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The Music Man

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You wake up like it's any other day, sun is shining, everything flows like it normally does. Little do you know your world was about to change the second you meet him.

You enter school and it goes like it normally does, only odd thing is you have a test you were entirely unprepared for because it was never mentioned. Who knows how you did. (Here is where you start... just kinda pick your day up somewhere along there)

<By now you should have your intro post.... and then the event below happens right at the end... feel free to throw in your questions and things like that.>

After school ends, the oddest thing happens.... the world shimmers slightly and you notice that people are watching you, and you have no idea who they are, or why they are watching you....... yet. You eventually run into a kid not much older than you, but something is off. The music he is listening to sounds familiar, but different in a way. Noticing your odd look, he quickly replies. "You look like your confused. It's this style called Nightcore, ever heard of it? No? I guessed so. By the look on your face, and some watching you, I guess your the one I was meeting." He places his hand on your shoulder and everyone disappears, except you and him. "We have a moment of peace, allow me to explain some things, then we can introduce you to the others in the most exciting way."
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