Reality vs. Imagined reality

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Morals; would this be an idea for people in a coma?

  1. Yes; it gives the person a chance to live something other than the vegetable state they are in now

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  2. No; I don't think that this qualifies as true life

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  3. I don't know. I guess it would depend on the family

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  4. I have to think about it. Will comment my answer

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  1. So, I was meditating and something hit me, a question that I myself am still trying to figure out.

    Say if someone made a booth, with all your physical needs in it such as a waste system, self bathing, food, water through IV, etc, that created a life outside of the one you live. Like you live a whole new life within that booth, live a wide range of possibilities, and you have the chance to relive your life. But you can not leave the booth unless you are sure that this is not the life you wished for.

    This was only meant for a glimpse, but you could choose to stay in the booth for the rest of your physical life. Your body ages yet the imagined reality version of you, does not. You risk seeing your death happen as a young man/woman/other rather than aging gracefully.

    And the one stipulation to this; if your loved ones have not joined another booth, you would live your life without them, but you face a whole new way of life here.

    Which would you choose? the life you live now, or an imagined life where you'll never be criticized for your actions?

    Personally, I think I'd rather live the life I am now. Yeah, that booth idea sounds like it'd be a riot, but what kind of life would that be? Think about it. I mean, you live a careless free life of nothing but success, and you'd probably make new friends there. But what about the life you lived here, better or for worse? Living in an imagined world seems to be a wish come true, but we often times forget the good in our lives until it it too late to go back and fix it.
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  2. I also choose The life I already live. I'm an artist...I wouldn't be able to survive or know happiness without the criticism of others upon me. I wouldn't feel challenged or strive for anything. I wouldn't feel the need or want to better myself for the whole of everything.

    I like feeling these things very much, they make me feel stronger, and inwardly resilient.

    I need to age, I already have an old soul in this young body, I couldn't do it.

    I need to feel pain, I need to sleep away sadness, and most importantly I must rise above it. Overcome what sets me back, and Learn anything and everything that I can and Share it with everyone willing to see it.
    why live in one dream world when I can pull any dream I want into reality, shape it into stone, draw it line for line, or blend it into color. I, in fact, Fear the very Idea of this. For it reminds me of the matrix, or that one bruce campbell movie. The power of the mind is undermined and reality is half hidden at all times.

    I refuse to imagine living without all the ups and downs of reality.

    Although >.>
    I would LOVE to see what it is like from the eyes of a hunting lioness.

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  3. You know how when you're dreaming, stuff can seem pretty real, but there's always that "off" feeling about it? I think a fake reality like that would probably have the same feeling to it. o__o

    I wouldn't wanna live in a fake reality. I looooove my fantasyland and my daydreaming but it's still not the real thing, and would feel kinda empty and hollow.

    I dun think I would wanna do this to coma patients either. o__o What if they came out of it and were traumatized forever? Forced to live their "real" life, leaving behind something they loved more? It's craaaazy.

    But if someone wanted to do it by choice, they can have at it.
  4. I prefer the life I already have. True it would be awesome to live in a world were you always succeed, but what is the point? There would be no such thing as "hard work" and people would just get everything right, but you forget, there is pleasure when getting things wrong. When you get things wrong, it could be any type of mistake, if it is a mistake were you couldn't think properly, you would laugh it off with your friends, if it is a mistake were you really don't understand, people would help you and try to help you learn something new. If life was perfect, then all of us could be Albert Einstein if we wanted to, but how boring is that? To be in a world were you don't make a single mistake, to be in a world were everything people do is right? You will never try anything knew, you will only do the same thing over and over again, and I quote from Albert Einstein "Anybody who never made a mistake, never tried anything new" and that is basically how that dimension/reality works. Each one of us are different, we shouldn't all be able to solve everything on the first try, if we could, what would be the point of teachers, tutors, and schools? They would just be a thing that had no use to be here. The life we have is precious, we will never have another chance to replace it, it is a one time chance and we should respect that. Our lives effect everyone around us, and will change their lives as well if we change our life. We won't get a second chance to replace this life when you really regret choosing a perfect life, so I prefer the life I currently have, no matter what may come, the life I have is precious, and I could never ask to replace it.
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