REALLY Want A GOOD LONG TERM Doctor Who Role Play

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  1. Email-
    Aim- Vivifiend

    Well, title says it all......

    I am all caught up with the new Doctors 9-12. I would happily ask you to play one of those for me. OR if you wish 1-8 or even the War Doctor. No matter to me . I am open just behind....I have seen drips and drabs of the old classic eps. I am normally a OC and whoever else. AIE-Jack, River, Master, Missy, Donna, ect. It depends on the Doctor you are playing ;p.
  2. i know its a long shot.....
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  3. Yep, Doctor Who fan here!

    Also looking for a long term DW RP'er too.
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  4. I'm into Who. I generally write for the 10th, 11th, or 12th Doctor. (I usually let my partner choose, depending on what they're looking to do.)

    Definitely interested in long term play.

    Feel free to hit me up!
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  5. Mailed you both!
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