enter their body, so he can't do it from a distance. Once inside, he must overpower them; a being with sufficiently strong will may force him back out. His host maintains awareness of their surroundings; they just can't control their physical body.

    More: Just because Shiro's body is only made of energy, that doesn't mean he is immune to things like exhaustion or disability due to wounds received. His body "fakes" many physical reactions such as these on an unconscious level, meaning that he can't simply "will" the exhaustion or pain away.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Shiro is sicked by the uneven distribution of magic found not just in his home universe, but apparently in the entire Fabric as well. Cruel monsters receive an abundance of power only to misuse it, while kind-hearted, virtuous souls go without. He seeks to destroy those who would disrupt the Fabric not because of the people it would save, but because he seeks to restore balance by killing those who misuse such massive amounts of power. And he's definitely not afraid to get bloody.

    Talents: Shiro is cold and calculating like many other spirits (due to their inherently distrustful nature), but he is also incredibly passionate. He sticks to his beliefs and refuses to budge for any reason, preferring to force change onto the world around him to suit him rather than change himself to suit others. He is not afraid to use others to reach his ends, either.

    Inabilities: Shiro's nature as a spirit is also a massive weakness. He trusts absolutely no one but himself and his trusted, meaning that he is easily manipulated into turning against others if his personal interests are appealed to. His biggest weakness of all, however, is Arrow. He'll do absolutely anything to protect the boy, no matter what it takes. Though Arrow hasn't joined him on his righteous crusade across the Fabric, the two remain in contact between missions and Shiro can be led to believe all sorts of things if Arrow's safety is brought into question.

    Fears: As a spirit, Shiro has little to fear but the death of his trusted.

    General Personality: (See talents and inabilities.)
  5. -poke- Hello? :c
  6. I'm sorry I've taken so long to respond. Things kinda imploded on me this weekend.

    I like your character idea, but it appears that there really hasn't been much interest in this roleplay besides the two of us . I was hoping we'd get more hits.
  7. I'll get a sheet set up on here after school. I'm thinking of either going with Frankenstein or Grendel, so check these guys out to get an idea of the character I'll make
  8. I'll definitely be writing something up soon. This looks promising.
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    Character Name: The Fool
    Gender: None.
    Species/Race: Tarot
    Age: Ageless
    Birthplace/World: The Lands of Tarots
    Occupation/School/Grade: The Fool. A Trump beyond Trumps


    General Appearance:
    The Fool.jpg
    Strengths: He is a wild card. He can do whatever he wants, though by his nature, he fools and tricks people into their own demise
    Weaknesses: He fluctuates wildly in power, sometimes being the most powerful, other times, being completely useless, with no rhyme or reason behind it.


    Current Goal/Purpose: He has no goals as of now. He's in it for the fun and the ride
    Talents: Grand trickery, and endless wisdom from living a long life.
    Inabilities: Not able to be trusted. He is unpredictable in all ways, and hard to restrain once released. Must be released from his card to begin his fun time.
    Fears: He fears being weak, so overcompensates by acting more powerful than the rest. The other tarots, they are consistently powerful, and as wise and knowledgeable as him, so his tricks aren't as effective on them, since they personally know him.
    General Personality: The Joker off of the Batman series
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  10. I think I might join this r.p. It looks fun. Also you guys can take a look at my r.p. The link is in my signature.
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