"Reality is an Illusion, the Universe is a Hologram, and IM IN CHARGE!" {Gravity Falls RP}

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  1. Bill had his little hands folded neatly on the desk top, moving them only to smooth out his uniform shirt and adjust his tie. He wore a big grin on his face as he waited patiently for there new "teacher" to arrive. Birds chirped happily outside as the sun pooled into the room, seeming like a perfect class room setting. The tense, forced grins on the other students faces did nothing to dampen Bills mood, and even the squirming of the student he was currently using as a foot rest couldn't wipe the smile off his face! It was annoying though.

    Bill kept glancing up at the clock, and then to the door, and then back forward as he waited with anticipation. He casually dug the heels of his shoes into the students back, shifting a bit to make sure he was as comfortable as could be and when he heard the footsteps approaching down the hall his grin widened, if that was even possible. "Sounds like our new teacher is coming. I can't wait to meet him!" He said. The kid under him smiled and looked up, lifting his head from its bowed position. "Oh boy the new teacher! I bet he'll be great and-" Bill silenced him by stuffing a sock in the boys mouth, making sure to jam it in there fairly good and he bonked the boy on the head with his fist. "Stuff it Timmy! What did I tell you about talking while you're serving me? You are a foot rest. As far as I'm concerned foot rests don't speak." He said, huffing and sitting back up straight, it being a mystery as to where the sock he'd shoved in the poor child's mouth came from. His smile returned and he said in a sing-songy voice. "Foot rests who disobey also don't get to go home to there mommy's and daddy's~ So if I were a foot rest I sure wouldn't be breaking character." He said, his smile growing to painful proportions as he dug his heels into the boys back again. A student beside him cackled a bit at the display, and he wondered what the hideous child was laughing at because tomorrow was his turn to be the foot rest.
  2. Dipper had been running a bit late that morning, things just didn't seem to go his way. First his alarm didn't go off and then his car didn't want to start. He forgot his lesson plans at home when he was half way to the school and had to make a quick trip back to get them. It was like someone was playing a cruel joke on him that morning. He was rushing down the hallway and stopped just outside the door, making sure to have a big and friendly smile on his face. "Goood morning kid how are we this morning?!" He asked throwing the door open and smiling brightly inside. Though that smile fell as he felt the tension in the room, which was odd...why would children be that tense? His eyes drifted to the poor child that was on the floor with another students feet on his back.

    A look of horror fell onto his face as he noticed the sock stuffed into the kids mouth. "H-hey now, come on that's not cool guys!" he said as he rushed over and started to pull the poor child out from under Bill. "You might want to spit that sock out too." he said before looking at Bill, his eyes narrowing slightly as he stood there. "Just what were you two doing?" he asked.
  3. When the door opened and he heard that familiar, yet not as high pitched and cracky (which was disappointing because it was funnier that way) voice pierce through the class and all the students shifted to look at there new teacher, Bills smile grew and he opened his mouth to say something, before scowling darkly when Dipper didn't look at him, but instead looked at Timmy. That damn attention whore! Well someone was trying to be teachers pet! When his foot stool was removed, Bill gave the boy a cold look that made the child shudder, and the rest of the class was huddled in there seats with bated breath, silently wishing there new teacher the best of luck and hoped he wouldn't leave with his hair on fire like there last one. When the sock was pulled out of Timmy's mouth the boy breathed a sigh of relief and thanked the teacher, and Bill crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at Timmy once more, his eyes flashing red for a moment.

    "We were just playing. Mr. Pines." he said, flashing the other a toothy grin, assuming the other would find it odd he knew his name already, though it..wasn't that odd. "That was Timmy's favorite game and now you ruined it! And just when my heels were starting to leave a comfortable enough indent.." He said, looking under his desk at his shoes and kicking his feet some from lack of comfort.
  4. Dipper watched him for a long moment after that. The grin, the way he pouted after 'ruining' his game...but it couldn't be. Obviously the kid was just a spoiled brat not an actual demon, right....right?! Pinching the bridge of his nose Dipper closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. "Alright, alright. But lets not play games like that anymore." he told him. "And I am sure Timmy doesn't like the game as much as you think he does he did seem a little uncomfortable....so lets just try to be nice to each other, alright?" he asked him before going to his desk. He put his papers on the table and looked through them for a moment. "Okay kids, it's nice to meet all you of. I am Dipper Pines, but you can just call me Mr.Pines." he said looking around the room. "I will be filling in for your teacher who..." he trailed off and looked down at his papers, a confused look falling onto his face. 'Hair caught on fire..." he muttered before shaking his head and looking up at the rest of the students. "Who will be out for the rest of the year due to some misfortune.

    "Now before I do roll call, does anyone have any questions?" he asked. One of the girls in the class shyly put her hand up in the air. "Uuuh...yes Sally." he said looking at her. "Your name is a tree name." she told him. Dipper gave a bit of a forced smile and a small chuckle. "Well that isn't a question, but yes that is right." he told her. "Anyone else?" he asked looking around again.
  5. Bills slitted pupils dilated in irritation when he was told not to play games like that anymore. He blinked his eyes in intervals at the other, and forced a smile onto his face that looked more like a rabid wolf bearing its teeth before the kill. "I was being nice." he said darkly, but under his breath since Dipper had already walked away. Well it seemed he wasn't recognized yet. Which was a shame really because he thought he was being quite obvious with his identity but apparently not. Then again Pine Tree wasn't as observant as he was given credit for. When Dipper introduced himself to the class, Bills smile turned back to its normal manic one, and he cackled aloud when there teachers misfortune was mentioned. That was a really great prank if he did say so himself, and he did. Often.

    Bill rested his chin on his hands and kicked his legs noisily under his desk, tensing up as a girl raised her hand when Dipper asked if they had any questions. Sally. Sally was an idiot. Bill glared at her and when she finished her little attempt at speech Bill casually threw his eraser at her, watching it bounce off her dumb head, and then he turned to stared at Dipper, an idea forming. He raised his hand, and didn't wait to be called for before speaking. Oh he was so bad! "Yeah your name is a tree name. You know like a pine tree. And I've got a question for you Pine Tree! How about you try guessing my name without looking at your cheat sheet there? I'll give you three hints." He said, narrowing his eyes, his smile relaxing to a smirk. "Your first hint is geometry!"
  6. When the eraser bounced off her head, Sally blinked and soon tears were forming at the corners of her eyes. One of the kids around her looked at her and quickly placed a hand over her mouth. "Don't let him hear you, he smells fear!" he whispered. "If you cry he will only make you cry more and bottle your tears and drink them. Don't cry!" he quickly told her. Dipper how ever had been distracted by Bill by now, not paying attention to the crying girl and how her classmates were trying to hush her. He stared at Bill clicking his pen over and over again, a habit from his past that he still hadn't given up on.

    "Geometry..." he hummed as he sat there, though the next words started to ring in his ear. 'Pine Tree...pine...tree...pine!" he looked at him in horror. "No.." he half whispered as he dropped his pen. "No no no, just what are you doing here?" he said obviously freaking out. He had forgotten, or more like his mind pushed back the horrors he had to deal with at Gravity Falls. Well not all the ones, but it seemed like over the years his mind had forgot all about Bill...the demon triangle from hell. "I thought you we got rid of you along time ago and I thought you needed...who's body did you take?!" he demanded as he kept behind his desk.
  7. Bill gained a sick smirk on his face as the children tried to hush Sally from crying, claiming he would bottle her tears and drink them. Silly humans. He wouldn't drink the tears, he'd use them in satanic summoning rituals to raise her dead corpse from the ground after she dies. You know if he wanted to. Which he did not. Ignoring the childrens scared mutterings now, Bill directed his attention back to Dipper, his smirk relaxing a bit as amusement glinted in his eyes. When he saw the look of realization dawn on the others face, Bill grinned and slammed his hands on his desk, saying "Yes!" loudly in response to Dippers hushed "No".

    He hopped out of his desk and placed his hands behind his back as he strode down the aisle, approaching the teachers desk and getting on his tiptoes to peer over it at Dipper. "And here I thought you wouldn't be observant enough to figure it out!" He said, resting his chin on the desk as he grinned at the other. "And believe me you hardly even stopped me, much less got rid of me. Trust me Pine Tree I'm a lot stronger then you've given me credit for! As for this body- Oh is that coffee?" he stopped mid sentence, sniffing curiously at the cup to his left and he yanked it off the desk, spilling some on the floor and got a big drink of it, the liquid scalding his mouth, causing him to giggle a bit from the sizzling pain. He had a coffee mustache now as he continued, sliding the cup back on the desk. "Now then. As for the body, I made it! I know, I know. It's small and not as impressive as it could be. But this is all I could manage- I need more energy before I can make an adult meat sack! But when I was sent to this prison for tiny humans I found being this small isn't so bad. These kids fear me Pine Tree, as they should. But they do anything I say without question!" He said, and he turned, big grin still planted on his face as he addressed the class with a snap of his fingers. "Hey, Sally! Go sharpen my pencils, I want them extra pointy for target practice later!"
  8. As soon as Bill took the coffee off the desk Dipper tried to grab it, but it was too late. The little demon was already starting to drink it. 'Great now I have to deal with a beast of a child that is going to be hyped up on caffeine.' Dipper thought, as soon as the mug was back on the desk, he pulled it farther back on the table, just out of his reach. "Well let's just hope you never get that amount of energy to turn into a human." Dipper muttered. When Bill called for Sally to go sharpen his pencils she jumped up and nodded her head. "Right away." she said through a half sniffle and got up. She ran over to his desk, picking up his pencils and going over to the sharpener. Trying to get the pencils as sharpen as fast as possible. Dipper stood there felling like he already lost control of the class room, but soon his own sick smile started to fall on his face.

    "Oh...but you forgot Bill, I am the adult here and..." he looked over at the golden sticker chart and slowly walked over to it with his hands behind his back. Though he got closer and found Bills name on the chart, he could only stare at it with disbelief. "How did you already get so many stars!" he asked seeing he already had about four or five, while the others only had one or two. "Oh...well." Dipper said. "You haven't been very kind to your peers today, so I guess I am going to have to take one." he said pulling the sticker off. Was it bad of him to take the sticker from a psycho demon...yes yes it was. But how much damage could he do? He was stuck in a child's body, surely his powers had to have wakened some.
  9. Bill laughed loud, clapping his hands together when Sally did as she was told immediately and he watched with a prideful smirk as his pencils were sharpened, his hands on his tiny hips. When he turned back to Dipper though, he found the boys expression replaced with a grin and Bill tilted his head in curiosity as to what that could mean. Well sure he was the adult here but that meant nothing! Bill was the one in charge! And he'd be damned if he let someone like Pine Tree boss him around! He chuckled, shaking his head as he watched the teacher walk across the room. His smile slipped when he saw what he was walking towards, and his eyes narrowed into hateful slits.

    When the sticker was pulled off the board, a collective gasp from the students echoed through the room, and Bills face started to turn red. Inhumanly red actually. The red color spread up to his hair, the color turning all of his blond hair a bright angry red, and Bills eyes rolled back in his head, an inverted pair staring back at Dipper now. He held his hand out, fire sprouting from his finger tips as he took a threatening step towards the teacher. Suddenly though, the fire stopped, Bills hair turned back to a normal color, a bit of a pained grunt coming from the kid as he rubbed at his eyes fervently. And then he threw himself on the floor, his little fists hitting against the carpet rapidly. "That's not fair! You give that star back I stole it fair and square and its MINE!" He said, throwing a tantrum before scrabbling to his feet and charging at Pine Tree. He grabbed the mans shirt, trying to claw his way up the other like..well a tree, but to no avail could he reach his precious sticker. "You give it back Pine Tree! It's miiiinnneeee!! Mine mine mine mine minemineminemineminemine!!!" He continued to yell, beating his fists against his stomach as the students watched with wide fearful eyes.
  10. Even Sally had stopped and dropped her pencils as she watched their teacher pull the sticker from the chart. "What did you just do?" One child whispered with wide and fearful eyes. As soon as Bill started to turn red, and fire started to come out of his fingers, it was like all hell broke lose. "He is going to kill us all!" one of the boys yelled as he jumped up from his desk. Causing a reaction of children screaming, crying and running around the room. One had even peed their pants out of fear. "Okay that was a mistake, a very bad and horrible mistake." Dipper yelled as he was about ready to throw the sticker back on the chart, that was until he saw that Bill really didn't have that much power, and was resorted to a screaming childish temper tantrum. "Okay Bill...Bill stop." he said watching him pound the floor with his little fist. He had to admit it was very entertaining to watch.

    Though when he started to try to climb up Dipper he started to push him off. "Bill you can have this back when you earned it!" he yelled over his screaming. "Stop it or I am going to take another one!" he warned. "Please don't take another one." one of the students said. "I want to live!" another sobbed in the corner.
  11. Bill watched with idle interest as the students scrambled as if the damn apocalypse descended upon them. It was amusing but distracting from the matter at hand! He glared daggers up at Dipper when he said he could have it back when he earned it, and he continued trying to climb up him towards his goal. "I'll earn it once I get it out of your filthy hands! Don't you smudge my star Pine Tree! That is MY star and I don't want your fingerprints all over my property!" When he was told he'd loose another one if he didn't stop, Bill dropped off of the man and crossed his arms, continuing his glare up at the older man. "I will sear the flesh from your bones and traumatize all these little meat sacks minds if you take another star from me Pine Tree! I swear it!" He said, stomping his foot and looking around at the students, glaring at them more and then kicking at Dippers shoe with his foot. "SOOO. How does one go about "earning" a star? I'm a negotiable guy. I'm willing to bargain with you Pine Tree." he said, smirking at him again and continuing to kick his foot, wiping the now dried coffee mustache off his face.
  12. Dipper kept pushing him down each time he tried to climb up him, he watched as Bill finally gave up on trying to take it back. "Okay first..." he trailed off as the kids were still either sobbing or yelling in the background. "First off no one is going to die and...did...did you pee yourself?" he asked looking at one of the students who's pants were noticeably darker. The child could only nod as it rubbed it's eyes of tears. Looking at Bill and seeing the mustache from the coffee, he went over to the little sink and got brown paper towel. Getting it weight he went back to Bill and started to clean his face up. "First off you earn one from good behavior and getting along with your classmates. Not using them as house hold objects or slaves." he told him firmly. Once his face was cleaned he threw the paper towel away and walked over to the boy that had peed himself. "Now I want all of you to calm down and be good for like two seconds I need to get this one taken care of. Bill if you can not cause any destruction or mental trauma to the other students, I might give you your sticker back." he said before slowly starting to leave the room. When the door closed it only opened again and Dipper glared at Bill for a few seconds before closing and leaving once more with the other student.
  13. Bill crossed his arms over his chest as the other began to explain how to earn his star back, and he grimaced as his face was washed off, watching the paper towel go into the trash bin with calculating eyes. He stared back up at Dipper with an indifferent expression, and then glanced behind him at the student who'd peed himself. He cackled in amusement, pointing and openly laughing. "Haha! What a baby! Idiot!" he sneered, before looking back at Dipper who was leading him to the door. Bill's eyes widened a bit. He was being left alone with the students? A big grin appeared on his face and he folded his hands behind his back. "Sure thing, Pine Tree! I'll be sooo good while your gone that you'll give me ten stars!" He called even after the door was shut.

    And then he turned to the students, and the whole of them shrunk back together, and Bill rubbed his greedy little hands together. "Now I know some of you think this new teacher is being bold, but I assure you it wont last. Now. Who wants to help me get my star back?" He asked, and when no one said anything he pointed his finger at them like a gun, a small flame shooting out and landing above there heads on the wall, fizzling out shortly after but it did the trick. The students swarmed towards him "eagerly" and Bill cackled. "Now then! Form a neat and orderly pair of stairs that lead up to the star chart! My small fleshy legs are to short to reach it!" he said, and when they all just stared at him he snapped his fingers rapidly, pushing one of the kids down. "Here just- just let me show you what I mean!" he said, and proceeded to shove the students into position, and once they were a nice pair of stairs he walked up there bodies and popped his fingers as he was presented with the star chart. And then he ripped all the stars off of the other students parts, and stuck them on his own. When his section was complete he walked down the students and rushed to his seat, folding his hands on his desk. "Quick, back to your seats before the teacher comes back and whips you all for disobeying!!"
  14. 'He really wouldn't whip us would he?" one student asked. "It's better not to ask, let's just go." the other student said as they were rushing around and getting back into their seats. It was only a few more seconds that Dipper came in and rubbed his head. "Alright, well that student is going home for the day and..." he trailed off looking back at the star chart, hanging his head as he saw all the stickers on Bills side. "Okay no...Bill I don't know how you did that, but those aren't your stars. I don't remember seeing that many on there before I left." Dipper started to walk back over to it and was starting to take the stickers back off. "Okay how about...we just start this all over, no stickers for anyone. Sound good?" he asked. "He used us as stairs!" Sally yelled from her seat before putting her head back on the desk.

    One of the children started to laugh awkwardly. 'Stairs....of....of friendship!" she said quickly as she at there. "Yeah that's it...Sally has just had a long day, she just needs a juice box when she gets home!" Dipper gave them all confused looks and sent a glare a Bill. "Well...how about we just get class started." he said as he removed the last sticker and threw them away. "There." he said before walking behind his desk and looking at his papers. "From what I can tell you guys were just learning your shapes and colors." he said before starting to pull out flash cards of each.
  15. Bill laughed a bit, a dark shadow coming over his face as he turned to face the student that talked. "Oh he would. I've seen it. This guy is the real monster here. He'll eat you all up for long and pick his teeth with your bones!" Bill said, laughing more but going silent the second Dipper walked back in. When the other immediately looked to the star chart, Bills smile went a little crooked, and he tightened his hands into fists on his table, gritting his teeth, getting that..rabid wolf look again. When the last of the stars fell into the trash, Bills eyes were an angry red color and he snapped his pencil in half. "You didn't have to throw them all away Pine Tree. If you feel the need to make us-" When Sally spoke up, Bills demonic gaze landed on her and he looked like he was ready to launch across the room and throttle the poor girl, his pupils dilating to thin slits like a predator who'd just smelt freshly spilled blood.

    Instead of doing what his demonic tendencies said and remove the girls eyes under a full blood moon, bury them on hollowed ground to raise a wraith who would then suck out the lives of all the children in the area, he instead threw his pencil pieces at her, reveling with glee when they bounced off the girls head. "Shut it Sally or you're going to spend recess in the isolation box!" He said sharply, the students falling silent at his words and he turned back to face forward, a pleasant smile on his face again. "That's right, Mr. Pines. Shapes and colors. Ask away~ I think you'll be pleasantly surprised- except not really because unlike these miserable meat sacks I'm not an idiot. I'm looking at you Sally!" He said, swiveling in his seat to point the girl out before continuing. "Anyways I think you know I'll get them all right. So why not go ahead and give me my gold stars back, hm? Wouldn't want any..classroom casualties would we? Of course we wouldn't!"
  16. "Yeah I kind of did Bill. Now if you actually followed the rules I wouldn't of had to do that and everyone could of kept their stars." he said looked at him. Dipper had flinched ever so slightly from the look on Bill's face, but decided to ignore it for now. He was a grown male, he couldn't let some little kid boss him around! But bill was just a kid he was demon that had been around for thousands of years or maybe even more then that. Dipper wouldn't even put it past him to have helped in some way with the sinking of the Titanic, or even starting witch trials. Sally how ever started to whine as he threw the pencil pieces at her. Dipper looked up and let out an annoyed groan. "Okay, see. That is how you don't earn a sticker Bill that is how you would get them taken away." he told him firmly. "And what is this isolation box?" he asked. "We dare not speak of it." one child whispered. "Only bad children go there."

    Dipper started to rub his face dragging his fingers down as he let out a groan. "It's like being in a cult in here." he said before looking back at Bill. "Alright Bill if you are so smart then, what color is this card?" He asked as he was holding up a blue one.
  17. Bill crossed his arms when Dipper told him that what he was doing is the opposite of how to earn stars, and he childishly stuck his tongue out at him before giving Sally a death glare, because this was clearly all her fault. The only thing that put a smile on his face after that was the mention of a cult, and he smiled brightly at Dipper, pointing at him triumphantly. "Yes! Exactly! Finally someone gets it! I mean I'd rather have more..intelligent. Beings. As my loyal followers but its never to young to start them out, you know Pine Tree?" He said cheerily as he swung his tiny legs back and forth on his chair. He decided not to elaborate on his precious isolation box just yet, because once the bell rang for lunch, and then recess, Dipper was sure to get a good idea of what exactly that glorious idea of his was. He rested his head on his chin in a cocky manner at the thought, and when Dipper brought attention specifically to him and asked him a question and not stupid Sally, his grin widened more. "Oh Pine Tree please. You insult me. I mean come on don't you have a harder question than that? Its obviously grey! Its a grey rectangle." he said, folding his hands on his desk with a satisfied expression.
  18. The class all held their breath when Bill gave his answer. "That...that was a good answer Bill, you are so smart!" one child said from in the back of the class. "Yeah Bill, I wish I could be as smart as you are!" another said happily as a few kids started to clap their hands for him. Dipper looked at them confused and back to the card. "Guys come on, you can't tell me you actually think this is gray?" he asked looking around. "You all know this is blue, right?" he asked. "Okay lets try this one." he said as he pulled out another card. "David what color is this?" he asked calling on another child. "Well that is clearly...." he paused and looked a Bill for a moment before looking to Dipper once again. "Clearly that is a gray circle."

    Dipper couldn't help but give an annoyed look before groaning, closing his eyes and pinched the brigade of his noise for a moment. "Okay...okay...Sally." he said after opening his eyes back up. Sally looked at him in horror and slid down into her chair. "Why does everyone hate me?" she whispered to herself. "No, no come on please tell me what..." he stopped and dug through the cards finding another one. "What color is this, come on you have to know!" he said looking at her with hopeful eyes, his voice saying that if one more child said it was gray that he was most likely going to be thrown into a small mental break down. Sally sat there for a moment seeming to debating of what to do before mumbling an answer.

    "What was that, I couldn't hear you." Dipper told her as he inched closer with the card. She mumbled the answer again, as one child leaned over to hear what she said. Their eyes got wide for a moment and they looked a Dipper, "She said pink." they ratted out. "Yes, yes!" Dipper said cheered as he ran behind his desk. "That's right, it is pink! Just for that you get a sticker!" he said grabbing one and running to put it on her chart. "Woo...finally someone makes some sense around here." he said putting his hands on his hip as he looked at the only sticker on the board. Unbeknownst to him that was as close as to a death sentence that one could get in that kindergarten class.

    "No!" Sally yelled as if she just saw someone get murdered. "I didn't stay pink I said gray, gray!" she yelled. "That sticker belongs to Bill, he deserves it the most!" she said before looking a Bill. "Please Bill, I did good. You have to believe me!"
  19. Bill gained a painfully wide smile on his face, his small hands clasped together on the desk and he batted his eyes as the class praised him for his correct answer, and he chuckled modestly. "Now now. I know you all wish you could be as smart as me, but lets just face the facts kids. You're all going to grow up and work lowly middle class jobs in the slums of society, never amounting to more then-" When Dipper spoke again and interrupted Bills modest speech, the demons eye darkened, the iris flashing red momentarily as he clenched his hands into fists on his desk top, the air in the classroom growing thick and tense in an instant when Dipper said the card was blue. And then he went so far as to ask a second opinion, pulling out a card with one of the lamest shapes ever, a damn circle.

    He could feel the children hold their breath when "David" began to answer, and when the child so intelligently answered gray, Bill gained a pleased smile. David. Yeah if he kept that up Bill would just have to promote him to being his footstool once a week instead of three times! That kid was going places! Bill shrugged innocently at Dippers annoyance, pointing at the card. "I told you Pine Tree, its gray." he said, twiddling his thumbs before his grin twitched a bit when Dipper called on Stupid Sally of all people, and the corners of his mouth threatened to turn downwards, and it now looked more like he was just bearing his teeth. He dug his nails into the top of his desk as he waited for her to give her answer, and when she all but mumbled, Bill turned and stared at her, blinking slowly as he waited to hear her answer.

    Dipper questioned her as well, and when a loyal child finally ratted her out, Bill couldn't believe his ears! He was insulted! How dare she even think that picture could be anything other than gray! He was right! He was always right! His jaw dropped as Dipper cheered for the girl, and his eyes widened in disbelief when he said she earned a star. Just for answering a question incorrectly! His face started to turn an angry red and his ears were hot with something that totally wasn't any form of embarrassment, and Bill threw his hands up in the air. "Are you kidding me!! That- she's a liar Pine Tree!" he cried, hopping down from his desk and stomping over to Sallys, yanking her up by the front of her shirt and glaring at her. "You did real bad there Sally! What were you thinking? You know all of the cards are gray, GRAY! They are always gray! So what was that hmm? A burst of courage? Well I hope you know where that's landed you for the rest of this week! Be happy with your star that you earned solely on LIES. I don't want that one, its been tainted by your sins and you will be punished!" he yelled, his voice reaching inhuman volumes as his eyes slowly changed color, inverting so his pupils were white and the corneas were black.

    Once he was sure she'd have nightmares for weeks, he let go, turning to Dipper with the same look and stomping over to him, pointing a finger up at him. "And as for you! I'll have you know playing favorites is going to get you nowhere in this class! And I mean come on Pine Tree, don't listen to "Sally" she's...well she's just a small miserable sack of wet squishy DUMB meat and shes never going to amount to anything. Come on we both know that." He said, blinking a few times before grit his teeth, squeezing his eyes shut and rubbing at the left one furiously as if he had something in it, the eye starting to water in irritation as he continued to rub, his visible eye turning back to the way it normally looked before he groaned in annoyance and puffed his chest out some, keeping his other eye closed for now until the irritant went away. "Anyways I want to request that you come to your senses and return my stars to me. I think I've more then earned them. We both know I'm the most intelligent thing in this room!"
  20. "Hey now!" Dipper said as he heard Bill get up from his desk. He was turning around and going to grab him, but it was already too late. He could see that Sally was watch her life flash before her eyes right then as her face paled. He could of sworn he saw at least a couple of pieces. of hair turn white on that poor girls head. When Bill finally finished yelling at her she made an ungodly sound as if her soul was leaving her body. "Yikes." Dipper said as the young girl just laid face down on her desk. "O-okay." he said going to pick her up and laying her down in the back on a mat that was used during nap time. "Well..one kid already went home today, so maybe it would be best if we just....let her sleep here for now." he said rubbing his face a bit before looking a Bill.

    "So if I am getting this right.' he started as he watched Bill storm his way over. "You say all these colors are gray...could it possibly be you are color blind Bill?" he asked. Dipper was about to make a comment like a dog, but at that point he seemed to value more of his life then to risk a comment and make the small demon child any more angry."I mean really that is the only explanation that I can give at the moment. Because no matter how right you think you are Bill, you are wrong. These cards all have different colors on them."

    Watching him rub his eye Dipper sighed and actually picked up the child. Some of the children gasped. "This guy is crazy." one child whisper to another. "Do you think we are too young to make will...I don't think any of us will make it through to the next grade." another one whispered. "Listen." Dipper said as he had placed Bill on a chair in the corner of the room. "But we will talk about that some other time, you need to learn a lesson or two." Dipper told him. "Yes I get you know everything blah blah blah, buy gold blah blah. But you can't just go around demanding things, nor does your behavior warrant any kind of sticker." he said as he stood straight up and crossed his arms again. Looking down at Bill much like an disappointed parent. "You also have to learn that your actions will have consequences. I already took all your stars away, and as much as I want to give you negative stars I can't. So you are going to sit here away from the rest of the children until you can function like a normal child instead of a ruling dictator, got it?" A small frown soon fell onto his face as he watched him keep rubbing his eye. "Ah..even if that doesn't get any better...you should go to the nurses office and have her check you out." he told him.

    Not giving Bill much time to respond Dipper turned around and went back to the front of the class, starting their lesson up once again. Each time a child was ask a questioned, they would give Bill a sheepish look before answering in a way that wouldn't get them killed. Or worse yet be on the demons hit list like Sally was.
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