Real Housewives of Westeros

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  1. I need to bring this to your immediate attention if you've yet to see it.

    Carry on.
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  2. Everyone knows Asha Greyjoy is the only eligible woman in Westeros who doesn't have time for that "my lord" and meekly waiting for men to get shit done crap that's so popular everywhere else except for perhaps Dorne.

    A real woman knows how to hold an axe and kill a man twice her size while vulgarly telling people where they can shove their traditional gender roles.
  3. Sansa Stark is probably one of the most depressing characters in that book / television series. I've never seen someone so thoroughly victimized since the first Act. Seriously, poor girl.
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  4. "hate each other secretly?"

    they hate each other openly!
  5. Im just picturing how like this would play out.

    There is Danerys with her dragons like "I AM KALHEESI! THE RIGHTFUL QUEEN OF WESTEROS"

    Margery would be like, "naw naw naw, Sansas my lover". And using her super skanky outfit and her super ability to charm everyone, gets danerys to take her dragons outside because Danerys falls in love with margery.

    Then Drogo's ghost comes storming in like "OH MY GOD! I SAID F**** YOU TO THE GREAT STALLION SO I COULD WAIT FOR YOU."

    And then Danerys would be like. "Okay well you're a ghost and margery isn't. Plus you aren't a houswife so this isn't even your business Drogo"

    And Sansa is just sitting there admiring Margery like "Wow! She protected me! Im in love!"

    Then there is Cersei in the corner pretending to be queen like "EVERYBODY STOP FIGHTING! I AM QUEEN STILL! MWHAHA" but they all know that she's only queen regent even though they suck up to her stupity anyway.

    but then Danerys is still like "I AM KALHEESI" and since neither of them ever fight because they have people that do it for them, they would just glare at each other and hope the other dies first...
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  6. [​IMG]


    its kinda like that, only with more squabbling
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  7. [​IMG]
    Related (open)
    You can have your fancy dresses and your ceremonial weddings, I don't accept a kneeler, I want a real woman.
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  8. Oh yeah what about Ygritte, would she be at the brothel?

  9. Love that poster!
  10. If I'm being completely honest, that looks more like repunzal from tangled wearing Dani's clothes. xD
  11. But guys. LADY. MY WOLF IS BACK.
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  12. This is beautiful.
  13. I second this notion.
  14. It's Yara Greyjoy, scrub. Game of Thrones has overtaken ASoIaF.
  15. Go back to casualville.
  16. Population: scrubs.
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