Reasons to become a Role Player.

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  1. 1.) Improve grammar, details, and spelling

    2.) Meet awesome people

    3.) Allow your creative side to come out

  2. I love the last one, that's the only reason I roleplay xD
  3. Yeeeaaah, #4 sounds about right.

    #4 ) Live other lives you otherwise wouldn't be batshit crazy enough to do!
  4. Numbers 1 and 2 are really it for me, at least it was the reason why I became a roleplayer.
  5. I absolutely agree with item number four, but I think there is an item missing from the list:

    5.) Induce panic in those who are waiting for you to reply
  6. All of the above for sure.
  7. Definitely 1 and 4. The others sneaked in at some point though XD
  8. I concur all of the above.
  9. Reason 6: To use them for 'teh hawt secks' roleplays

    Reason 7: To have a false alias planned out incase you commit a crime in real life and need an identity on the double.

    Reason 9000: To live out one's mad power fantasies by making their character(s) in some way, hold a position of power, or 'powers.'
  10. Reason 8: To take that one shot to find a nugget of gold hiding in your favorite character's pocket, and show it off to someone (or several someones) who may actually appreciate your creativity as a writer...?

    I struggled with writing as a hobby for years, thinking that nothing I wrote was any good, and that I should hide my writing from everyone, always, or be ridiculed. Thus, I searched, and found Iwaku. :D
  11. Reason 9: Create a deep intricate story then rage out when people don't post and leave it only 1/4th complete.
  12. My reasons would be:

  13. I agree with a lot the above.

    Though being a role player for me is trying to not become a test tube for my psychiatrist, to be frank. It allows me to put off steam through characters, act things I otherwise cannot (or should not), and in general is really just a form of therapy. I'm a plan-addict. If I can plan it, I will -- and to extreme detail. Character sheets, worlds, dungeons, practically everything dealing with both role play and writing are ideal for that. Another thing role play does is that it forces me to be conclusive otherwise I can't post or reply. My mind bites onto something and won't let go for hours (sometimes days -- in the extreme cases, months). Role play allows me to really focus on what is going on, form an opinion, write what happens conclusively, and end the cyclical thoughts before they start.
  14. 10. Become a better writer and learning from others. Helping what mistakes I made and what I can do to improve.
  15. True. Fact.