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  1. This is where we will post our characters for Real World- Iwaku.

    All characters should be from former or even current roleplays. The catch is, your character is an actor! The roleplays your character has participated in are movies/ shows they they starred in! This is a chance to recreate your favorite characters! See the template below if you need help.

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    Name -
    Age -
    Status - (A List, B List etc)
    Bio -
    Previous Roles:-
    Net Worth:
    Additional Info
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    Name -Candice Lynae
    Age -25
    Status - B List at best
    Bio -Growing up, Candice was an attractive, however, average girl. She grew up in the suburbs of Norfolk Virginia and Graduated from High School with decent grades. College was a different experience for Candice, however. Free from her cookie-cutter life, she grew into the party scene, and it didn't take long for her grades to suffer, resulting in her removal from University. Unsure what to do from there, she moved to New York, where she was initially discovered as a Model. After a few shoots for local Advertisement, a Scout noticed her, and offered her a role as an extra in a movie. Several non-speaking roles later, she was finally given a starring role in her own film. Her acting career has seen ups and downs, but she's had a consistent role in her still-airing drama "Void of the Light"

    Previous Roles:
    -Several non-speaking roles in various movies
    -Kadira- The monster in the Horror/Thriller film "Island of Illusion"
    -Venus Astille- Candice's most famous and popular role, known for her crimson red eyes and her on-screen chemistry with her co-star Akkarina.
    Net Worth:Approximately 4.5 Million
    Additional Info:N/A
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Jasper McGill
    Age- 26

    Plays Sachiel Colton on Daratan's "Siram" Season
    Played Caspian on "King of Atlantis"
    First Role was Ezra Kurogan in "Eyes of Darkness"
    Played Renegade in Lost Epiphany
    Played Craig in A Pirates Story

    In the show, Daratan, Jasper plays an extremely talented peasant being incorporated into the life of a Royal. He falls in love with his superior, and comes to play the "Big Brother" role for his queen. Sachiel's views on the world greatly vary from those of his Village- Those he's sworn to protect- Which usually lands him in difficult positions with those he cares about. (

    Caspian is the Prince of Atlantis, however, the first chance he got, he fled the underwater Kingdom, opting out of his responsibility as the next King, and leaving it to his younger brother, who soon after leaves in search of him. ( it's SOMEWHERE IN THERE @_@)

    In Eyes of Darkness, Jasper played a creature that qas built similarly to a demon. His powers lie in darkness, though his heart was made of gold. cliche, huh? (rp not available)

    Renegade was a wandering man, who's eyes changed colors according to his emotions and interactions with people. If he went a certain amount of time with no contact with anyone, his eyes lost all color, and he would lose his memories, returning to the life of a wanderer. (This character had many rps on many sites. I'm not looking those up.)

    An A-List actor who has played in many roles. 4 Emmy awards, and 2 Oscar nominations, Jasper is known as one of those on top of the industry right now.

    Net Worth: 23 Million US Dollars

    Appearance: Brown Hair, Grey eyes, reasonably muscular build
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