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    Realm Of the Fey
    The Enchanted Realm of the Fey has hidden portals around the world where only those who possess magic may enter. The mortal realm is a modern era where the Fey, are unlikely to travel too, from the dangers it possess. A human to enter the Realm of the Fey, has consequences of not coming out the same or ever at all.
    It’s survival for the fittest and the wizards have the upper hand. A search for ultimate power from all aspects of the world is a way of life to protect or overpower oneself. Humans have no special traits for if they need/seek power they must make a “Contract” and uphold the contract or pay the ultimate price. Demons are trapped in a barrier so the world isn't covered in chaos. To be continued...

    Rei Prologue (open)
    Rei Hankestu was heaving over out of breathe as she tightens the bandages on her fists. She reached for her bottled of water and took a few gulps and high kicked the punching bag several times before putting the water bottle back down. “You know…keep training this hard the men will stop asking you for a dinner date…” A low echo voice came from the demon named Shadow, as it hovered in front of Rei. Her head shot up as her eyes threw daggers at the demon as she cried out , “Hiya!” and she round house kicked the punching bag so hard it hit the ceiling and debris of wood chipping fell from it. Ignore its statement she took another gulp of water and picked up a hand towel and dab the sweat off her face. The Shadow mimic Rei’s movements until Rei side kicked the Shadow. The black shade stood there unharmed and crossed its arms shaking its head, “Now now, is that… any way to treat a… demon?”With a sarcastic eerier voice the demon began to materialize and crouched down before Rei, grinning maliciously. Rei couldn’t fight back a sweet victory grin as she crouched instantly as well, in a combat formation.
    A high pitch female scream halted the spar as the wooden doors slammed open and her father stood in the door frame with terror. “ Father, what the hell is going on?” Rei stood up and became alert as she ran to her cloak and staff. “Shadow…please now!” The demon flew to Rei instantly by command as she yelled, “Father no! Let me stay and fight! PLEASE I beg yo-“ The demon grabbed her arm and forced her to phase through a secret door that led into a hallway and dragged her quickly behind. She tried to fight the grip as she screamed after her Father but Shadow kept moving forward farther and farther away. An hour went by and they finally ended up at another door. They phased into the room and Shadow threw her down to the ground harsly. “Listen to me, your parents have commanded me this procedure…. if anything should befall upon them. You cannot go…back.” Rei grit her teeth feeling hopeless which a feeling was never experienced.
    Feeling remorse as hot tears streamed down her face she held up her staff tightly and spoke with stern, “Then I release you Shadow, from our family’s Contract. You may return to your world.” Her heart ached as she spoke these words for Shadow has been in the family since she was born. “Noooo don’t!” Was the last two words Shadow spoke, as her eyes and staff immediately became turquoise as a mist emerged from the staff. Shadow slowly materialize into the color as it reached out too her with a sad expression and then disappeared. Watching her only companion fade before her she heaved over and vomited uncontrollably. Misery seeped into Rei’s heart as it became twisted and torn as she swung the door back open and ran down the passage she went.
    Taken longer than an hour to reach the hidden door she didn’t stop until she made it. Out of breath she slowly opened the wooden door that lead to the dojo. The walls and equipment were scattered threw out the room and the place was in shambles. Emotionless Rei’s foot slowly walked across the room and into the next main entery was the Living room. In the middle of the sitting room of the mansion, that the army provided for their family, was her dead parents. Rei Hankestu fell to her knees as her hands started to shake, reaching for her parents lying in blood.
    For the first time in her life she began to grieve.
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  2. [BCOLOR=#000000]It’s the first day of October, and have you ever wondered if you’ll remember this day, this year, this exact memory from a year or two or five years from now? How rejuvenate it feels to have the sun’s rays beaming upon you on a cold windy day or how frightened you might have felt when someone broke into your home. Will that day always be a permanent stain in your memory? [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Life is unexpected and not fair, so get used to it[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]. Nothing is what it seems, so have a cautious heart, if one at all.[/BCOLOR]
    “At least that’s what I've been told and raised to live by. We live in a world with magic, fairies, demons and who knows what else. I’m just trying to survive in this cold world by the “blessed” gift that was bestowed upon me! Rei Hankestu sighed as she spoke to herself in resentment and poured the blood into a vial. The beautiful blonde hair Fey sleeps soundlessly in small grassy glade, which lays hidden within a forest outside a Fey portal. “Damn ignorant fools. Call themselves parents. I’ll be damned to let anyone catch me.” Speaking out arrogantly she slipped the vial into a velvet pouch and tucked it away.
    It’s been only 6 months, since her parents were murder and she’s been on the run since. Rei walked off back into the woods and she begin searching plants and looking at leaves. She harvested a few white flowers called, Valerian and walked back to the fey. There was two cups setting upon a boulder as Rei moved them aside and replaced them with the flowers. She placed an orange scarf over her nose from the stench and took a dagger to cut them up. Rei took another vial out and poured the juices from the flower into the vial, as she created a sleep sedative. Picking up the small cups she placed them into her black knapsack.
    A chill ran across her legs as the cool wind blew back the sleeved cloak, to reveal her knee high leather boots. Her neck and corset is leather bound with cut holes in the chest. Also attached is an black leather cloak with armlets and shoulder coverings. Her torso is also revealing her stomach, which has strips of leather, protecting only her sides. Ropes were also connected to her hips that hung down, which contains small vials tightly weaved in. “Time to head back Abastor. I need to make an profit off this blood to the black market to live another day…Another day to get my revenge off the army that killed my parents…”She muttered as she gripped her staff and jumped on her demon horse. The three horn pitch black mare reared up with a bloodcurding cry in response and galloped to outspeed the stars.
    By nightfall, they arrived in Nevada.
    Swiftly the demon rode toward a mountain and zig zagged up some paths. Abastor halted when they finally reached the tavern, a lake and the hideout. She dismounted as her hand affectionately petted the horns of Abastor and bowed to the beast respectfully. “Vanish, my friend. I shall summon you again.” Abastor stared up into Rei’s golden enchanting eyes and glimmer of admiration reflected off the black soulless eyes of the demon horse. The dry air windswept the demon as he faded into black grains of sand, to return to his own lands. Rei kept her hood up on her cloak as she walked up to the door of Blaze’s Guild.
    The guild house lay hidden within a mountain as it is fairly huge to contain a couple floors. The walk ways are made from polished rocks and decent living quarters for a hideout. The Quartz Tavern was next door that is open to the public and fairly furnished inside.
    Rei Hankestu pounded on the wooden door and awaited an answer. A square opening in the middle of the door slip open as a red face covered man answered, “Show” is all he said as Rei took out the vial to show proof of her reasoning’s being here. “Let me in Pryo Or I WILL blow up this miserable mountain made house into pebbles of dust.” Disdainfully Rei threaten the guard as Pyro scornfully narrowed his eyes and slammed the pep hole on her, and opened the door.
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  3. He had arrived minutes before the sun finally set to make arrangements for later on in the night. Taking a seat at the back of the bar he waited for his desired guest to show. He was far earlier than the time they had agreed upon though like everything he did he had his reasons, his routines. Patrons came in and out, most asking for shelter and being denied. This didn't seem like the type of place that would allow anyone to just room when or wherever they pleased. As many people that left, just as many entered to engage in the games or getting themselves drunk off the fumes that slowly filled the place. Magic filled the air as waiters attended to each table, asking it occupants what they'd have to drink despite their empty threats and blank stares.

    It wasn't the strangest place he had been to. Not the half-dressed men and women or the looks he got bothered him. What did bother him was so much magical activity going on. From fey cheating at cards games to younger wizards attempting to use a spell to glamour themselves and make them look prettier. Though it was a good disguise for what he came here for it didn't excuse the fact that any magic tracker would probably be able to find this place miles upon miles away. This place was like a beacon. He supposed if he was going to conduct a business transaction there was no better place to hide than plain sight.

    Leaning forward in his seat he moved his hands together and used them to rub at his eyes with his thumbs. His ringed fingers clicked, ever so lightly though it still wasn't enough to block out the sound of a rather petty voice, "Sir, May I offer you a drink!? Today we have specials ranging from fey tonic to werewolf bloo-" a wave of his hand was enough to shut the half fey boy up, though not as long as he would have liked for the boy took in a breath before continuing, "No worries Sir, If you do need anything just knock on the table and one of us will be-," removing his hands from his face he turned his head to look at the babbling creature.

    "Nothing will be needed though if it do find myself in need of any sustenance I will be sure to make it known," his dull eyes found the boys rather bright green ones and with a nod the boy turned and walked off towards the next table. He watched until the boy was out of ear shot before closing his eyes and placing the spell back into place. When he finished he opened his eyes to find the boy taking a few steps back from the table he was just at. It seemed like whoever he had bothered now didn't take such a nice approach to being bothered.

    With a sigh he tore his attention away from the scene and looked to the empty bench in front of him. He had taken a booth at the end of the bar for privacy though if he would have known it got this full the closer it came to the night he would have asked for a room instead. He didn't think it was too late now but getting up and walking towards the bar would draw attention to himself, attention that he didn't need. Almost as if proving his inner thoughts a small light buzzed around the bar, too fast for anyone to notice before it went up the stairs and out of sight.

    Whoever the owner of this bar was took no chances. Sending small fey to do his surveillance work for him was no different than coming down here himself and checking who was in tonight. Though it had been a while sense he had seen a small fey like that it didn't mean he didn't stop preparing himself for them. The hooded jacket he had on, though thick and leather bound, was made with a mix of gargoyles and serpents hide amongst other fey animals. The different skins allowed each of those animals to blend in or shield themselves from magic user's and fey's eyes. It had taken a while to obtain but the end result was worth it. Underneath the jack he wore casual human attire, nothing as revealing as half the people here.

    The later it got the more he realized his guest was due to come. Whether his guest came on time or three hours late would tell what kind of person they were. A rather nice starting point to conduct this trade.
  4. She stepped into the crowd precisely on time, as her eyes scanned to every creature buzzing around. It felt good to be around in an atmosphere filled with life, though not the life she would chose to reside in. Her topaz colored eyes caught sight of a lone commissary she refer too, in a booth at the end of the bar. Feeling self-indulge with his presence ,up lifted her spirit. She has been coming for at least a month, and quite a few of these regulars knew her by, Fireball. She didn't mind the alias from her passion and energetic, yet deep down her father used to call her by the same name.

    This was her only sanctuary for the time being, as she worked to survive any job worth the price. She kept to herself mostly in her room; she paid rent monthly for a bed that seemed to have never been touched since the day she arrived. Nothing but newspapers and books scattered all about for the only thought living in her mind is her parent’s revenge.

    Not wanting to been seen, she kept her hood down and eyes upon the floor. Gripping her staff she confidently walked over toward him. Appropriately before seating or facing him, she announced herself with self discipline, “Sir I’m Rei Hankestu, I've arrived at the time you've requested. Are you still interested with our arrangement?”
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  5. With a glance to the clock on the far side of the tavern he waited, watching the hands slowly move. He had been here for hours, a few more minutes made no difference to him at all. People passed his line of sight, none of them making an impression deep enough to last. It wasn't until one of those many figures took a seat in front of him did he look away from the clock and to them. Strange, how they had come right on the dot. Unless of course this wasn't the person he had business with then he would have to ask them to find another spot to sit.

    One look at the hooded figure told him who ever this was might just be why he was here. Despite their shared loved for hoods, the way the other's hood was placed made it impossible to see their eyes much less any hair. Which meant their gender would remain a mystery and it would be difficult to know how to conduct himself. Sitting back in his seat he tilted his head, his already falling hood descended even more behind his head though not enough to fall completely off his disheveled brown hair. His dull blue eyes searched for anything recognizable though stopped when he finally heard her voice, "Right on the dot," he responded in a distance voice.

    The sensing spell he put up told him she was human, which was a bit off putting seeing as how what he asked for wasn't truly human obtainable. Not easily human obtainable at least. Though if she gotten what he asked for then it was not his place to judge her ways of obtaining things, whatever it might be. Her last name did sound very familiar though, "I undoubtedly am, if you truly have what you say you do," he glanced around them and put up another spell, the air around them seeming to constrict before he turned back to her and continued, "People are rather nosey do you agree?" he smiled though it didn't touch his eyes, "Show me."
  6. The long hood shadow her face as her lips curled up into an amusement smile from his reaction of her being on time. She sat down across from her conspirator placing the staff beside her and pulled down the hood ,as her raven wavy hair fell long pass her shoulders. Disregarding his comment about the noise, what other perfect location could one meet with someone they never met. Only a brief conversation and conformation letter was the entire correlation through messenger to acquire this meeting.

    The color of topaz in her eyes became a darker shade as they shot up fiery into his, “Don’t be rude, I gave you my name the least you can do is tell me yours.” Glancing over his attire she wondered what sort of other trades he conducting wearing such a jacket as he attended their business. That was fine with her, straight to the point but respect she will demand. A prickling sensation annoyed her palms as she inescapable wanted to scratch them oddly. Wringing out her wrist hoping to rid the sensation, her eyes became distracted to a servant boy asking around drinks.

    Three times she knocks on the table as the half fey boy quickly comes to her aid, “Hey there Fireball, looks like your still in the game I see?” The servant boy green mystified eyes beamed as he spoke to her, ignoring the man she sat with completely. “Yes, Yes Orin, one must do everything they can to survive in this little game we call life hm? Please bring me a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and leave the bottle.” Giving him a sweet smile he responded with a quick nod, “I agree completely Fireball, I’ll be back shortly with your order.” he couldn't help but smirk feeling essential as he walked away toward the bar.

    Attached to her belt hung strips of weaved leather that contained different vials. She began to unwrap the weave and take one of the vials out and enclosed it in her hand. She crossed her arms on her chest and held the vial tightly in her grasp as she watched Orin returning with her glass and wine. He arrived placing a napkin in front of her and the Bordeaux on top. He uncorked the wine bottle for her and poured her a drink and left the cork on another napkin. Pleasant with the swift order, in her free hand she reached into her leather knapsack that is hung across her torso and took out a fifty and placed it on the server tray and said,“Just put the drink and bottle on my tab if you would Orin, and thank you.”
    “Anything for you Fireball” Orin graciously said and walked away feeling delighted from his services.
    Crossing her arms once more on her chest her attention was clearly all to this man who hasn't given her a name yet. Taking everything into consideration, how difficult it was to meet this man, she inclusive required more from him.
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  7. The sun’s rays peeked noon as they reached inside the cave , where she slumber soundlessly upon the grassy glade. The fey begin to stir in her sleep as her eyes slowly fluttered open from the birds chipping at her to awake. “What’s…going on? How did I end up here?”Feeling groggy as her bright green eyes blinked to adjust the light and she glanced around the cave as she slowly sat up rubbing her finger aimlessly. “Did that witch knock me with that tea I drank? Oh, I won’t forgive her.” Standing up wobbly as her butterfly wings weakly fluttered, she leaned herself against a near spruce tree as she wrinkled out her dress and ran her hands through her hair as she inquisitive looked around the forest.

    Finding her flute lying in the grass by the boulder, she unsteadily stepped over to it and picked it up gently and looked it over. Curiously, she wonders why the stranger didn’t take her magical instrument when the stranger took a liking to it. Dismissing her thoughts, she looked into the sky as the tall trees covered bits and pieces of the scattered clouds. Thinking to herself, I need energy if I’m going to walking around this realm. As her head leaned back to look up, she felt a rush of dizziness and black spots before her eyes. Of this is bad. I guess this is what I get for trusting a human on the first day.

    Bringing the flute to her lips, she can only call out to birds and relate to them, as she listens to a song and she repeats it back threw the flute. A Wilson warbler yellow black crown songbird, came singing down to her with a greeting as she the asked the bird where any humans around. The small but beautiful chipping of the bird’s voice filled with excitement to talk to someone told her that there are a “flock” of them in the North. She played back to the bird with a high pitch thank you farewell and the birds danced off into the wind.
    Yellowstone National Park in the state of Wyoming is the only useful information I received from Rei. Now, to feed on some humans…
  8. When her face was finally revealed he let out a small sigh and took in her features. Well, this was convenient he supposed. The longer he stayed around her the more he was starting to realize who she was. Human yes, just any human? No. With a closer look at her staff he allowed his eyes to linger on it before looking back to her. Her previous words went through his head and it was then that he finally understood who she was. If this meeting was as swiftly as all his others maybe he would stay and chat a bit. Of course, he wouldn't beg for an audience with her. Well, not here at least.

    At her voice he couldn't help but raise a brow, mildly amused by her demand. Did she think he was a fool or was she truly new to the game? As her eyes went over him he glanced to the staff once more. Something in the back of his mind told him something had happened. He just couldn't remember what or if it was true, if he heard it on the streets or read it somewhere. He didn't make a habit of listening to rumors but stuck with the cold hard facts. Would it be out of line to ask her anything to personal? She certainly didn't mind asking for personal things. Then again he was not like her, or so he liked to believe.

    The more her eyes wandered the more he realized this just might be a long transaction. He truly hated those the most. Despite his impatience he waited until she was finished speaking with the boy. He didn't enjoy being interrupted by anyone and was getting tired of putting the spell back into place. He closed his eyes once again as the two spoke to each other, realizing she had chosen this place because it was familiar to her. He would have done the same thing of course though without so many distractions. Not only did she know the place but the place knew her, especially if she had developed a pet name by the people here.

    It would be no surprise to him is she was rooming here as well. Though, if she was that only meant he would have to find another place for the night to sleep. He wouldn't dare ask any of the other patrons. He didn't know who was loyal to her and who was not. There was no telling if she carried enough weight here to get things reported back to her or not. Bringing his hand to one of the many rings on his fingers he turned it lightly as he waited for the boy to return. At the sound of something heavy being placed on the table he opened his eyes to see a bottle that wasn't there before. After exchanging a few more words the boy left, leaving them alone once again.

    His eyes went from the bottle to her once more only to see she was waiting. He gave her a look, one that asked if she was truly finished before removing his hand from his ring and intertwining his fingers together, "I do not recall asking for your name," he stated simply, keeping his eyes leveled with hers, "You should not be giving out your name so freely either. I will not use it against you though there are many others that will," he paused, making sure she understood, "Instead of insulting me you, should be thanking me for not demanding a name in exchange for your services. If anything give the name Fireball if you truly feel it is needed to give a name. One of your names will do just as fine as long as you do not give both," his voice was not condescending though rather factual.

    "You may call me John Doe if it makes this easier though as long as we know how to contact each other there should be no reasons for names. I can assure you no one else will respond to my call as long as you have my image in your head when you are calling for me," he gave the lightest of a smile, "I guarantee it will save you time and money on postage stamps," his smile faded, "Now, if you have grown attached to what you obtained I will advise you to keep it rather than dragging this on more." It was with that, that the man rose from his seat and exited the booth before turning to her again, "It was a pleasure meeting you, I wish you well in your travels," he tipped his head in farewell.
  9. The smell of her wine brought a slight shade of red to her cheeks as she relish the cherry scent. The sweet red wine touched her pink full lips as it tasted savory throughout her entire body. She noticed his demeanor becoming annoyed with her as she took note of him fidgeted one of his many rings, as he continued to keep his composure. Contemplating of this man’s true powers as her intuition sensed his aura radiant with magic. Taking advantage of this situation that this could be her one chance to obtain any aid of magical knowledge to gain insight of the army and murder.

    She watched how dynamic he became over a simple request of a name could affect a man so hostile. With sincere she responded, “I've giving you my name in the highest respect for you. To have granted me this audience and to conduct business as any regular people would do. “ She lifted her hands indication him to look around as creatures all around in commotion and chatter among one another. Bringing her attention back to him, her eyes stared straight into his seriously and added, “by the way… I know all too well about “True names”. Her eyes flickered to her staff and back to him.

    When he notified her to contact him through her mind, her eyes widen in slight alarm. Not feeling comfortable anyone being in her head whether she had to or not , the fact of knowing he may, gave her slight chills up her arms and chest. Spontaneously she thought, He would be a great asset for me to over thrown the army. It had to be them who did it… She took another sip of her wine to dissolve the chills as her eyes glance at the clock taking notice how the late the night had been.
    As he stood up and gesture his goodbye a rush of obsessive to refuse of admitting defeat washed over her. With a boost of determination she would offer her skills and train harder to earn his utmost loyalty to achieve her goal.

    Without showing desperation she motioned a wave to the empty seat across from her and persistent him, “On the contrary, I advise you to please seat yourself with me, for I do have what it is you seek and hopefully more.” She instantly opens her hand with the vial of blood and with her other hand she opens palms up, in a genuine gesture of giving it up.

    Her ambitious won’t let him walk away from her that easy as she pressed on, “Let me be straightforward with you, I’m willing to give you my uttermost loyalty and Conjurer skills to aid you in any bidding you so wish to desire, as long as you can help me in return.” She even stood up and gesture him to sit before her.
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  10. Turning the small nob, a blast of noise came out of the tiny radio loud enough to scare several birds away. It was only static but it was enough to make his senses go haywire. He fell backwards off the log he was on, caught off guard with how loud such a little thing could be. Landing on his butt with a grunt, he scrambled back up instantly to get the noise maker before anyone could hear the thing and come looking for it or him. In the process he toppled over the small noise emitting machine and barely caught it before it smashed into the ground. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he slowly brought the machine back towards him, this time he used the log as a table and sat on the dirt floor as he tampered with the radio.

    The camp site around him was in ruins, massive claw marks raked the side of fallen tents and food cans were spilled everywhere. He had stepped on something brown and mushy earlier he could only hope it was beans and not the end result of their travel. Thankfully no one got hurt, or at least none from what he could see. The place was now completely deserted, or had been for a while before he had come. Resting his elbow on the log he propped his head up with his palm and continued searching through the various stations. Music filled the silence of the forest, loud and fuzzy, before it twitched to static again then music.

    He went on like this for quite a while before he finally found what he was looking for and moved his hand off the radio. Cracked voices announced that the whole forest had been shut off and all campers were to leave for their safety. An older voice came on then and before he could think of whom it was the man announced he was the governor. This must be bigger than he thought if the old man was getting in on this too. Besides warning all campers once again to stay away from the forest and not peruse the beast there was nothing new. Rather disappointed he turned down the radio a few notches and before he was about to turn it off he finally heard what he wanted. Locations.

    Leaning forward instead of raising the volume again, he closed his eyes and rested his chin on the bark of the fallen tree. It seemed like the beast was moving erratically. He had only come this way because the bear was announced to be heading north but now it seemed to be going south again, then west and what was next was anyone guess. He listened for a few more minutes only to hear the same old message before clicking the small machine off completely, "Convenient," he muttered under his breath and opened his eyes to look around the camp site.

    Well, he had come for a purpose and he wasn't going to leave until he fulfilled it. With that thought in mind, he rose from his spot on the log and moved his arms above his head in a stretch. After a moment he dropped his arms in a yawn and looked at his surroundings again. It didn't seem like anyone was coming back for all these things and if he didn't have something to do already he probably would have taken a few things for keeps. Moving his hand to his beige cargo pants he reached for the chain that dangled from the front of his pants and along his hips to the back of his pants. The chain was riddled with strange wooden spheres, some darker than others though they were all the same size.

    He moved his hand along each of them, slowly as if looking for something before smiling and taking one. The sphere came off easily and sat warmly in his hand, "You ganna help me out little guy?" he tickled the small ball playfully before tossing it into the air and jumping back a few feet. A flash of light erupted from the ball and before it could touch the ground a giant steed did. The horse rose on its two back feet and let out a loud neigh before bringing its front hooves down and stomping on the ground. It repeated the action until he walked over to it and patted its large brown neck, "Alright, alright, stop showing off big boy," the horse settled slowly, eventually resorting to moving its head back and forth until he climbed onto it.
  11. The sedation and the blood being drawn from her took its toll upon her energy feeling exhausted. Thumping down softly on the grass as her legs gave up and her eyes closed immediately. I’m not sure how much more walking I can take…Her wings couldn't even twitch as they lifelessly hung over her body as she lies on her side. Staggering walking slowly and taking breaks, it took her an hour to reach the outskirts of the camp. The sun started to fall upon her as the afternoon approached and she opened her eyes and sulkily glanced around at the ground helplessly.

    Sighing to herself she knew one thing that would put her mind to ease; she sat up on a fallen log and took her flute out from a tan piece of cloth that it was wrapped in. Playing the flute always seemed to release her inner emotions and fulfilled her with rejuvenated strength as she played her spirit into the musical notes. Her heart ached with sorrow throughout the forest with a melancholy somber tune for three long minutes. She tilted her head up as she ended the tune with a single pitched note of hope as she held back the tears.

    Thinking to herself after her song, she shouldn't be far from the humans and if she didn't move now she’d die. That’s all it took for her to bring up her strength and she wrapped the flute away and placed it in her scarf belt around her waist and slowly got to one knee and pulled herself up. She began to travel on foot again and used the trees as leaning post.
    Her head tilted at the tree in wonder as her small petite hand touched the engraving of a claw mark and her eyes widen in surprise. The six inch claw marks were twice the size of her fingers as she quickly took her hand away as though the tree itself would harm her.

    Her mind begun to race with thoughts of humans being slaughtered as she found herself pacing threw the thickets to find the camp in shambles minutes after finding the claw marks. Her bright green eyes cautiously scanned the area to find no one but falling tents and scattered food cans throughout the camp grounds.
    At least no one is hurt and it has seemed they've escaped before this beast could get the best of them. Where does that leave me though?

    Just in that instance a light flashed in distance across the camp and after she heard a loud cry of a horse some feet away.
    Feeling her heart surging with adrenal rush picked her dress up and ran the last of her strength toward the neigh of the steed as she focused her abilities on her illusion of her wings being cloaked.
    “Please, help me…” Was the last words that escaped her dry lips as she fell behind the man mounted on his huge brown steed.
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  12. Though she deemed the giving of her name to be a high respect towards, him he couldn't help but feel as if it was too much. A name was a name by anyone's standards and one that had emotion attached to it, one that she could call hers? Overpriced. Though she gave her name freely he felt almost indebted to her. Names were not given easily yet she gave hers so willingly. 'A strange girl' was one of the few things going through his mind when she gestured to her staff by her side. Ah, so the rumors must be true if that was really the staff others spoke of. Despite his thoughts he'd still want to ask her about her past, her recent past. Better to hear things from the devils mouth than his followers.

    His eyes fell to her rosy cheek as he stood though the cause of them was unknown to him. With a glance to the wine he could only wonder if it was the smell. It was one of the many reasons he preferred not to drink fey win if he ever drank anything at all. He rather enjoyed staying level headed and not being taken advantage of when he wasn't in his right mind. No matter how much knowledge he had or could ever obtain alcohol had its ways of rendering anyone useless and stupid. It was then that he noticed her wide eyes and merely stared. He would have explained the dynamics of what he just said though that would only drag this on longer. He was here not to give lessons but to obtain.

    With a tilt of his head he watched as she gestured to the seat in front of him before shaking his head and looking to the door. His eye caught a patron or two starting though both seemed to be glossy eyed and none responsive to the world. At Rei's words he turned back towards her and looked almost mildly amused before smiling. Interest sparked in his eyes wondering what she could possibly have that would interest him. He dared not glance at her staff so he wouldn't offend her, "What more could you possibly have for me that you think I would want?" he mused, keeping his eyes solely on her.

    Glancing at her hands he caught the glint of the vial in her palm. She was a very blunt girl wasn't she? As much as she may trust the people in this bar, he didn't. He learned the hard way that your greatest friend could be your greatest foe. Oh, how quick the tides could turn at any given moment. He dared not move in her direction to close her palm and hide the vial from sight. He did not wish to touch her or anyone else for that matter, now or ever. Doing the next best thing he could he blew towards the small object. Where the vial once was, was now a salt shaker.

    Now able to focus his full attention on her with the glamor in place he realized she was now standing. It was the way she continued to be so blunt, not with her actions but with her words now, that made him hesitate even more in departing. Her offer was the equivalent of offering sweets to a child. He certainly could get used to the bluntness if what she was offering was genuine though not around other people, "Walk with me," he advised and let his eyes linger on her for just a moment before turning and moving through the crowd and to the door. Bringing his hand to his hood he pushed it up just enough to cover the sides of his face and continued to walk casually out of the noise filled room.

    Once he reached the back door he opened it and held it open for her to pass through before letting it close behind him. The loud chaos from inside ceased instantly, as if someone had muted the volume. Magic, no doubt about it. Though he was beyond caring but rather looking to Rei, "You are more familiar with the area. Do you know of any place quiet where others will not be able to interrupt or listen?" the cool night’s breeze stirred around them just enough to be comfortable. Tension eased from his composure now, slowly but surely. He remembered a time when he preferred noise over utter silence. Though now he couldn't get enough of the silence to last a lifetime.
  13. The wine helped her mind ease from the pain from her past yet left her vulnerable with her true feelings surfacing. She became nervous to only hope he would take her word and just listen to her. She could see her life slipping away in the sheer bleak of a pit of darkness. Swirling into an abyss with the world suffocating the life of her, knowing the army could be closing in on that life. Her entire life she had been focusing her emotions based on overcoming challenges and finding new ones to accomplish, training and just been better than anyone. Beneath the surface of her bitterness is where her true heart really lies, for she made sure to gain attention and to receive affection she passionately yearned for.

    His voice echoed those three simple words into her heart with an undying desire and how his eyes lingered upon hers diminished the barrier around her heart and for a second, she faded from reality of the situation. She obeyed obediently as her eyes never left him out of her sight, pulling her hood back on and grabbing the staff she followed after him.
    Her eyes shot up into his to catch another glimpse of his, as watched him open the door and let her pass. She took a breath as she inhaled his scent and walked passed him and turned around to watch him close the door behind her. Slowly she let out her breath, trying to calm her heart as the pitch silence became eerier as she usually kept to herself surrounded by the comfort of noise and alcoholic. Whether it’s training, being surrounded by endless chatter, drinking anything to distract her mind from flash backs and inner turmoil pain. The cooling breeze chilled her skin making her have goose bumps as she nodded to his request pulling her cloak closer. With a whisper she promptly replied, “Yes, yes please come with me.”

    Her boots slightly scuffled the ground as she headed down the mountain pass and walking around some trees as they thinned out coming onto flat land. Gripping her staff slightly tighter she hesitates to whisper again as her voice fell concern, “Trust me, it’s only ten more minutes away. Please, bare with me and you will not regret it I promise you.” With determination her thoughts only contained to get them both to Stokes Castle before he changed his mind. They became more secluded as they passed the buildings through the city of Austin, Nevada. In the distance they could see a tall three story stone tower that looks ravaged in the moonlight. With the tower in view, a breath of relief washed through her as she smiled admiring the Roman patterned granite despite the neglect of repairs.

    The lock on the gate was already broken as she swung the gate open and gesture him to walk pass her. Closing the gate behind, she headed into the open doorway and walked up the stone steps to the second level where a living room would be. Only a wooden table and couple of cushioned wooden chairs were established yet they seemed more furnished than the rest of the old tower. She walked to the gaping hole that made a window and glanced at the first quarter of the moon before turning to him and gesture a seat to a chair with her hand that held the vial/salt shaker. With tranquil in her voice she spoke up, “No one will hear us or trespass around here since it has been abandoned in the late 50’s. And no one seems to care for such a remote tower." She lowered her hood as the moonlight fell on her black raven hair that shimmered tint of silver as it fell passed her waist. Her honey colored eyes held devotion into his light blue eyes from across the room as she added to reassure him," The noise of the Guild numbs my mind but before I made lodge their, I've been coming ere for two months and I find my true reflection in this tower.” Expression herself openly to him she softly bit back her bottom plump lip thinking she spoke too much and then she placed the vial in the middle of the table. She stepped backwards as her eyes fixed on his as she placed her free hand on the edge of the window seal as her fingers rubbed the texture of the cold stone she found comfort in it subconsciously.
  14. After settling himself atop the steed he ran his hand over its bare side and let his eyes trail around the wreckage. He was only a bit taller than he was before though it did nothing to help his case. Maybe if he had a bigger horse, like a Clydesdale. He looked down towards the horse condescendingly, "You have any taller cousins you care to introduce me to?" he leaned to one side to get a view of the horses face though the animal seemed not at all interested in him or what he was saying. Blowing out a breath he patted the animal’s neck and at once it began to move forward in a slow trot over the fallen campsite and deeper into the forest.

    They didn't get far before the sound of breaking branches and twigs sounded behind him. In fact, they had barely reached the other end of the campsite and gotten into the woods again when he picked up the noise. Rubbing the horses side with his boot lightly he had it stop. His curious blue gaze went through the camp behind them. Animal perhaps? He hadn't heard much of anything before, nothing big enough to snap branches in its wake. He couldn't help but feel excited, unless it was an animal he already had in his possession. He tapped the horses side lightly again with his hand though rubbed instantly after that. Obeying his commands the horse began moving again though this time its step was slower than a trot.

    They rounded the tree they were behind just enough to see a figure. Defiantly not an animal. He felt rather disappointed though it passed as his curiosity sprang up again, wondering who she was. He watched as she leaned against the tree as if using it for support. Maybe she was injured? His eyes ran down her body though saw nothing to serious, not externally at least. The wings might be damaged though he hadn't a clue how shifters wings worked. Bird never managed to harm herself that bad. Bug shifter? His mind went from one thing to another, never seeing anything like her before. They looked a lot like butterfly wings.

    Just as he thought it the wings vanished. It was then that his eyes went from the now vanished wings and back to her face only to see her looking towards him and not leaning on the tree anymore. He could only stare, not knowing the nature of the girl or what she wanted. What she was doing here for that matter. He hoped she wasn't trying to catch his bear. His eyes narrowed slightly before he offered a smile and relaxed. If she was here to take his bear maybe they could work something out. A trade or something like that, he did enjoy a good cooked meal now and then. The fact that she didn't return it worried him. Her face looking like she had seen a ghost worried him even more.

    All previous thoughts vanished the closer she got. She didn't look hurt but somehow she looked... wrong? Dehydrated maybe. It was a strange train of thoughts but he attempted not to ignore his instincts on things like this. Getting off the horse quickly he landed lightly on his feet though didn't waist a moment as he began to walk towards her, "Hey, you don't look so-" his eyes went wide as he stopped, watching her loose balance and falling forward. Ahh, what if this was a trap of some sort? His eyes found hers for a brief moment and he made up his mind, no trap, she was hurt.

    Her voice touched his ears as he caught her in his arms. Tugging her forward and up straight he pressed her smaller body against his and closed his eyes. Heartbeat was there. His mind briefly went through her though by the time he opened his eyes again he felt more confused than he did before. She wasn't a shifter, defiantly not one of the dead or a demon; there was something strange about her in general. His eyes trailed behind her for a brief moment before looking down to her, "You’re not human," he stated, letting the confusion be heard in his voice, "I don't know how to help you, what happened?" his arm stayed around her as he held her up, "Are you lost?"
  15. She gasped as he caught her suddenly as her heart seemed heavy for it pounded so hard threw her chest as he touched her soft small body. Her mind felted clouded as she couldn't focus or think but only to feel, as her small hands instantly held onto his arms for support as she weakly sat up. As the seconds ticked away sucking the energy dry from her very existence, almost in a distance she heard a male voice speaking to her.She couldn't comprehend his words at first, but the sense of survival pulsed like a beacon through his voice as he called out to her.

    The light from the evening sun faded from her eyes as she blinked away the black spots as she tried to gain conscious and acknowledge the man’s words. Hot tears streamed down her cheeks thinking this how it must feel to take your lasting dying breath as she struggled to speak as she weakly lifted her head up and slowly blinked into the man’s eyes. She made out his blue orbs as they held concern along with his voice and within that second of bliss happiness, she found herself being in the arms of an attractive young man as a small smile traced her lips sweetly to him.

    As her mind felt numb she struggled to find the strength of seeking the controversy between life and death. Her head fell against his chest as her body became slightly more limp.She tried to stay awake as her instances shouted at her to live and for her to speak! As her lips parted a voice so light and gentle whispered to him, “I’m… a… Fey. I’ve lost allot of…energy. “Her bright green watery eyes looked up into his now as she slowly raised a hand up to his face as her trembling fingers lightly tapped upon his temple hoping he would understand and then her hand fell and where his heart lied. The illusion from her wings faded from the spell as they would appear back and forth again. When they did appear,the once vibrant yellows, reds and orange begin to change slowly into a dark shade of brown as the colors drained from her weeping wings as they drooped over her lifelessly as he held her.

    It was his eyes that brought her back to reality as she stared into them yearning for hope as her fingers tugged on his arms little tighter. As faith filled into her eyes for him to save her, she found the strength to speak once more and only hoped it would be enough,"I need if you can find a portal...I will die..." The last word she could barely utter as more tears begin to fall and she begin to shake from the fear of death. She felt overwhelmed with emotions as she sat with him helpless for the fate of her life depended on him.
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  16. He watched her silently as she looked from him then around her. It seemed as if being in silence made her more uncomfortable which made him wonder why. He waited until she relaxed which after a few moments he realized wasn't going to happen. Something was bothering her. What exactly? He hadn't a clue and he didn't plan on asking. He found that when he did ask people assumed he was going to help them. Which most of the time, wasn't the case. His expression changed into a guarded one when she pulled the cloak around herself. Did she fear something out here or was it the cold? Without any further thoughts he obeyed and followed after her.

    His steps were silent with the help of a quick spell. He didn't know the area and surely wasn't going to leave himself open for any man eating beast to find or track him. The jacket he wore did only so much before he had to use some of his own magic. He'd rather something attempt to take Rei and not know he was there rather than try to attack both of them and not be able to help. Then again her steps were virtually silent as well which only lead him to believe she had been trained somehow or somewhere. He enjoyed the quiet night and cooling air around them. He could actually breath clean air here oppose to where they had been before.

    It was at her whisper of a voice that he looked from the forest around them and to her, "I care more about the destination than the journey," He reassured though didn't look away from her. Her stance and whole composure was different from when she first approached him. Now she seemed more vulnerable somehow and smaller as if she was ashamed or trying to hide from something. Maybe it had to do with the offer she made. When the trees thinned out and finally disappeared into flat lands he moved his gaze from her to around them. His eyes went from building to building. Not wanting to use any magic here he could only assume they were either empty or everyone was asleep.

    He didn't notice the castle, not until it became tall enough to block out some of the moonlight. Once again his eyes shifted from the building around them to the large tower. Is that where they were going? Briefly, he looked to Rei only to see her head face straight again. Well, at least he knew she took him serious when he asked her to take them somewhere where they wouldn’t be bothered. He would assume there would be guards for such an ancient looking landmark. Casting a sensing spell he only picked up smaller animals, mice cats and maybe a lizard. Strange they would leave a place like this unguarded.

    At her gesture to move past the old iron gates he only gave a brief nod and walked through. He assumed the door would be the only place to go so he continued to walk though at a slower pace so she could lead him again. He followed up the flight of stairs, noting that the place looked far beyond safe. It wasn't until they got to the second floor and he walked in through the doors that he realized it was just a front to what was truly lying inside. He paused, closing the door behind him and watched her walk to the other side of the room where the window was. He would have advised her not to look out, for she might be seen though she probably knew better than him.

    He took a seat on a chair like she requested though didn't take his eyes off her, "That may be true though can you honestly tell me you never had to worry about a trespasser or two?" Of course with that staff of hers he didn't think that was a big problem. He watched as she let her hood fall and realized in the moon's light she looked rather attractive. Beautiful he dared to say. If only she smiled more. Once again these were thoughts he wouldn't voice. It wasn't his place or his business what she did with the beauty she was blessed with, "Ah, I see," was his only response. He wondered what drew her to such a small down or why she looked too haunted. Clearly she had not been here long enough to call it home. This place was full of more spirits than warmth.

    He remained quiet as he watched her carefully against the moonlight. The way she bit her bottom lip only made his mind wander. He was rather glad for the interruption and looked away from her down to the salt shaker. He reached over and took it, the moment he touched it, it turned back into its original form. He held it up against the moonlight before setting it on the table in front of him and looking back to her. Clearly she hadn't done this sort of thing before, "One tip I can offer is never to turn your back on someone. Not because it's rude but because they might see vulnerability or try something that you might not agree with," he was aware she was holding her staff though even the most talented magic users and demon summoner’s weren't always fast enough to stop attacks.

    "Even if you must lead them somewhere use something else to guide them," he closed his hand before opening it again though this time there was a ball of light in it, "You shouldn't put your complete trust in anyone, not even me," he looked from the light to her with a small smile before flicking the light over her way. It moved slowly through the air before drifting down lightly atop her head and popping silently. Small fountains of light pooled down her body before disappearing at her feet, "Comes in handy when you're in dark places or can't find a flashlight," he shrugged, "Leading helps as well," moving his hands in front of himself he clasped them together.

    "As you might know I am not a physic or a clairvoyant. If I was I would already know why I was here or who you were," he paused wondering what he should do next. She seemed young and the young were always determined, not so crafty and double sided. After a brief hesitation he realized the only way he would completely trust her and her to trust him would be done only one way. If this all didn't work out then he'd surly regret it but if this did and she held her end of the bargain? With that though in mind he unclasped his hand and held one out to her, "Despite your trust in me I do not trust you. Do not take it personal for I trust no one. Give me your hand and from there I will tell you if I will help you or not," He had to know if she was serious.

    He had been in situations like this before. The fact that she was human didn't help her case, "Make sure your staff is not touching you when you take my hand please," he glanced warily to the thing before looking to her. He needed her thoughts, he needed to know how she felt, what she'd been through not the magic in her staff and whatever she could summon with it.
  17. As he took a seat, her heart relaxed to a steady beat as she took a few steps to the opposite side of the table and pulled out the chair with her left hand and sat herself across from him as she replied, “As I’ve said, I’ve been around for a few months and scouted the area and none seem to have a liking to this tower. Unstable it may be, yet I find it to be the suitable lookout I could hope for at this time.” Her eyes shifted away from his. Sighing she intended not to elaborate any reason behind her opinion and kept to herself. She thought it would be best that the least he may know of her the better off he would be. Though young and filled with spirit her eyes held an ancient kindred feeling to them and yet exhausting in a way.

    As he turned the vial back to its original form her eyes opened filled with wonder and excitement. A lush of magic craved in her blood and begin to pound as it thirst for its essence. His voice broke off the trance as her eyes paid full attention now to his heed of warning. His words echo in her thoughts, vulnerability or try something that I might not agree with? Let them try.. Having an oblong face with a strong jaw structure her feature became sharp in the moonlight and held arrogance with determination. Pride being her downfall as well, she kept her opinions to herself as she kept her lips sealed and listens to him carried on. She understood his philosophy not to trust anyone for she didn’t, yet she needed him in her revenge and has no other choice. She only trusted one true friend in the army, a companion that she could relate her inner most thoughts too, and she banished him. The armies kept the children away and schooled them to become fighters with the creatures that are hidden in this world and how to survive.

    The ball of light shattered her dark thoughts from the army as her eyes widen in awe. She lightly gasped hoping it wasn't going to harm her as she raised a hand to her face to block it. As he flicked the light to her, a hand went to her lips to hide a small smile and unexpected laugh. Her almond shape yellow eyes transfix with the light like a cat watching a firefly; as the light floated through the air. She gasped again when it popped on her head and her hand followed the fountain of moonbeams that willow down her body and then faded. With an innocent smile an astonish glow warmed her face with amazement to witness the most alluring magic she’d ever seen. In her entire life the only magic she had encountered with was only war and death.

    Gulping lightly as she upheld her composure she nodded knowingly to him with a look of knowledge that he wasn't a physic; for a request for the fey blood wasn't what she would expect from someone gifted with the second-sight. Noting his hesitation led her to become anxious as her left hand lightly rubbed the table as it gave her odd reassurance to the situation and how serious the circumstances are. Narrowing her eyes with apprehensive, she instantly held her staff tighter as he summoned her hand to his. Remembering his words from earlier that he could read her mind this was this way she thought. Everything would be exposed and she would need to find another way to seek Intel from the army and find who murder her parents. She wasn't expecting to go on a suicide mission but she felt so lost with no heart what else had she have to live for she didn't know.

    But her staff? She stood up quickly defensively and took a step back. What he requested from a Conjurer is immoral, what would he gain? Her thoughts raced as he stood waiting for her to react as she felt distress. Out of everything in life Conjurer, is what the only passion of life she can claim. But even that feeling seemed to dissipate since her parents death. And with that thought her heart began to grieve as she slowly placed the staff on the table in front of them but before she took her hand off of it her watery eyes locked onto his fiercely with a deadly tone, “No matter your decision after this, you will not stop me from accomplishing my goal. I will use every ounce of my dying breathe to kill you out of my way if you should choose to stand in it.” She let go of her staff and grabbed onto his hand with a firm grip as her other laid on top to theirs.

    A flood of darkness washed over heavily and slowly dripping with every drop of agony suffering. Flash backs that haunted her from her past of her demon companion Shadow guarding her since she was an infant exposed her tremendous amount of guilt when she banished him. She obedient wanted to become like her parents with the pressure that weight on her shoulder her whole life of anxiety. Always pushing herself in the training fields and tactics with different demon knowledge she trained to become mentally strong. The army became more infatuated with her skills by her natural talent of hand to hand combat, demon lore and connection with these demons. An eerie silence then filled the black void of an insinuation emotions fought down where she would have received the staff and the happening of “The Requisition”
    It seemed to take hours before a sudden blast of anger surge the atmosphere. Nothing but rage filled her body as her parents laid dead before her. Another blanket of emptiness swept the air as the rage disappeared where her staff would have taken place guilt of her actions.

    Like rain, the emotions drained from her human body and lost conscious. Her true intentions run wild through her mind of plans in her room day and night fighting sleep, as she slaved to figure out a way to know more detail information of what happened that night, as her heart only contained a hidden grief locked away.
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  18. A slight relief filled him as she began to push herself up off him. Okay, so she wasn't totally dying but she still didn't look in any shape to walk on her own. With slight hesitation he held his arm out to her so she could use it for support though didn't make an attempt to do anything else. A heave hoof stomped behind him and he briefly glanced back at the horse who was looking restless, "Calm down," he coaxed before realizing what he might have sounded like, "Ahh, not you," he said quickly, looking back to the girl again with a small smile. It was then that he noticed the tears streaming down her cheeks and he felt his heart drop, "Oh, no don't cry," he crooned lowly.

    He knew how to handle tears; he had taken care of Bird's children their whole lives. Though he doubted he could handle this girl like he did them. Well, it was worth a shot. Moving his arms around her and bringing her closer to him he squeezed her lightly in a hug, "I'll help you don't worry alright?" he consoled in a soft tone, "Did someone hurt you?" he meant both emotionally and physically though physically she seemed just fine. Once again he worried about internal wounds though pushed the thoughts away, "See, there we go," he joked lightly when he saw her smile up at time. It was an improvement though not a permanent one.

    The moment her body went limp again he pulled her tighter against him. It was at her soft voice that he went completely still. He almost didn't hear it with the horse behind him, "Fey," he thought of his brother though his train of thought ended there. Though his brother was fey they never spoke about it much. His brother never seemed eager to share where half his blood came from and he never asked, "How do you get than energy back?" he asked, assuming it was similar to how a vampire stayed walking. Maybe she needed a certain thing. His mind, for the life of him kept coming up blank for what she might need. Quickly his eyes trailed around the forest, maybe she was standing around what she needed and dropped it?

    He jerked lightly at her touch and looked back down to her instantly. He didn't expect that and suddenly felt wary of her. She ate brains? The though was stupid and he dismissed it instantly, "Thoughts? Ideas? Dreams? Hopes? Umm," he looked around for help, "Memories?" he was at a loss. It was then that those wings appeared again. He nearly let her go in his surprise though made up for it by giving her a light squeeze. She must have been using magic before to hide them. He'd spoken and tampered with wizards before though she said she was fey.

    He was beginning to grow accustomed to her touches. It was at the weak touch on his arm that he looked back to her green hues, "Portal, right," he briefly looked down at the rest of her body, what she had on. She wanted a portal though he hadn't a clue where to find one. She didn't seem to have a map on her either, "I have a horse, if I can take you will you tell me where a portal is?" he asked, looking back up to her face again. Without waiting for an answer he started to rise, getting off the ground and standing before letting out a high whistle. The horse, where ever it had gone before came trotting back instantly with a shake of its head it stopped in front of them.

    Horseback riding wasn't new to him, nor was riding with another person. Though that person was upright and well when he rode with them this time he would have to improvise. Moving his hand under her legs he scooped her up and walked them to the steed. It was now he was rather glad for the horse’s short height. Carefully and quickly he moved her onto the horse before getting on himself and moving behind her. This would be tricky, they defiantly couldn't move very fast. Moving an arm around her he moved the other to the horse’s neck and closed his eyes. Upon opening them again the horse went completely still under him, "Tell me which way," he murmured, his sight now the horses.
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  19. Murmuring softly in a hum from his strong arms hugging her, she nuzzled her head with a “Mmmhm” into his chest. As he glanced and touched her dress the silky tight fitting green an blue material weaved her slender body and lifted her chest up into a perfectly fit dress for a princess. Though laying upon the earthy ground with her messy long, wavy copper and blonde hair surrounded them, her delicate body looked fragile as though she wasn’t meant for this world. She felt warm against his body and comfort in his voice as he reassured her he would help as she felt her mind numb feeling secure.

    His words ringed in her head, did someone hurt you? And she gritted her teeth as she rubbed her finger from the thought of the slight prickly pain and answer up at him in a stern voice,”Rei did something…to me…I’m not sure what…I awoke in this state after I met her…” her nose wrinkled up as her eyes became a slight darker shade of green with determination to find that woman and slap her dead in the face. .Thinking of images with Rei dancing to her flute like a chicken and flapping her arms like a bird against her will brought a snicker in the fey.
    As he asked her different questions of how to help, she felt her head begin to pound with a headache as she brought a hand to her brow as she held it low. Grateful she was that he is here by her side yet words were lost as she begin to panic to find a portal.

    Her eyes suddenly widen as she put the two together and perked up, “ Flute! Portal!”With him and his horse they can help find a portal to the Realm of the Fey. Her face then looked worried from her parents in the Summer court how they would not be pleased with her leaving the Realm. She was supposing to find a mate and to be married so she could honor her parents to become the next heir and take her place in the royal court. In the Winter court they demanded her to marry their son which is one of the main reasons why she’d escaped the Realm and to adventure life she 'd never experienced; though being in such a weak state and the situation she was in , this was not in her criteria. All though…She looked up into her savior as she tilted her head staring into his wondrous attractive blue eyes and wonders what more lies hidden beneath his blue orbs.

    When he lifted her up, her body felt light compared to her wings which held most of her weight, as they sadly hung over her body as he put her on the horse gently. She petted the main ever so gently of the horse as she sighed, feeling physically helpless. She untied her scarf that tied around her small petite body and took her flute and unclothed it. Her eyes glance up into the trees admiring the autumn colors as her wings reflected the same colors and her slightly pointed ears perked as they listened to the leaves bristle within the wind as she brought the flute to her lips. She shifted her body to nudge him to stay near, to keep his arm around her as she would play and she slowly took in a deep breath.

    An eerie low tone escaped the flute as she closed her eyes and tilted her head down as her heart called forth for aid as the melody lingered into the stillness of the forest. In her mind she could see all different portals flashing before her as she played a higher note to reach out for the closest one. Despite her to unwillingly become a queen, she was thankful for the flute her father did make her; for situations he must have known she would bound to be in. Her kindred spirit had always led her emotions rule her since she was a child and even though she is 26 in human years her parents were becoming slight ornery in their age and needed her home.
    When she would play a lure, the concentration was vital as it read her spirit and aid her true calling and nasty things could happen if one should disturbed the lure.

    Two minutes pass as she played the lure and with a aura of violet she saw the ring around the portal and once the imaged came to her mind a golden mist came twisting out of the flute to lead them the way.
    The lure was complete and the golden mist would direct them the way as she looked behind her shoulder to him with a weak smile, “Follow the mist my friend, it will lead you to a river and a fallen mossy tree for there is where my portal shall be…” Her eyes closed and she fell into an exhausted sleep as the back of her head rested on his chest and her hands held her flute to her chest.
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  20. Breakfast sounded great right about now thought he would have to think twice before ordering food so late. Anything would keep him up at the rate. A shower crossed his mind though he feared he'd only come out and study a few things about Rei after he was done. Yes she had shown him herself completely though there were always rumors that he had to put to rest or ask her about. Despite his earlier thoughts he didn't think she would mind much now if he asked about anything private. It had taken a lot not to show her part of himself while they held hand and that’s probably what had drained him as well, holding back so much.

    Usually what happened between them when other did it they both saw into each other. He would never allow that to be done to himself and had made the mistake of letting it happen almost twice, both of those mistakes were now six feet under somewhere he could care less about. He probably wouldn't be feeling this bad if he had opened himself up to her to let her see him. The experience was supposed to be great and eyes opening not make you want to look away. He stopped himself from not only letting her see him but also letting their minds connect. He could only briefly tell what she wanted now; it was a tickle in the back of his mind.

    He watched as she passed him but didn't move to quickly to go after her but waited. Soon enough he would be able to rest and not need to think so much about what just happened. About the memories that swam in his head that weren't his own. He stayed quiet almost the whole walk over, allowing the air and free flowing magic around him to come to him. There was very little in this town and as much as he didn't want to admit it the place they had first met would be great to regain what he had lost. His eyes went from the back of Rei's head to in front of her as they finally began to slow down. He didn't know how much time had passed and didn't mind so much.

    Taking his hood from behind him he slipped it onto his head and allowed that magic to cover his features as the door opened. He watched the exchange between the two women, about to interrupt to pay when he saw Rei take out money before he could even think of it. He only let out a sigh. He'd have to thank her later for that somehow. Walking after her as the elderly woman ushered them into the home he took in the air around them. This was defiantly a home. The more the woman ushered them into the home the more he felt relaxed. Many species couldn't enter a home unless invited so this was a nice change. He looked to Rei briefly, knowing they still had a lot to talk about.
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