Realistic Wolf Roleplay

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  1. Ooc// Basically, stick to how wolves really look, act, etc. Which MEANS, pack ranks are formed by show of dominance, and bear in mind being alpha is not always glorious- Alpha takes on serious decision making and responsibilities, risking their lives, etc.


    A lone figure finds rest beneath the shade of a large, old weeping willow on the bank of a river that shimmers in the early autumn sun. The cool breeze tossels her snowy white fur. She has silver markings at the tips of her alert ears, the very top of her muzzle, her shoulders, down her spine and highlighting her thick, fluffy tail. The she-wolf sighs, caramel colored eyes gazing out over the water, lost in thought. There is a sadness found there in her absent gaze. Her build is fairly average, lean sinewy muscle, not exceptionally bulky or tall.
  2. I gazed at my reflection in the lake. I saw a gray she-wolf, as in C. Lupus, with very bold markings, and very muscular. Not in a heavy way, but it was still clearly visible that I was strong. I was large for a female, and inherited the "alpha gene" so I was naturally aggressive. I got up, stretched, and trotted along. I walked on the edge of the lake, against the wind. I smelled prey, but I couldn't hunt alone. I did smell a wolf, so I continued at a quick pace, until I found the river that fed into the lake, and finally saw the wolf who was sitting under a willow. Holding my head and tail high, I raised the ruff of fur on my neck slightly and walked with stiff legs.
  3. Two young adolescent and almost identical pitch black wolves trotted through the forest side by side. They were siblings who could only be told apart by a few small details. The female, the larger and more muscular who was built more for strength and also happened to be slightly younger, could be identified by her very dark brown eyes that almost always seemed to have a rather protective and harsh gleam in her eyes. The male, a smaller and leaner wolf built more for speed and was slightly older than his sister, had ice blue eyes that were always alert. As they weave through the trees, the she-wolf caught sent of nearby pray while the male could smell two wolves just a few miles east near the river. His ears flick in the direction of the wolves while the his sister started towards the prey, her stomach growling slightly with hunger.
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  4. A silver ear flicked in the direction of the other female, just before she came back to reality, her thought process broken. A low growl rumbled in her chest as she caught sight of the display of dominance. A warning that she would defend herself, if need be. She rose to her feet, firmly planting her forepaws in the sandy soil. Her eyes, though soft and kind, held great wisdom and confidence. This wolfess wasn't old, but she'd been through four winters by now, the coming would be her fifth. She stood tall and proud, head held high and tail curved well over her spine. The silvery hairs between her shoulder blades rose slightly, and she awaited the stranger's next move. Hopefully this would prove to be a peaceful encounter and not an attack. These lands were unclaimed thus far; she hoped this wolf was alone and not leading a pack to take this territory. She caught the sound of a couple others running not too far off. With any luck they'd all be wandering loners like herself. "Please don't let it be a malicious pack.." She thought silently.

    OOC// @MiraiNikki021209 realistic eye colors please, if you don't mind too terribly? :) I'll accept the blue, because although extremely rare, it's not impossible. Red isn't natural, though. Most have green, yellow, or brown eyes. Sometimes shades in between those.
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  5. I raised my head higher, and raised the ruff of neck fur even high, so I looked another half larger head-on. I was showing dominance not to threaten, but showing her that I was boss, and the only reason I'd do that was to start a pack. I turned my head around, and rubbed a scent gland on my tail, trying to better pass the message by scent. I was in a cheerful mood so far, but that could change quickly, depending on the wolf's reaction. I smelled another two strangers- who seemed to be their own pack.
  6. The older wolfess regarded her closely, monitoring every move and gesture with a carefully calculating gaze. A quick flash of ivory told all that needed to be said: 'I will not bow.' The she wolf didn't budge, aside from her brief physical statement. Sinewy muscle was rigid throughout her lean body, yet there was a calmness about her. It was clear she was unafraid, not particularly wanting to fight- but ready for anything. The other female was larger. This meant she would need to rely on quick wits and physical agility. Her best defense would be allowing the other the initial move. Should she attack, the white wolf would need to move at the correct second to avoid her teeth.
  7. OOC// Sorry I was busy. But have the wolf have very dark brown eyes than.

    The male wolf gave a slight growl at his sister, his curiosity getting the better of him. He much prefered checking out the two wolves a ways away over a hunt due to the potential idea of finding a pack for them. The sister glared back at her brother. Though younger, she was physically stronger than him and could overpower him in any petty dissagreement they had. So the male, quite reluctantly, trotted behind his sister towards the prey. It was a deer, a young buck who's antlers weren't big enough to do serious damage to the two wolves if they were careful during the hunt. Standing downwind, the two split up. The female took position furthar ahead while the male moved more behind the buck. This was always there plan. The brother, because he was faster, would chase and lead the prey into the trap, which was where his sister was waiting to overpower the prey. The male crouched low, his sharp eyes staying trained on his soon to be meal while his ears stayed alert incase the other wolves decided to distrupt his hunt.
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  8. OOC// I meant I was having trouble distinguishing whether you were referring to my character or yours.
    BIC// I smelled prey off in the distance, along with the two wolves. They were a pack. I focused on the wolf before me. She didn't seem to be giving in. Quickly calculating in my mind, I knew it was better to join that pack rather than stay here. I would be in a larger group, and the pack was so small they should be desperate for wolves. And besides, I'd get food quicker, and try and be their alpha later on. I trotted off, then broke into a run when I smelled where the prey was compared to where the wolves were- figuring out what they were doing.
  9. The males ears dart back, hearing an animal nearing. He figured it may be the other wolves. The deer seemed to notice the sounds of the incoming animal as well since it took off. The male whipped around and crouched low. His eyes stayed alert as he looked for the oncoming animal. He wasnt a fighter, but he was prepared. He figured he could work out his attack strategy similar to the hunting. He could somehow bring the wolf towards his sister for help, in case the nearing wolf was defending some sort of territory.

    The females eyes darted to the buck as it ran past. She didn't catch sight of her brother but it didn't stop her from launching and chasing after the buck. She closed into the right side of the buck as she mentally changed her own attack strategy. She would chase it towards a ditch. She had seen it earlier and if she managed to angle the buck just right he wouldn't notice and fall over. The she wolf, rather fond of the idea, snarled as she neared and snapped her teeth to turn the buck in the direction she wanted.
  10. I continued chasing the buck until the black female confused me. What is she doing? The simplest thing to do would be to latch onto it and weaken it so you could catch it- or find an old or sick deer who can't get away. I stopped chasing, and rather angrily flicked my tail as I walked off. These wolves were useless hunters, for me anyhow. I followed the she-wolf far behind, if she killed it I would eat too.
  11. The male dashed after his sister, chasing the buck to the ditch. The buck panicked slightly at the sight of more wolves. The brother and sister chased it for a short time before they came towards the ditch. The buck, unaware of the sudden drop in the ground, stumbled and fell onto the ground the moment it misstepped. The female licked her jaws and lunged out at the buck before it had a chance to regain it's footing. Latching onto it's shoulder she sunk her large teeth into it's flesh, growing more eager for the meal as soon as she tasted the deer. The brother jumped out at the buck after his sister, managing to bite onto a hind leg. The buck began wildly kicking, attempting to still make it out of the hunt. The buck landed a blow in the brothers shoulder, causeing him to yelp at the pain and fall over. The sister, infuriated at the animal harming her sibling, lunged for the neck. Though she was careless, she sunk her teeth into the creatures neck and began shaking her head as well as pulling at the flesh to dig her teeth deeper. The creatures fighting soon died down as it's head held limply in her powerful jaws. The brother stood, favoring his left leg and made his way to the kill as the sister glared and began growling at the new wolf. She clearly wasn't friendly or keen on the idea of sharing her kill with a wolf who she both didn't know and didn't help with the hunt. The brother, though, was far more relaxed about the new wolf. It didn't bother him as much since he was more social than his sister.
  12. I heard the unmistakable cry of death from the buck, and smelled blood. Going into a dominance position, I ran to the kill. The female growled at me. She wasn't attacking yet, and no one was eating. I took it as an invitation and came closer to the dead animal, ready to dig into the stomach.
  13. The female instantly lunged across the dead animal, blocking the other females path to her kill. The fur on her shoulders raised as she snarls. The male sat, licking his shoulder and looks at his little sister. The male didn't bother waiting for his sister to take the first bite, he sunk his teeth in and pulled out a mound of flesh from the dead animal and began his feast. The female didn't move from her position, growling at the other wolf. She most certainly wouldnt let some wolf who shows up last second to enjoy her kill. The new wolf could wait till the two finished and eat last, like every other omega wolf.
  14. I lowered my head, but only a little- just so it was below hers. I lay down with my head on my paws, waiting for food. Then I'd probably leave, I didn't like the way they hunted.
  15. The female glared at her, turning slightly so she could eat but continued to keep her eye on the other. The brother glanced to the new wolf. He didn't bother making room for her since he had no desire to go against his sisters command and continued his eating. The pair scarrfed down the kill as if they haven't had a decent meal for quite some time, even gnawing on the bones a little before moving on to the next section of the prey. The male was the first to finish, limping back slightly and laid down to rest his injured shoulder. The female, who finished shortly after him, trotted to her brother and sniffed his shoulder before giving it a reassuring lick and sat down. Her sharp eyes stayed on the other she-wolf, but she was more relaxed. Now that she wasn't starving she would allow the other wolf to feed on the remains. The male rested his head on his paws, lowering his ears and lets out a slightly apologetic whimper almost as if to say sorry for his sister's behaviour about the meal. The sister though offered no apology for her actions.
  16. I twitched an ear towards them as I got up, and started on what was left of the guts. I ate some of the abdominal muscles, which had mostly been eaten away to get to the delicious organs inside. I finished quickly, and lay down again.
  17. The male twitched his esr, listening to the surrounding sounds curiously and glances over to the other female. He was curious, of course. He wondered if she lived nearby or if she was just wandering about like he and his sister. The sister let out a yawn, standing up to stretch. Her body language was more relaxed now. The other she-wolf didn't bother her as much now. The sister stayed seated, looking about the area. She could hear the distant river. She was rather thirsty from the hunt, but she didn't enjoy the idea of leaving her injured brother by himself. Her paws dug at the ground as she thought over if she should go. The brother moved his gaze from the she-wolf to his sister.
  18. Seeing the other wolf retreat, Shayde shook her pelt and settled down. So, the large grey wolfess hadn't been looking to fight. That was a good thing, for now. Lowering her head, pink muscle extended to gulp down some of the icy cold water. The metallic scent of blood filled the air, and it occurred to her she hadn't eaten in a few days. Prey had been scarce. It was risky, she knew that much, but she decided to see if she could scavenge something off the carcass. It would give her chance to see what was up with these new wolves, anyway.

    She padded in their direction, but stopped short, just as soon as they were visable. Her head and tail were raised proudly, but she didn't bristle her fur or show any aggression. Three to one were not odds she liked. Silvery ears swivelled, keeping alert of everything around them. They all appeared to be finished with the venison.

    She slowly took a few steps toward the kill, dipping her head to sniff at it hungrily before raising up again to gauge the others reactions. Though clearly displaying her dominance, she seemed to be respectful of the fact that this was not her kill, nor her pack. Her eyes were curious and watchful.

    "Apologies for the intrusion, I mean you no threat," Her voice was nonchalant as she reassured them. Fluffy bi-colored tail held high above her spine, she swished it once or twice as a friendly gesture, hoping they'd accept it. "I have had hard luck in the days past, may I share in the spoils of your hunt?" Caramel orbs moved to each of them in turn, unsure if there was a leader here or not.
  19. When the other wolf displayed dominance, I instinctively shot up too, my head and tail raised. I couldn't help it. I cast my eyes warily on the black wolf, then nodded to this one. I wasn't being alpha, but putting the wolf I had seen before into omega position. I let it show in my body language.
  20. The female glared at the wolf she had stared down previously. She stood up and began to growl, not liking how she instantly acted 'alpha-like'. If anything, she was more alpha. She had brought down the deer by herself pretty much. She didn't like the idea of this wolf possible becoming an alpha. Before she had the chance to pull her lips back in a snarl her brother stood. He still favoured his injured leg but he attempted to make it less noticable now. "We don't mind. My sister and I have had our fill, you may have what's left. I am Frost and this is my sister Ivy." As Frost spoke he wagged his own tail slightly in a friendly manner. He decided he should speak since he knew his sister wouldn't until she knew he was comfortable enough to speak.

    Ivy glared at the wolf one last time before looking at the newcommer. She turned her head and snipped her brothers ear. She didn't like how he both gave permission and introduced who she was for her. She looked at the new wolf.
    "Who are you." Ivy didnt bother being polite or formal about her question. But she was curious about her. And she like how she asked to eat her kill instead of just barging in and expecting her to roll over and share.