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  1. The idea?: Play on things in real life, and exaggerate them a bit. Like skills and abilities. Like maybe a person designated as a Psychic has actual telekinesis to the point they can actually levitate large objects noticeably. Perhaps a martial artist could punch through stone with their bare hands, all through some form of dedicated strength training, like extreme weight lifting or living in a high gravity chamber since birth somehow.

    There's also the potential for fantasy creatures roaming about in public. Fantastic sci fi technology here and there, whether it be a regular device, or the new invention that will supposedly revolutionize the world. Perhaps we can project holograms with our cell phones, or say dragons and stuff are evolutions of something else and all that jazz.

    Above all, whether it's a tree or a dog, all living things are imbued with Aether, the force of life. It is refined by some into other energy forms, such as Psionic Energy that heightens the mind, Chi which strengthens the body, or even Mana, which fuels the mystical powers of…magic. Or good old fashioned electricity for that doomsday device if you wanna get simpler.

    As long as the origin, how the powers can be gained seems realistic to a degree, everything else can gradually descend into much less realistic stuff as time goes on. And guess what? we'd be putting all the different characters together!

    As an example, here's some character classes:


    NORMS: What? These are just here if you want to be apart of the story. They have little to no powers, but are allowed to take up weapons and gadgets. though unable to master them. With a bit of studying, they can become SCIENTISTS at any time. This can also be done if they take up the magical arts, and become SPELL DJ's. They cannot become PSYCHICS or MARTIAL ARTISTS simply though, as those are far more difficult in terms of training and such.


    "Assisted" Characters: Those who rely on outside forces to empower them.

    SCIENTISTS: People who essentially use the various forms of SCIENCE!! to achieve their goals, whether they use guns, super-gadgets, gene therapy, power armor, or some other futuristic Sci Fi Shit. This is for those who want to use something like magic, but want the extra-super-realistic approach to their play. They are often at odds with SPELL DJ's.

    SPELL DJ'S: Magic can actually be explained by science, and is seen as an olden form of it, namely in the art of Alchemy, before moving onto spells and such, which was made possible by enchanting one's self in the beginning with potions until in the future when people practically had magic in their bones, then enchanting objects, such as a wand, a staff, a knife, or even one's tooth brush to help channel the refined Aether now made into Mana.


    "Self-Reliant" Characters: These characters are either gifted with certain abilities, or have molded themselves in body or mind to have great abilities.

    PSYCHICS: Seeing the future? Talking to the dead? Psshaw. Basic powers compared to what they can really achieve, like Telekinesis, or Psi Blasts. Psychics have heightened minds, either since birth, or due to intense mental training, like studying educational topics ranging from math and science, to history and language though far beyond that of SCIENTISTS and their SCIENCE!!. Anything to exercise the brain, even being a vegetarian by removing the 90% of your brain blocked by curds and whey.

    MARTIAL ARTISTS: Not a broad name, but fits the description of most people who push themselves beyond physical limits, increasing strength, speed, agility, stamina, various physical attributes to that of a peak human being, or even higher. These people have gone through intense training of some kind, likely hellish in nature, but effective. Ever heard of the character 'Iron Fist?' Martial artists can tap into a refined form of Aether, the physical power based energy we know as, Chi which can strengthen the body, heal, or some other bizarre, almost magical effects.

    And yes, everything here requires some form of practice, whether you have to study or exercise or something, in order to utilize properly.
  2. My oh my this has peeked my curiosity i would like to be apart of this.