Realm of Garrn: The Call to Adventure

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  1. Realm of Garrn: The Call of Adventure


    ~ OoC ~

    "Sit ye'selves down and I will spin you a tale 'at were long lost t'er this human world.. Tis a tale of epic adventure, grand duels 'n combat in a world o' warcraft, magic, dungeons an' the like. A place chock full o' such mystical things ne'er seen in this world. T' tales began Lon' ago, when t' King of The High Tower, Riley Kyon the First, an' his kin marched on the darkened soil of Depthre in t' final march o' t' Great War. All t' races was united 'gainst t' dark lord. T' King 'ad when all 'o a sudden out come a massive Fire Drake from t' North! T'were a battle to end t' ages, an-

    'Poligies lads and lasses, seem's like I got a wee'bit carried away. Now then, where was I? Oh! 'Ere it comes back! I reckon I was startin' t' story way too early, about a hundred years, if'm bein' precise. So, 'ere's how it went: Lon' ago in t' mythical and wondrous land o' Garrn, there was a group o' heroes who set out 'pon a dangerous quest. Their journey took 'em all'round t' continents, across t' sea, through forests and mountains, an' forced then t' overcome many difficult obstacles that threatened their mission. They was guided 'long on their quest by a power th' was said t' long since have vanished from t' world. Through determination an' vigil, t' heroes managed to destroy the evil an' make t' world safe once again.

    The tale started out, much like any great tale of adventure does: some'were quiet an' cosy, most likely 'n a tavern o' some kind.. Ah, yes now I remember! 'T were t' town o' Vestial where t' take first began! On a night o' celebration, no less. With the findin' o' a magical artifact, the heroes would meet in t' local tavern and venture out into t' world t' begin their quest!

    So, lads and lasses.. Are ye ready t' hear t' greatest tale o' Garrn?"



    The sun rose once more over the peaceful Realm of Garrn. It was hard to believe that the harsh winter winds had, until recently, covered the earth with snow. With the snow, brought a relaxing quietness which absorbed all sounds that arose in the land naught but a few months prior. Almost as soon as the sun's daily rise had begun, the smell of the air turned sweet and the winds blew gently. In the midst of the day break, a small flower bud burst gently from its foundations, slowly growing into a beautiful purple blossom. Most saw the first flower bloom as a sign that spring was upon the land, and more would soon follow. Almost as quickly as the first, more and more beautiful flowers arose from the once snowy plains, quickly covering the vast landscape with nothing but sheer beauty. In a few weeks time, the snow had all but melted and all was well and calm. However, most people could not say they had been able to witness this scene personally, except one. It was a young boy with long, pointed ears, who was perched precariously on a nearby cliff ledge. His feet wildly swung about as he carefully and quietly regarded the rising sun.

    He sighed at the sight of the land and lay down on the grass, staring up into the clear and bright blue sky. He closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of birds chirping, animals going about their business and the raging roar of the nearby waterfall where the townsfolk received their water. The thunderous crashing of the waterfall was only toned down by the gentle noise of running water coming from the stream that followed. The pale boy opened his eyes and sat up, searching the soft green grass gently for the book he had placed beside him. Even in the sight of such a wondrous and beautiful landscape, he could not help but write, even if he had no stories of his own to put into writing. He took another deep breath, and began writing in his book. Suddenly, as he had just thought of a good starting point, he heard a voice calling him. “Mercanor”, the deep, musky voice called. Mercanor placed the empty book on the ground once more and turned his head to see his father standing behind him. He had a spade in one hand and a pair of gloves in the other. “Come on now, son” Saan said, indicating towards the spade. "Time for your daily chores. You can deal with the crops and take care of the animals today. You’ll have time for your writing afterwards, but right now we need your help.” Mercanor let out a small, but content sigh, taking one last look at the horizon before him. He then gathered his book, placing it in the small pouch he kept tied to his belt, and stood up. Dusting his shirt off, he began walking towards his father.

    Mercanor took both the spade and the gloves, smiling at his father, who in turn, returned the smile. "If you need any help,” Saan said as Mercanor began to walk away, “I’d advise asking Vent. Gii and I are working on the house. I’m afraid that the hole causing the leak in the roof is getting bigger, and we might have to stay at the Inn for a few days before it’s fixed fully...” Mercanor turned around and began walking backwards so he could see his father. He raised a hand to form a cup around his lips and called out “I’m quite sure I’m capable of doing what’s asked of me." with a playful tone. A smile spread on Saan’s lips, which was followed by a small chuckle. “It’s not like I’m heading off to war or anything, unless those damn worms are back. I'm just tending to some crops, and then some animals.” Mercanor called again, before turning around and rushing off to complete his chores as fast as he could. As he neared the farmhouse, he pulled a small leather flask from his pouch and walked over to the water pump beside the house. It was normally used to fill buckets of water that were needed for the crops, but he often used it for other reasons. He quickly filled his flask with drinking water, knowing he would need it later in the day.

    After the flask had been filled, Mercanor started on his way to the barn, grabbing a few buckets and a set of sheers. Mercanor took another breath of air and sighed. He loved the feel the early spring air had: it was crisp and cool because of the remaining hints of winter, but warming up just enough because summer was approaching quickly. The smell of the flowers now blooming was sweet and tender, which was mainly the reason he spent so much time outdoors during the spring season. He hated to admit it, but flowers were something he found mildly interesting, although it wasn't something he would mention or bring up in a conversation. In secret though, he marvelled the beautiful planet and even went so far as to learn about all the different varieties of flowers located throughout the Realm of Garrn. He learned many interesting facts about them, such as what type would be good for clearing a headache, or simply what ones to avoid so one doesn’t get a nasty rash from rubbing his or her skin against it.

    Mercanor finally entered the barn and began to complete his daily chores, which involved milking the cows, sheering the sheep, feeding the animals, collecting eggs from the chickens, disposing of any feces he saw (or smelled) and grooming the horses. Mercanor usually let the animals outside during the spring, summer and fall months, but not because his family didn't have enough feed. He thought it must've been hard staying in a barn all winter, so he let them roam free outside in the fields as a sort of apology. After he had finished his duties with the animals, he gathered up the collected resources and placed them in a bin, ready to go to the market. Mercanor then proceeded to fill another bucket, except this time, with water, and grabbed a small pouch filled with wheat and Pumpkin seeds. After making his way to the acre of fields they owned, he proceeded to plant new crops. Due to the fact the winter had only finished recently, there was no crops for him to harvest, which he found was a slight disappointment. As a Farmboy, Mercanor always enjoyed taking a bite of the first fruits and vegetables of the season.

    When Mercanor had managed to finish all of his chores, the sun was just reaching its position high above the world, symbolizing the arrival of Mid-Day. His flask had run out of water, so after he refilled it, he took a long swig and quenched his thirst. The half-elvish boy made his way back to the fields so he could watch the animals graze and possibly get inspiration for his book. Mercanor had learned and knew all of the barnyard animal’s names, most of which his father had given them upon their birth, or gained from their previous owner upon purchase. Mercanor used the names commonly when he was handling the animals or even simply comforting them when they were upset. He watched them graze for a half hour or so before he decided to grab some breakfast. Just as he was about to leave, he heard a loud whinny and turned around. He saw one of the new horses who was born during the winter, seemingly distressed by something. Mercanor placed his flask back into his pouch, then walked towards the young steed, rubbing its nose gently as he began to comfort the mare. “There there, Brèàngul. What’s bothering you?” Mercanor asked in a quiet and comforting tone. The horse turned its head slightly, ushering another whinny, this time much quieter and calmer. Mercanor turned to see the horse looking towards the Droala Mountain's laying to the Northeast of Vestial. He sighed with displeasure, knowing almost exactly what the mare desired: to roam free and discover the lands for herself, seeking truth and the answers, and discovering lost cities and exploring the many continents and regions that consisted within the Realm of Garrn (except, of course, for the dreaded Issei Torul region, which was once the place where evil dwelled). Mercanor knew the thoughts of the mare, not because he could read the minds of beasts, but because he too often thought of leaving the farmhouse, Vestial, and his Farmboy life behind. He wished to just wander the lands, looking for adventure and become part of legend. Mercanor chuckled, still gently patting Brèàngul on the nose and stroking his mane.

    “Aw, it’s alright girl..” Mercanor explained. “I know exactly how you feel... Tell you what: I promise that if I ever get a chance to go out and explore the world, I’ll be sure to bring you along with me. It would be a great opportunity for the both of us, wouldn’t it?” The mare clopped its hooves against the ground, almost as if it were ready to ride off into the distance with Mercanor upon its back. Mercanor smiled, giving the horse one final pat on the head, before grabbing a small handful of grass, feeding the mare one quick snack. “One day, we'll see it all. For today, we are to remain in Vestial, but one day soon, you and I will be climbing the Droala Mountains, running across the Feria Plains alongside the men of the West, and seeing the splendorous sights the world has to offer... One day...” Mercanor said, sighing slightly in disappointment. He knew that he was needed at the farm, but he wished he could just get away from it all, and choose to go wherever he desired and maybe even learn more about himself along the way... as well as his mother. He had so many questions about her that still remained unanswered. “Who was she? Was she as beautiful as everyone said she was? How did she die? How did his father and her come to be lovers?” Mercanor wished to know more, especially after hearing his appearance is from his “mother’s side”. Did that mean she too had pointed ears and many of the features easily pointed out on Mercanor? If she had those features, then that meant she was an Elf, that much was obvious to anybody with eyes.. But what Mercanor didn't fully understand was: if his father was human, and his mother was an elf.. Then what was he? And why was he so different from Vent and Gii?

    With so many unanswered questions and riddles about his heritage popping up, it made Mercanor doubt that he would be anything other than a farm boy. However, trouble was brewing in the realm, and it would soon fall upon himself and a group of people soon to become his allies, to protect the world and fend off the oncoming evils.
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  2. The journey had began with sad but hopeful partings and a full mind. As it progressed, Prim was able to give her surroundings more attention and her questions less. The snow had just begun to thaw as she set out, and she still wore the same woolen dress and wrap she had set out in. Her feet were bare and her dress was dirty, though she had managed to give the wrap a washing on the way. The streams were melting along with the snow.

    Now, Prim sat down on a large rock beside the path. In the distance she could see a town. Hopefully this was Vestial. The farmer yesterday had told her a celebration was planned, and it could be an educational event. She had passed through a big-folk village, but nothing so large as this. They may even have a chapel here. And if not...well, Prim could simply join in the celebration and have a bit of fun.

    The big folk were twice the size of Prim, and it all went up. That was the first thing Prim had noticed about them. So gangly...thy had to bend so far just to pick something up. How awkward they must feel. They were awkward, too. The farmer's feet had been about the same size as Prim's, but they had had thick coverings and been very noisy. The man probably couldn't tell since his ears were so far away. Prim felt a little sorry for the big folk. But they seemed to manage despite their condition.

    After resting for a minute, Prim stood and picked up her traveling pack, which was tied to the end of a stick. A few of the larger items remained on her back, but there was something pleasant about the swinging feel of the stick on her shoulder. With eager eyes and a hesitant smile, Prim trotted toward the city.
  3. The minute the sun came up a hooded figure looked to it. Not much could be seen of his face, only that he was tall. And he looked fit enough to outrun a deer. The figure stood up, dousing out the embers from the fire of last night. After settling his bow and short swords in a comfortable position before heading out. He was a small bit away from the path that lead to Vestial, so he had a bit of a walk. The walk to Vestial would be longer, so he decided he needed to hunt.

    He began looking for tracks, once he found the deer tracks he was looking for, he quickly grabbed his bow from his back and fitted an arrow to the string. He walked slowly, not making a sound, the only sound that was heard was leaves rustling in the small bit of a wind. Once he found his quarry he bent down and aimed. Once he knew he aim was true, he let the string go with a loud twang. The arrow flew and impaled itself into the animals sternum where the heart would be.

    The animal died quickly and the figure walked over to the animal. Putting his bow back on the strap, he unsheathed one of his short swords, bending down and began to gut the animal. After an hour he was finished with gutting the deer and was already starting a fire to cook the meat.

    The town could wait a small bit until he ate something. That was his priority right now, but of course he needed to go into town for supplies. Once the fire was roaring he stuck the meat on a couple of sticks and placed the sticks in the ground making sure the meat was in the air over the fire.

    He waited there for what seemed like hours, but it only took a couple of minutes for the meat to finish cooking. Once it was done, he removed the sticks from the ground near the fire and stuck them in ground further away except one. He was eating this one. He sighed in between bites looking up at the sky. “I need to head out soon...” he said to no one in particular.
  4. tock tock tock
    The sound of wood against wood echoed hollowly across the porch now empty of the people that had flooded there during the night. For some it might have seemed that the Inn was a tad to quiet compared to the talking and singing that had filled the building to the rafters during the night but to someone like Ren the place was full of sounds. From her own breathing and the tap of her staff on the floor boards, to the sound of people arguing loudly upstairs and the owner stoking the fire in the main room.

    With a few taps of her staff she found and settled into one of the chairs that were on the porch for just such a purpose. Her morning had been spent walking around the village, buying the rest of the things she needed before she could travel again. The last two weeks she had stayed in the inn, holed up against the worst of the weather, and now a touch of cabin fever was beginning to set in. But this morning was filled with the scent of change, she could hear the melt water dripping from where it was clinging to the roof and she had heard many voices admiring the flowers that had sprung up from the thawing ground.

    Footsteps broke through Ren's line of thought as someone exited the inn and stepped out onto the porch. With a small welcoming smile she turned to face the source of the noise already knowing who it was.

    "Elexa, have something for me do you?" her voice was soft with a hint of laughter. The waiting girl shook her head in amusement and set a bowl of porridge in front of the older woman.

    "Are you sure you're blind? Even Danny hasn't been able to sneak up on you."

    "I'm blind but not a fool." Ren replied with a knowing smile wasting no time in digging into her breakfast as Elexi walked away. Every once in a whole she would rap her knuckles against the table the crisp sound allowing her to easily locate her bowl each time she reached out with her spoon. Once done she leaned back in her chair with a content sigh, the city was really to noisy for her taste but still, there was something charming about it. Casually she reached up a hand to rub her face her fingers passing under her mask to itch at the scars that tracked across the area around her eyes.

    For a long while she sat in silence, listening to the city moving around her. Until she finally got to her feet and, grabbing her staff, headed inside the inn. Even if she did not leave today there was still packing to be done. It was just in her nature to be ready to leave in an instant if that is what she wanted, and with change in the air anything could happen.
  5. [​IMG]

    Lilliet stretched with a yawn as the morning sun shown down on her. The winter had taken its usual toll on the small flower fairy's body, her petals had been a dingy grey for the past few months. However, with spring in motion, her coloring had brightened to its natural blue, and her petals seemed extra perky. Lilliet rose from amongst the newly formed flower garden, one she'd personally created to both camouflage herself and give the Tiberius men something pretty to look at. She made a rule not to assist with their farm work too much, only helping out when things seemed dire. However, flowers were a different story, and she liked to use her nature magic to make the farm look like one found in a painting.

    However, the recent hole in the farmhouse's roof had ruined that image, and Lilliet had been tempted for weeks to fix the darn thing. However, repairing a hole in the roof was something that wouldn't go unnoticed by the family living there, and she wasn't sure she was ready to make her presence known to them. The tiny fairy noticed Saan heading towards the nearby cliff with a spade and gloves. Curiosity overtaking her, Lilliet followed the man, keeping her distance as she flew. Her target stopped and called to his son, who proceeded to get up and walk towards his father. Mercanor, Lilliet's favorite of the family, was asked to do his daily chores. The small fairy flipped once in the air in excitement. Finally! It's been ages since we've had any outdoor chores!

    Once Saan had left and Mercanor was on his way to the barn, Lilliet took off towards the empty fields. She landed on the barren soil and pumped her tiny fists. "I told myself I wouldn't help grow the crops themselves, but I can at least make sure the soil is nice and fertile. That's not cheating." Giving herself an assuring nod, Lilliet got to work. She flew around the fields, small yellow petals falling in her wake. When the petals hit the earth, a faint glow could be seen before the soil turned a rich color. As the last of her magic hit the dirt below, Lilliet could see Mercanor heading out of the barn. "Uh oh. Better move." The fairy flew into the sky and landed in a nearby tree, watching as the farm boy began tilling the earth. Using so much magic in such a short time tired her out, and she felt her eyes begin to droop.

    The sun hung at its apex when Lilliet awoke from her nap. She rubbed at her eyes sleepily as she scanned the field for Mercanor. He was nowhere to be found, so she lazily floated along, searching for the knife-eared young man. Finally she found him tending to his horse. Lilliet frowned slightly as she perched herself upon the barn. She didn't like animals too much, especially the kind that liked to nibble on flowers, so she kept her distance as she observed Mercanor tending to his horse. The fairy listened in on the half-elf's conversation as she rested in the sun, and began pondering. If he left...would I go too? I don't do much around here, so would Saan and the other boys even realize that I was gone? Lilliet wondered whether any of the Tiberius family members had a clue about her existence. She had purposely kept herself hidden away, wanting to be like their secret fairy godmother. But she was beginning to desire at least some appreciation for the tasks she performed daily, and as long as she continued to do what she did, she'd probably never get it. The tiny fairy stood up and placed her hands on her hips. Alright, I've decided! If Mercanor ever goes on a journey, I'll go with him and finally reveal myself! Lilliet gave a confident nod, not knowing that her journey would start far sooner than she thought.
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  6. The cheerful chattering of birds roused Rossarinya from her slumber. Her eyelids fluttered open, as the fog of sleep was lifted from her mind. The grey darkness of the den greeted her senses. Rhythmic breathing reached her ears, and she looked down to see a two small shadows curled up next to her, their warm fur brushing against her legs with each soft breath. A larger shadow stirred behind her, just barely grasping onto the last slivers of a dream. This was were Rossarinya had spent most of the winter. The small, cave home of a family of foxes who had been kind enough to let her stay with them. She lied there for a few minutes longer, enjoying the warmth of the cozy den. Then, with a reluctant sigh, she emerged from the cave, being careful to not wake her dreaming hosts. Her eyes squinted in protest at the sudden change in light, as she gazed around the waking forest. This had always been her favorite time of the year. She loved seeing the flowers bloom and meeting the all of the newly born animals. Spring was the season of new life. As Rossarinya stretched her stiff muscles, she heard a noise from the behind her. She turned to see a fox walking out of the den. It was the mother. The beautiful animal stretched her thin body, her glossy coat gleaming in the early morning sunlight. She greeted Rossarinya and informed her that she was going hunting.

    Alright, I will being going into town today. I should be back before nightfall.

    Are you sure you would not rather eat with us? I am sure I could find enough prey. The fox inquired.

    No, you have enough mouths to feed as it is. I appreciate the offer, but I will make do with the food they have in town.

    As you wish.
    With that she trotted deeper into the forest, until her red coat was no longer visible through the trees. Rossarinya stared after her for a moment. She would miss staying with her and her cubs, but soon she would have to move on. She had already stayed there longer then she had planned to. She brought her thoughts back to the task at hand. She really disliked going into town, although she had become more accustomed to in over the years, she never felt comfortable being surrounded by so many people. But It couldn't be helped. She needed food. The dried fruits and nuts she had collect the previous year were gone, and she didn't eat meat. How could she when she was capable of hearing the thoughts of animals? Rossarinya had mentioned this to the fox, but she found the concept to be absurd. She had seen many hunters traveling through these woods and assumed every person had to eat meat. Surely something so large couldn't survive on plants alone. She thought it was a joke, and Rossarinya eventually gave up on trying to convince her. Rossarinya still had a little bit of money left in her bag. She had sold herbal remedies to some of the townspeople the during the previous year, before the cold winds of winter had killed all the plants. She had used most of it to buy food during the winter, but now, with plants only just being to bud, she had to see what food these little pieces of metal would get her.

    Rossarinya walked out of the tranquil forest and into the bustling village. The hike there had been relatively uneventful. She had stop to talk with a few rabbits along the way but besides that it was a quiet trip. She walked down the crowded street, her face clearly showing her discomfort. The people of the village seemed to be more lively than normal, hurriedly walking this way and that. She wondered if there was some special occasion that they were preparing for. Regardless, she would likely be gone before it occurred, so it wouldn't do her any good to dwell on it. She quickly made her way out of the crowd and onto one of the less crowded side streets. After walking for a few minutes longer, she arrived at her destination, an inn. She entered it and walked up to the counter.

    "What can I get for ya?" The rotund woman behind the counter asked. She leaned closer to Rossarinya as if eagerly awaiting her response.

    "What can I get with this?" Rossarinya reached into her bag and took out the few coins she had. They jingled lightly as she held them out for the woman to see.

    The woman sat back in her chair, looking slightly annoyed. "I can give you a slice of bread."

    "That's fine." Rossarinya handed her the money and the women got up to fetch the bread. While Rossarinya waited her eyes wandered around the large room. There weren't many people there, much to her relief, but as she glanced around the room her eyes fell on one person inparticular, a woman wearing a mask. She found it very peculiar. She wonder how she was able to see since the eye holes were covered as well. Then she saw her cane, and it dawned on her. The woman must be blind. She soon found herself staring at the sightless woman. Once becoming aware of this, she quickly averted her gaze. Auria had told her it was impolite to stare, and she could only assume this rule applied for a blind person as well. She imagined how Auria would have scolded her for being so rude and a smile spread across her face. She wished Auria was still alive. Suddenly the image of Auria lying dead on the floor flashed through her mind. She quickly shook her head as if the chase the awful thought away. Then the woman arrived with her food.

    "Here ya go."

    "Thank you," Rossarinya said, taking the plate into her hands. She found a empty table and ate her meager meal in silence.
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  7. Rysear had thought this was a good idea. It had been a hot day, and travelling by river using his scale as a makeshift raft had seemed so much more appealing than walking had been. He hadn’t noticed the current picking up ever so slowly until it was too late. The river had swollen due to the snowmelt, he should have known better. Now he could clearly hear the rumble of thousands of gallons of water pouring over the edge of a cliff. Only now did Rysear remember the words of his teachers, Nature loves surprises. Even augmented by the power of his contract with the spirit of the forest, his small hands and frantic paddling only served to delay the inevitable. It was only as he teetered on the edge of the waterfall did he realize, “Oh wait, I can fly.” Concentrating on shapeshifting while falling towards painful looking rocks was difficult, but this was a do or die situation, and Rysear didn’t like the second option.

    His body contorted as his arms elongated and legs shrunk, feet curved into talons, and his bones hollowed. His clothes melded with his body forming feathers and his mouth jutted outward, hardening into a beak. Rysear now wore the form of a kingfisher, a Rysear-sized kingfisher with a very unique plumage coloration, but he wasn’t particular about details at the moment. Rysear tucked the bird wings into his body, streamlining himself and increasing his dive speed. He aimed to catch up to his pack and scale, which he had lost sight of in his initial tumble. He angled himself so that he would shoot away from the dangerous rocks directly beneath the waterfall, slightly altering his course with his wings. He hit the water, his beak piercing the surface, preventing the surface tension of the water from smashing him flat on impact, but it still hurt. Dazed, he flapped his wings underwater, pushing himself back to the surface. He spotted his satchel and scale floating a few meters farther downstream and raced towards them, grabbing the bag in one talon and the scale in the other. The unbalanced load made flying a horrendously difficult task, not to mention the concussion he had endured from his first dive as a kingfisher, but he was able to clear the canopy of the forest and make his way further downriver.

    However, after flying for about half an hour he began to falter. Rysear’s concussion finally caught up with him, his vision blurred suddenly, and he felt as if he was slowing down. Then he lost consciousness, falling from the sky and crashing into the ground below, plowing a small trench from his landing. The scale embedded itself near Rysear’s head, and the pack remained tangled around his left talon. The crash site coincidentally happened to be near where Mercanor was comforting his horse, but far enough away that he wouldn’t be able to identify what fell without going to check it out himself. The kingfisher form held for a few minutes after Rysear crash-landed, drawing on the residual magic flowing through the Draconian’s body. When he reverted back the boy’s tail had only a pale violet glow at the tip, indicating his lack of energy. His clothes were perfectly fine, but his body bore several large bruises from his landing and his tail lay bent at an awkward angle.
  8. Coming out of the barn, Mercanor took in another deep breath of air and wandered along the dirt path leading to the farmhouse. Suddenly, he heard a rustle amongst the grass and turned around in confusion. He saw nothing out of the ordinary behind him, only a few animals grazing. But the creature which caused the rustle was too fast to be anything from the farm. It must've been a rat. Great, more rats.. They probably hid up in the rafters all winter again.. he thought to himself before he turned away. Mercanor slowly walked along and went back to the well to refill his flask. After taking some more sips from the cool and crisp water, he looked around the farm and tried to figure out what he could do next. The crops had been planted, the weeds had been pulled, the animals were all fed and cleaned, the barn no longer contained droppings, and the roof was being worked on. The worst part about having everything done early was that there was nothing to occupy the young man. It wasn't even mid-day yet! Already, Mercanor found himself wandering around aimlessly and looking for something to do. The young half-elf sighed out of frustration, not wanting to waste the day. Then, he got the idea to head into town. Vestial was always bursting with activity during the day and it would do him some good to go into town. After all, with winter out of the way, the mountain pass was cleared of snow and allowed for travelling merchants to cross over. The travellers often had tales to tell and Mercanor was more then happy to listen. An eager mind to learn of new things was both a blessing and a curse for the young man, but nothing he absorbed through books or stories could quench his thirst.

    Patting the wood of the farmhouse, Mercanor decided he would head into town. "FATHER!" he called out, turning his head towards the roof and cupping his hands around his mouth so his voice would echo further. "I'VE FINISHED ALL MY CHORES! I'M GOING TO HEAD INTO TOWN FOR A WHILE AND I PROBABLY WON'T BE BACK UNTIL SUNDOWN! YOU DON'T HAVE TO LEAVE ME ANY SUPPER, I'LL EAT WHILE I'M OUT!" Mercanor waited a moment. Perhaps his father didn't hear him? Then, he saw the chubby arm of the farmer poke up from the rooftop, giving him the thumbs up. Saan may have said something, but the roof seemed to muffle his voice and Mercanor didn't hear him speak. Mercanor quickly entered the house and dashed to his room. Upon entering the attic once again, he grabbed a small leather band on his dresser and looked at himself in the reflection of his window. Halflings were something that people seemed to be fearful of, so Mercanor knew what had to be done. Like he had done so many times before, Mercanor pulled the leather strap over his head and held it so that the band stretched wide open. Closing his eyes, anticipating the pain, Mercanor lowered the strap and let it snap tightly against his ears, pinning the pointed tips against his head. After verifying that it was properly sitting in place, Mercanor shook his head and allowed for his long brown hair to cover his ears, giving them a human appearance. Before discovering this trick to appear human, Mercanor had been stoned, kicked, and even called offensive names as he walked through the marketplace. Nobody wanted to do business with a "freak of nature", and rightly so. Half-Elfs, or anything that was Half of something else, were very rare in Garrn and thought of as strange or mutated abominations. No legends spoke of Halflings doing great deeds or saving far off lands, so they were thought of as a forbidden and taboo race to be. It was unfortunate for any child born into the world as a Halfling, for if it was obvious they were a mixture of two races, they were ridiculed and assaulted. Gii and Vent were lucky. They looked like normal human boys, whereas Mercanor was gifted with his slightly pale skin, big blue eyes, and pointed ears. This wouldn't have been a problem if he actually looked like an elf, but no. Mercanor was as tall as any other human (maybe slightly taller) and looked completely odd with his elvish attributes.

    Finally nodding at himself in his (relatively) human disguise, Mercanor grabbed his satchel and made his way out of the farmhouse, towards the small town of Vestial.
  9. Travelling on foot wasn't Elsys' thing. She preferred travel by sea along the coast, staying away from the inland. However, ever since her boat and crew were captured, it was really hard not to walk to places. Still, after many days of legwork, she arrived on a nice hill on the plains overlooking Vestial and smiled on her own behalf. She wasn't sure how she'd made it. Her navigator was nowhere to be found. He was the one who handled maps, cartography, and travel over land. She remembered taking directions from friendly travellers who softened her pirate heart, and cutting directions out of bandits who hardened it again. She certainly turned out with next to no difference, but she was more open to chats now that she'd had to explain herself to some folk. She used her tongue right and suddenly nobody could understand how the navy could be after such a kind, pretty young thing. Of course, she told most people she was a sailor, unless she had to make it clear who she was to get her answers. The ones who were harder to crack always quaked in fear to find out she was Ragnarok the Swordsinger, Captain of the Shaded Scourge, Princess among Pirates. Not that her deposition was well known, of course.

    But most people were nice, and almost made Elsys regret ever taking up the job of piracy. Then she remembered that people got more friendly as she got inland and the coastal people were rather on edge. Maybe it was her fault but she didn't feel guilty about pillaging them. She just smirked and tried to remember the names of the richer settlements. She couldn't, due to her lack of navigative skills, but it didn't matter. It was about later midday, so she could still make for the tavern instead of setting up camp, and where there's taverns, there's travelers, and where there's travelers, there's mercenaries. It was only better that there was a festival soon. She'd certainly find a few sellswords to help her retake the Shaded Scourge and her crew. How would she pay her debt to them? She didn't have much money on her, most of it was in the Scourge, but she would make sure they would only be paid upon completion. She didn't trust mercenaries, and if they were looking to rip her off, they could find another patron. If they took the job, it would be in their best interest to see it through - her bladework would make sure of that. But if she met some travellers willing to help her, she could always help them get between the continents. It only felt like the right thing to do. Pirate's honor more or less. She wouldn't take no for an answer as far as some sort of recompense goes.

    Elsys made her way down to the village and Janus made a peep. "Whassat Janus? You say summin'? Speak up." Janus sneered and let his tongue loll out for a moment before slurping it back up and speaking in a youthful but wise voice. "Er, ya think issa good idea, Elly? Gettin' a merc band together 'n' all 'at?" Elsys smirked and nodded. "I'm safe, Jay. Dontcha worry 'bout it. You've seen my swordplay. Anyone tries anythin' and I'll flay 'em alive." Janus squeaked and shook to emphasize his uncertainty. "If they get away they might report you to the navy." Elsys nodded once more. "Then I'll seek 'em out 'n' flay 'em alive." Janus nodded and adjusted his goggles. "Aye, I suppose 'at'll have to do, 'en." Elsys went back to a plain, friendly looking smile in place of her sinister smirk. It was time to see what this festival had to offer in terms of plunder, mercenaries, and enjoyment. Maybe some slaw for Janus - he really liked slaw for some reason.
  10. Rossarinya finished the bread quickly, alleviating her hunger for the time being. She leaned back in her chair, debating what to do next. It was still early to return to the den, but she didn't feel like wandering around the crowded village any longer than she had to. After a few minutes of weighing her options, she decided to return to the forest anyway. She didn't have to go straight back to the den after all. Perhaps she would even find some useful plants along the way. Her mind made up, she rose from her chair and proceeded to walk out of the inn.

    A cool breeze tousled her hair as she stepped onto the inn's small porch. She walked down the three wooden steps and started back the way she had come. Looking towards the sky, she noticed dark clouds hovering on the horizon. Their presence promised rain that night. Rossarinya reached the main street once again. Though to her dismay it was no less busy than when she had first arrived at the town. In fact, it seemed to be even more hectic now than before. She squeezed her way through the crowd, trying to get passed it as quickly as possibly. As she waded through the flood of people, she was suddenly hit on the side. The force sent her to her knees. She flinched as the stone street scrapped against her skin. Sighing, she slowly rose to her feet and brushed herself off.

    Perhaps it would be better to find a different way back.
    With this thought in mind, she turned down the first alley she saw, desperate to get out of the crowd. After walking for a few minutes, the people began to thin, and she reached a quiet dirt path. She smiled, relieved to be out of the mob. Soon it was just her on the path. She walked along happily, enjoying the singing of the birds which had been previously drowned out by the noisy babbling of people. Her solitude was short lived, however, because as she neared what looked to be a farm another traveler crossed her path. He looked to be human, though there was something odd about him that she couldn't quite grasp. Not one to dwell on such things though, she moved to the side to let him pass and continued on her way. Her ears perked as the conversations of the farm animals caught her attention. What she heard made her freeze. A bird had fallen from the sky. From the way the animals made it sound the bird was surely dead, but she had to be sure. She ran towards the crash site, getting directions from the animals who had seen it happen. When she arrived, she was shocked by what she saw. She didn't see a bird but a... boy? A dragon boy? She stared at it in confusion. Well whatever it was, it was obviously hurt. She kneeled beside it and examined it more closely.

    It must have been an aweful crash. She thought, looking at the damage it had caused. She didn't know how anything could survive such a terrible accident, but he was definitely still alive if only barely. She gently untangled the bag that was wrapped around the boy's foot and put it to the side. Then she turned him onto his back, being careful not to injure him any more than he already was. She put a hand on his shoulder and gently shook him.

    "Please wake up," she said softly. She didn't know what to do if he didn't wake. She couldn't carry him, and if she left him he would undoubtedly die. She looked around frantically, and her eyes landed on a house not far off where people were working on the roof. Maybe they would help.
  11. Icarus awoke once again to the sound of a crash echoing across the plains, his head pounding to the rhythm of a night ill-spent. The many evenings of gambling were starting to take their toll on his appearance now, his eyes felt like they were having to fight to keep from being dragged down his face by the dark bags that hung beneath them. He'd fallen into the same old routine with this town as he had with all of the others he passed through, spend the late hours on an increasingly blurred gambling spree, black out somewhere in the back alleys and then inexplicably wake up in the nearest patch of trees the next morning, just in time for a group of loggers to find him as they started work.

    Strangely enough, there weren't any loggers around this morning. Icarus groaned softly and attempted to stand up before giving up on that plan altogether. With shaking fingers he felt around to make sure that everything valuable was still with him, his bow, arrows and backpack. He found them propped up on the tree next to him, and by turning his head he could see that his journal lay open on top of the heap although from this angle he couldn't read what had been written. Once again he fought a horrifying battle against gravity as he tried to will himself to his feet and finally won, only accepting a little bit of help from a nearby tree. From here the message in his journal was clear: Remembe- and then a long line trailing along and off the side of the page. Great.

    Well, time waits for no man, I'd best get some furs for the locals he thought, gathering up his bow and pack carefully so as not to further anger his already furious headache. The leaves parted for a second and a ray of sunshine lit up Icarus' face, causing him to quickly flip up his hood and be rid of the burning light of day. He brought his necklace up to his lips before heading in what he was pretty sure was the direction of the crash noise that had woken him, if it wasn't a large animal that had made that sound then it must at least be people who could point him in the direction of a deer or two that had crossed their path.
    After a few hundred meters travel out into the plains there was already sign of something big that had passed through here, although nothing that he could hunt. It was humanoid, either a Human, an Elf, or a Draconian, anything else would leave either radically different footprints or would sink into the soft earth a different amount. Icarus drew an arrow and placed it into his bow, just because it was almost the same species as you didn't make it friendly. He silently crept up to a tall patch of grass and parted it with his bow for a clearer view. A Draconian boy was lay on the ground, although it would appear that the last thing on his mind when he ended up in that position had been sleep. His tail bent at an unnatural angle and what Icarus could see of his skin appeared to be black and blue. There was a dent in the ground from where he had apparently landed.
    The second thing that caught his eye was the elf woman, looking around with a panicked helpless look in her eyes. This sealed the deal, no bandit traps that he had ever come across before had that level of acting involved. Leaving the safety of his cover he walked out, bow still in hand just in case.
    "Hey, you alright there? Need a hand? That's one hell of a mess you've made of that guy" he called, joking but keeping his eyes on her to judge her reaction.
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  12. Breakfast was a quiet fair, people came and people left, sometimes the actions came from the same person sometimes it was from different. But all of them were passively watched by Ren, something she could hardy help but that she had learned to appreciate over the years. While most had the option of closing their eyes when they wished to no longer see something she had no such luxury, extraordinary hearing meant that every rustle and footstep was broadcasted to her every detail displayed in her minds eye. Among the footsteps that entered was a pair of light ones that she did not recognize, this was not strange in itself so she did not really pay attention to this new person. Only allowing herself a slight grin when she noticed the girl quickly turning away after spending a few moments blatantly staring at her. The girl was first to finish the meager meal that she had bought but it was not too long afterward that Ren finally stood up, tossed a couple coins on the table, picked up her bag, grabbed her walking stick, and headed out the door.

    Although the sun was warm there was a crisp breeze blowing and on it the sounds of city life were carried to Ren's ears. Much of it was just a garbled mess but she could hear enough to get a decent view of the surrounding area. Before she even stepped down from the porch she could already tell that the main road would be impossible to navigate, hard for some one with working eyes and normal hearing, but impossible for someone who could hear the blood flowing in your veins if she was really listening. So she opted to travel by some of the more secluded alleyways, her stick tapping out a path for her to follow. Back where only the dogs trotted by there the noise of the crowd was reduced to just an annoying buzz that brought have formed images to her mind.

    After only a short while she found herself at a small intersection where her choice was to go right or to go left. Standing for a second she gave herself a moment to listen trying to judge which way she could go. Both sounded relatively quiet and with a shrug she started down the right hand path, until a soft sound caught her attention. Please wake up. A voice said. This is itself was not a particularly interesting phrase but there was something about the way it was said that halted her in her tracks. For a moment she almost walked away, it was none of her business and yet she found herself turning about to walk down the other alleyway.

    By the time she emerged from the alleyway another voice had joined the first, a male, and a stranger to the first if she was not mistaken. Just from their voices she could tell that there was a third person lying next to the first. With a few loud taps of her staff she was able to make out the form of a tail on the one lying on the group. She also noticed that the other male seemed to be carrying quite a bit of stuff. Having caught the last bit of what the man had said she leaned casually against her staff curious to see if her help was even needed. Yes she was a healer by trade but that didn't mean she was just going to waste energy where it was not needed, you never know when you might be stuck in a bad situation.
  13. A girl who was not human, ears too round to be an elf, too tall to be a dwarf, and was definitely not a Draenei (although she was rather attractive) nor a Fungon, whose hair was styled to look like she had ears like that of a rodent, whose face was obscured by a pair of goggles and an odd mask (which many rarely could comprehend), with a large satchel filled with something rather hea-

    This is getting to be too much.

    This girl walked along the path to Vestial, a town which was to host a festival tonight. She came to have fun and get some coin before heading to the next town, whichever it may be. She was too tall to be a dwarf because she was half night elf, and too pale to be a night elf because she was half dwarf. While she was almost as tall as other Night Elves, there were other signs of her mixed blood. Her ears were round and large, much like a dwarf's. She had calluses from laboring, and she wasn't a farmer. She was also a very practical, tenacious, and hands-on sort of person - much like a dwarf. However, she also had a lithe, tall body and was gifted in magic -and she was quite fetching, much like a dark elf.

    So many who didn't know who she was shunned her for obvious lineage. Those who had an idea still didn't know because she never revealed who she was. She went by "Deus Ex Machina" but she was also the semi-famous amateur archaeologist, Thana Andraste. What Deus Ex Machina was famous for was her work as a mercenary machinist.

    But she could cut loose here. Vestial was known as a relaxing place, and festivities brought in people with jobs and money. Farmers from around the area came in by the roads. Hell, she was tailing a half-elf (whom was disguised as a human) down the road right now. He didn't have money, no doubt, but she had more in her pocket than most farmers make in one haul, so maybe he could help her out. She needed a place to sleep and someone to show her around to see the sights.

    Quietly, she approached the farmer by upping her pace, before tapping his left shoulder and swinging around to his direct right. Slight of hand and misdirection. No doubt the boy would look to his left only to find out that the girl was not behind him or to his left, but on his right. She loved that trick.
  14. (Trumpet sound)​

    For a quiet town, Mercanor noticed a lot was going on that morning. First off, he saw what appeared to be some kind of angel falling from the sky, heading straight down in a nosedive. Almost immediately, he began to dash over the the spot where the creature had fallen. The crash site was further away then he had hoped, so he easily got tired after a couple of minutes. However, as he began to regain himself, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning his head led him to gaze at a rather attractive human woman. But she clearly wasn't human. Most humans would be too ignorant about her general appearance and focus more on her veloptious form, but Mercanor knew a Halfling when he saw one. "Yes, can I help you, Miss?" Mercanor asked with a raise of his eyebrow. Why was such a woman coming to him with such an odd gesture? Surely there were other people nearby that she could speak with. Perhaps she just noticed his farmer's satchel and wanted to see where he got it. Of course, being good with his hands, Mercanor made it himself.

    Just as she was about to speak, he remembered the fallen figure and turned to her. "We can speak in a moment, if you desperately wish so. Come, you can follow me to the flower patch up ahead! Somebody may be injured." Mercanor said calmly before waving his arm to her, indicating that she follow him. Finally reaching the crash site, he saw the form of a draconian boy sprawled out inside of a crater. Nearby, was an elvish woman who crouched over the draconian, and a man with a bow who observed the young boy. Mercanor walked over to the elf and asked "What's happened here?" as he knelt down beside her. Reaching his hand around to the boy's neck, Mercanor tried to feel the pulse. "He's still alive, thank Elthri. Has anybody gone for help? We shouldn't move him or else his condition may worsen, whatever it may be." he explained before removing his satchel. Sliding it under the young man's head to keep him upright and supported, Mercanor turned to the elf woman. She was rather beautiful, but he was in no mood to flirt. Right now, he was focused on the boy. "How long have you been here? Did you see what happened?"
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  15. She was about to get a word out when the farmer's conscience got the better of him. Someone was hurt, big deal. Thana - or rather, Machina, had a twinge of worry shoot through her before sighing as the farmer ran off. This twinge of worry quickly subsided into exasperation. The whole idea behind God From the Machine was that she helped people in a really tight spot for a nice price, and while she probably won't get paid for this, she could probably put together a minion that could apply medical aid. Magical healing was not something Machina or her minions were capable of, but she could craft specialized minions for the express purpose of medical attention. For her, science and magic blended very nicely. Machina retrieved The Database from her satchel and set to work finding a suitable minion - she found one she dubbed "Medibot" and did a short term memorization of the schematic.

    Medibot was considered a support unit she could build whenever any organic allies - or herself - were liable to bite the dust unless they received help. It was equipped with a number of herbal poultices ranging from anesthetic to antiseptic to antivenom. All were tried, tested, and approved by DEM Industries. It also had limited offensive capabilities in that it could apply poisons to it's syringes and stab nearby enemies with it. It had a simple, spherical shape, and could roll up into a metallic ball for defense and quick movement. Parts within it could fold out into small limbs which it used in combat and medical application. It bounced around on small, flexible blades to walk, and used a pair of improvised vices for arms. It was extremely effective, even though it was made from scrap metal. That said, if she could get some better metals, she could enhance her minions...

    Machina had the schematic on quick call now and was about ready to make a Medibot once she surveyed the Draconian's condition. Quickly, as the farmer boy took charge of the situation, Machina simply sat down and took a look at the humanoid fill in the crater - the patient. Bruised face, crooked tait, probably due to a damaged skeletal structure. There were probably a number of issues with the boy's body, including bruised ribs, and internal bleeding - implying, of course, that the bones weren't shattered by impact - in which case the lad wouldn't be breathing. Now, she started tinkering, putting together the lightweight ball of scrap iron known as a "Medibot". She applied magical essence to it and it hopped out of her hand on its own and waddled over to the Draconian. "There's not much I can do for him. If he's in pain, though, I can fix that. I have an anesthetic poultice to be applied by my little buddy here. I can probably give him some purified calcite to give his bones a boost and give his stomach some roughage, but I'm not experienced with healing magic. He needs someone with experience if he wants to make a full recovery before the festival's over."

    That said, if anybody knew healing magic, or was dumb enough to prevent her minion from doing its job, they could smash it or tip it over (causing it to roll into a ball), as it hadn't gotten to the Draconian quite yet.
  16. Prim grew apprehensive as she entered what was to her a bustling city. The hobbit's timidity seemed to increase the further she went into Vestial. Her eyes grew wise as she passed a woman with more skin showing than covered, as well as carrying swords nearly as long as Primrose was tall and wearing something on her head that looked more like an umbrella than a hat.

    Prim took a step back from the outlandish woman, only to bump into a different woman who was carrying a basket of vegetables. Carrots, beets, and squash tumbled onto the road. The woman hollered in consternation, shoving the half-full basket into Prim's arms as she chased after her lost produce.

    The hobbit awkwardly tried to balance the enormous basket between her arms, but she could not reach to grasp the far edge of the basket, and the vegetables inside wobbled to make things even more difficult. Prim took several steps in a forward-ish direction in her desperation not to damage more food, but the basket blocked her view, and she stepped directly in front of an oncoming cart.
  17. Harkun started down the path to the village. Vestial, it was called. Tonight was a night of celebration and festivities, but Harkun was not here for that. For fifteen long years he traversed the land of Garrn, searching for evermore exotic wildlife and natural phenomena. From the skyhorses of the Andaol Mountains, to the titanic rabbits of the Bleakgrass plains, he has seen many things even sorcerers and magicians would consider impossible.

    What Harkun thought impossible, however, was this place. Everything was mundane; the trees, the wildlife, everything. It was an exhilarating change of pace from the dangers of the exotic world. He wondered what it would've been like, living normally as a farmer or logger, but fate had other plans for him and his family. The ranger pressed on, forlorn to leave the peaceful serenity of normalcy. He looked around for anything, any excuse to stay in this town for longer.

    A whoosh sounded overhead. Harkun and his companions tilted their head skywards, seeing a blazing trail, then a crash nearby. The ranger smiled to himself.

    "You hear that? We get to stay."

    Harkun ran ahead, his raven flying after, and the white stag already in front. When he got to the crash site, he saw that a group had already formed around it. He could already tell their were halflings there, though they tried to hide it. He had many experiences with them to tell if one was a halfling at a glance. One was using some machine magic to heal whatever had crashed.

    He hid in the shrubbery, waiting to see what had happened. They probably were no threat, but his past experiences forced him to hide first, observe next, act last.

    "Magery, scout ahead. See what crashed."

    Obeying, the raven flew over the group, lending her eyes to Harkun. He saw a draconian creature, young, lie motionless on the ground. As Magery loomed above the crowd, she saw someone look up at her, wondering where the mysterious raven came from.
  18. Elsys was striding through the town when Janus made a peep and directed her attention to their back. She turned around and saw a hapless hobbit trying to carry fruit - with a cart on direct course to run over the little squeaky toy. Elsys acted fast and Janus hopped onto a nearby fence to watch her. In a sort of action mode, Elsys did a swordsman's roll into the hobbit to save the tiny thing from the big wooden wheel. Sure enough she caught the hobbit and defended her from impact, but Elsys was pretty sure she heard one of the vegetables get crushed. Elsys was knelt over with the hobbit in her arms, and held close to her chest - for the hobbit's safety, of course. Shame about the vegetables.

    "Janus, get back here." And sure enough the bearded drake waddled over and hopped up onto Elsys' shoulder. Like a scaly cat with the occasional hair on his chin. With goggles. Of course, he didn't speak when anybody else besides Elsys was around.

    Elsys put the little hobbit down and strided up to the cart and defiantly stood in front of it. She thought about killing the horses, but she had a facade to uphold. "Ach, you daft in the head or a murderous summin or other? You almost hit a hobbit witcha cart ya damned fogged!" Of course, she didn't exactly say 'fogged' but it's more socially acceptable than what she actually said. The cart driver gave her an insolent snarl and snapped the horses' reigns, but Elsys being in the way made them simply winny. The anger was plain on her face as she drew her well-sharpened old cutlass and twirled it around. "Ya wanna try 'at again?" And in her mind, Elsys thought, it's amazing what the world is coming to, when a pirate has better morals than an honest citizen.
  19. As Prim was set down, the hobbit began to collect herself. She saw to her dismay that more vegetables had been damaged, and their owner returned, looking aghast.

    "I'm so sorry," Prim stammered, viewing the destruction as Elsys confronted the cart driver. All her life Prim was taught to take good care of food, so it could take good care of her. She hoped to make it up to the woman in some way, and pulled her pack open. Fortunately the bundle tied to the stick had been wedged to her shoulder in the confusion, and had not been damaged. Prim pulled out her wild-berry cordial and offered it to the woman.

    "Here," Prim said, "take this. I hope your vegetables are okay." The disgruntled woman accepted the bottle and went to retrieve her basket. The hobbit turned toward the woman who had snatched her out of the way.

    It was the outlandish woman Prim had spotted before, and she seemed to have some sort of gecko with her. Prim wasn't used to being picked up, and it would have been unnerving if she hadn't been focused on vegetables at the time. Now that she thought of it, it was too early for squash. She wondered how it had been grown...maybe it was a new variety. Prim scratched her head and turned, thinking to ask the woman, but she was gone.

    The hobbit became alarmed as the pirate drew her sword. "G'day, sir!" she hollered, and waved to the driver in a way that signalled he could go around the fierce woman. "Mam," she said, trying to break up any possible conflict by distracting them both at once, "I guess I should thank you for intervening." "My name is Primrose," she continued, "Boulder." She looked to the stranger politely, expecting a name in return, though in truth she would prefer to remain at a distance from the threatening under-dressed stranger.
  20. Well it appeared that a little bit of help was needed. With steady unhurried steps Ren approached, the tap of her staff heralding her presence as she moved quietly along. It seemed that there were quite a lot of people gathering around although from what she had heard and what she could sense none of them were healers, although the girl that had arrived with the other guy seemed to be tinkering with something, although she was not concentrating enough to make out what it was. As she got closer she felt eyes upon her but several taps from her staff showed her that it the eyes did not below to the group. No there was someone else, someone close by, hiding amongst the bushes. But that was not what she was concerned about, no right now she would worry about the person in need of assistance.

    "Prehaps I can help." She said. Although her voice was soft it was firm and all the while she moved closer to the prom figure. She reached the draconian the same time that a strange little metal creature did. There was something about the way that it skittered along that made her skin crawl and as she got close she used the very edge of her staff to gently tap it on the side. In truth it was more of an curious tap, at this range a tap like this one could possibly let her see what was going on inside a contraption like this. But apparently the little machine did not appreciate the tap and promptly tipped over and curled into a tight ball. For a moment she tilted her head in slight confusion but was quick to shrug the little machine off.

    Dropping to one knee she placed her staff on the ground and reached out to place one hand flat on the man's ribcage. Then with the other hand she gently tapped all around his rib cage with her knuckle. Bending forward she listened to the reverberations, looking for things that were out of place or damaged.

    "Hmm, there is bruising but I can hear no immidiatly threats." she said, more to herself than any of the others. This was a good sign, and it mean. That she could move directly onto healing this man's head. Gentl she reached up with one hand and placed her palm on his forehead, her thumb and pinky finger resting against opposite temples. For a second it looked like nothing was happening but then a small white glow appeared around the outline of Ren's hand. It was a very faint light something that could easily be missed in he bright spring sun but it was there none the less. Several long seconds passed by and finally she removed her hand. The only sign that it had worked were the bruises that were now starting to look as though they were several days old. Without pausing Ren shifted herself to reach back towards the draconian's tail. And again after a second's delay there was a faint white glow outlining her hand. But this time as she worked the effect was much more obvious, for the tail itself carefully straightened out, the kink resolving itself into a much more natural curve.

    "He will be sore but I healed what was needed." She said. Using her staff to push herself to her feet Ren swayed slightly as she regained her balance. Healing always left her feeling light headed, at least this particular case had not needed a huge amount of energy.
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