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    What type of MMO caters to you?

    Is it the PvP-heavy, well balanced Realm vs. Realm vs. Realm? Is it the increasingly difficult raids, fulfilling that tick of progression even if the newest gear looks worse than the last? Many exist from country to country, each one targeting one audience of players and fulfilling their fantasies. These games have gained notoriety on multiple platforms, and grow ever more so popular every day passing. But some grew afraid that this trend would one day die out, that it was just a fad for the populace as any social game could be.

    That was until the dawn of the VRMMO.

    Many companies jumped at these new platforms, quickly brewing ideas for games to sell to their targeted audience. Sequels to once very healthy MMOs were created using this new technology, and quickly their interest was rekindled. Game Designers were capable of implementing new mechanics with the use of this new platform. It seemed to be a bright and warm future.

    But just as any light grows brighter, a darker shadow was cast.

    Independent companies began to spring up, near and far, creating their own VRMMOs to cash in on this new audience. With their own unique ideas, the powerhouse games that once rules this medium watches as their numbers dwindled before VR was created. Even then, the VRMMO was not perfect, many cases of illnesses and brain-damage were reported worldwide. It would push families from allowing younger gamers from trying these games, hindering these wounded companies even more.

    The age of the VRMMO would seem to have passed, people reverted back to the games they enjoyed before.. Companies reestablished their followings by updating their older games, or changing their platforms back to what they once were.

    But there are rumors of a certain game that still lives on...
    A rather obscure development team called "Guess" whom keep to the underground are rumored to have made a VRMMO of their own. There is no online download, nor a website to signup for the game, but rumors circulate through raiding forums and chatrooms on this game that is only available to be accessed by the best of the best.


    The game keeps the most loved aspect of new-age VRMMOs, action based UI, and utilizes the need of in-game movement to amplify the difficulty of the game. Melee characters cannot simply stand still and facetank while they access their abilities, nor can they out sustain monsters at any level, they must actively dodge enemy's hits through their own reflexive skills as there is no stat that effects it. Magic characters as well must vocally recite spells, prayers, curses, or any other mana-based abilities within the game. Ranged combat is a challenge all in itself as arrows must be aimed, external conditions must be considered, and the arrow can be disrupted mid-flight.

    There are also various mechanics unique to the world. Realm of the Sovereign's map, referred to as DIS has seven territories of differing sizes. Each territory is able to be claimed by a guild with a large enough military power to take it. If non playing 'mobs' have claim of the territory, the area is handled like an in-game raid where loot will drop off the various defenses and fighting forces within the NPC strong. If another guild holds territory, the invading guild is able to take it should the guild leader of the standing one be defeated. When a guild holds a certain territory, they are granted a number of benefits. They are able to build upon the land, hire NPCs native to their territory, and are excluded from "Sovereign's Rule" which are laws designated by the guild leader of the territory.

    Another unique aspect of Realm of the Sovereign is that the world is quite literally 'living and breathing'. Each NPC within the game is strangely capable of making decisions, holding a unique personality, even having heritage and history that develops as the timeline within the game progresses. This also holds true to the enemy mobs within the game, and is also one of the reasons why the game is so difficult. Try and try as many times as you may to develop a strategy to beat that boss, but you're just giving him the same amount of time to figure out a strategy to defeat you.


    Guilds are an important aspect within Realm of the Sovereign, more so than in most other games of it's kind. They are the fundamental driving point for endgame content of any kind, economic, PvP, or PvE. There are few that grow to be large and powerful spanning multiple archetypes, but while they do exist most tend to find their own niche of gameplay and accordingly entitle themselves to exclusively that. This was predicted, so there are now identified to be three 'types' of guilds.

    The first are Merchant Guilds, these cater to players whom end up more focused on commerce and amassing wealth than the challenge of content. These guilds aren't very common, but they are known to be large due to the fact that NPCs are often employed by them. Many Merchant Guild work forces are even known to be entirely manned by NPCs of the game, working for players to earn their own living.

    The second are the Adventure Guilds, these differ in size but are more often than not guilds entirely based on PvE focused players whom enjoy playing with friends and experiencing the games intended content for the gear and fame. Some of the larger Adventure Guilds are hired by Merchant Guilds for tasks that aren't in their line of work, clearing out farmlands, escorting caravans, and even collecting money are examples of jobs they can be hired to do.

    The last type are Union Guilds, they are the juggernauts of Realm of the Sovereign as they are capable of having wars with one another when they've amassed to a certain size. Unions guilds are usually the product of two guilds joining together, or more rarely, a really large guild with a strong foundation of hardcore players of different kinds. They are dominant at PvP and are well funded by their guild leader and officers to fight to represent their guilds in battle.


    Unit - Typically a geared player capable of soloing easy content at high level.

    Mannequin - Extremely geared player who often shows off for no reason.

    Ape - Violent player whom taunts and berates others, usually a PvPer.

    Void - Term for players or mobs with Neutral Morality.

    Red - Term for players or mobs with Negative Morality.

    Pure - Term for players or mobs with Positive Morality.

    Headsman - Guard of territory owning guild.

    Most internet/MMO terminology still applies, these are just ones unique to the game.


    The first dealbreaker for many when it comes to this game, is character creation. Or rather, the lack of what could be called one. Upon booting up the Virtual Boy with the pre-installed Realm of the Sovereign, you'll be graced with a white screen and then...


    < Greetings player! >
    < What is your desired Username? >
    < How old are you? >
    < Are you a boy, or a girl? >

    < What is your favorite color? >
    < Do you prefer your food spicy, or sweet? >
    < Do you prefer warm or cool climate? >
    < What's your favorite hobby other than gaming? >
    < What is your weapon of choice? >
    < Strength, Agility, or Intellect? >
    < A fellow player is about to be ambushed by a group of mobs, what do you do? >
    < There are three dire wolves attacking your allies, what do you do? >
    < Someone on your team begins to act irrationally and hinders the groups progress, what do you do? >
    < Thank you! We at GUESS hope that you have answered honestly. >


    Upon answering the questions asked, the player will be zoned into the game with a class and sometimes even race based on the questions they had answered. Their appearance is greatly influenced by the facial scanning done by the VR while choosing a preferred stat and weapon will have heavier sway in their class.
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  2. Consider me interested.
  3. Woop, thanks for the interest!
  4. I'm also interested~ :3
  5. Looks interesting!
  6. Awesome, thanks for your interest!

    If you guys would like, you can PM me the answers to the questions at the bottom.
  7. Very interested as well. Hope that there's still room.
  8. There's room, plenty of it.
  9. Interested, will PM you when able.
  10. My quiz has been submitted. This looks interesting.
  11. Are we joining as ourselves, or as a character?
  12. I sincerely hope the character. If not, then I may need to re-do my quiz.
  13. It seems very fascinating. I skimmed it since im using my phone but ut looks very interesting
  14. Character, think about what they'd be like IRL and answer the questions according to that. Send them to be and I'll work with you on what you have in mind.

    Take in mind that there is no race/class restrictions, it's completely based on your attitude of how you answer the questions.

    For Example:
    Someone on your team begins to act irrationally and hinders the groups progress, what do you do?

    If you answer with. "I crush the incompetent weakling." You are likely going to end up with some antagonistic race like an orc or an ogre...
  15. So we don't get to choose our race or class?
  16. Wow! This RP looks so cool! I'll send my 'quiz' to you through PM shortly! ^.^
    I have just two questions, though.

    1. Do you have a main plot set out already? Or are we allowed to work in changes to the story-line?

    2. If joining, what level of writing are we expected to reach? Intermediate? Adept?
  17. Nope, it's the line that is crossed which makes many people quit the game. But you do have influence over it.. It's not picked out of a hat or something, you are picking that stuff through identifying your character through the questions.
  18. Answer Number 1) I do have a set agenda laid out already, but that's not to say that the players cant have any input on it. However if you are asking if the characters themselves are going to distinguish the story, then yes in a way.. But that'll be explained later.

    Answer Number 2) About that, I'll be asking for 2-3 paragraphs a post when we start. But when there's simple dialogue or something else going on, I'll probably let it slide, or people can collab whatever works.
  19. Well lets give the quiz a shot and see if I quit or stick with it.
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