INTEREST CHECK Reality Show, Gijinka, and other Interest Checks

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  1. Hello Beautfiul Birds!

    Now then, my ideas are these;

    A reality show role play kind of like total drama island, or better yet, just like total drama island.

    If you don't know what Total Drama is then here's a little rundown. A group of teens competing in various (possibly life threatening) challenges for one million dollars! Any time a team loses a challenge they must vote off one of their teammates. Fun? Of course it is! Ehehehe.

    - - - -

    Now for the Gijinka interest check. Oh and Gijinka is what you would call a person with animal features like cat ears, or a wolf tail or lizard scales or something.

    In a world where all animals are gijinka's and are owned by humans, some of these pets need to learn obedience because they are heading to a life of show biz or pet pageants or maybe they aren't but just need to learn not to chase guests from their owner's porches or chew on table legs.

    These pets are sent to Miss Donna's Pet Academy, where they are taught to behave or if they're going to be show pets, then they are taught all of the necessary skill to compete and succeed.

    Other than the generic rp rules, there are two specific ones;
    - No heinous cross breeds. Ex: A lion and a wolf--No. That's impossible.
    - I hate to do this, but can I just have no abuse cases or 'in the past, this pet killed an entire town'. Just... come on, please? A cat could have its hair pulled by a kid, but no 'the kid kicks the cat repeatedly every day every hour'.

    Moving on.

    A day care or kindergarten role play.