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    A whole new version of Realms of Hyrule has emerged after a 6 month shutdown, are you ready to see what the future is holding for this long standing forum rp? We have a whole new council - some new and some returning veterans, a new brand new owner, and a new forum system! The future is unlimited and we are RoH are wanting you all to come and see us! Perhaps even join?
    Recently opened in late April, the site is still under some construction but we need you as the members to help us make it the best RoH yet. The plot has been opened to allow something different to filter in, now it's just the question of whether or not you want to see the new site become something of legend.

    Unlike Realms of Hyrule's in the past, which were usually based on one particular game, this RoH's setting is more of an amalgamation of various locations noted through the entire series. The current location open now is simply "Northern Hyrule". There are plans to expand further to Southern Hyrule at a much later date, but for now, what you see is what you get.


    Fifty years ago, Ganondorf was amassing an army unlike the Hyrulean Kingdom had ever seen, one that the Gerudo leader believed would decimate the kingdom, and give him a chance to rule the remains as the King of Evil. Link, the chosen hero of the Goddesses, and Zelda, Princess of Hyrule, knew that they had but one chance to stop Ganondorf in the Tantari Desert before he marched his army on Hyrule Castle City.

    What exactly happened in this encounter has not be documented in the annals of history, but what is known is that a giant flash of light dominated the Northern Hyrulean skies for several moments before fading. Searches for the bodies of Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf came up empty handed, and it is assumed they did not survive.

    Unfortunately for Hyrule, the disappearance of their self-proclaimed King did little to discourage his Army. They already had their marching orders, and proceeded onward to Castle City. Much bloodshed ensued during this battle, with Ganondorf's dark underlings taking over the city and King Harkinian IX being slain.

    With the King deceased, Princess Zelda gone, and the capital city now occupied by Ganondorf's forces, the rest of Northern Hyrule banded together as best they could. In what is now referred to the Thirty Years' War, the remains of both the Hyrulean and Ganondorf's Armies fought endlessly to finish this war. In the wake of this constant fighting was destruction, despair, and death.

    By the time the fighting came to a halt, Northern Hyrule showed the savagery of war. Ganondorf's Army, now based in the Harkinian Ruins, have splintered into various smaller factions, squabbling over which carries out Ganon's true vision. However, the remains of the Hyrulean Forces stuck together until the bitter end of the war despite no formal government remaining, nor anyone backing them financially. They disbanded and returned to what was left of their homes and began the long process of rebuilding the world from the ground up.

    Twenty years have passed since white peace was declared. All that remains of Ganondorf's Army are little more than raiding camps of Stalfos and Lizalfos that pillage their former foes new homelands. While the ruins of the old Hyrule have been built upon somewhat, there remains no centralized power. Is the world ready for what is to come? Are they prepared or will they just fall to the empty void? Now is your time to decide!


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