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  1. Reality's Painful(A 1x1 with Hospes) <- (This RP takes place after Reality Stings but wanted to share it anyhow since it ties into the overall 'Nemo' story that I'm telling over the course of four 1x1s I'll be doing. The latter of which will be coming tomorrow : ) )

    When we're children, we want many things. We want a million bajillion kajillon dollars! All to spend it on things like candy, cars, or something little kids loved as much as those other things! Other kids had quite lofty goals but still ones that could reasonably be obtained like becoming a pilot or even an astronaut! Explore the skies or the depths of space were the dreams many a hopeful child had. But it didn't have to be a dream for one child in particular. As him flying over Tokyo's night sky would prove quite sufficiently.

    "Hahaha! Go faster, faster, D! This is so much fun! I can feel the wind blowing through my hair!" The lucky child in question exclaimed as he kept his arms and legs wrapped tightly around the waist of what appeared to be some kind of nightmarish creature. With massive horns and elongated claws and razor sharp fangs, he seemed like something that'd be more suited for Little Nemo's nightmares than his dreams! But this being was all too real and even more shocking? He was Nemo's best friend!

    "Now you know how I feel every night, Nemo! I may not have hair like you do but the wind feels just as great! The cool chill as I spin and glide through the air is just amazing!"

    "I wish I had wings, D!" Nemo groaned pettily as he glanced away from his friend who he had affectionately nicknamed 'D' which was of course short for demon. Which just so happened to be what our horned friend was! It's not quite clear how or why 'D' had ended up here but that didn't matter any to Nemo or whatever the demon's real name might have been. One day 'D' showed up at Nemo's window and after being invited in by the naive but kind child, 'D' began to tell him a story and the two eventually ended up collaborating and created an epic tale of a hero known simply as 'The Kid' who Nemo wanted nothing more to emulate! Much to the chagrin of 'D' and others who cared for Nemo's well-being.

    Landing on top of a skyscraper, 'D' set Nemo down as he gestured out towards Tokyo.


    "You don't need wings to be able to appreciate beauty on this magnitude, Nemo. You can walk through here as you please, go to wherever you please, and nobody would ever judge you. The sky is my domain and my domain alone. The city is meant for people like you. A place where I can not go."

    'D' explained calmly as to why his kind simply couldn't walk along Tokyo's streets. Ah, that's right. 'D' isn't the only one of his kind flying around Tokyo. But just as with 'D', nobody's aware of how they get here and what exactly they're doing here but then, nobody knows that they're here at all. Well, except for Nemo but he's not telling. Though he didn't quite understand why 'D' didn't want people knowing about him, it was Nemo's sworn duty as a best friend to make sure that information stayed just his to know! Though there was another woman who knew about D in particular but after bonding with Nemo? She kept that little factoid to herself.

    "I guess that's true, D. I don't know why because I see people weirder looking than you when Mom and I drive out to the city! But I know that someday? You'll be able to walk alongside me and we can go to the candy shop!" Nemo exclaimed boldly as D blinked but smiled at the thought. He had never had this 'candy' before but if Nemo enjoyed it? Then he'd likely enjoy it as well. Before the two could bond any further, little droplets of rain could have been seen pouring down from the dark clouds above. Quickly wrapping his arms around Nemo, D took off into the air.

    "I appreciate the thought, Nemo. It means a lot to me but you know as well as I do what your parents would think if they caught you outside while it was raining. Let's get you back home and in bed, okay?"

    The demon asked as Nemo was admittedly a bit disappointed they couldn't have continued their talk but he couldn't argue with his friend. His parents were already annoyed by him thinking there were monsters living under his bed/in his closet, he couldn't imagine the fit they'd throw if they thought he'd been out playing in the rain at night!

    Fluttering near his bedroom window, Nemo climbed off from D's waist and smiled at him.


    "I had a great night, D! Maybe tomorrow, you, me, and our other best friend can hang out!"

    "Hahahah, of course! Now, hurry to bed! You don't want to wake up feeling like a zombie do you? Braaaaaaaainsssssss..." D groaned as he held his claws out in front of him and tilted his head to the side while sticking his tongue out. Giggling at the display, Nemo closed the window up as he waved to his friend to signify 'goodnight!' As Nemo made his way off to bed, D began to fly off. Where did the demons reside? Who knew? Not even Nemo knew that much.

    Deciding to get some time to reflect on tonight's fun activities, D took a position up on one of the ledges on a high rise apartment. With his armored like skin and hunched over stature, he might as well have looked like a gargoyle statue.

    "Such a sweet kid. Too good for people like us."


    It was the honest truth as far as 'D' was concerned. Despite his monstrous appearance, 'D' or any of the other demons for that matter had little hankering to go picking a fight with humanity. One, they didn't even think that was a fight they could win and more importantly? They didn't wish to hurt anybody. They merely wished to have fun and if hiding themselves away from humans was the best avenue to take to have their fun? Then that's what they'd have to do. It almost felt bad to hiding as they were but it would have been dangerously naive to hope every human would have been as understanding and as kind as Nemo was.

    But there was a bad seed in every bunch as D would soon find out.

    "Hehehehe, done babysitting for the night, huh?"

    A new voice broke out near D. His wings flapped and his tail smashed into the side of the ledge as he slowly rose to his full height. Which given that he clocked in at around 7'3 was nothing to shake a stick at. Especially when you were the newcomer who only stood around 5'3 at best and didn't even look nearly as built as D. But something still seemed quite unnatural about this new guy. Perhaps it was the shadow-like visage with razor sharp teeth lining it.


    "...What's it to you, Cain?" D asked warily as his tail stayed arced upward. Clearly an aggressive gesture but it didn't seem to wipe the grin off Cain's face as he stepped forward, seemingly uncaring of the water pouring down upon him from above. "Well, now I don't gotta wait until you're done with the little rugrat before I can gobble him down, bones and all, hehehehe!"

    "....What?!" D exclaimed as he seemed horrified at the very thought! He knew Cain hadn't exactly been a star pupil among the others but that statement was way out of line! But the offensiveness of his statement seemed absolutely lost on Cain who simply kept moving forward as if he didn't have a care in the world.

    "Oh, spare me the theatrics, Astaroth! We're already scurrying around like rats from these pinkies! Don't you think it'd be fun if we took a young one and just nibbled him down limb to limb? Start off at the arm, end at the legs..." Drool could have been seen dripping down from Cain's fangs as he took one step off the roof and then another. For a normal being this would have meant death but Cain simply floated there as he looked over his shoulder at D/Astaroth with those cold yellow eyes.

    "If it'd make it more palatable, I can read him a story as I'm gulping down his flesh. The story of how one little human boy made a demon's night and his dinner!" Bursting out laughing at his own twisted sense of humor, Cain started to fly off only to be stopped as Astaroth flew in front of his path.


    "You're not going anywhere near Nemo, Cain. Not as long as I'm still breathing. What's wrong with you?! He's been nothing to kind to us and you...You reward his kindness by brutally killing him?! You slander all of us with your foul acts!"

    Astaroth hissed as he bard his fangs at Cain. It wasn't often that demons grew angry. Most of them tried to keep themselves amused with their own gags and jokes. But when their secrecy was threatened or if Nemo was threatened? Then you'd best watch out. Cain's grin remained on his face but he said nothing as Astaroth derided him for his choice in actions. That was of course until a low rumble of laughter escaped from the other demon.

    "Listen to yourself, Astaroth! You've gone from being a proud demon to a human child's bodyguard! We're here to have fun, are we not? So why not indulge ourselves and have fun in the way that a demon should! Or are you insistent in standing in my way...?" Cain asked, his tone finally growing deathly serious at the end as Astaroth remained right where he was.

    "We seek enjoyment yes, but this world isn't ours alone. Who knows what would happen if humanity discovered us? Needless bloodshed for both sides. We're doing just fine as we are now and murdering the one human who has shown us kindness is your idea of fun? Then you can forget about me leaving! I'll stop you even if it costs you my life!"

    "Heh. Bold words. Too bad they'll end up being your last."

    With that Cain held his arms out to the side as his torso began to tremble. Tears rapidly appeared in his hoodie as huge muscles were exposed and the grin finally opened up to reveal even more razor sharp teeth as Cain sharply flexed his arms to the side. Tearing off what remained of his hoodie and revealing the grey-almost corpse color physique laying underneath. Cracking his neck from side to side, Cain grinned. "Ready for it, Ash?"

    Astaroth was unwavering in his loyalty to Nemo. The boy had taken on the secret that the demons wished to keep from the rest of mankind and had kept it to himself sparing both demon and humans alike from unecessary carnage. He would not see a single hair on the boy's head harmed if he could help it! Though the sight of Cain's transformation made it quite clear that this would not be easy! Holding his claws out in front of him, Astaroth's eyes lit up as he engulfed Cain in a ball of hellfire.

    It was flashy and drained a bit more power than if Astaroth had just engaged him in hand to hand. But he didn't need to be a battle strategist to know Cain had the upperhand in that regard. He had to end this quick and incapacitate Cain and bring him back to the others before other humans took note of the strange sight and so he could go protect Nemo more efficiently. Continuing to turn up the heat, Astaroth let out a sigh of relief. For as much talk as Cain had put out, it seemed like his flame had been quite easy to-

    "Is that all you got for me, Ash?"

    -Extinguish?! Astaroth's eyes shot wide open as he saw a figure wading through the fire with his hands clenched up into fists. He couldn't believe this! He knew as a demon, Cain had his experience with hellfire but to come out of it simply unscathed?? He refused to believe it! Sweat ran down Astaroth's head as he continued to try and roast Cain. But the demon simply seemed to laugh it all off. That was until he got about halfway as he raised his arms and let out a defiant shriek.



    The flames were parted due to Cain's sheer force of strength alone and without missing a beat, he took the look of surprise on Astaroth's face to close the distance between them. Gripping onto the batwings situated atop, Cain forced Ash's head down and straight into his knee, shattering the demon's nose in the process. Repeating the process for a few times over until the left knee of his jeans was coated in black blood, he let the demon go.

    Dazed and in quite the amount of pain, Astaroth wasn't ready to give up just yet. Not when Cain still no doubt had intentions on killing Nemo! Extending his claws, Astaroth lashed out only for Cain to casually lean from side to side to avoid said blows. Gripping onto both claws, Cain lunged forward and smashed his knee straight into the demon's solar plexus. As Astaroth's eyes rolled upwards, the demon fell onto his back. His prediction had turned out true. There was just too much of a difference in close quarters VS. long range..

    But even so, Astaroth refused to stay down! Rising back onto his feet with a trail of black blood dripping down from his mouth, Astaroth used his tail to wipe some of the blood off. "You're..Not...Getting Nemo." Astaroth hissed as Cain's grin finally faded from view and took on more of an annoyed grimace. Astaroth couldn't help but let out a snicker himself. He knew full well that for r as much as he had showboated, enduring the fire had taken it out of Cain just as much as it had taken out of Astaroth. He had managed to weaken the stronger demon and stall for time. Enough for perhaps other demons to pick up on the disturbance.

    Realizing how much of a farce this was becoming, Cain lashed out with one o the chains attached to his arm as he wrapped it around Astaroth's neck and pulled him to his knees. But Astaroth didn't struggle. He knew that engaging in battle with a demon as strong as Cain had been suicidal right from the start. But he refused to throw away all the good times him and his people had with Nemo just to let one rotten egg get his way. Closing his eyes and awaiting the end, a pleasant image formed in Astaroth's thoughts as the seconds clicked by.


    Yes, that was what he'd been fighting for. What he was going to die for. Content with his choices, Astaroth made out a bloodied grin towards Cain.


    Furious with Astaroth's continued defiance, even to the very end, Cain yanked on the chain and with the chain so went Astaroth's neck. A sickening crack filled the air as Astaroth's body collapsed to the floor and Cain growled as he reverted back into his usual form and overlooked the corpse.

    "So, you had it all planed out, huh? Fight me to the death and leave me just weak enough to where it'd be too much trouble to fly over and eat the little bastard."

    Just as he was going to drive the sole of his boot onto Astaroth's head, the demon froze up as he slowly turned towards another being on top of the apartment. It wasn't Astaroth and certainly not another demon, no this one seemed human.

    "Who's there...?"

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  2. [​IMG]

    If only blocking out the world would've been as simple as cupping a pair of shiny, red headphones over her ears. Even with the protective phones over her earholes, Kotone Shiomi could still hear the outside world bleed through her music like paint soaking through a thin sheet of paper. Sensitive to sound, Kotone couldn't stand the noises from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. She did like the gentle sound of music playing in her ears, but nearly any other sound felt like nails on a chalkboard to her sense of hearing.

    Her strong sense of hearing may have seemed like a blessing to some, but Kotone knew she paid a price for it. Shortly after birth, a strange sickness attacked the girl's body. She almost didn't survive. By some miracle, however, she did survive, but was never again in perfect condition. Her vision became moderately impaired. Her parents never realized it until she was older and took her for an eye exam, but even then there was nothing they could do for their daughter. It was just something she would have to learn to live with.

    So Kotone did learn to live with her poor vision. Her vision was never the problem. The problem had always been her parents. As she grew up, they never seemed to treat her like a normal child. Even now that she was a teenager, they were always calling to check up on Kotone during unnecessary times, offering to purchase her a seeing-eye dog, and even offering to register her as legally blind so that she could be offered extra assistance if she needed it. Damn it, she was not legally blind! There were plenty of other people in the world with moderate vision impairments, so why did she have to be treated like she was different?

    Well, screw them! Kotone intended to prove to her parents that she could do anything else that an ordinary, seventeen-year-old with 20/20 vision could do! She was just as good as anyone her age! So, to prove to her parents that she could indeed be an ordinary, responsible teenager who could look out for herself, she did something without asking them: she got herself a job. It wasn't a particularly strenuous or terrible job either, in fact it was an all around decent job.

    It was a job babysitting for the family of a boy who lived not too far away from her. The boy--Nemo--was a sweet kid, albeit different, but still he was a good boy. And not only would this be a good tool to use in proving to her parents how responsible she was, but also the extra spending money was great to have. It never hurt to have a little extra yen floating around to purchase some new albums or mp3s every now and again. In fact, when it came to making purchases with her money, music was all she ever thought of.

    And speaking of music, presently, Kotone was out on the balcony of her apartment building, her eyes drifting into the night sky as she daydreamed about the album she would buy next. Night skies in Tokyo weren't the most impressive of sights so she wasn't really paying any attention to the stars, but kept her eyes fixed toward the heavens regardless.

    That was when she saw something.

    It flew through the sky, a monster that looked as if it were something only to be seen in a movie. Kotone couldn't believe her eyes! She was seeing things due to her poor vision, wasn't she? Without another thought, Kotone grabbed a pair of binoculars she kept on the balcony and looked again. No, she hadn't been imagining things! In fact, she could not only see some sort of devilish, malevolent-looking creature, but she also so another sight that shocked her entirely.


    "N-No way, that's--"

    Am I dreaming?


    There he was, clear as day in the lease of her binoculars: Nemo, the boy she had actually started babysitting for! He say atop the monster, appearing as if he were riding it! And it was hard to tell from a distance, but it also seemed as if he wasn't afraid. But how could this be? Was she dreaming?

    Dropping the binoculars, Kotone ran from the balcony and into her bathroom. She quickly turned on her sink and began splashing cold water in her face. After a few moments, she chuckled to herself. "I must've been... imagining things. I've been so excited for that job, I've started daydreaming about the kid. That must be it," she said with another laugh.

    After she was sure she had cleared things up in her mind, Kotone returned to her balcony. When she returned, however, she could barely contain herself from letting out a cry when she saw it again: the same monster who had been carrying Nemo. This time, however, it was closer to her location. It was sitting on a ledge of her apartment building. She pressed both of her hands over her mouth and backed into a dark corner on her balcony, eyes widening with another creatures joined the first one.

    The brunette froze in fear, eyes wide in distress as she kept her hands in place over her mouth and listened to the two beasts first talk before one attacked the other! She wasn't sure, but it looked as it the second beast had killed the first one. And to make matters worse, their conversation... it had been about Nemo! The second demon wanted to kill the little boy! But... why? Why would anyone want to hurt that kid? Her head spinning from this overwhelming scene, Kotone could prevent herself from holding back her voice no longer. She let out a whimper, immediately regretting it after seeing the evil creature turn directly to look at her.

    Saying nothing, Kotone turned and rushed into her apartment, slamming the door to her balcony closed. Afterwards, she ran out of her room and down the stairs--occasionally stumbling or tripping into something due to her vision. She was grateful her parents were out at the moment, because she needed to get out of here! No-- she needed to get out of here and find Nemo! The boy was in danger!

    Grabbing her red bike near the gates of the apartment, Kotone hopped on, her heard pounding, and began to ride it out onto the sidewalk. The teen really hated going out at night, but after witnessing and experiencing what she just had there was no way she could just stay put. If she did, she feared something terrible would happen!

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  3. So it had been another human and one who had seemingly seen the entire battle with him and Astaroth go down.

    For as much as Cain didn't care for humanity, he also didn't appreciate the idea of having to go through waves of armed monkeys to get a meal. Which meant staying on the downlow if at all possible. In that respect, he supposed Astaroth had fucked him right good in that case. All the ruckus they had kicked up in their brief scuffle. Cracking his neck from side to side, Cain started forward. Nemo was too far away for Cain to gather up the energy to fly over to him. But this human was close enough that he could gobble her down and get something out of this night.


    "Heh, cute."

    Cain muttered in regards to Koto shutting the door. As if some flimsy hunk of wood could keep him out. He'd rip her limb from limb and savor the blood from her limbs guzzling into his mouth as it stains his chest. But as he prepared to make the leap over to Koto's balcony to bust her door down, he felt a stabbing pain in his side. Glancing down, he'd have seen what appeared to be a tip similar to that of a scorpion's poking through the left side of his abdomen. Many demons had pointed tails, that much was a given. But only one tail moved with such speed.


    Cain couldn't believe it! He had snapped the bastard's neck with his chain! He heard the crack, seen the twist of the head, and the thud of the body! Yet as he looked over his shoulder, he'd see the 7'4 tall demon with his head twisted to the side as he recoiled his tail. Taking a chunk of Cain's flesh with it, Astaroth reached up and gave an equally as disturbing crack as he slotted his neck into it's proper orientation. "I told you I wouldn't let you have Nemo and I meant it.." Sprinting forward, Astaroth gripped both arms around Cain's chest as he locked his claws together. His tail also wrapped around his fellow's demon's waist.

    "Even if it means I go with you!"


    Noticing the glow in Astaroth's eyes, Cain struggled even more against the tight hold he was in. He didn't know what Astaroth was planning, more so since Astaroth even getting up from the last blow had taken him for quite the loop. He had thought that'd have been the end of the demon right then and there, wam bam thank you mam. But instead Astaroth continued to stand in his way. Flaring his energy, Cain lashed out and screeched like a banshee on crack.


    Noting for a fact that Cain was indeed correct on all fronts, Astaroth knew it was only a matter of time. Eventually he'd grow too tired from his injuries and Cain would break free and make sure he was dead this go around. Or Cain would have busted free of his own volition. As much as it would have satisfied Astaroth to rip Cain limb from limb just as he had desired to do the same to Nemo, he knew he didn't have the energy to do so. But he had something else in mind. Something that would have taken him away from Nemo, perhaps for good, but he'd do anything to ensure that ball of sunshine continued to see another day.

    "You know how we all got here, right, Cain? The wish...It was the key needed open the floodgates. But they didn't quite shut behind us." Astaroth growled as Cain's eyes narrowed and Astaroth very nearly lost his grip on him, the feedback of energy was so strong. But he knew full that if he were to slacken even for a second, Cain would break free and murder him on the spot. Then he'd go and...and...No! He couldn't afford to think about that! He was ending this right here, right now! Uncoiling his tail from around Cain's waist, the other demon snickered.

    "So, you finally coming to your senses-Agrgh!" Cain snarled like a wild beast as Astaroth's grip tightened. The tail still had Cain's blood staining the front of it but now it seemed Astaroth was using it to draw something on the ground around them. Once he was finished, his tail resumed it's spot around Cain's waist as he glanced down.

    "A-A pentagram?! Y-You really are serious about this! Why? What's this damn boy mean to you that you'd be willing to give up everything for him?!"

    Astaroth figured a question like that would have come sooner or later. For as much as Cain had boasted when he had the advantage, now that the tables were turned? He couldn't understand it, his mind just refused to accept any other outcome that didn't end in Astaroth's immediate death and Nemo being devoured. But he supposed that he'd humor him, it amused him this much to see a bastard like Cain struggle.

    "Why? I figure you'd have known this by now, Cain. You and the others were all given the same opportunity as me. Whereas I and most of the others chose to use this avenue to be a means of good, you've gone in completely the opposite direction. You squander your gift and instead you're no better than a stray dog. Picking at scraps of meat wherever you can find and snapping at anybody who crosses your path. You were put down a long time ago and for good reason. That boy...He's going to make something of himself. Something better than we ever could! That is why I protect him! Protect him from monsters like you!"

    "...And like you? You can talk down to me all ya like. But their's the simple truth that you're just like me. We were both that stray dog, and we did get put down. Yet you're content to act as if nothing's happened, as if you can just somehow flipflop and forget all your past sins. But you know it, and I know it, when one's hands are stained with blood, you can never wash it off. Or were you hoping that boy would do it for you? Hehehehehehe...."

    Astaroth had heard enough. He'd been willing to humor Cain's desperate demand of some kind of explanation. But that last comment had been the figurative nail in the coffin. Cain didn't know a goddamn thing about him. Though given where the two of them were going? They'd have plenty of time to catch up, an eternity's worth of time.

    "'O you Soul, greatly majestic, behold, I have come that I may see you; I open the Netherworld to return to you a son that has lost his way. I have opened up every path which is in the sky and on earth, due to my master's gracious nature. I am noble, I am a spirit, I am equipped; O all you gods and all you spirits, prepare a path for me."

    As Astaroth spoke the incantation, the roof of the apartment they were on began to take a massive shift. Willing it so that only he and Cain would be able to see it so as not to scare humans who may have heard all the commotion, the roof began to crack at the seams before falling downwards. Though that was only an illusion.

    What came next however was all too real. Fire and brimstone, the whole she-bang was here and ready to embrace the two demons. The two floated over what seemed to be a portal heading straight down below and Astaroth would see to it that Cain got his destination.


    "Do you see it, Cain? It's our home, where we've gone to make penance for our sins. But perhaps it's just as you said. We'll never truly be cleansed of what we've done. So let's spend an eternity together to suffer for it. A night to remember forever in Hell!"

    Astaroth roared as ghostly hands reached out from within the portal and gripped onto Astaroth's legs and waist. The demon winced at the hand's grasp. They burned at his flesh, straight down to the bone. He just wished this procedure could go a bit faster. With the pain from these quickly spreading burns, he wasn't sure how much longer he'd be able to keep a hold on Cain. Thankfully, the hands weren't just going for him. Cain screeched as the hands clung to his face and left grotesque burns on his chest. This wasn't happening, it wouldn't happen!


    As the hands wrapped around his neck and were about to cover his face, Astaroth let out a huge surge of energy. One that was powerful enough to ward the hands back both from himself but not from Astaroth. Looking over his shoulder at the weakened demon, Cain sneered as he flexed his muscles and lashed out. Astaroth's grip was finally broken and the hands capitalized on the opening. They surged forward in massive numbers as they wrapped around Astaroth's legs once more and began to drag him towards the portal.

    "Agh! Y-You aren't getting away, Cain!" Digging his claws and talons into the pieces of the roof that were still solid concrete, Astaroth's tail lunged forward. But this time Cain was ready for it. Turning on his heel, Cain lashed out in an attempt to grip onto the tail and stop it dead in it's tracks. But it quickly diverged it's course as the hand came lashing out and it continued on towards it's target. Which was the only thing that matched the size of Cain's ego(or so he would have hoped.)



    Black blood gushed down the front and sides of Cain's jeans as Astaroth's tail got it's point across. Right in the center of Cain's crotch. Giving a sharp yank, Cain was toppled over to his knees and the hands continued towards him once again. If a demon could cry, one would imagine that'd be Cain's current activity. But as they didn't, Cain settled for seething rage. Gripping onto the tail and ignoring the burning hands of death, Cain twisted and gave a sharp yank.

    Blood spurted out from where the stinger had once been and embedded through the roof. Clutching at where he'd been stabbed, Cain limped over towards Astaroth and grinned. "I hope you enjoyed that, Ash. Because that'll be the last thing you did on this plane of existence."

    Rearing his boot back, he smashed the sole of it straight into Astaroth's nose. The demon fell back, having lost his footing. The hands dragged him within the portal and there was little Astaroth could do. He knew right from when he had his final attack that it wouldn't have been enough to stop Cain. But he knew Nemo would survive, he had to. Even if the thought of-


    Astaroth did his best to sound out the idle taunts. He had done his best and it hadn't been good enough. But he had known Nemo long enough by this point. He'd keep on going. That boy had a whole life ahead of him and someone like Cain would never be able to take that from him. He could only wish he'd be there to see it happen. As Astaroth was dragged down, Cain watched as the portal closed and soon? The roof would have been back to normal. As if nothing had happened. Immediately wincing as soon as Astaroth was gone, Cain shambled to where he had propped the stinger.

    Too much evidence for noisy humans to find. Just like that one he still had to track down and devour before she warned Nemo of what was coming. Ripping the stinger out of the building, Cain looked it over. To think that Astaroth had wasted his last attempt on a petty attack that'd heal up in a bit. Maybe he knew that wouldn't have been enough to drag him in and Ash just wanted one last avenue to get his licks in? Who knew and who cared? Crushing the stinger in the palm of his hands, Cain watched as he saw Koto peddling like hell to get to Nemo's apartment.

    "You won't be getting too far, girlie..."

    Leaping down from the roof, upon hitting the ground, Cain glanced over and saw a motorcycle waiting nearby for him. One of his own making. His body was still covered in hideous burn scars and the less said about his lower half the better. That said, catching up to Koto and scooping her up from the air would have been far easier but too much attention. At least here it was somewhat more conspicuous.


    Putting the pedal to the metal, Cain raced off down the street after Koto, all the while throwing his head back and laughing. But not too hard. He didn't want to irritate that wound after all!

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  4. [​IMG]

    The pedals of Kotone's bike were propelled as fast as it was humanly possible for her to move them. Her lungs and heart worked at light-speed, fueled by the adrenaline from her fear. The teen was in shock after what she had seen, keeping her eyes focused as best she could on the sidewalk illuminated by streetlights. Every once in a while she'd look over her shoulder, worried the strange monster would catch up to her. She could swear she heard a motorcycle somewhere back in the distance, but didn't want to think it was anything that could've stopped her. Thankfully, Nemo's apartment wasn't too far away.

    The young woman's brown hair was tousled by the time she arrived to the boy's house. Kotone threw her bike aside, not bothering to park it properly, before she ran up the steps to Nemo's apartment and pounded her fist several times against the door. "C'mon, c'mon, please be home," she mumbled to herself, nervously rocking back on her feet. She glanced back over her shoulder, still worried that the creature was on its way. For all she knew, it could arrive at any moment!

    But wait, how was she going to explain this ordeal to Nemo's parents? If what the creatures said about Nemo was true, he already knew a bit about this situation. Warning him wouldn't be a problem. But would his parents believe her? Kotone wasn't sure if she even believed this whole thing herself. It almost felt surreal, like a dream. If this was real, however, the girl could sense in her gut they were in big danger. Would warning Nemo be enough to save him? It wasn't as if she had the ability to protect the boy from those demonic beasts!

    Kotone rapped on the door several more times, this time louder and more frantic. "C'mon, c'mon, hurry up!" she cried, anxiously looking behind herself. What should she do if they didn't answer the door? Although Kotone highly doubted anyone would believe her, shouldn't she call someone to help? Hesitantly, the teen pulled out her cell phone and began to dial for the police. She turned and walked away from the front door of Nemo's apartment, her hands shaking so hard that the phone actually slipped from her hands and fell several feet in front of her.

    Unable to see in the dark where her phone had gone, the female found herself entirely unaware that it had fallen into the street. Kotone followed after her phone and reached down to grab it, unable to notice the headlights of a car coming right toward her...

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  5. For a demon who had little to no interest in being Nemo's friend and would much rather devour humans than live alongside them, Cain absolutely adored their modes of transportation. He could have simply flown or even ran after the girl but where was the fun in that? With a motorcycle, you hear the roar of the engine off in the distance and sweat runs down the back of your neck as your hair stands on end. You don't know whether it's the big bad monster coming after you or not, it leaves you in suspense. Cain loved getting that kind of feeling out of people. It might have even been this way before he died and became a demon but who could say for sure?

    Following closely enough behind Koto that she could hear the engine of his bike but was too afraid to look back, he grinned all the while. She'd run away before he had gotten a good look at her but something about her felt familar. Almost as if he'd seen her someplace before but Cain didn't go moseying around with humans even if he wanted to gobble them up. Alerting humanity to demons as a whole would have brought all of the others down on him and that was a mess he didn't care to deal with. At least not right now.

    Watching as she finally came to a stop at Nemo's front door, the demon snickered. He may not have participated in the night time shenanigans that Astaroth and the other demons got up to. But he knew well enough that Nemo was likely asleep by now after Astaroth had his fun with him and the parents were likely asleep as well. No amount of banging at the door was going to lodge them from their slumber. Parking his bike, Cain slung one leg over the side as he waved his hand and the bike dissipated in a cloud of black smoke.

    Lumbering forward, he noticed the girl's phone on the ground. Likely trying to alert somebody but was this human an idiot? Who'd believe her that 'demons were attacking, send all your men!' hah! She'd be laughed off that's for sure. With his fangs glistening with saliva, Cain reached down and picked up the phone as he held it out towards Koto.


    "Hiya. Think you dropped this.."

    If Koto reached out to take the phone, she would have felt thick wet saliva ooze down onto her hand. Although Cain's body looked relatively humanoid for the most part, his skin had an almost corpse-like complexion to it and the less said about his face the better. Whether it was an intentional choice on Cain's part to hide his face away within a mist of shadows or just the body he got when he died was unknown. But it didn't make it any less menacing as those red glowing slits he called eyes bore holes into poor Koto.

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  6. A discouraging feeling of frustration gripped onto Kotone as she stumbled around in the dark to try and find her phone. This was ridiculous! She absolutely hated when her disability caused her problems like this. If her parents found out that she lost her phone, the teen knew they would never let her hear the end of it. They were already strict enough as it was. Kotone desperately craved to gain their approval so she could be given more independence. Losing her phone definitely wouldn't help her case.

    "Hiya. Think you dropped this.."

    A familiar sounding voice caused Kotone to flinch in place--broken from her thoughts. She wast sure where she had heard the voice before, but that wasn't important to her right now. Not noticing the face of the stranger at first, Kotone instead glanced to his hand and saw that he was holding her phone. Relief washed over the girl at first, and she reached out to take her phone from this "man" who had been kind enough to recover her phone.


    "Oh thank you, yeah, that is my phone! I was afraid I wouldn't find it out her--"

    Kotone cut herself off as she reached out for her phone, visibly cringing as a gooey, warm liquid trickled onto her hand and down her fingers. Her body tensed and she froze in place until she found the guts to look up at this individual. The brunette slowly lifted her head up, shaking as she did. It was then that she met gaze of... something that wasn't human. Had Cain not drooled on her hand, Kotone likely wouldn't have even noticed he was different. He looked sort of like a human, and with her poor vision in this lighting it was even easier for him to pass as one.

    Once she knew what he was, Kotone yanked her hand back and began to stumble away from him, her breath hitching in fear. She let out a yell and turned her back to the demon, running away from him as fast as she could. The teen was half tempted to try and go into Nemo's house again, but if nobody had answered her knocks at the door just a moment ago, she doubted they would now. So, instead, the girl rushed into the alley next to the apartment building, hoping she could either escape the demon or find a place to hind from him. In the end, she settled on hiding. She dropped to the ground and moved her body under a dumpster, tucking her arms underneath himself.

    Hngh, please go away! I never did anything to you!

    @Chewy Rabbits
  7. [​IMG]

    "It's always more fun when they run, heh, heh.."

    With his slit-like eyes glowing like a car's headlights, he easily followed Koto into the alleyway. Did she really think she could hide from him? Cain had spent years trying to hide from Hell's torturers and he had never been successful. What made this girl think she'd have any more luck than he did? Gripping onto the side of the dumpster, Cain easily lifted it above his head and flung it backwards. Trash flew every which way as the dumpster landed right on the sidewalk.

    Glancing down at the exposed teen, drool continued to drip down from Cain's fangs as he picked her up by the collar and pulled her off her feet. Looking her over, Cain leaned forward and ran his tongue across Koto's cheek leaving a splotch of drool in his wake as he snickered. "You saw a lot of things that you shouldn't have, Lil Missy. But we'll clear that up right now won't we? I'll just have a little bit of a midnight snack!" Cain opened up his mouth and leaned in to take a bite out of Koto's neck.

    Only to pause as he saw people poking their heads out of their windows/walking outside with flashlights in hand. "How the hell did a dumpster get here??" was the topic of tonight and Cain cussed at overusing his strength.

    "Well, well, looks like today's your lucky night, girly. But lemme give you a word of advice. You try telling anybody about what you saw tonight? Best prepare for the sraitjacket, hahahah!" Roughly dropping Koto to the ground, Cain leaped up onto the roof of the apartment before vanishing into the night.

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  8. The sound of Kotone's heart racing entirely overwhelmed her sense of hearing. Being unable to focus on what she could hear around her only made the teem more nervous than ever before. She took in deep, frequent breaths to try and calm herself, but taking in oxygen even seemed difficult to do with how stressed she was. Faced with all of this fear, time even seemed to slow for the teen. She kept herself hid under the dumpster for only a couple minutes, but the impending dread inside the girl's heart made her feel as if she had been in the same spot for an hour or more.

    She just wanted the suspense to end!

    She wanted to go home!

    To live!

    These thoughts ran through the teen's head as she would witness the dumpster being flipped over, leaving her exposed like a turtle without its shell. Kotone let out a yelp and tried in vain to scoot back, only to be picked up by the collar of her shirt. She whimpered and struggled, pulling at her collar instinctively. The grip on her collar only loosened for a moment when she would feel the beast's disgusting tongue glide across the side of her face. When he did so, Cain had likely gotten a mouthful of cold sweat the girl was now covered in.

    "I didn't mean to see anything! I-It wasn't my fault! Please, let me go! I'll do anything!" she cried out, her dangling feet wiggling rapidly. Before she could let out another cry, plea, or make another sound, however, Cain spoke again and she felt her body collide with the ground. By the time she looked back up after having fallen, the demon was gone--as if he had never even been there.

    The teen scrambled to her feet, amazingly able to move well despite the pain she felt from being dropped. The adrenaline fueled by her fear still hadn't worn off yet. Afterwards, Kotone ran out of the alley and towards the voice she heard investigating the dumpster--stopping in front of the people nearby. "The dumpster was-- I was attacked by--" Kotone stopped herself, hesitant to speak of the demon, especially after it had warned her not to. Still, she needed some explanation as to why she looked like a mess. "I was mugged," she mumbled, saying the first reasonable excuse that came to mind. Whenever she got a chance, she would speak with Nemo alone about these creatures, but if nobody else knew about the demons she figured it may be better to keep quiet for the time being.

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  9. [​IMG]

    Not having gone too far from the scene, Cain watched Koto from a nearby rooftop as he grinned from ear to ear. This girl had been terrified right out of her gourd. But who could blame her? These humans were such weak creatures, so fragile and susceptible to these emotions. Cain almost forgot at times that he used to be one of them for a while. But while other demons like Astaroth took the chance to end up on Earth to try and redeem themselves for their past lives, Cain didn't give a shit to put it bluntly.

    He was stronger than his human self could have ever hoped to be. He could lift up an entire car over his head and toss it away. He could punch through steel doors and rip through them like paper. Nothing could stand in his way! Not Astaroth, not this chick, no human could stop him.

    But Koto had succeeded in one thing however. In her impromptu intervention she had gotten Cain so excited that he neglected not showing off his strength. The dumpster ending up where it did had indeed attracted a couple of people to come and investigate. But this wouldn't be the last time Cain saw this girl. Savoring the taste of her that he'd picked up on his tongue, Cain vanished into the night as his red eyes glimmered briefly.

    "Sleep tight, Little Nemo. Uncle Cain's gonna pay you a visit very soon.."

    After Cain's disappearance, the night went through without too much more fanfare. The other demons that lived around the city had not yet known of Cain's betrayal and Astaroth's disappearance. But for that matter neither did poor Nemo who slept quietly in his bed hoping to see his best friend tomorrow! As morning finally came to and light shined through Nemo's blinds, the boy rolled out of bed as he quickly got dressed!


    "Yeah! Looking sharp, Nemo!" The child giggled as he hopped up and down. Astaroth probably would have thought the hat might have been a bit much. But The Kid would have totally worn something like that! It'd lead enemies into a false sense of security and then BAM! He'd strike and take them down!

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  10. [​IMG]

    After expressing that she had been mugged to the group of individuals who came to investigate the scene, they volunteered to take her to the police station or even call her parents for her. However, Kotone flatly turned down any help offered to her--even when the group persisted--and made her way away from them the first chance she could get. She doubted calling the police would do any good; they would only think she was crazy if she told them about a demon. And calling her parents would only make things worse on her. They would be floored to learn she had gone out so late at night, and even more so if they heard Kotone's about being mugged. Telling her parents just wasn't an option.

    So the weary, sore teenager made her way home, walking with her bike next to herself. She normally would have rode it home, but after how tense and shaky she was due to her fear, Kotone wasn't sure if she could properly balance herself on it. So instead, the girl walked as closely as she could to streetlights, stayed in populated areas as often as she could, and walked home as quickly as she could. Even then she spooked easily, constantly looking over her shoulder to make sure nobody or nothing was following her. Before she knew it, the girl finally arrived home.

    Tossing her bike aside, Kotone quietly opened the door and made her way inside, trying as best she could to make no sounds in case her parents were home. She moved like a stealthy mouse until she found herself upstairs just outside of her parents room. When she peeked inside and saw they still weren't home she let out a sigh of relief. She new they would've killed her if they had found out she sneaked out of the house so late at night. And the teen honestly had enough of near death experiences for the night.

    Kotone made her way for the bathroom after checking her parents room, taking the time to clean up, change her clothes, and try to calm herself down. She was still pretty shaken up, and rather disturbed by the fresh bruises she now had around her throat, on her lower back, and various other areas of her body. How was she going to explain these marks to her parents if they saw them? It would appear clear to anyone she had almost been strangled! The only option she really had was to hide them with makeup and hope they would heal before anyone took notice.

    Exhausted and stressed, the girl flopped into bed after cleaning herself up and didn't move again for the rest of the night. The next morning, when she awoke, Kotone was more than grateful it was the weekend. Nevertheless, she didn't stop herself from getting up much earlier. She hadn't slept very well, haunted by her experience from the night, but knew there was still something she needed to do. The teen knew she needed to see Nemo and warn him about what had happened. This wasn't over; the demon would be coming back for him.

    Dressing herself as quickly as she could, Kotone rushed out of her room and down the stairs. Her parents were baffled as to why she was up so early on a weekend, but the girl made an excuse--telling them she intended to study with some friends at the library. While she hated lying to them, she had a very good reason to do it! She just couldn't pass up the chance to speak with Nemo while he might be in trouble!

    Placing her red headphones over her ears, Kotone headed outside without breakfast and grabbed her bike, riding it toward Nemo's apartment. When she arrived, she parked it and ran off to his apartment door, knocking at it.

    I sure hope he's here today. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself if I don't get a chance to talk to him after everything I saw last night...

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  11. Nemo had been left home alone as his parents headed out to work. Knowing they wouldn't be back until much later, Nemo decided today was just as good a day as any to practice his swordsmanship! Having had some time to train with Yukin while Astaroth and her fought Yukin's enemies together, Nemo had explored the depths of his potential! Or at the very least learned how to manifest his Qi-life energy-into a form that was useful to him!

    "Time to get some training in!"

    Nemo exclaimed as he joyfully opened up his closet. Pulling out the various boardgames and t-shirts out of his closet, Nemo's eye sparkled as he pulled out what appeared to be none other than a plastic toy sword. Not exactly something most people would hold in high regard but to Nemo this was no ordinary toy. After having seen Yukin focus her Qi to a fine point on the edge of her blade, Nemo had trained with her to try and do the same!

    Closing his eye and focusing, beads of sweat rolled down Nemo's forehead as a light glow of a white outline was visible around his blade. Despite it's apparent lethality now, Nemo still wasn't much of an actual swordsman despite his heroic attitude. But he'd grow into it! Before he could practice any further however, he was disturbed by knocking at the door. Losing his concentration as the sword fell from his hand, Nemo grumbled.


    "Do your training, Nemo she said...It'll be hard but rewarding she said.."

    Well, Yukin may not have worded it like that exactly but it was the thought that counted the most. Sheathing his sword, Nemo made his way to the front door with a bit of a 'tude at being interuppted. Was it the mailman? Or maybe it was Yukin! Things had seemed 'weird' between her and Astaroth since the last time they talked. Maybe she was here with him to do some one-on-one training! Pulling open the door, Nemo's smile depleted somewhat as he saw who it was.

    "Oh. Hi Koto!"

    Well, it wasn't the badass Chinese woman who saved his life/taught him a lot of cool stuff. But Koto was pretty cool in her own right! She was his 'babysitter' and so that meant she had to be cool by extension. His parents wouldn't stick him with some loser after all. Though the timing was a bit off for Nemo's liking as he adjusted his eyepatch and tilted his head. "What's up?"

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  12. Squirming in place as she waited for the boy, Kotone rocked back on her heels a couple times. She even pulled her cell phone from her pocket once, checking to see how long she had been waiting for someone to answer the door. The teen grew more anxious with every passing second, just knowing she would go absolutely bonkers if nobody was home for her to speak with. She needed to at least get in a word with Nemo to make sure she hadn't gone entirely mad last night. Surely that demon was real! It wasn't as if she had imagined the pain and the bruises that lingered from the demon's touch.


    A relief washed over the girl, however, when none other than the person she wished to speak with would answer the door. "Oh, thank goodness, Nemo-chan you're here," she mumbled with a sigh, running a hand through her hair. "Are your parents home? Wait, no, of course they're not. They should be at work right about now, huh?" Kotone dropped her hand onto the back of her neck, rubbing it sheepishly. "Anyhow, would you mind if I came in? I need to talk to you about something."

    Not wanting the boy to grow bored with her or reject her right off the bat, the teen decided to quickly give him a hint as to what she wanted to talk about. She swallowed before quietly whispering to him, "It's about... demons." Somehow, she felt strange even bringing up the word. Never had she thought this would be a topic she would seriously discuss. After all, it wasn't as if she believed in or knew demons even existed before the other night!

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  13. [​IMG]

    This had seemed like a standard visit up to that point. Was she puling his leg or something? Maybe she'd seen a recent horror movie about demons and was trying to spook him. But it was getting close to the holidays, why would she want to do something like that? Had she bumped into Astaroth? Beads of sweat rolled down Nemo's face as he stepped back from the door.

    "Y-You can come in, Koto. Shut the door behind you okay?"

    If Koto did as Nemo asked, Nemo immediately leaped onto his couch as he clutched at the cushions like they were a lifeline. "How did you know about them?!" While Koto was one of the nicest people Nemo knew, she was no Yukin. Unless Koto was a sword-wielding badass in her off time but somehow Nemo doubted that. Something had to be wrong though. Other humans weren't really supposed to know about Astaroth's kind.

    For not all humans were accepting as Nemo/Yukin had been. But little did Nemo know that it was the demon who 'iniated' contact this time!

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