Real Life vs Fantasy in what you enjoy watcing/reading

What kind of stories do you prefer?

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I just finished watching one of my romantic comedies, one that Gibs enjoyed making fun of right from the start because it immediately ran in to all those tropes romance movies are famous for. Silly things that would never happen in real life. XD I told him to hush and let me enjoy my stupid movie.

After the movie was over I realized, I love romantic comedies BECAUSE they are so unrealistic! I know that stuff doesn't happen in real life, that's why I enjoy it in movies. When I looked at all my favorite movies on my shelf, I found that it carries over in to ALL the movies I watch. XD My favorite kind of movies are the most unrealistic ones. The more un-like real life it is, the more I loved it.

I figure, since I live in reality everyday, when I relax to watch TV I want to get -away- from reality.

...Of course, I know many people are actually the opposite! They hate things that don't make sense and seem like an impossibility. So I figured I'd ask, who falls in to my category, and who prefers more realistic entertainment!

When YOU watch a movie or read a book, What do you prefer? Stories that are more realistic and at least seem like they could possibly happen -or- stories that are totally unrealistic and would never really happen?
While I much enjoy the fantastic aspects of magic, I prefer the realism behind a story, like how a claymore would actually be used, armor technology on par with the era (IE: Medieval with roughly fitting knights armor, modern day with kevlar and stuff) as well as realism in the romance of the story.
I love romantic comedies for that exact purpose! I know that they won't ever happen but it's such a cute love story! If I watch TV I want to get away from the world, same for video games.

Fantasy is better for TV! Although I do love me some competition and award shows for reality.
I'm a sucker for a good fantastic story. However there's a fine line between being able to suspend disbelief and just shaking my head and knowing there's no way that could ever happen, even if you were willing to except certain things. I think this is why Sci-Fi is such a hard field, the more people know the more the details can kill the story, but without the details is it really sci-fi. Must be why I like light sci-fi and not heavy sci-fi. Easier to enjoy the ride.

Of course when I want realism I skip stories completely and read about plants, herbs, science, religion and philosophy. Yeah, I know, not exactly light reading, but I enjoy it.