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  1. Hate it?


    No haters allowed! We're here to gush over our guilty pleasure television, and cheer for our favourite personalities!

    I don't watch a lot of reality TV myself, but I got linked to Stripsearch (COMIC strips, ya perv), which one of my favourite comic artists competed in, and now I'm hooked.

    So I wanna know, what kind of reality TV do you watch? Is it a competition type show? A slice of life? I NEED TO KNOW!
  2. Usually it's shows where people compete or does weird shit that can really go to hell if they're not careful. The latest reality TV show I've followed (I am following it right now actually) is a Swedish show where five teens and five old people (65+) shall live under the same roof and get along. The teens (who actually are in their 20s) are so stupid sooo often o.O WHY ARE THEY THE FACE OF MY GENERATION? D: I like one of the teens and a few of the old people. Oh, and they also compete with each other and against each other. Two weeks ago, one teen and one elder had to team up, the elder had to use a GPS without help from the teen and the teen had to read a map without help from the elder xD It was hilarious to see. (I would totally fail on map reading..)
  3. This sounds amazing
  4. Yeah, too bad they only speak Swedish and doesn't have subtitles, otherwise I would totally link it xD It's really funny.
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  5. I'm quite partial to Face Off. I feel like it straddles the line of drama and creativity quite nicely.
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  6. I don't watch a ton of reality TV, but, there's one show I really do love... although the only time I've ever heard this show mentioned anywhere else, it always gets bashed, so I realize this is probably an unpopular opinion, but...

    King of the Nerds.

    Every season they take a bunch of nerds and have them compete in nerd-based challenges, eliminating each other from the game until only one remains to be called the King of the Nerds. Pretty straightforward, right? Most of the hate I see it getting usually revolves around people saying that it's just another oversimplification of nerd culture, or that it just makes fun of nerds and puts them on display to be laughed at, but honestly, I feel like it's the exact opposite.

    Probably the most amazing part of the show is the constant acknowledgement that there are different kinds of nerds. Pretty much every contestant has a specialty that's usually listed as a subtitle under their name on-screen, which can range from math/science-based specialties like "neuroscientist", "robotics expert", "mathematician", etc to more fandom-based things like "comic book nerd", "Pokemon master", "professional cosplayer", etc. (Oh, and despite being called "King" of the nerds, they have a good number of female players, too. In fact, the winners of the first two seasons were both girls, with only one guy having won thus far.) The challenges, too, also reflect this sort of mix between things, which I really like. There have also been some really creative challenges -- like one that was supposed to be sort of a cross between Tron and Mario Kart. With the contestants racing actual go-karts while being encouraged to sabotage each other. XD

    I will say though that where the more trivia-like things are concerned, it sort of seems like the producers of the show can't quite gauge how difficult any given question is, as every once in a while, absurdly easy ones come up. There was one challenge where the "final question" of a game that would determine who would win or lose between the two competing players was, "What does TARDIS stand for?". Oh, and, to make things even better, it was multiple choice. So that question got a bit of a "Really?" reaction out of me. XD

    Sometimes the challenges can be surprisingly cruel, though. Like one time, they delivered electric shocks for wrong answers. O.o And what I found amusing was that one of the contestants whispered to a teammate, "This sounds like the Milgram shock experiment..." And I just had to laugh because I was thinking the exact same thing. XD And that's another thing I like about the show -- you keep hearing contestants say nerdy things that you can laugh along with. For example, one episode featured a sort of murder mystery challenge, and one of the contestants said something like "If there's anything I've learned from Sherlock, it's details, details, details!" and I just couldn't help but laugh at just the thought of her trying to make note of every tiny detail that could help in a very Sherlock-esque fashion the entire time. XD

    Also, this is the only reality show where an eliminated contestant can choose for her parting words to quote the last words of her favorite Doctor. Never will you hear that happen anywhere else. XD

    Edit: There was also a debate challenge once. Like, a formal debate, with the topic being "Star Wars vs Star Trek". That was bloody brilliant. XD
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  7. Damn you hater haters. >:[

    ...Though, truth be told, King of the Nerds sounds like something I might take a peek at when I'm bored. :I
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  8. Obviously there isn't anything sweeter than "Life with the Kardashians", right? Cinematic gold, that.
  9. *G's tfo*
    Ultimate Banzuke is my type of Reality TV.
    Hate just about everything outside of the game show category, Reality TV wise. I dunno, Maury can get funny sometimes (even though I never watch a full 6 minutes), and if The news counts, I watch that frequently.
  10. Face Off is my shit, I've been watching every season for a few years now. It's inspired me actually, and Christmas this year may actually be getting me some tools and clay to play with and maybe make some cool faces! :D But really, I admire their talent, and their willingness to help each other is a nice break from the damn bloodthirsty people some other shows are filled with...

    King of the Nerds is alright. I only followed it closely when TheJWitts was on competing and he left way too damn early, but it's certainly a show I don't flip away from when it happens to be on. It's better than most of TV's shit >_> @Kaga-kun The people who bashed this are dumb >: [

    Married at First Sight is also interesting. Even if it is a lot of faked stuff, it has been good opening dialog between my parents and I and I personally feel it's helping me to learn about how I should handle things in relationships. And let me be honest here, watching two strangers try and live as a married couple is absolutely fascinating and entertaining.
  11. I found a Russian Reality show where people steal cars, and have to avoid cops for 35 minutes to get the car.

    I also watch a show called the First 48, which is where a Camera Crew follows Homicide detectives trying to solve murders in 48 hours in cities.
  12. Oh mean, what a heaping pile of -

    Skulks back to the darkness in which he came.
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  13. Yeah, I agree that his early departure was kind of disappointing, especially since JWitts was one of the reasons why I got into the show in the first place. The overall format of the show and the creative challenges kept me coming back, though.
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  14. Always and forever, RuPaul's Drag Race.
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  15. I've got a soft spot for singing competitions like The Voice or X-Factor. I don't watch them religiously, but I enjoy having them in the background when I'm at my mum or dad's. There's some great talent on there, and as I like to sing and love music it's sorta the perfect reality tv for me. ^^;;

    I also enjoy Grand Designs and similar shows on occasion, if that counts. My mother studied Interior Design and Architecture as a mature student when I was still a kid, and has passed down a lot of appreciation for the finer points of design to me. I actually shudder a wee bit every time I walk into my department at uni because the building is so staggeringly hideous >_>
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  16. I really enjoy the reality shows about cars like Street Outlaws.
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  17. I have to say that 48 Hours, Steve Wikos, The Voice and Hell's Kitchen are the reality shows that I watch. There are more, but I don't feel like listing them off.
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  18. I don't watch much TV at all actually, but last summer I got really into 'Face Off' a competition show on SyFy where they compete by designing amazing make-up and costumes.

    Oh, American Ninja Warrior is super entertaining.

    On rare occasions I've also been known to enjoy 'The Amazing Race'-- haven't seen it at all this year though.

    Um, I think that covers the extent of reality(ish) TV I enjoy.
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