Reality Getaway: Beach House Living (OOC & SIGNUPS)

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    You're scrolling through your Facebook when you get a notification. It is an invitation to join a group of random people on a most expenses paid trip to Fiji for over half the Summer. Any other time, you would think it is a scam, but you decide to message one of the hosts and it checks out just nice. The catch is, it's a reality TV show and you may or may not get paid to participate in. Your privacy level is none. There are hidden cameras placed all through out the house. The confession box that you MUST use everyday will leak the things you say. Considering you are kinda stressed out and could use a vacation, you decide to go along for the ride. So pack your shorts and sunscreen because this Summer will be one to remember! Happy vacationing!


    ~Sign Up and OOC Rules~
    • 1. I am the GM, and my word is final. I may in the future appoint a second GM, and they will have the same power. I make the rules
    • I enforce the rules, and I do have the power to kick you out. That being said, I will do my best to make fair judgments
    • in regards to any situation. I am actually pretty nice!
    • 2. Basic rule, I have a character Skeleton for a reason, please use it. It's not fun when I have to look for information that may or may not be there.
    • 3. Please, for this rp, USE REAL PICTURES.
    • 4.Under no circumstances are you allowed to post without a GM accepting your character.
    • We have to make sure that each character is up to code.
    • 5. Please flesh out the characters, I like seeing that people put effort into their characters, and that they took time to have some formatting and other things.
    • 6. Please be kind to all your other rp friends, we don't want people feeling attacked or threatened by other. It helps create a more cohesive bond between players.
    • 7. There is no character limit, you may have as many as you think you can handle (I might change this, just so we don't get too out of hand)
    • 8. Please make all your character sheets on the same one, will help stop others from searching through countless pages for your sheet.
    • 9. Have fun~

    ~IC Rules~
    • (I do not take credit for this list of rules, but they are everything that I wanted my rules to be.
    • 10. Try not to go to far without me posting, I hate feeling left behind.
    • 9. Please try to post a paragraph each time. I really detest having a lot of 1 liners, so please try to keep them away. (I understand if you get writers block or something, just tell us real fast so we don't think you're not trying.)
    • 8. YOU CAN NOT BE YOUR OWN PARTNER/LOVER! I hate it when people do this, it sucks to be done, and if you plan on having a drama point based on the fact that two of your characters were together, that's fine as long as as it is now over.
    • 7. Feel free to interact with a NPC or more!
    • 6. Likewise, only type in third person. Reason is, first person can confuse people. It makes them get lost in all the I's, since there would be a ton of them. So please, for my sake and the sake of others, use third person. If you have actually read all the rules, please put "I wanna get away" at the bottom of your CS in all caps.
    • and there, but when I have to spend 5 minutes reading a three sentence paragraph, I don't enjoy it as much. Please refrain from using text talk and please try to use a spell checker if you don't know English very well. There is an exception though, when your Character is actually texting!
    • 5. GRAMMAR! Now one of my pet peeves is having people who spell things shorthanded. It doesn't matter to me if there are a few mistakes here
    • 4. Cursing. Now, I know some characters are not going to be the sweetest, and some are just going to have a few instances, but I am completely fine with your characters cursing. However, one every single sentence is kind of extreme, so try to avoid putting one in everything.
    • 3. As this is an OPEN AGE roleplay, so please if something gets to that "stage of romance" fade to black.
    • 2. This one goes with the first one, no automatic hits. It kind of sucks when someone just hits you in the face over and over and then throws you off the building without you being able to do anything, like a dummy. Don't do it.
    • 1. No god moding. Everyone hates it, especially me. We don't have much physical interaction such as fighting in this roleplay, but it can happen, so don't have your character instantly knock someone twice their size out and come out unscathed.

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  3. (If you have more than one character, please post them one after another as I have. It's easier for me to do the CS Guide that way!)


    :-First Name-:
    (Picture here. Only real people please. NO anime/cartoons)
    ✮Full Name✮
    ✮Age and Birthday✮ Usually between 18 and 22
    ✮Part-time job (optional)✮
    ✪Physical Description✪ Here just put down the usual hair color/description, eye color, height, weight and piercings and tattoos.
    ✮Health Ailments✮
    ✮Personality✮(Paragraph please . Or if you want to list things out and put a little description of each character trait that's alright too)
    ✮History✮ Optional
    ✮Secrets✮ List a few, can be silly, or serious

    (If you want to be in one with one of the character, see them first)

    ✮Love Interest✮

    (This is in character. You put what your character thinks about the trip)
    ✮Favorite Song✮
    ✮Other✮ Anything Else I Forgot
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  12. I would love to join this. Is it possible to reserve a spot?
  13. Yes indeed
  14. Hey there , I'm interested in joining . May I reserve a spot , as well ?
  15. Yeah
  16. Alright then , I shall post my character sheet later :)


    Aika M. (open)


    ✮Full Name✮
    Aika Hilary Mizushima

    Ai , Hilary , Hil and etc.

    ✮Age and Birthday✮
    19+ , 15th October 1996



    ✮Part-time job (optional)✮
    An intern in a veterinary clinic

    A mix of Japanese and American

    ✪Physical Description✪
    Aika has dark brown hair that reaches just below her shoulder . It is complimented with the same shade of brown pupils for her eyes . She stands at a height of 165cm which is approximately at 5 feet 5 inches , and she weighs at an amount of 55kg which is about 121 lbs . Her figure is slim but womanly .

    The only place in which she has piercings are her earlobes . Also , she possesses a tattoo of cote of doves on her back which are tattooed in the color of black .

    ✮Health Ailments✮
    Personality disorders
    '....Have extreme and inflexible personality traits that are distressing to the person and/or cause problems in work, school, or social relationships. In addition, the person's patterns of thinking and behavior significantly differ from the expectations of society and are so rigid that they interfere with the person's normal functioning....'

    -Aika suffers from this disorder in only three situations : When there is a heated argument that might threaten the peace of her surroundings or people around her , when an animal is abused or when anyone mentions her brother .

    Normal self :-
    Aika is generally seen as a sociable and friendly person , and is often called bubbly . Many people have called her 'cute' from a young age and as such , she really , really dislikes it whenever anyone uses 'cute' and 'Aika' in the same sentences . This also contributes to her getting easily flustered and yet being as dense as a rock when a matter of love is involved . Despite her ability to make people feel less lonely , she is hot-tempered , but not the type where she simply goes all out on somebody . Also , Aika is very adventurous , daring and often gets into trouble for all her 'exploring' . She might get people involved in her antics , as well .

    Personality Disorder self:-
    When Aika's Personality Disorder is triggered , she becomes an emotionless person , which is completely the opposite of herself . Many psychologists have informed her family and herself that this disorder serves as a defense mechanism , or even known as a survival instinct , for Aika . In this state , she will be easily irritated , and as such , she gets violent without a shred of mercy towards who (most of the time) , where or even how . She can be seen as sadistic , as well and will do anything to protect herself and others (seldomly) .

    The Mizushima household was a peaceful one where everyone loved each other and supported one another . The only thing that seemed slightly out of place was the fact that this traditional Japanese household was in America . Why is that ? Well , Aika Hilary Mizushima's mother was an international student studying in the University of Tokyo and there she had met Aika's father . Without needing much to guess , the two fell in love . But because Aika's father was brought up in a very conservative and traditional Japanese environment , her father's parents disapproved of the marriage , which caused the couple to move to America with a very young infant son .

    As a couple of years passes by , Aika was born into the family . Everything was going great up until she was 15 . That was when her brother was involved in an accident . Not to fret , as he indeed survived the hit , but , he lost his ability to dance . And soon after , he began to blame everyone else for his accident , but mostly , himself . He was a stranger to their family and moved out because according to him , he couldn't stand the pressure of her parents' expectations . On many occasions , Aika had tried to reconcile with him , and even once going as far as to enroll him in a rehabilitation center , but he turned a blind eye in the coldest ways possible .

    "They are so innocent , unlike humans . Plus , they're cute and cuddly !"

    "What do you mean what I do on a Friday night ? I lay down comfortably on my sofa with a cup of hot chocolate on the glass table next to me with a book in hand ."

    -Pure chocolate
    "They're tasty and they make you happy ! What's there not to like , hmm ?"

    -Sweets , other than chocolate .
    "Unlike pure chocolate , sweets are basically melted sugar . Meaning , once they enter your blood stream , your pancreas has got a lot cut out for them ."

    -Very heated arguments or fights
    "It's not fair to the people around you . I mean , won't it affect the people who are close to you ?"

    -Anything pumpkin
    "How can anyone stand it ?"

    "I live many lives by reading !"

    -Playing her trumpet
    "It calms me down and the sound is so majestic that I can't help but feel proud ."

    "Well , I'm not excellent in it , but I really love the feel of the wind pushing at my hair whenever I run . It's so accelerating ."

    "Last time , I used to only fence when I had cramps , so that I'll have a reason to stab something . But now , I fence on quite a regular basis to keep my reflex up ."

    "Practice and passion makes everything good for you !"

    "I learned dancing with my brother up until I was 15 when he met with an accident . I guess you can say I still can bust a move or two !"

    -Mascots (Especially clowns)
    -Amusement parks

    -Aika was never in a relationship before .
    -She was sexually harassed on a train once .

    -Kazuki Mizushima (Father) , aged 42
    -Elizabeth Marie Johnson (Mother) , aged 39
    -Hayato Jonathan Mizushima (Brother) , aged 21

    ✮Love Interest✮

    "The trip ? I think it's a great idea ! I mean , it's not that I hate home or anything , but following the same routine each day does get boring , even if I do work with animals . I also think that it'll be great for me to meet some nice people , considering I don't have much 'me' time outside work and university . Oh well , I can't wait !"

    ✮Favorite Song✮
    Daniel Powter - Bad Day

    -She is always seen using the same pair of aquamarine-stoned studs .​

    "I wanna get away"

    I hope this is okay .
  18. I'll get my cses up in a bit
  19. Hi there!
    I would like to reserve three females, and two male, if that's fine with you.
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