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  1. Okay I've been tossing around several rp ideas lately that I would like to do, but first things first.

    Here are my Rules:

    1. Don't bring me miracles. I know most people will ask for someone that's very active, and can contribute lively, interesting posts every day, but I can honestly say I'm not one of those people and I don't want my partner to be that way either. I post a unique, quality post, every other day, and there are days where I'm lucky, and have enough time to post a couple times throughout the day, but for the most part, I'm satisfied with one, long, solid post every couple of days. If you ask for more, there is a very real chance of me ending the rp because my schedule is hectic, and I don't have the time to focus all of my energy into one rp every day.

    2. Lazy is my username, don't be me. I understand things can get in the way of rp-ing but if that's the case let me know you need a break, do not send me a half arsed post that's only a couple of lines long. That makes me want to put very little effort into my posts because I'm not receiving enough in return. Typically I can post anywhere from 4 paragraphs to several pages. I can adjust my writing to style to match yours, so we are both contributing the same amount to the rp.

    3. Don't touch what isn't yours. My characters are mine. Unless there is something hot and steamy going on, do not take control of my character. >.> That is no bueno, and I won't tolerate it for long.

    4. Communicate. I know it kind of seems like common sense that you're going to be communicating with me, but this is a very critical point. If you are losing interest, say something because usually that happens when rp's aren't planned out very well, or when they are straying from the original plot because they've been going on for a long time...Or for maybe your muse just isn't cooperating with you anymore. Either way, if you disappear on me, I'm going to assume you died, and move on. And we won't be communicating again.

    5. Preferences. I can play the male or female but I lean towards playing male characters. If you're more comfortable playing male characters, I will take the female role though xD

    And now that the rules are out of the way here are my ideas~

    The belly of the beast:

    In a world where dissonance and chaos reign supreme, humans are considered little more than servants for the magical community to crush under heel. They are given the same courtesy one would give a dog, and their magical counterparts take great pleasure in reminding them of their place in life. The hierarchy that governs the land is designed to benefit creatures with power. At the top of this pyramid scheme are dragons, who act as rulers of the sky and protectors of the realm. The middle is structured for other magical creatures who act as nobles, generals, emissaries, and soldiers. This story follows the story of a human whose resolve sparks a revolution, and the dragon this human manages to tame in the process. The pairing will be dragon shapeshifter x human, and will follow their escapades from the day the human escapes servitude to the day the human decides to stage a coup and the dragon must decide where it's loyalties lie.

    Pair bond Rp:

    This is a mage/familiar rp. The idea I had in mind is that in an alternate universe where magic reigns supreme, and dark creatures roam the land causing chaos a special task force is created that is made to hunt and destroy these creatures. However the basis of this task force lies in the mage/familiar bond. Which will operate as a symbiotic relationship where the human feeds magical energy to their partner which serves as food for their familiar, and in return the familiar operates as a conductor that channels and amplifies the human's magic, and protects them from harm. The problem comes in finding a familiar one is compatible with because if a pair is incompatible they can't grow. And once the bond becomes official, a familiar is a reflection of their human's strength. So if the human is weak the familiar is weak. And if the human is strong so is the familiar but they have to work together. Naturally that means, in this rp, the human and familiar would both be at each other throats all the time. And since they are starting at an entry level position in the task force none of their coworkers think they will advance. But the tension between them can turn into something else later. (Also I was thinking the familiar would have some sort of shifting ability....While the human had had a strong magic ability.)

    Buried underground:

    Come one, come all to the pits, where the fighters of the highest caliber come to make a name for themselves. These aren't regular people though, these are trained monsters who will tear you in half at the slightest provocation. In one night, on one gamble, You could make your fortune, or you could end up losing everything cuz you bet on the wrong one. This rp centers on a pit fighter who practically lives underground, and an unlucky gambler that manages to lose every single bet in a vain effort to make money. They end up in a crazy relationship that is made less feasible every hour as disaster begins to mount, debt piles up, the line between good and evil gets less discernible. And in the midst of all this madness they forget who to trust. This could be literally any pairing. >.>


    (All of these except kingdom hearts, need to have OC characters)

    Kingdom hearts

    The Legend of Korra


    Attack on Titan

    Or if you have your own ideas I would love to hear them~
  2. I would love to do Pair Bound with you or buried underground ^^
  3. I would love to do an Attack on Titan or Legend of Korra roleplay with you ^_^