Realist Theories

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  1. The steady beep of what looked to be a life support machine resonated throughout the pure white room. Screens flashed steadily, their technology being used to keep the patient's internal organs working. She lie on a bed in the center of the room, which was void of another bed or other patient, as she slept deeply. Scars covered her body, originating from who-knows-where. Her pallid magenta hair was exceptionally long, and looked as though it had been many years since it had been even trimmed. There was no information given about her, not even a name, despite running blood work to find some trace of her. Even the one who left her at that hospital was unknown.

    The few doctors who weren't really busy stayed in the room with her, busying themselves by trying to solve the mystery of her identity. Of course it was of no use. If she would wake up, she may be able to tell them about what happened, however an injury they had found on her head would more than likely diminish such hopes. Even so, she had been admitted into the hospital for a couple days now, and there was uncertainty of when she would awaken. It shouldn't be long, they presumed, for despite the injuries, she was healthy enough.
  2. He was one of the doctors looking after this young looking female, not to old himself.. at the age of 23, he'd been a medicinal genius, graduated high school at an early age and then took the college schooling for a doctor in 4 years by testing out of most of the classes that were required of him. He had square rimmed glasses on and he had semi-long sandy hair. His icy blue eyes peered through his glasses at the test results, trying to fit together the pieces but nothing added up.

    Why had she been unconscious for so long. And why was she still out like a light? Nothing they had done to wake her without harming her had worked, and he wasn't about to harm her just so that she would wake up. That would be rediculously stupid. But what were all the scars from. Some looked like they might be knife wounds.. but he couldn't tell for sure. And why was her hair dyed such a strange color. It all confused him and threw him for a loop.

    "Dr. Walker" one of the nurses said, standing a few feet away from him.
    "Yes?" He responded, not looking from the sheets.
    "There ARE other patients that need your attention."
    "And? Are they unconscious. Do the nurses not know how to do their jobs without me?"
    "No? Then why are you still here?" he looked up at her from above his rims, glaring with an undertone of aggravation in his voice.
    The nurse jumped and ran off and Dr. Walker just sigh and looked at the girl in the bed, "Why won't you wake up?"
  3. She didn't know what was happening. She was in a panic, stumbling into the whiteness ahead, until she spotted a speck of red in the distance, and knew that was her only escape. She couldn't stop running, for she knew it would catch up to her and swallow her whole. The black mass spread across the whiteness behind her like a disease. Chasing. Gaining up on her. She was getting close, and the speck of red had grown into view as a big scarlet painted door. She knew it would be the only way out of there, away from the monster chasing after her.
    It lurched and squirmed like a huge blob of ink, a wrathful face printed into it, contorting and convulsing as it threw itself after her. Within its hollow eyes glowed small golden sparks, the jewels which danced in the darkness still unable to make the mass any less formidable. The red-haired girl was now feet from the door, her heavy breathing now causing an immense pain in her chest. She smiled slightly in relief as she grew closer and closer, diving for the door handle. But she didn't make it completely. The monster had grown tendrils, latching onto one of her arms. The girl yelled in pain, the inky substance feeling like acid on her skin, but her other hand still gripped the golden handle of the door.
    She held tight, kicking at the fiend, but more tendrils had burst from it, latching onto her leg and knocking her off her feet. She almost reached her feet once again, but she had let go of the door. The girl struggled to reach it again, but more and more black arms stung on her limbs, wrapping on them and pulling her back. She screamed in sheer agony as it felt like her flesh was being melted from her body, arms still searching for the handle. She had finally reached it, but at the same moment the monster yanked her backwards.

    Suddenly her eyes shot open, and she found herself dashing forward, out of the bed and in the direction of the door as if it was still part of her dream. But there was someone in her way, as she was ran into him, and had an arm outstretched over his shoulder to the open gap. She blinked once, seeing a red fluid dripping from her wrist, and pulled away from the doctor. It must have been a result of accidentally ripping the IV from her wrist. She had snapped out of her dream finally, and looked around the room in bewilderment, proceeding to mutter in question. "Eh.. Where am I..?"
  4. He was extremely surprised to see her awake, let alone out of bed, he'd been watching carefully cause her heart rate had been rising. Like it would in a night mare as he has found in his research on some of his patients. He had been right in her apparent path of leaving the room and stood sturdy as a rock. It was a little amusing to watch her get out of her daze. But he didn't show it. He put a hand on her shoulder guiding her back to her bed.

    "You, my dear, are in the hospital. You have been unconsious for days, and we know nothing about you. We were worried that you weren't going to make it and then we'd never find your family." He said softly as he tenderly started to care for the wound in her arm. A small caring smile on his face. "It may take a little time to adjust. Would you like to be alone? Or would you rather have someone to talk to?"