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    Ardelle Hawthorne wore a peach hoop skirt dress with black lace trimmings, her long blonde hair was half way tied up in a bun while the rest of it lay across her back curled. As she walked the streets alone she pulled on her black cloack, feeling the winter chill in the air. She gathered her hair to one side and pulled on the black hood to cover her face. She wanted to be left alone while she walked to her house.

    Her small feet hit the dirt road softly and silently while she shuffled in her dress across the road and towards the darkness that stretched from the town to her house. Her house was located in the middle of two towns, one abandoned and one full of people. She had no neighbors and she lived alone. Ardelle's mother and father died in a fire two years ago and left their fortune to the only living Hawthorne left in the bloodline. Ardelle doesn't have any other living relatives, but she doesn't mind being alone. She always thought she was a burden to the people in her life.

    Ardelle was born in a weak condition and she's never been fully healthy. She bruises and gets ail rather easily and finds it hard to do day to day tasks on her bad days.

    Today was a good day though. Ardelle managed to walk to town and socialize with a few store owners who provided her food shipped directly to her house, since often she couldn't get into town.

    Ardelle was nearing home but still walked in the dark path that led to her house, which had one lit candle in the window so she could see it from her path. But the closer Ardelle got the more she started to get a sinking feeling in her gut and began to worry, but she wasn't sure what she was worried about.
  2. Solaris awoke with a jolt, his heart beat fast. It was dark..... silent, where was he? He took a look around and quickly examined that he was in the room for patients in a hospital, but everything was empty and silent, nothing stirred and the walls were burnt to a crisp while the floor was melted away,what had happened here. Trying to get of the bed he lay and stand up, he fell to his knees. He must have been out for quite some time if his muscles were currently this week, it toolkit by surprise that he was even able to get back up again, taking stead steps he started towards the door leading of into the main part of the hospital, were all the nurses and other patients should be there was only black burnt shadows on the ground, all resembling people. It almost reminded him of a disaster scenario, what scared him the most was how calm he was acting, not flinching at the everything seemed so sinister and cynical, at least he was thinking of the good thing and not the bad things.

    As he walked, Solaris noticed that each time his foot touched the floor it turned white, the black marks disappearing into thin air, almost as if it was undone. He lead himself at a steady pace out of the hospital and onto the streets feeling as he looked back and noticed that the path he went had created something odd, a path... line that seemed to clean everything, but it stopped as he had stepped outside. He turned in circles to inspect his scenery, everything! Even the buildings were burnt and black, there was no plant life, other then the black crispy oak trees dotted through out the town, had he woken up to some night mare, Solaris dared to believe this idea, even if it was the opposite of reality. He tried making sense of it all, but as he dug deep a blinding flash blinded him, causing him to kneel in pain "hello..... is that a person" his voice sounded strange, almost as if he had never heard it before. But as his voice echoed down the city there was no reply, and the light so brilliant a second ago now dissipated and returned to darkness, all that was left from it was heat on his skin.

    Sol shook with anticipation, he wanted to know what had happened, he wanted to learn. To many un answered questions popping up in his head, it all felt so sickening to know that you had no clue what was happening, wanting to escape sol started to run, and everything around him noticed this, the wind picked up it speed as if to cheer him on, the ground shook clapping at his desire and the moon shined brighter as it smiled at him, sol noticed none of this though. As he ran he found himself outside of the town, which had one road leading out of it, this perplexed him, why would you only have one way, unless you want total control of that town, he tried not to ponder on this thought to much, for as he was running he saw a couple of lights hidden away behind some trees in the distance. Hope jumped in his chest, maybe the people here knew what happened to him, what happened to the place he had woken up in.

    As he drew near to the house he noticed that he could not stop running, actually he was running faster, the wind was whistling through his ears, then no sound. He wondered where it went, as he ran faster and faster he came closer to the house "oh god..... OH GOD.... how do I stop????" But he had no answer to this, so he tried to jump and he flew, soared, right into the side of the house, it hurt, his muscles a he'd protest as he tumbled into the house. He stopped rolling and hit his head on a wall, pain... but it was so sudden it brought a fuzzy sensation, and black started to cloud his vision.

    His body relaxed as he fell into sleep, he didn't want to fall into another sleep he wanted to stay awake, but he fell into the void of sleep unable to resist the awestruck of night.
  3. As Ardelle came within feet of her house a blur came rushing by, she didn't even have time to process it before it hit the side of her house and went in. Ardelle let out a little screetch and picked up her skirts in her hands. Her hands full of the fabrics of her dress and cloak she ran into her house. Looking around she saw a human, a male human, laying on the ground. 'A human? Was that blur really a human? Why is he in my house? How did that happen? He was hardly even a blur before he hit my house, he basically was nothing. And now he's here. He looks hurt. I guess I can care for him, but I'll have to be careful.'

    Ardelle walked over to the male, Sol, and kneeled down to him. She touched her long thin fingers to his forehead, she looked down at him and blinked her blue eyes before standing.

    Ardelle went to the washroom in her house and grabbed a tan cloth, poured some water onto the cloth to dampen it, and then went back to the male and put the cold cloth on his forehead. She wanted to move the man to someplace more comfortable but she wasn't the strongest female ever and doubted she could lift his weight. So instead she fetched a throw blanket and a quilt. She rolled up the throw blanket and placed it underneath his head very gently then threw the quilt on top of him to keep him warm.

    When she finished making him comfortable she went and got a small rapier she kept in her house in case of an intruder. She sat on the floor next to male with the rapier across her lap, in case he woke and showed to be a threat to her.
  4. sol slowly opened his eyes as he felt cold run through him, it was slightly comforting almost as if it was jolting him back into reality, he looked back and forth and jumped up within an instant, why was there a cloth on him, and who had put cold water on his forehead, he looked around and instantly realized that he must be in the house he accidentally broke into for a girl sat in front of him, a rapier in her lap. Did she think him dangerous, or was she just being cautious. Trying to stand straight and seem normal he smiled " hi....umm I am very sorry about that" his voice was soft and gentle as he looked back at the wreckage he had made, he wondered if she was mad at him for that, maybe even furious. Hell she probably wanted to hurt him for what he had done, but sol thought this over, this type of thinking was illogical so he dismissed his thought's and took the chair beside the girl, what was odd was that he did not even have to touch the chair to get it to him, it just seemed to float and then land right behind him as he sat down, this came to not shock him though, he thought this normal, for everything he ever knew was just a black void of nothingness that made him feel empty on the inside. he felt his emotions switching to a more moody version of himself, he had no reason to be that way but it was like a switch of a light, " im sorry this may seem rude..... but may i know your name" he spoke to her in a soft tone yet again, he in no way want to frighten this girl, the first person he had seen in his entire life. he wanted answers to all the things he was asking, but he knew that would be a bit overwhelming, so he kept his tongue in his mouth and waited for her response.

    As he waited he inspected the house, there was not much except for two to three room's, which he guessed only one held a bed, he was not saying that this lady had no wife, but she acted in the way a widow or loner would act, cautious and careful. That was not bad though, it was actually the type of person he needed right know logical and idealistic, thinking straight and forward. He glanced to the side and noticed that the kitchen was considerable small, another hint that she lived by herself, don't need a big dining area or cooking area for one person. this seemed to suit her though, her small frame fit everything in her home, and he thought it was adorable, as he looked at her he found at how cute she was, yet so frail as if she would break just by getting touched. Everything that encompassed her seemed to be so small yet so proud and strong. He wondered what type of person she was, was she the mean type or was the the nice type, he was expecting the worst though for he had almost destroyed her whole house. Many people would be angered by that, but maybe she would be different.

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  5. For the first time Ardelle looked up and noticed the wreckage, but it was only after it was pointed out to her. She felt her heart skip a beat, slightly confused at how she had managed to miss that whole. But it didn't matter, the male seemed like he was alright. And when she looked back to where he was previously sitting he was suddenly gone and in the chair.

    Ardelle stood up, putting the rapier down on the ground. So far he talked nicely to her and showed no sign of threats, therefore carrying around a weapon would be silly. Ardelle turned to him and blinked a few times in astonishment as he told her he knew her name. She was confused by this male but was also very curious about him. She didn't feel like he meant her harm so she didn't mind him wandering around her house. To her, he seemed like a curious creature much like herself. And for that reason alone she respected him.

    So as he examined her house she examined the large whole in the whole. Yes, it was quite the mess. Bricks everywhere and some shattered glass. Ardelle made sure to carefully walk through the wreckage while holding her skirts. She cocked her head to one side before she turned around and finally spoke to the male,

    "So, as you said you know, I am Ardelle Hawthorne. But the actual question is, who are you? And no, I don't mind the wreckage. Though I will need a way to fix it. I don't want strangers wandering into my home at night time. That would terrifying for me and I don't know if I actually have the guts to use that rapier." Ardelle batted her blue eyes at him and then inhaled real quick, her cheeks blushing at her rudeness, "Oh! I'm so sorry. I'm being awfully rude here. Do you need anything? Don't worry about answering my questions or helping me fix this. You seem hurt and a little lost. And that's far more important then my wall." She spoke only a little louder then a whisper, she didn't use her voice much and talking loud was very difficult for her. Some would say she's just shy, but really Ardelle just had no reason to have conversations with anyone. Although she was paranoid about first impressions and feared she had made an awfully poor one. After all he had woken up to see her with a rapier and her first words she spoke weren't loud and, in Ardelle's opinion, a little rude.

    'Oh boy. This will be interesting.'

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  6. Solaris grinned, she did say she needed help with the wall and his cockiness took a hold of him, sitting up he walked over to the wreckage and lifted his hands, focusing hard he thought of the word repair, and slowly each brick, each piece of wood mended itself and lifted into the air. This was all normal for sol, for he never knew that these things were not to be possible, as the the wreckage lifted into the air it started to float to its origin place and fixed itself, it only took a couple of seconds but sol's eyes he saw it in hours, he was awed at how beautiful simple things could be " well no more strangers breaking, although I am still here....... and I am Solaris Lefiace" he outstretched his arm to her as if saying hi without using words. turning to look her in the eyes, he recognized something weird.

    her eyes.

    Sol was thrown into blackness before realizing what was happening, he was seeing something that had happened to him, all around was black, but the smell of smoke and fire filled his nostrils, it was pungent and strong and it made him feel as if he was about to suffocate, he tried to yell for help but his voice caught in his throat, he looked left, right but he could see nothing.... but then a spark, a flame in the distance, it was brief flash of light right before.... everything goes white and now its and empty room, the room he awoke in but there were people, and he was in there to, but people were around him and they had worried faces, as if something bad had happened, he looked at himself. And he was shocked to see that he had scars all over his body and blood staining his clothes. What had happened to him? what had taken place before this, what was he to do with this new information.

    jolting back to reality, he realized her eyes reminded of him of the nurses eyes, filled with fear yet curiosity. This did not really take him by surprise, it actually calmed him down, now he knew someone was worrying about him, but worry caused stress, so he needed to make her stop this, so without thinking he lunged forward disregarding the handshake and embraced her in a hug, mos things sol did were pretty insane but he though this one took his actions to new extremes!
  7. Adrelle watched in astonishment as Sol went to work on the wall. Within seconds her house had been repaired, every brick and every piece of wood. Adrelle's heart pounded in fear an anxiousness, but with so much curiosity in her heart she reminded herself to breath. He didn't mean harm, whoever he was. He obviously could have gotten what he wanted by now, but he hadn't asked anything of her. It made her trust him.

    And he fixed her wall. Which was rather nice.

    But as Sol introduced himself and out reached his hand, she felt strange. She made eye contact with him and suddenly was at a loss of breath. It was like someone was suffocating her and she couldn't catch her breath. His eyes made her think about what his past could possibly be. Why he possessed such powers and how has he coped with them is whole life? Suddenly she felt a rush of pain and fear for Sol. She couldn't explain the experience, she didn't see anything as she lift her hand to shake his, she just felt something come off of him. Emotions. Pain. Fear.

    And Adrelle began to worry. Her heart sunk deeper into her chest. And before she could give him her hand, she felt him wrap his arms around her in a hug. It had been a long time since anyone had really touched her or showed her compassion. Hugs seemed like a foreign concept to her, but at this moment, it felt right. In a silly childish way it mad e her relax and breath again.

    "Sol?" She spoke his name like a question, softly.
  8. He held her tight against his embrace, she was warm, she smelt nice, and everything in the world seemed to melt away at her touch. It just felt right, as if it was meant to be. "I....I am sorry.... I just" his voice was soft again, almost silent. Tears started to roll down his face and his body was racked in emotional stress, why had this flashback caused him so much distress, what was it about him being in hospital bed asleep with those people around him that cause him to be this way? trying to pull himself from adrelle he let out a deep sigh, his eyes were puffy and red from the tears rolling down his face, but for some reason he was smiling, as if something were making him joyous, was adrelle making him this way, she was impacting his very attitude, and he liked it, he liked being influenced. "why do you make me feel this way, i have only been awake for almost seven hours yet, you have made my emotions run raw" it sounded like a love confession, he hoped she would not take it to seriously, but he felt as if he needed her

    Trying to stand, he found his muscles weak, as if the flash back had taken it all out of. Moving was unnecessary though, right know he needed to figure out what had happened to the town he had woken up in " do you know about the empty town about a mile from here, why is it empty" it was a blunt queston, but it needed to be asked, he hated just asking weird things in a moment of joy, but he wanted to know.... no he needed to know, the reason was unclear to him, but something in the pit of his heart was telling him to find out about that town.

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  9. Ardelle wasn't sure if she felt comfortable or not. She wanted to think logically about all of this and she was probably crazy for not kicking him out by now. It was funny though, she had been alone for two years now. She rarely talked to people or went out of the house. She had been hoping, no praying, for someone to come into her life. As much as she loved the quiet hours and the long days where she could do what she wanted, she still missed company.

    As Sol pulled away Ardelle smiled at him and took her thumbs and brushed some of his tears away. She listened carefully to him, he sounded like he was making some kind of love confession. But Ardelle didn't believe in love at first sight, or first touch, so she took it lightly. Maybe he too just needed company like Ardelle needed. She couldn't help but be a little confused by the fact that he had only been awake for 7 hours now, but at the same time it made sense. He didn't seem to have much social skills so Ardelle took it in lightly, part of her still screamed to kick him out.

    But then he mentioned the town close by her house, the one with no inhabitants. Nobody spoke of that town in years. It was something everyone saw but nobody ever mentioned, like it could kill you by talking about it. Ardelle stepped back and looked at him curiously, he must have been asleep for awhile if this is true. Because almost everyone knew what had happened,it hadn't have happened far to long ago.

    Ardelle tried to use her words, but found it difficult to speak. For Ardelle had once lived in that town.

    So she pulled up two wooden chairs, noticing earlier Sol was weak. "Sit." She said softly, almost in a demand but no quite.

    "There are a lot of myths surrounding that town. But mostly-" Ardelle took a deep breath, "Mostly the hospital." Ardelle looked down and played with her thumbs before continuing, trying to get her thoughts straight, "I don't know everything. Nobody does. But from what I know the hospital in that town, the town being called Kalimna, had a lot of patients at one point. I was one of them when I was much younger and it was a nice place. One day though, a notice was sent that everyone had to be evacuated from Kalimna as soon as possible. Something happened in the hospital and it was closed down immediately. It was weird, that day, I was there in town. Everyone was panicked, but I felt peacefully. I had been to that hospital so many times and I couldn't imagine a threat coming from it." Ardelle suddenly got chills and pulled her arms close to her chest to warm her, "Most of the wards in the hospital were evacuated, but some were not. I heard screams coming from the hospital." Ardelle's voice got quieter, "I'm pretty sure people were dying in there."

    Ardelle looked up at Sol, she had a little more information but was to scared to share it. And all this talking was leaving Ardelle without breath. Quickly she changed her glance to look down for she started to cough weakly and her head started to spin, she wasn't getting enough oxygen. So she tried to take a few deep breaths, after a minute she was mostly alright.
  10. "That is were I woke up" his voice became deep and dark, what had happened there, had he done something horrible to those people, his eye fluttered and changed a new color, a glowing golden amber> he did not notice it at first but when he looked at the ground he noticed that the place he was staring was lighted a little bit, finding this odd he look at andrelle and cocked his head " are my eyes glowing" as he asked this a intense pain shot through his entirety, it felt like he was on fire and melting at the same time, but nothing was happening, nothing was changing his body composure, but maybe it was on the inside. Maybe he was changing on the inside, heat filled the room and he started to smell smoke, he looked down to see his clothes start to burn and he shivered as the pain intensified and made his body shake uncontrollably, he was scared off what might happen to her, he was scared only for her, for she was the only one he had right know. Trying to turn from her, he noticed something new, way to many things popping up, at least that's what he thought, on the palms of his hand the words 'you monster' formed on his hands, you on his left palm and monster on his right, was he doing this, was he taking to himself. He was trying to make sense of it but nothing seemed to connect. As his body progressed with its transformation, a pain on top of his head started to form as well as his teeth, he brought his hands to his head and noticed small sharp bumps form underneath his skin, and as it progressed he started to scream in pain, what was this. why was his body changing all of the sudden, his teeth protruded and he felt them pass through his tongue as he tried biting down, he let out another scream but it only came out in a silent gasp. And after a minute of this it all stopped, the floor around him burnt, and all was silent, except for the weeping sol was uttering "why.....why.....why" he knew why the city had turned into a dead empty hollow hole, it was his fault, he had killed them all, the realization brought him to tears, why would he do such a thing. He hated himself, he wanted to die, but something kept him from thinking of that, her. Andrelle the stranger that had taken him in, the one that seemed wary yet curios of him, could he really put his trust in her.... could she really put her trust in him. These things to consider, would he accidentally kill her, or would she try to kill him, he was being paranoid and he knew it, but that is what he was, he could not keep himself from thinking this way " im sorry........ I was the one" but he could not bring himself to say it, his voice wavered and broke, it made him feel like a child, which he most likely looked like. He wanted her to know of him as her helper, but now it seemed that he was the one in need of help most off all, funny was it not, the most frail takes care of something so strong, but maybe it was backwards, maybe andrell was much stronger then him. She had such a strong composure it would surprise him if this girl could not face the devil himself.

    Standing, he tried to accustom to the changes performed to his body, he had new sharp teeth and he had two horns that slightly curled atop his head, he felt different somehow, as if he was stronger. he stood and sit down again, his body still shaking a little from trauma. He wanted to know if he looked really different, but he had no idea if andrelle even had a mirror " andrelle? do i look different, i can feel the changes, but did it make a big difference, also that hurt.... a lot!" he tried to make it seem as normal as possible, but yet again he found himself shocked at how dangerous his emotions and powers could be, he did weird things but could this count as him doing something, he could not tell. But he would try to keep that from ever happening again, because when he went through it he felt like he was burning alive.
    Feeling calmer yet with the feeling of heat still on his skin sol looked around, he had burnt a part of her house again, he had caused her so much trouble it caused him to freak out, would she be able to tolerate the abuse he was most likely to inflict on her house? would she be able to tolerate the way he changed ever so often, he doubted her strength know, he knew that she was strong enough on the inside, but was she strong enough on the outside. Would she break if he touched her. Would she cry if he was rude to her, would he make her cry, he feared all of these things, so he would tried to stay away from them, thngs in life seemed to always go for the worse, so he would just have to change that.
  11. Ardelle's heart raced faster and faster and fear slowly over took her. She tried to breath deep breaths, but this was all before he started to change. It was funny, the transformation Sol was making right in front of her was not the thing that scared her. No, it was the fire the burned in his eyes and scolded black floor that was left behind. It reminded her of the fire her parents were caught in, the day they died. And she felt an intense flash back of the night.

    They hadn't left the town, her mother pushed her father to leave with them. Her father had refused though. He had been born and raised in this town. Many other people refused to leave also, he figured if the threat was in the hospital then it would stay in the hospital. But they were all wrong. Ardelle never understood how the fire started, but everyone's house who had decided to stay in Kalimna had burnt down. Ardelle remembered being on the top floor of the house when a fire started below. Her parents screamed her name, making their way to the the stairs to get her. But in the matter of seconds the stairs had burnt up and the whole bottom floor was covered in fire. Ardelle, being in a sickly state, had only one option of escape- the window. Ardelle knew if she could climb out of the window and grab onto a tree that grew directly by, she could scale down the tree and escape alive. But as the fire grew and reached it flames upstairs Ardelle couldn't see from the smoke and as she climbed out of the window she passed out from lack of oxygen. She fell all the way to the ground and woke up many hours later in a foreign town with big eyes looking at her. Their at the hospital she had learned of all the deaths in town and how she was the only one alive.

    Ardelle never understood why she was left alive. Whatever set fire to her house, and many other houses, should have killed her. But as she looked at Sol she knew then that this is why she had to be alive.

    But having conformation on why she was left alive did not help her to breath steady as she witnessed Sol transform. She started to hyperventilate and she had to grab onto her knees to help her steady herself. Head down with white knuckles she reminded herself how to breath. Finally when Ardelle caught her breath she looked up at Sol. Most people would have run, but Ardelle wasn't normal.

    She stood up and let out a small smile as she reached for one of Sol's changed hands. Delicately grabbing it and putting his hand on top of her own hand she patted it and spoke kindly, "Your physical appearance has changed. But that doesn't mean your heart has changed." Ardelle laughed lightly, "Your still the boy that ran into my house and broke my wall."
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