Reality Puzzle

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  1. WARNING: Complete mindfuck.

    You wake up. Green hedges surround you, overgrown leaves entraling tough branches, forming a maze like structure. Why you are here? Unknown. Can you get out? Unknown. The only thing you know is one word flashing through her mind, as if branded on your brain.

    The Reality Puzzle

    In this roleplay, you are in a what seems infinite that bends reality in order to fit in the chance. I/you will roll a dice of use a generator to decide what will happen on the path you go down. Sometimes you will find other people, devices to sense the chance, and possibly alter it, but you do what you must to try to survive and escape
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  2. Shadow gently and slowly opened her eyes. Her hazy vision blurred the dark night sky... Wait, night? She sat up, her ginger hair picking up... Twigs? Where am I? she thought, utterly confused. Her clothes were a a bit tattered but fine. She stood up and slowly turned in a circle. Hedges. Hedges. Hedges. Path... This was a maze. She was in a maze. As panic rushed in, she attempted to calm down and moved forward, stumbling along the path straight in front of her
  3. Sitting up, Allegretto looked around and his eyes Immediately adjusted to the dark, they glowed a soft yellow as he looked at his surroundings.

    "A hedge of some sorts...odd." he said looking up at towering hedge,he hated being so small but it couldn't be helped.

    He reached for his dagger but noticed his dagger and arsenal of various weapons were gone!

    "Wait a tik where are all my weapons!?" He barks confused. The fox was an Assassin and having his weapons taken infuriated him "Well...I still got my fangs and claws."

    With that he started down the path that lead into the maze.
  4. Continuing blindly forward, Shadow came across yet another three different directions. She couldn't do anything else. She had to keep going
  5. Allegretto ran down the maze only to skid to a stop looking up his eyes widen and his mouth twits into a frown "Another bloody dead end...this is madness." He said huffing.
  6. A dead end? Will it ever end? Shadow yelled, "Is anyone there?" and it echoed for miles around. She sat down and sighed, scraping the twigs on the floor. What should she do? There was nothing she could do, only go on and on until she found something. Then she tried something. Shadow ran back down the way she came, but when she arrived at the end of the path, it was a completely different place! "What... How..." Shadow stood gaping.
  7. Allegretto felt his ears prick at the shout and he looked around "Allo?Iz someone there?" He called out.

    He sighed and looked around he stood up and continues to walk.
    (Rolled a eight)
  8. (Rolled a 1/2 for if you hear me, I got one)
  9. A sound echoed in her ear. Was that... Another person! She listened intently. Was that someone calling out? She headed in what she thought was the direction of the sound. She broke into a run, ignoring her clothes and hair getting tangled in twigs and branches
  10. Allegretto heard what sounded like someone approaching. He followed the sound, dropping to all fours to get there faster.
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