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  1. The year 2030 has seen some drastic leaps with technology. The world has become more advanced in many ways. But in one role it has changed the most. Sports. Not all sports have changed, in fact only really one has changed. Fighting. Fighting sports have reached the new era of machines. With robots doing all the pummeling. Due to the large demand for more violence, yet less injures. People have been replaced by lean mean fighting machines.

    Originally boxing bots were the most popular. Since they were the easiest to create. But over time other styles have been introduced like; Karate, Taekwondo and Muay Thai. Even grappling styles like Judo and Ekido have had robots made for them.

    Competitions were soon broadcasted over the world, and the sport became a phenomenon. With many people wanting to get into the business. World championships were created for different fighting styles. Boxing was the most popular again, since it was the first. But MMA robot fights soon caught up. Many people paid good money to see these world events.

    But it wasn't only pro events that began. Soon the underworld became lined with fights. Obviously the fights were different, with a little number of rules and mass modifications to each competitors robot. Mostly they were just Dog fights that had no rules but maximum brutality. But a very common and interesting underground fight is Drikfight's. These are normal fights but they only have one rule, and that rule is decided through a pack of cards. One card is picked at random and on that card there will be a technique. Neither fighter can use that technique or they are disqualified. That is the one and only rule of Drikfighting.

    (Please include a small character sheet. You don't need one for your robot, but by all means please feel free to include one)
  2. Scrap yard, was it's name. A giant abandoned factory, that had been modified by a gang. Now it was one of the many underworld fighting rings. The factory itself was surrounded by lots of scrap metal, hence the name 'scrap ward'. The pile was manly made up of destroyed robots from past fights, or just random bits of junk. A large group had began to gather round outside of the building, slowly they were all making their way inside. It had begun.

    The inside was filled with lots of people. Some were gang members others were just bot fighters, even businessmen visited to bet on the matches. The whole place was illuminated by some terrible lights hanging from the ceiling, giving the place a yellow tint. The interior was made up of many layers of balcony like walk ways. Some filled with seats for people to watch, others had small scrap businesses selling robot parts and junk food. At the center of the building was a large dug in pit, with a caged ring in the center. People had already began to take their seats, as the first event was about to start.

    Next to the ring and under the whole factor was where the bots got ready. The giant metal beast trudged around the place, guided by their tiny and fleshy masters vie remote controls. The place was filled with the noise of metal being wielded and final pieces being added to the robots. Lots of people were shouting for others, frantically trying to fix their beaten bot or get ready for their upcoming event.

    A boy pushed his way past some people, and made his way to the rusty elevator. Once he got there he closed the doors and slowly ascended to the upper viewing floors. He was wearing a coat over his slightly formal clothes. But seemed to have bandages covering his hands and a plaster over his left eyebrow. He had to push past some others to get to his seat. Once he did, he had a good view of the ring below. He had come to get stuff for his own fighting bot, but couldn't resist the temptation of watching at least one fight.

    Name: Lucifer
    Age: 18
    Origin: Great Britain
    Bio: At a young age he loved fighting. He enrolled in many martial art Dojos and clubs, and dreamed of becoming a great fighter. But his dream was blocked out by the new mechanical age. So he adapted, he changed his thoughts and now will become a great robot fighter. After his parents past away in an accident he has been living alone, rarely going to school and manly working on his robot Ippon.
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  3. Name: Dan "Dandy"
    Age: 19
    Origin: English, Brought up in Japan
    Bio: Brought up around Technology Dan lives and breaths the Art of Soldering,Programming and Robotics, Dandy was always Keen on building Robots but the other Thing he loved to do just as much is Aikido and Zui Quan Among the many he chose to learn, Dan Chose to Combine What he had learned from Building Robots and Fighting To build his First fighting robot Called The Lotus Dragon.
    Dan Guided Louts Dragon in to The Waiting Bay for the Next Fight and Got in the the cockpit next to the robot Ready for The Fight
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