Really newbie question...



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Ok, so I've NEVER RP'd before, but I really, really want to learn and I have always wanted to learn. But browsing through all the RPs in the forum, it looks so intimidating!! I don't know where to start, I don't know if I could come up with a character that's half as good as anyone elses, I don't know if I could think up paragraphs to write about - I'm just very lost >.< I have a mentor teaching me how to roleplay (thanks! ^.^) but I'd like to get started and try a real one. I just don't know where or how to start...

Don't be intimidated. The major point about RPing on Iwaku is about having fun and sharing your ideas with others.
So really all you have to do is post up your character in mind for the RP in the OOC. If the GM(s) find something not to their liking, they'll just tell you to alter it.
What most GMs really look for is reliable and steady RPers who does not dissappear all of a sudden.

Like you say, you already have a mentor, but if you feel you need a second opinion, check with the staff.
Oh, I recommend the Jump In roleplays to start, or a OnexOne role play (your mentor more than likely will be willing to start one with you and guide you along the way).

I personally started in the Jump Ins, because they seemed the least intimidating and don't require you to have your character completely thought out so there doesn't feel like a huge pressure to be an experienced role player ^^' Although it appeared that way, the people who role play in the Jump Ins are still very advanced and experienced, which is great cause they can give you a feel of how to roleplay.

My best advice is to just jump into a roleplay and do it. It's the best way to get comfortable!