Realistic Wolf RP OOC

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  1. Feel free to join this, we're not capping off the number of players so you're always welcome!

    So far we have:

    Mystic Shayde (white/silver markings/caramel eyes, female)

    Pine (large grey female)

    Ivy (black, dark brown eyes, female)

    Frost (Ivy's brother, also black, ice blue eyes)

    Ceres (young, brown, male)

    Simone (female pup, black)
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  2. TwiztdxRaven: OOC// Fast forward to when they all wake up? And from now on, OOC goes here, just made it.

    Reply: Absolutely.

    Also I pictured Ceres as being sort of the bratty teenager stage? So he can be playful but he can be sort of daft sometimes as well. i.e. a way to work in why he didn't realize Shayde was even addressing him was because a. he was totally exhausted and b. he is kinda... dense? I guess?

    And also just want to say thanks for letting me join. :)
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  3. You're very welcome! :) thank you for joining, the more players the more fun it is If you ask me!

    Sounds to me like he'd be somewhere around a year old, then. Ever watched a dog grow up? About 6 months they're silly playful little things who get into everything, about the equivalent of a 7-10 year old human I think. By a year old, they're technically 'grown', but not mature yet. Like a human teenager. 2 years old is when they're considered to be adults, fully matured and proper breeding age.

    Just a quick run down. ^ยท^ I've been borderline obsessed with wolves since I was a little kid. Lol
  4. ahh yeah i have have a dog but she is really old now so I don't really remember when she was a puppy very clearly.
  5. and finally the story takes its first dark turn lol :P
  6. Sorry I've been busy I havnt gotten a chance to reply.
  7. It's all good. It's all for fun right?
  8. Yeah, it's no problem! I understand. Wish my life were busier.... Live in nanny, so I have absolutely nothing to do until the boys get home from school
  9. So this is the closest picture i could find of what I picture Ceres to look like.
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  10. So I notice Pine hasn't posted in like forever.
  11. Could I join?
    I'll be called Simone. She's still a pup! :3
  12. Should we all just post a picture of what our wolves look like ?
  13. you can if you want. I was just doing it so that people wouldn't get confused as to why my character was acting like a puppy.
  14. I was too busy to post a few days ago, and procrastinated on looking at it. What's happened?
    And Pine looks like this:
    Just a grey wolf with bold markings.
  15. Not much. They haven't disscussed about being a pack yet, but there kinda warming up to each other and such.
  16. How much time has passed, and where are they?
  17. we're on day 2 technically.
  18. So sorry I disappeared there guys, busy day yesterday! Here's a picture of Shayde... except her eyes are a light brown, and the silver markings are more just her ears, shoulders, spine, and part of her tail. And her right forepaw.