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    [size=+1]Do you act the same in person as you do online? What is different about how you present yourself in an online format and in person?
    Do you think that most people online see a more accurate presentation of you, or do you think the opposite is true?

    If you think that there is no difference between your online and in person selves, why do you think this is? Do you think that the people you're friends with online would be the same friends with you in person?
  2. I love that picture by the way. So interesting.

    I think both my online and offline personas are true representations of me although they are a bit different. But the differences only pop up because of comfort levels. I am not a very talkative person in real life unless I get to know you very well. Even if I know you online, but don't take the time to get to know you, if we do end up meeting, I will be very uncomfortable. (And I don't mean like I'll make polite conversation with you, I mean I will probably be absolutely silent and not contribute to any sort of conversation because I'm not just comfortable whatsoever. >.<) Those who do get to know me find that not only do I talk more but well... I'm a very animated person. I cuss a lot, am very opinionated and am just overall a totally different person. I am naturally an introvert but I enjoy company every now and then.
  3. Online Diana = take charge, social, center of attention, boss lady butterfly of self confidence and egoness!

    In Person Diana = introverted, reserved, self conscious and quiet ball of neuroticness!

    Both sides of me are real me! Sometimes they even blend together!

    It also surprises people when they see Other-Me. I have had real life people see me interact with online friends when they come to visit, and think I am drunk because I am suddenly chatty social woman. >< And online friends come over and be baffled by how quiet and subdued I am in person compared to online me.

    I think the issue is that I AM a very social, people loving person... but... I hate people being physically in my space for too long. XD It really drains my psyche. So I love socializing in small dozes, but the rest of the time I like quiet and aloneness. >>;
  4. Diana, did you know that you're offline to me now? Are you on your phone or away from your computer when you make your posts?
  5. you need to stop being me.
  6. Online Mitten: Talkative, Cat-like, Distracted, Slightly Mentally Unstable, and a bunch of other things I can't think of right now.

    Offline Mitten: Quiet, Cat-like, Distracted, Shy, Embarrassed Easily, Slightly Mentally Unstable

    Of course the talkative thing depends on how well I know you/how many times I've met you before. OwO Usually it takes either a long time to get used to people because I'm neurotic and schuffs but if we ever go to the bar/club and we get drunk I'll be normal around you from then on! :D ALCOHOL IS THE BEST ICE BREAKER. >:3 PPPFTT. Just being in a group skype call with Juku, Myrn and a few other people made me go super quiet and it was just the voice call xD and then I go back to typing and I'm my normal self again xD I'm freaking weird.... ><'''''

    But just to warn anyone who ever wants to meet me in real lifes, I am very slightly weird. And I get distracted too easily o.o BUT I'm just as friendly as I am online! :D If not MORE. Just kidding....I think? Well I guess, seeing as if we met in real life I would be able to buy you something! :D Like a cat >.> Huh?

    BUT IF YOU EVER WANT TO BE FRIENDS IN RL YOU HAVE TO RESPECT MY PRIVACY! D:< I hate when people snoop or do things like go into my bedroom! That there will make you lose points however many times you do it! >:[ But that's basically the only thing that would make me not like you....unless you killed a poor little animal/kitty cat! D': Then you are a cruel, mean person! Q____Q

    BUT ANYWAYS. That's basically it.... >.> time to play Sims~~~ :D
  7. Real life Red:
    Pretty quiet, I rather observe and listens to others talking because I'm afraid of saying something wrong (can happen around good friends too if we aren't only two people talking to each other.)
    Can only act crazy with my closest friends.
    I get friends pretty easily when someone else introduces me to people I don't know.
    Can't start talk to people I don't know easily and if a random stranger starts talking to me then I feel uncomfortable. (Must be introduced by someone else or else I can't talk to strangers)
    Have a hard time starting talking

    Online Red:
    During the first weeks on a new website I am terrified of doing something wrong to insult people so I wait for others to contact me.
    After a while when I have found my way around and recognize the people that are mostly online and mostly visible then I start to feel more comfortable and starts to write a bit more.
    After a month or two I become much more social and start going crazy and see everyone I have talked to for only a day as a dear dear friend or a family member.
    Then I start to act as if I'm drunk everyday :D (even though I'm a non-drinker) and that leads me to hang out in the asylum everyday x3

    Easier to talk to people on the internet after I have gotten to know the site a bit better.
    Acts crazier on internet with people I don't even know.
    Much more quiet in real life.

    So yeah, it's a difference... I think it is because even if I screw up on internet I mostly do it in front of people I don't know and I can easily erase my account. But I can't erase myself in real life. x3 I can commit suicide, but I don't think people would like that xD
  8. I'm pretty much consistent between online me and offline me. The few of you who have met me and may have observed different can shut up.
  9. This picture. So much.

    It gets a bit more complicated than offline and online for me. Some things are one way, some things are others.

    Online I tell the truth more often than I lie. But I still lie.

    Offline I lie more often than I tell the truth. But I still tell the truth.

    Online I am fun (I think) and like to talk.

    Offline I do not talk at all, I hate people and talking to them, and you probably would not like to be around me once you hung around me a bit.

    Online I can think clearly and organize my thoughts. People say I write my thoughts out very well.

    Offline I cannot think clearly, I have memory problems as well as mental disorders (depression, schizophrenia, antisocial personality are a few that have been named) and make I far too many mistakes.

    Online I have friends.

    Offline I do not.

    Online boys find me very attractive and approachable. I whore myself out for fun.

    Offline boys stay away from me...Not that that would make a difference. Offline I am terrified of approaching boys or men.

    The online me is the person I really am.

    The offline me has too many problems to think clearly, thus she is nothing but a shell waiting for her next chance to sit down and write so she can think clearly.

    Sorry if that was depressing. ;.; But I wanted to tell the truth in a "tell the truth" thread.

    I believe that my ex left me BECAUSE I was so different in person from the way I was when he met me online. I really do.
  10. I'm only slightly less of an Alchey IRL
  11. I don not act the same in person as I do online. I still act like myself, but show different sides of me. I think that the people who I befriend online could also be my friends in person, but many of my friends offline wouldn't like me as much online.
  12. I pretty much act like myself online, except in person, I'm a bit more hateful.
  13. Hmm... in general, I'd say I'm about the same. I might come across as more confident and maybe even open online, but I think that says more about the power of text communication than it does about me. I really couldn't say which is more accurate, however. It really depends on the context of the situation.

    If I am comfortable with a set of people or in a situation, I will be more myself than if I feel the need to impress them or look a certain way. That's true on or offline. The reason for this is that I suppose I'm just not capable of a high level of deceit, and maintaining two completely different personas would be too much work for me.

    In general, I'm pretty sure most of my online friends and I would get along fine in person, because we get along well online. The only ones I think might not get along with me are ones I fight with fairly regularly on the internet. After I warm up to someone, I'm very excitable and chatty and so on, so I think it would be a fairly seamless transition after any initial awkwardness was overcome.

  14. you know i bet none of you would think im telling the truth but

    the real me isnt the whore i am on here. in fact i am actually sorta shy unless i know you or i just dont give a fuck what you think then im random and have been known to do weird shit

    oh and the fact that im more talkitive here i mean i dont even have a facebook because i dont really talk to the people i am near only because i feel like they would only talk to me because they have to.
  15. Oh, I'm much more shy IRL! I tend to be quiet and just observe, occasionally interjecting. I'm a little awkward, too. But once I get to know you and get comfortable then I can become silly and then you really get to know me! Those are really the only differences, I think.
  16. I dont know.

    How can someone know their Allias if they do not know them selves?
  17. because i dont know what voice to listen to when i want to be myself...all my voices say "kill kill kill." and i just cant tell which is the real one
  18. You know what I was talking about right?

    I'm at an age where I should know who I'm supposed to be, yet I don't. I'm allways confused and depressed because of that fact.

    If you don't know who you are in life how can you actualy have one?
  19. i got the perfect advice from someone on this subject when i felt the same
    in your life you will change. your never to know who you are or what you will be so quit trying if you live your life wondering you will miss life. be happy and live to the point that one day you will look back and know yourself.
    teens: you will try to find yourself and fail you might try to be what others want you to be or even just try everything on your own but dont fret you will learn over time what you like.
    around 20-29: you still try to find yourself you know alittle more about yourself and you know what you want in life for a short time.
    30-39: you know yourself to the point that you can fully find people that you enjoy being around because lets face it our friends in our teens and twenties never usually stay our friends our whole lives.

    im twenty right now i have no idea what the fuck i want to be....sometimes i think about being a teacher ((then i remember i dont really like kids that well)) then other days i want to work with animals ((their deaths would kill me so that was ruled out)) and now i want to be a book store owner ((this one would really work out well if i could keep one of every book))

    find yourself little by little and sure enough you will find yourself. dont fret oh and if people try to tell you that you should know everything about what you want for your future tell them to fuck off because you know what it WILL change.