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Original poster
Greetings all. Call me Doug!

I was a member of this site a while back, but I seemed to have lost my username. I was really hoping to get in on some great RP's, but I hadn't really had the time. However, now that I've got a bit more time off, I can afford to play! Here's hoping to some great games with everyone!

Oh, also I do character art yo.

if you wanna see some of my art, check me out at
Hi there! Welcome back to Iwaku! If you were a member back on the old proboards, you're old account is gone, so that might be why. If not, DON'T FORGET UR USERNAME, DOOD!

Also, really like the look of the Emperor and "Deep Ones march to Insmouth" artwork.
Hello and welcome back to Iwaku!
I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you, since I don't know if we've met before.

Your art is really great, but you should fill out our Roleplay Resume too! That would you can sign up for roleplays and play with the cool kids.
If you have any questions, please ask!
Welcome back to Iwaku Doug! >:D
Welcome, Doug :) I am new here but wanted to say hi!

I like your art a lot, the picture of Rena is awesome!
Welcome to Iwaku. I am diggin' your art, man.
thanks all!

Filled out my resume, so everything is good to go!

send me a shout if you want me to join up with something!
@__@ Love your art!
Your details are amazing, bro.
(And now I'm watching you >.>; )



Happy to see so many new faces! :D
Take your time and feel out the Roleplayer's Resume that Kitti posted to you,
and have a look around the site and get into some amazing RPs.

And yes! You should TOTALLY put your art in the artist corner. <3
Think you would be a big hit! :D

Anyway, do enjoy your time here, and HAVE FUN! ^_^

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