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  1. Hey!

    If you enjoy shameless smut and exploring kinks, you've come to the right place! I've been roleplaying for almost 7 years now, and I have itches to scratch.

    A few important notes:
    1. I am only looking for partners willing to play females.

    2. I am perfectly okay with MxF or FxF. Pretty much any kink you feel like exploring. BDSM, tentacles, futanari... As long as it doesn't involve golden showers or scat, you'll find I have rather open boundaries.

    3. I will try to post once a day at the very least. If real life gets in the way, I'll let you know. I expect the same courtesy in return.

    Without further ado, on to what you really came for!

    Demon/Succbus x Human
    Vampire x Witch
    Vampire x Human
    Witch x Human
    Brother/Sister x Sister
    Boss x Secretary
    Master/Mistress x Slave/Maid
    Teacher x Student
    Manager x Idol
    Warden/Guard x Prisoner

    Plot Ideas:

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    Teacher x Student, Brother/Sister x Sister

    They were inseparable as children growing up. All through their lives, the siblings were known for being partners in crime wherever they went. As they grew older, the relationship only grew more intimate. What started as curious experiments turned into unadulterated lust and passion. They were never able to do more than steal kisses and clumsy gropes while their parents were around.

    The older sibling soon went off to college and got a teaching job after that. The other is about to start their first year at the same school. Away from the prying eyes of their family, the two siblings can now explore their relationship and attraction to the fullest. As long as they don't get caught...

    Midnight Secretary

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    Vampire x Human (optional), Boss X Secretary, M/FxF

    She was a woman living alone in a big city, landing on hard times. Her finances were a mess, to say the least, and she was in danger of being evicted if she didn't find a job soon. It was then that she received an offer of employment that was too good to resist. She just had to be some rich person's secretary, and be willing to work odd hours and take the occasional trip out of town.

    It was only during the interview that she found out why the job offer was so tempting, when her boss revealed the kind of person they were, and what her job truly entailed.

    The Covenant

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    Witch/Wizard x Human, MxF/FxF

    Vale was supposed to be a safe haven for the common folk. The kingdom was prosperous and peaceful, its strategic location making a vibrant port of call for merchant ships and trade caravans alike. Its riches were coveted by many, and though a small nation, its diplomatic ties with stronger, steadfast allies meant no one dared to violate its sovereignty. That remained true until its greatest ally gained a new king with a thirst for conquest and greedy for the rich coffers of Vale, invaded the country.

    With the smaller army and no allied kingdom willing to risk its own men to defend foreign soil, Vale fell along with its king. His daughter, the princess, was to be taken as a prize, a trophy bride for the new king to solidify his power with a queen and hopefully, an heir. In a moment of desperation, the princess attempted to flee before she was taken, only the meet with a stranger who promised them power and vengeance in exchange for her body.

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    Mistress x Slave, FxF

    Her unit had been caught in an ambush and the survivors captured. No one expected mercy from the opposing forces, since their nations were at war. When she awoke, however, she woke up to find that she was facing a beautiful woman who took her breath away. The only problem was, this woman was wearing an officer's uniform, and it belonged to the enemy.

    The officer seemed to be gentle and kind, didn't torture her or even insult her. It was only when she made an offer to let her go free that she found out what her enemy wanted.

    "I'm going to let you go, and if I don't catch up by sundown, I'll let you go. If you get caught, I get to do whatever I want to you. How does that sound?"

    Cult of Venus
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    Futa!FxF, Goddess x Human (Possibly involves tentacles and stuff)

    The temple of Venus, goddess of love, had been left undisturbed and in desolate for ages. Unbeknownst to the town's citizens, the goddess herself had been residing there for centuries, waiting for her followers to return and restore her temple to its glory.

    One night, a young girl stumbles upon the temple, after being left alone in the forest after a prank. Venus hears the echoes of the girl's crying and finds her, listening to her story. The Goddess offers her a deal, seeing an opportunity to regain her influence over the town - sleep with her, become her head priestess, and gain the power needed to get back at her tormentors.
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  2. Hello! You put this thread in the wrong place. If you are looking for smut, your threads must go in the Libertine forum, so that you don't accidentally solicit the wrong age group.

    I've moved it for you! If you have any questions about why, feel free to message me.

    That's all. Happy partner hunting.
  3. I'd love to do the Midnight Secretary plot with you!!
  4. All of them are just so damn interesting. I'd love to do the Covenant or Extracurricular Activities! :)
  5. I would love to do either midnight secretary or the convent, but if those are taken and you have an idea for a maid/master I would be fine with that as well! I'm pretty open
  6. Well,
    Sure, send me a Pm at your earliest convenience and we can work things out :)
  7. Bump. Looking for partners interested in FxF! :)
  8. You have one.
  9. Anything tickle your fancy then?
  10. Actually have some of my own.
  11. I like the look of Extracurricular!
  12. um as said I'm open. even PMed i believed.
  13. Add a new plot I really want to do :3
  14. I'm intrested in a few if your still looking
  15. Yup! Drop me a PM and we can discuss
  16. Bump.

    Really want to do Cult of Venus!
  17. I'm really interested in your The Covenant if your still looking for that.
  18. Hello, I would be interested if you are still looking for people.
  19. The Cult of Venus seems interesting. If you are still interested in playing that plot.