Ready to Rumble?

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  1. Hello! I have a few really good plots in mind, but I need YOUR help! I'm always open for suggestions though!

    • Fantasy

    1. A masque is held in the moving cabin of a steam punk airship, but, unlike regular humans, the masqueraders are all different species [New species and out of the norm' species are welcomed!] One falls dead, then two, then three, will the remaining masqueraders be able to save themselves before time is up?
    2. Is this place wonderland? Or is it just an entirely different version? Not much like Lewis Carroll's Wonderland, and more like journey to the center of the earth!
    3. A gang of bikers that is more out of society then just tattoos and piercings

    • Horror

    1. Deep within an abandoned asylum lies an ancient evil, one that is waiting to destroy the entire modern world.
    2. You never thought a hayride would be the death of you..

    • Scifi

    1. Deep space exploration never seemed so treacherous until now..

    I know these are a bit jumbled with the categories, forgive me, I'm only human v.v Anywho. Interested in one of these bad boys? PM me or comment here! Interested in collaborating an entirely NEW idea? PM me or comment here! <3 Thanks!

  2. The space one! I would like to do the space one! I FRIGGIN' Love space!
  3. I like the gang of bikers, cool twists could be created.