Reasoning With Vampires

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  1. Those were most interesting to read.
  2. No, asmo would have put more troll into that.
  3. Even as my face melted from reading some of Douchelord Meyer's text on the internet I lol'd.

    Thank the Gods for British trolls who actually know their own fucking language.
  4. and here I thought this was going to be a handy primer for negotiating with the undead.
  5. I've recently discovered that I'm madly in love with British humor.
  6. Read some of this woman's stuf a few days ago. She's a fucking beast; I love how she utterly dissects and desecrates everything with utterly no remorse and a such a high-degree of attention.
  7. It's simple. KILL IT WITH FIRE.
  8. I was quite amused! Also I learned a couple of things about grammer as I passed the first picture, then the houses that grew further apart and bigger, passed the bridge. And then I read the other part that I liked so much.