Realistic Family RP with hint of magic

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  1. UPDATE: Closed now since our roles are full

    Hi, this role play will be basically modern and realistic in genre. There is just a small element of magic in it, so not enough to be considered fantasy.

    My idea is to have a small family role play where the family has a single child. The single child has a stuffed animal that comes to life when they are alone. Also, by coming to life, I mean truly becoming sentient and able to communicate through writing. It won't be able to speak or make sounds because it is still a stuffed animal in physical reality. Basically, the role play will be about the family's daily lives, their troubles, their arguments, and their happy fun moments too.

    It will be highly character driven, so I would request detailed characters with realistic flaws. This way, with some general plot guidance, the characters themselves propel the story forward with how they would react to things, what trouble they might start, domestic disputes, etc.

    Who I would need to start the role play would be:

    • A father
    • A mother
    • A young child
    • Magical stuffed animal with a soul
    Other roles may be the child's teacher, bosses or co-workers of the parents, friends and neighbors, etc


    I also want to let people who read this know that I usually post late night EST time on weekdays, with weekends much more frequent. I also like to post around the length of two or three paragraphs usually. It might be important to give a lot of inner thoughts and feelings since character development will be a big thing.

    Please let me know if you are interested or have any questions :)
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  2. Sounds interesting, do-able, and has a great potential... I'm in! o-o
  3. Awesome, which role do you want to reserve? Can be those listed or something else, but it would be best that the character be closely involved with the family.
  4. I guess I'll go with the young child, I'd go with the magical stuffed animal, but I feel I wouldn't do well playing as that... One question though, how old would the young child approximately be?
  5. I'd like to Reserve the stuffed animal role if you do not mind?
  6. @york probably kindergarten or first grade

    @Neko sure :)
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  7. I could possibly run as one of the parents.

    Whichever one isn't reserved. c:
  8. Yay and I was going to play the last choice so do you want to be my husband or wife? :lol::bouquet::cake::chair::champagne::music::music::3d:
  9. Oh and @york I would say probably kindergarten or 1st grade
  10. I actually really dunno.

    I'm indecisive. Hehe.

    You choose which one you want~ :p
  11. Okay I will be the wife then xD will you marry me Rufiya????
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  12. Yis.
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  13. Oh my gosh! This sounds highly awesome! I would totally be up for it! I love daily life role plays and I love playing house! :D
  14. Our main roles are full, but since you are so close to when I edited entry to closed, want to be a family member like grandparent or very close family friend neighbor? Or regular babysitter
  15. :D Ooh a babysitter would be nice! :D
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