Really need more RPs...

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  1. I always have ideas. But apparently I suck at coming up with something a potential partner might love as much as I do. So I figure, just post some of my favorite ideas and you could choose if you like one and we can go from there.

    Something else, though... I'm looking for someone moderately active. Maybe at least two to three posts a day. I understand if it can't be done sometimes. And I'd be okay with maybe a day going by, but it depends on how many RPs I have. I might get needy if none of my other RPs see movement, the more RPs I have, the less I'm begging you to reply... Also. If you get bored or uninterested in the slightest in a RP please, PLEASE tell me. There's nothing I hate more than being ignored. I'd rather try to work out something better or more exciting than sit there waiting for a response that will never come. That's pretty much it. Here's my ideas:

    1) I guess this would be like romance/action and humor, because I always love throwing humor in there. Anyway, I was thinking a wanted criminal on the run takes a girl hostage, dragging her along instead of killing her. Then a Stockholm Syndrome type of thing happens where she forgets the fact he's bad and does anything in her power to help him. She doesn't want to admit it though, so she finds ways to earn his trust without letting him know she's a slave to him... I have more details on this one.

    2) I also have more details on this one, but here's a mini description: _____ looses a younger sibling to some sort of murderer or pedophile, point is it's a horrible death. So ____ blames self and makes it a goal to find the murderer and kill him/her. Their best friend goes along for the ride to support em. Like I said, I have more details...

    3) This girl is the most innocent thing you'll ever meet. She was never popular, never been in a relationship, straight A student. But it's her senior year and she's invited to a party. She goes, but she was naive, never expected getting her drink spiked... Well, she ends up pregnant, and alone in the world until she meets Mr Cool guy. Who she keeps the pregnancy a secret from... I can go deeper into this one too.

    4) Zombies.

    5) Someone wakes up in a hospital. They don't know who they are or where they came from. They didn't have any sort of identification either, so basically life's starting over again. But they won't settle until they've discovered their past. How they ended up in the hospital and why without an ID. A local family with a farm offers up shelter in return for work and eventually someone gets close to someone else and blah blah blah...

    6) Seriously, I can go on. If the previous ideas didn't catch your attention, message me anyways, I'll offer up more. Just need some distractions(AKA Roleplays).
  2. I really love the first idea that you have. It's very interesting to me and I'd love to see how it plays out
  3. Awesome! You wanna try it out? Send me a message :D
  4. I like the idea of number 5. Would you be willing to try it out? If not that is one hundred per cent fine with me.

  5. Of course I wanna try it out!
  6. I would like to try out number 3
  7. Hello! I like the sound of 1 and 2. Though I don't know if I can promise multiple posts per day, and depending on my schedule a day or two may go by, especially when school picks back up in September.
  8. I like the ideas 4 & 5.