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Hey! Merrill here, I'm new to Iwaku and just looking for some fun times :D I've only been roleplaying for about a year, but I'm an enthusiastic storyteller and generally have good grammar/spelling.

I'm not looking for a whole lot in a rp partner. Just someone who can give me enough to work with, and works to keep the story interesting too. A free squedule is always nice, I try to reply at least once every couple of days. Some days I can do multiples (like today!) and someone with a similar schedule be great. I do participate in libertine roleplays and if things get 18+ in the roleplay, cool, I'll roll with it.
I generally post a few scentinces to a few short paragraphs.
Warning: I am prone to loose interest a bit quick when things drag on and on in the plot.

I love supernatural, magic, demons, and adventure. But I also like to play in modern. I also like romantic partner pairings, but usually as a mixture of action partners and lovers on the side. Best friends and bros are great too.
I play both male and female, but I prefer my partner to play male.

Alright, now for the good stuff!
I have a few ideas for plots, some fandoms, and a few general pairings I like to do/would like to try. If you're interested just go ahead and post down here or message me. Adios!

Planned plots
- Two top agents, both masters of their field that work for different organizations, are forced to together on a highly dangerous and risky mission: going undercover as housekeepers for a certain elusive businessman to steal important information. Information that more then a few people would kill to get their hands on. Each clearly have... Their own ideas and methods on how to get this done. Still, they must band together if they hope to get anything done.
(Strong headed character best for this role)

- It's a mad scientists dream come true -finally, the expriments others once regarded as 'inhumane' and 'just plain wrong' have been noticed by a wealthy funder. Someone wants to pay him to do what he loves. What more could he ask for? The scientist had been invited to come live in this mysterious persons home, to work under his eye. But... Things seem to be taking an odd turn lately with his expriments. And his new finders expriments. Maybe there is such a thing as going to far..?
(Looking for someone to play the scientist who got funded. As far as the expiriments, my partner has free reign to his characters choices.)

- The move from a big city to a small town is a gigantic leap. They just wanted a new start, to take over her grandmothers little sweet shop in this place almost no one had ever heard of. But someone started spreading nasty roumors about them and suddenly they're the target of ugly eyes all around town. They managed to pinpoint the person who had started all this nasty gossip -but confronting them might prove difficult. This stranger lives in the forest on the edge of town. Getting information on them is proving difficult.
(Looking for someone to play the town newcomer. Monster/magic/supernatural warning.)



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- Gravity Falls
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Eragon
- The Last Compass
- Percy Jackson and the Olympians
- Guardians of Ga'hool
- Divergent
- Twilight
Other general ideas I like
- Beauty and the Beast

Pairings List
Vampire x Vampire hunter
Inexperienced vampire x Inexperienced werewolf
Dragon slayer x Dragon master
Wild person x Explorer
Scientist x Creation
Shoot me with any other ideas too!


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(If you need someone to do 1x1 I can)


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Romance, Yaoi, Modern, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Sci Fi
You lose interest quickly! That scares me but I am interested!


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Mix of Fantasy or Magical. Or even just a grand open world with a mix of odd styles.
I don't mind giving it a whirl. I just prefer we try to use original characters and original story-lines. Its up to you if you wanna try to work something out. I can play male or females, and I have no preference of which.
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