EXERCISE Real World Challenge #1

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  1. So I was sitting on the internet drinking rum and coke and trying to figure out how to make a living with creative arts, and discovered there are actually several job fields for those who have degrees to do with English literature, and/or creative writing! I know this site is 99% about having fun, but we're here to learn, too (especially those of us who frequent this particular sub-forum) so depending on the reaction, I'm going to be posting a few challenges to help us apply our mad writing skills to the real world; hopefully it helps some of us make a paycheque off our passion someday


    Journalism is a good career even if you're interested in fiction only; getting into the journalism industry, whether it's a newspaper or a gossip mag, will get your name into the writing industry, and give you credit as a published writer for your own works. So let's practice journalism sklls!

    First, find a newspaper, even on online one will do, and choose something real that happened. Doesn't have to be in your area, though that can generally narrow the search down, and it can be anything, like a robbery, or a car accident, a school function or a business opening up.

    Now that you've chosen your source material; tell us about it. Try and make it sound as interesting as possible; make us want to finish reading your post. Try not to alter the facts too much, but feel free to invent a little to flesh out your story; for instance you could focus on the family of the new business's owner; has it always been their dream to own a book store Or what about that bank robbery; was there a heroic teller who stalled the robber long enough for the police to arrive?

    1: Pick a real-life event and tell us about it; make it interesting to read.
    2: Try as much as possible to stick to the facts of what actually happened.
    3: Make sure to spell-check and proofread your post, but try not to fall into that clipped, fractured-sentence style of newspaper-writing; this is supposed to be fun!
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  2. Budget Cuts Shrink The Army To Pre-World War II Size!! (Feb. 24): Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announces that the Pentagon will be shrinking the U.S. Army to the smallest size it's been since before World War II!!! The cuts include eliminating A-10 aircraft!, reducing military benefits! and reducing the size of the army!!! The cuts come as the Pentagon prepares for nearly a trillion dollars in spending reductions over the next decade!!
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